Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 184

In the reception hall, the sound of crying filled the air. Su Chenyi, not to mention, even the eyes of General Dai were red, and his fists were clenched tightly. Dai Jiang not only clarified how Shao Yunan, or rather Dai Zhan An, became the son of the Shao family but also learned about the kind of life Shao Yunan had led in the Shao family over the past decade – slightly better than a commoner, at best. Shao Yunan, due to the pressure from both the Shao and Wang families, ended up throwing himself into the river.

Su Chenyi was on the verge of fainting from heartache. No matter how tough the times were for the Dai family, their children were always protected. Going to battle, shedding blood, and getting injured were the aspirations of young men and the responsibility of the Dai family. However, Shao Yunan was brought back and mistreated by these farmer people, making the situation completely different.

Wiping away tears, Shen Bing said: “Killing the Shao family members would be letting them off too easily!”

Dai Jiang, feeling heavy-hearted, knelt down and said: “General, I am at fault. The eldest son of the Shao family, Shao Dahua, escaped. He wasn’t at home that night, and I couldn’t find him. He must have received some intel and gone into hiding.”

The Old General stated firmly: “Whether alive or dead, no matter how long it takes, we must catch him!”

Dai Jiang stood up: “General, I’ll be going back now.”

The Old General didn’t stop him, saying: “You’ve worked hard.”

“General, it’s tough for me. I won’t come back until we find Shao Dahua.”

The Old Madam spoke up: “Send those three from the Shao family to the capital. They privately imprisoned a child from our Dai family. I want to ask them where they got the courage!”


Dai Jiang left. Once he was gone, the Old Madam cried again. Shen Bing said to the Old General: “Father, go and see the emperor. Ask Second Brother and Zhan Xiao to come back for a while. If Zhan An is just lost, it’s not appropriate to ask the emperor, but that child…” Shen Bing choked for a moment: “That child has suffered so much. We must let his father, brother, and son see him.”

Su Chenyi’s crying echoed. This time, the Old General didn’t reject it as before. After contemplating for a while, he stood up and said: “I’ll go to the palace.” After a pause, he added: “For the Second Brother’s family, that child Zhan An has suffered and endured. He not only looks good and has a good temperament but also has abilities. Don’t cry anymore. If Zhan An… If Yunan comes back, I will personally recognize him.”

Hearing these words, Su Chenyi, struggling to hold back tears, wiped his face and said with a choked voice: “Father is right. I won’t cry, won’t cry.” Suppressing the tears, he couldn’t help but ask: “Father, do you think Zhan An, Yunan, will hold a grudge against me?”

“No, that child is sensible and won’t blame you. I’m going to the palace.”

Without letting the two madams accompany him, the Old General went to the palace alone. After he left, the Old Lord took the initiative to write a letter to General Dai, who was stationed at the border.

Upon learning that the Old General had unexpectedly entered the palace, Emperor Yongming and the Empress were both surprised. Guo Xun and Zuo Jin served their two masters, and Guo Xun whispered: “Your Majesties, it seems like General Dai is somewhat heartbroken.”


Emperor Yongming looked at the Empress, and the Empress was greatly alarmed. She also looked at Emperor Yongming and said: “It seems something has happened to his family.”

Emperor Yongming and Empress quickly dressed and summoned General Dai into the sleeping palace. After General Dai saluted, he presented an object with both hands, his eyes turning red. Guo Xun immediately took the object and presented it to the Emperor and Empress Dowager. When the Empress Dowager saw the jade pendant, her heart skipped a beat.

General Dai spoke, his voice hoarse: “Your Majesty, Your Highness,” he choked a bit: “Loyal and Brave Marquis, Shao Yunan, is actually the long-lost grandson of this old minister for twelve years! This jade pendant was personally put on him by General Ming Rong, and it was found when searching the Shao family. The Shao couple have confessed, and Yunan was indeed rescued from the hands of the barbarians.”

