Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 182

It must be said that Wang Shijing decision was correct. Leaving aside how the leaders of the Wu family, Liu family, and Zheng family wanted to meet him, just the greetings brought by those aristocrats, officials, and upper-class individuals who had some acquaintance or closeness with him were as numerous as snowflakes. Except for a few people in the capital, Wang Shijing didn’t know anyone, and he had no intention of getting to know anyone now.

After resting at the general’s mansion for a day, Wang Shijing, accompanied by his adoptive parents, wife, and children, went to receive the rewards with the gifts from Emperor Yongming. Shen Bing sent two stewards from the general’s mansion and dozens of mansion guards to accompany them. When King Luo Rong heard that they were leaving the capital, he also brought Guo Zimu to follow them, leaving the “just recovered from a serious illness” eldest son to handle the matters of the Wang mansion.

King Luo Rong was given the Spiritual Water, and Guo Zimu was also Wang Shijing adopted brother. With just these two factors, the big families in the capital were already stirred. King Luo Rong was well-known for not meddling in political affairs. If anyone wanted to gain the Wang mansion’s favor, it was most appropriate to start with Duke. Moreover, it was easier to build connections within the inner chambers. Therefore, Guo Zimu also received a similar abundance of greeting cards. However, not to mention receiving greeting cards, Guo Zimu didn’t even look at them. As soon as he heard that someone wanted to visit him, his first reaction was to refuse.

Guo Zimu refused to meet anyone, but he couldn’t resist the numerous people sending greeting cards to him, not to mention the ones who personally came to visit. King Luo Rong knew that he was annoyed. As soon as he heard that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were going to collect land and people, he immediately packed his bags and brought Guo Zimu to seek refuge. In fact, King Luo Rong also had his own considerations. Although he became younger, he still couldn’t match Guo Zimu (in appearance). Before he and Guo Zimu got married, he didn’t like too many people seeing Guo Zimu. What if there was a handsome man that Guo Zimu took a liking to? So taking Guo Zimu away and keeping him away from the capital was the safest option.

The group of people left the capital in the general’s mansion’s carriage, with mansion guards leading the way, and no one dared to stop them. This was a special instruction from General Dai. If Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan went out alone, they were afraid that they would be stopped on the street by those from the An Marquis Mansion.

In the Wang mansion, Murong Yi was also preparing to leave. Today, he was taking his younger brother to the Rainforest Temple. Murong Yi did not have too many expectations for the upcoming meeting with his mother, whom he rarely saw.

“Eldest Young Master.”

“Come in.”

Murong Yi turned around and saw the old servant who had been serving his father bowing his head as he entered, holding a wooden box in his hands.

The old servant first bowed when he saw Murong Yi, then said: “Eldest Young Master, Lord Murong asked me to bring this box to you. He said it was arranged by Lord.”

“My Little Father?” Murong Yi was surprised, receiving the box, which was quite heavy.

The old servant said: “Lord Murong said that for some matters in the mansion, it’s not convenient for them to intervene directly. He still needs Eldest Young Master to take care of them. The matters arranged by Lord are also inside. Lord Murong said that everything is up to Eldest Young Master to decide.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Murong Yi waved his hand, and the old servant bowed and retreated. Sitting down, Murong Yi asked the people around him to tell his younger brother that they would leave a bit later.

For his Little Father, who was much younger than him, Murong Yi initially had a calm attitude and was very grateful. However, ever since he saw the other’s appearance, Murong Yi tried to avoid contact as much as possible. That face, any normal man would be moved by it. To avoid trouble, Murong Yi avoided him whenever he could. However, when the other party took the initiative to give him something, Murong Yi couldn’t help but feel a slight flutter in his heart. It had nothing to do with liking, it was just a male instinct. In terms of love, Murong Yi was definitely the dominant one. Although he was quite plump and had no concubines, after his heart disease completely healed, this instinct gradually recovered.

