Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 63.1

“Crack!” Slamming his chopsticks on the dining table, Shao Yunan gritted his teeth. “Does she really think I’m a paper tiger that can’t do anything? It’s just shameless!” Wang Qing and Nizi lowered their heads, biting his lips, Wang Shijing patted Shao Yunan’s back and said “If Big Brother’s guess is true, then they can’t give up. Our family now has a house and land, so my mother won’t give up.”


Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou sighed. Even Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu didn’t know what to say. But everyone present knew that they absolutely could not let those people come inside. Outside the main door, Old Lady Wang together with Wang Chunxiu waited to enter. Jiang Kangning was not here, so they felt like they had nothing to fear. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan could keep Wang Chunxiu out, but how could they keep Wang Shijing’s mother outside?! 


Old Lady Wang was also ready and as soon as the door was opened she would barge in. Let’s see if Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would have the courage to drive her out!


The dumbfounded Zhou Tianbao looked at the angry Shao Yunan fearfully and did not dare to swallow the meat buns in his mouth. Everyone looked at Shao Yunan, waiting for him to make up his mind. Old Lady Wang’s family wanted to rely on them saving face. Even if Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had a deed, they really couldn’t do anything about it.  They can’t always ask the county magistrate to come over.


Wang Shijing stood up. “I’ll go and talk with them. Whatever they think, they shouldn’t try to squeeze me anymore. I won’t let them in the door.” He also could just divorce his wife and let Yunan marry him!


“Don’t go!” Grabbing Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan said with a dark face. “Once you show up, you won’t be able to get rid of them.” To deal with these kinds of people, you need skin thicker than a wall. His previous approach seemed to be too gentle. Damn, these people wanted to force him, a civilized person, to become a ‘shrew,’ right?


Shao Yunan got up haughtily. “Don’t go, I’ll see how thick their skin can be. They think they can get away with it just by relying on blood ties? They can just continue dreaming! Aunt Zhou, go out the side door and call Fourth Aunt Wang and the others to come over. The more, the merrier. Tell Uncle Zhao Lizheng and Patriarch Wang not to show their faces. I just want those three aunts and six grannies from the village.”


“Ok, alright!” Aunt Zhou trotted out. Wang Shijing’s whole body was tense, as Shao Yunan held his hand. “Shijing, no matter what I say later, you are not allowed to show your face.”


“I’m the one who gave you the trouble.” The muscles in Wang Shijing’s cheeks were tense. Wang Qing and Nizi stopped eating and everyone else also put down their chopsticks. Shao Yunan dragged Wang Shijing to sit down and when Aunt Zhou came back, he went out.


Old Lady Wang and Wang Chunxiu waited outside for a long time before Shao Yunan or Wang Shijing came out. Aunt Zhou, who went out to spread the word, was not seen by them. Wang Chunxiu tugged on Old Lady Wang’s sleeve. “Mother, they really won’t let us in, will they?”


“They wouldn’t dare!” Old Lady Wang was about to knock on the door that was just two steps in front of her, before Wang Chunxiu hurriedly pulled her. “Mother, you forgot what we spoke about again! Now we have to endure! The longer they let us stand outside, the better it will be for us. Look, someone has come out to see it.”


Old Lady Wang could not help but look around. There were really some villagers coming out of their homes and coming their way. Thinking of taking all of Wang Shijing’s family property in the future and of the important positions of her son and daughter, Old Lady Wang angrily put down her hand. When she ‘gets back’ her family assets, she will have all the time in the world to curse that star of misfortune!


Shao Yunan waited patiently at home for Aunt Zhou to come back and after waiting for about one incense stick, Aunt Zhou came back with her face full of sweat. “Yunan, your Fourth Aunt and the others are coming over. By the way, I also told Zhao Liu and Aunt Wang Shen, so they are also coming over.” Shao Yunan sneered, “Okay, I will wait a while longer.”


No one in the room spoke. Regardless of whether Shao Yunan could drive the two away, Wang Shijing would never let his family in. The people from that family are all  blood-sucking leeches. As long as you get them on your body, you won’t be able to get rid of them again. For the sake of his wife, Wang Qing, and Wang Nizi, he must break with that family cleanly.


After waiting for another ten minutes, Shao Yunan stood up. “Brother Guo, make me a pot of chrysanthemum tea, I will drink it after coming back.”


“Ah, um.” Shao Yunan raised his foot and walked out. Except for Zhou Tianbao, who was a fool, everyone followed Shao Yunan out. Even Guo Zimu, who disliked meeting people the most, wanted to know how Shao Yunan was going to deal with that family.


The door to the Wang residence slowly opened and they saw Old Lady Wang standing outside, already furious, ready to fight. Her eyes were determined to win. Today, she will enter the mansion! Wang Chunxiu looked around. As more and more people gathered, she felt a little more confident. With so many people watching, Eldest Brother and that Shao Yunan would still dare to not let her and mother… especially mother – come inside?


The door opened and Shao Yunan stood behind the door. Old Lady Wang opened her mouth first and asked, “Where is Shijing? His mother came to see him. Why didn’t he come out?” Old Lady Wang looked at Shao Yunan and thought about breaking in.


The corners of Shao Yunan’s mouth lifted up as he sneered. Lifting his foot out of the threshold, the double door behind him quickly closed. Apparently, there was someone behind the door, blocking Old Lady Wang’s chances of breaking in. 


Shao Yunan looked around at the surrounding villagers before finally saying, “Old Lady Wang, Wang Chunxiu, since my family began to earn money, you have come up again and again. Even after signing the deed, you refuse to recognize it even though you accepted money for breaking off the family relationship. As a result, either Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu come or you, Old Lady Wang come. As a result, I, Shao Yunan, have seen shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless people.”


The village people knew that Shao Yunan was spunky, but once again, their perception of Shao Yunan’s spunkiness was refreshed. Wang Chunxiu’s face suddenly became unbearable. How could she have thought that Shao Yunan would play his cards so unreasonably? As soon as he came out he embarrassed them. Old Lady Wang’s anger that she had suppressed for a half a day, suddenly rose up. She was about to scold Shao Yunan… but would Shao Yunan give her the opportunity to scold him?


“Wang Chunxiu! What do you mean? You are a big girl who is still unmarried, but you run to my house everyday. When my family didn’t move, you always came over at night, and now that we’ve moved, you’re even more diligent, coming everyday and trying to bring food. You didn’t even show up when I married Shijing, but when you found out that my land and house were in my name, you always looked for opportunities to come to my house, trying to act nice to me. How can you be so shameless as a girl? I’m already married to Shijing, so how could I still want to marry you?”


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