In his home, General Dai had been enduring, but in front of Emperor Yongming and Empress, he couldn’t hold back. How could he not feel distressed for his unfortunate grandson? Even though Shao Yunan now had a noble status and the Emperor’s attention, the hardships he endured over the past dozen years would never be erased. Thinking about his family’s child, being beaten and scolded like a servant, serving that entire family, General Dai felt an urge to pick up the long spear he had long set aside and stab those audacious Shao family members.

Empress, also from the Dai family, had grown up beside General Dai. Hearing the truth revealed by his uncle, he felt intense sympathy and sorrow for his deeply grieved uncle. Even before General Dai could speak, Emperor Yongming said: “I decree that the Marquis return to the capital. The Dai family has searched for Zhan An for many years and has finally found him. This is a significant matter. We are also happy for the entire Dai family. I didn’t expect that Shao Yunan would turn out to be Zhan An.”

General Dai immediately knelt down, kowtowing: “This old minister thanks Your Majesty for the grace!”

“General, please rise.”

Empress spoke: “Uncle, this matter is indeed significant. Loyal and Brave Marquis went out with his son, and we don’t know when they will return to the capital. I will instruct someone to ask them to return promptly. However, the matter of acknowledging kinship needs to be handled carefully. After all, Shao Yunan is unaware of his true identity. If he learns the truth, there might be resentment. It’s better to wait until they return to the capital, and you can acknowledge him in the palace. Both the Emperor and I are genuinely concerned.”

General Dai bowed again: “I thank Your Highness for the consideration. This matter is indeed significant. If Yunan were an ordinary child, this old minister wouldn’t dare to trouble Your Majesty and Your Highness. Now that he is the Loyal and Brave Marquis, this old minister dares not make decisions privately.”

Emperor Yongming said: “General Dai, you’re being too humble. Regardless of Shao Yunan’s current status, he is your grandson. You should recognize him with the dignity he deserves. There is no question of making decisions privately.”

General Dai wiped away a tear, but his mood was far from light.

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were enjoying themselves outside. Ancient entertainment facilities were incomparable to modern ones, but nature had its charm. Everywhere was beautiful scenery, free from industrial pollution and human destruction. Shao Yunan shamelessly took out a camera when no one was looking and secretly took photos.

Guo Zimu no longer wore a mask, spending his days charmingly with King Luo Rong. Wang Shijing, on the other hand, was very envious. It wasn’t that Shao Yunan didn’t get along with him, as a father, he had to be a bit reserved in front of the children. As for King Luo Rong, the “old man” immersed in love was beyond redemption.

Wang Shijing still had tasks at hand. He hadn’t started the experimental base assigned by Emperor Yongming, which was located in the field the Emperor gifted him. Since he also needed to farm, Wang Shijing didn’t want to ask Emperor Yongming for more farmland for the experimental base. However, thinking about the serious matters in the capital, Shao Yunan didn’t want to go back.

These days, they stayed in a mansion in Tangye Town, owned by an acquaintance of elder Cen. The main family had moved out, leaving only two or three laborers to guard the mansion, providing peace and quiet for Shao Yunan and the others. Wang Shijing personally bought vegetables, and they gathered around a table to have hot pot. The palace soldiers who had come with them were also enjoying the hot pot, currently laughing and satisfying their appetites in the courtyard.

After taking a sip of wine, King Luo Rong couldn’t help but ask: “Yunan, the hot pot broth you prepared is delicious. Do you plan to make a living out of this?”

Shao Yunan replied: “Yes. But right now, both I and Brother Shijing are short on time. Brother Guo, do you want to do it? If you do, when we return, we can find Uncle An.”

Guo Zimu hesitated; he naturally wanted to, but..: “You know me. I can cook, but when it comes to appearing in public, I’m not capable.”