Opening the box, Murong Yi was even more surprised. In the box, there were all silver, including whole ingots of silver and many broken pieces. There was also a letter on the silver. Murong Yi opened the letter, and the contents were not much. Murong Yi quickly read it. After reading it, he touched the silver in the box with a calm expression on his face.

“Father, child can’t help but be jealous of you.”

Murong Yi closed the lid after murmuring -something- to himself in a low voice.

In the carriage, King Luo Rong looked at Guo Zimu, who was calmly making tea, several times wanting to speak but holding back. There were only the two of them in the carriage. Guo Zimu, with a smile on his lips, seemed quite pleased with this trip. After brewing the tea and placing it in front of King Luo Rong, Guo Zimu shyly said: “The Emperor wants Shijing to establish an experimental base for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. Yunan wants our family to follow suit. I’m thinking of allocating a portion of the second-grade fields in the mansion to grow tomatoes and cucumbers. What do you think?”

King Luo Rong immediately said without hesitation: “You decide on the matters in the mansion.”

“Then I’ll talk to Yunan.”


Guo Zimu couldn’t help but dream: “If these tomatoes and cucumbers sell well, we can expand. Yunan says he also wants to plant grapes, and in the future, we can make wine. I also want to plant some grapes. Later, we can have our own vineyard. When you have free time, we can relax at the vineyard.”

“I’ll leave the matters in the mansion to you. Plant whatever you want.”

Guo Zimu smiled even more, and seeing his smile, King Luo Rong couldn’t resist reaching out, pulling him close, and giving him a kiss. In matters of love, Guo Zimu’s personality was completely different from his, and with this kiss, he immediately felt moved, even trying to deepen the kiss. It wasn’t until his fingers touched bare skin that King Luo Rong realized he had actually opened Guo Zimu’s clothes. He quickly withdrew his hand; this was inside the carriage!

Guo Zimu, breathing heavily, hugged King Luo Rong. He particularly liked burying himself in the wide and sturdy embrace, feeling exceptionally safe.

King Luo Rong also breathed heavily. After the warmth, he had no more hesitation and spoke: “Zimu, your private savings are for yourself. The expenses of the mansion should come from the public funds of the mansion. How can the mansion’s expenses be paid with your own money?”

Guo Zimu was not pleased: “Do you like me keeping private savings?”

King Luo Rong kissed him: “Which wife doesn’t have private savings? I have my own private savings. You don’t even have any, and it would be laughable.”

King Luo Rong had long given all his private savings to Guo Zimu. Influenced by Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, Guo Zimu naturally said: “Other people are other people. You’ve given me everything, and what’s mine is also yours. Yunan and Shijing don’t have private savings. Shijing gives Yunan as much money as he needs, and Yunan doesn’t stop him. That’s the normal way for husbands to get along. I don’t care if others laugh or not, and they won’t know if I have private savings or not.”

King Luo Rong’s mindset was beyond understanding. This person actually thought that this was “normal.” Guo Zimu was not a jadeite but the most beautiful jade in the world, and he actually obtained this beautiful jade.

“For the renovation of the mansion, it will cost a lot of money, and my little savings won’t be enough. But don’t let others know, if you marry me, you should spend all the money on me. I’ll also live in the mansion in the future. Shouldn’t the money be used?” Guo Zimu said.

“Of course, the mansion is our home, and if you need money to renovate it, it should be done,” King Luo Rong embraced Guo Zimu tightly, not letting him see the moist corners of his eyes: “In the future, let’s be like Shijing and Yunan, not distinguishing between yours and mine. I am the husband, you are the wife, and the mansion is our home. In a few years, when the emperor no longer needs me, I will completely let go of court matters and accompany you.”

Guo Zimu was delighted: “Then let’s stay at the vineyard. Brewing our own wine, planting our own fields, and raising a few big dogs.”


If it weren’t for the inappropriate location, King Luo Rong would definitely want to shower his little husband with affection. How lucky he was to meet Zimu! Every day, King Luo Rong couldn’t bear to let go, as if taking away Zimu for even a day would be like taking away his life.