Shao Yunan said: “Uncle An is also too busy. Big Brother has to worry about the matters entrusted by His Highness. The hot pot restaurant definitely can’t bypass Uncle An, but I estimate Uncle An won’t be able to allocate time for it. Brother Guo, consider this. When Brother Shijing and I return in two months to brew wine, the soup base and other things will definitely be no problem for you. Let Uncle find a reliable person to be your assistant and handle external affairs for you. The hot pot restaurant will surely make money, coupled with the private restaurant you want to open. Even if you are willing to appear, it won’t be convenient without an assistant.”

King Luo Rong immediately said: “Leave the external affairs to Yi. Little Zimu can handle the accounts; if we can’t find a suitable person for this ledger, Zimu will take care of it first.” King Luo Rong strongly supported Guo Zimu’s business.

With King Luo Rong’s support, Guo Zimu nodded: “Alright. When we go back, I will look into starting a private kitchen and the hot pot restaurant. However, your fermented rice is ready, so save some for me.”

“That’s no problem.”

Elder Cen watched on the side and chuckled. Guo Zimu was becoming more and more decisive. He was actually pleased that Guo Zimu was willing to establish himself in the King mansion through his own abilities, rather than using his beauty to seduce King Luo Rong. As for Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, he wasn’t worried at all.

At this time, Madam Cen asked: “Shijing, Yunan, when you go back, what about Wang Qing, Nizi, and Moxi? Will they come back with you?”

Wang Shijing replied: “They will stay in the capital. Yunan and I have to come back after brewing the wine. They would be delaying their studies if they followed us back and forth. Nizi still has to go to the palace to learn the rules.”

Elder Cen asked: “Are those three children still living in the Great General’s residence?”

Shao Yunan looked at the three children, and Nizi eagerly looked at Guo Zimu, saying: “Little father, I want to live with Little Uncle Guo.”

Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi remained silent, and Guo Zimu was quite pleased. Shao Yunan said: “General Dai and the old lady and the old lord really like you both. Maybe they want you to stay at the general’s residence. Are you not comfortable staying there?”

Nizi shook her head: “It’s not that. It’s just that there are too many people there.” She pursed her lips, feeling a bit embarrassed as she added: “Uncle Guo’s cooking is delicious.”

King Luo Rong laughed heartily, and Guo Zimu also chuckled. Jiang Moxi immediately covered Nizi’s eyes, not letting her see. Nizi pulled down Jiang Moxi’s hand, and Shao Yunan also joined in the laughter, saying: “Tell the Old General, the old lady, and the old lord when you go back. When Dad and I are not around, you three can stay with Little Uncle Guo.”

“Thank you, Little Dad.”

While they were chatting, a guard outside shouted: “Marquis, someone from the capital has arrived.”

Someone from the capital? Everyone looked puzzled. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan went out to see the visitors. After a while, they returned with uneasy expressions. Old Cen and King Luo Rong immediately asked: “Is there something happening in the capital?”

Wang Shijing replied: “The emperor issued an order for Yunan and me to return to the capital quickly, but he didn’t specify the reason.” Then he added: “Pack up tomorrow morning; let’s head back.”

King Luo Rong said: “If the emperor wants you back quickly, don’t delay. It must be an urgent matter. You and Yunan can leave early tomorrow. We’ll follow back to the capital at a slower pace.”

Wang Shijing nodded: “Alright.”

In fact, the messenger who brought the imperial edict subtly hinted at the news of Old General Dai entering the palace. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan guessed something crucial might be happening.

The next morning, as soon as it was light, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, accompanied by the messenger and guards, set off first. The others, led by Tiger, would follow at a more leisurely pace. The journey took six days, and they finally returned to the capital. It was nearly noon when they arrived. Shao Yunan wanted to go home to change clothes before entering the palace, but the messenger insisted that the emperor wanted them to go straight to the palace upon their return. Helpless, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had to enter the palace directly. At the same time they entered, the news of their return reached the General’s Residence. Old General Dai, Old Lord Zheng, Old Lady Dai, Shen Bing, Su Chenyi, and others all dressed formally and headed straight to the palace. Even the married-out Dai Yingsi and her husband were called by Shen Bing and joined the group, all heading to the palace together.


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