While King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu were accumulating dog food in the carriage, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, with their three children, had no time for warmth. Brother Tiger and the Golden siblings could finally run freely, and they had already disappeared somewhere. When Wang Qing saw Father and Little father, he told them about Big Brother’s unusual behavior that night. Shao Yunan couldn’t ask Jiang Moxi what he was thinking, so after thinking for a while, he took out the written things given by Emperor Yongming.

The luxurious fabrics bestowed by Emperor Yongming were all stored in the Duke General’s Mansion, and Shao Yunan hadn’t had time to deal with them. The other lands, servants, jade mines, official kilns, craftsmen, and weaving workshops were all handed over to him in the form of deeds, and Shao Yunan stored them in his space. He took out these deeds to tell the children what the family had now, giving them a clear understanding. Most importantly, they should start managing these now. Originally, Nizi only needed to be responsible for being beautiful, but now it couldn’t be done. She was a princess and couldn’t act foolishly. She had to learn how to manage the household.

Jiang Moxi was not Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing’s son-in-law but their son, at the same level as Wang Qing. Even if Jiang Moxi didn’t marry Nizi in the future, he would still have a share. Letting the three children classify these deeds, and letting them start managing them now, was primarily to distract Jiang Moxi’s thoughts.

After a while, the family head, Wang Shijing, spoke: “Although our family has a small population, in the future, although we will invite stewards, the private property in the family cannot be confused. What you do, Little Dad, brewing wine and making tea, I’ll help you. I also have to do the things the Emperor has instructed. In a few years, brother Moxi and Qing, you two will be responsible for the fixed assets bestowed by the Emperor. Now you have to familiarize yourselves with them.”

Wang Qing and Nizi nodded.

Wang Shijing’s words had just fallen, and Jiang Moxi spoke up: “Craftsmen, I want them.”

Wang Shijing wasn’t angry; he only asked: “What about the rest?”

Jiang Moxi replied: “I don’t want them.”

Wang Shijing said: “…”

Wang Qing quickly said: “Dad, Big Brother is a scholar. Don’t force him. I’ll take care of the fields and mines in the future. For the kiln, Dad, you should find someone who understands it. Little Dad understands jade, so why not slowly dig our own jade mine?”

In Wang Qing’s view, the jade here couldn’t compare to Little father jadeite, and he didn’t think the jade mine was valuable. It had to be said that Wang Qing’s perspective had indeed broadened.

The most unexpected was Nizi. After Second Brother finished speaking, she actually spoke up: “I want the weaving workshop.”

Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were surprised by their daughter’s initiative. Nizi said with determination: “I want to learn fashion design and handbag design. In the future, Dad, Little father, Big Brother, Second Brother, and even Grandpa and Grandma’s clothes shouldn’t be made by Grandma Zhou. I’ll make them.”

Shao Yunan patted Nizi’s cheek: “Okay, the weaving workshop is entrusted to Nizi. But Little father doesn’t understand fashion and handbag design.”

“I’ll learn by myself.”


Shao Yunan was proud. Unexpectedly, Jiang Moxi spoke up again: “Official kiln, give it to me.”

Wang Shijing nodded in satisfaction. Jiang Moxi was still the big brother, and they couldn’t hand over everything to younger siblings. Wang Shijing then arranged: “Dad and Little Dad will help you manage it. You follow and learn. When you turn 13, you will be responsible.”

Wang Qing and Nizi nodded, but Jiang Moxi said: “I want it now.”

Wang Shijing was surprised: “You want the hundred craftsmen and the official kiln now?”

Jiang Moxi nodded. Shao Yunan asked: “Can Uncle ask about your plans?”


Shao Yunan took a deep breath, and Wang Shijing said in a deep voice: “If you can, but you must ensure not to do anything that will cause trouble for our family.”

Jiang Moxi nodded solemnly. Shao Yunan continued: “We can’t help you with the kiln. Do you want us to find someone to help you?”


“You’ll handle it yourself?”


Well, the thoughts of genius children were beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

“Okay, if you don’t want help, then Uncle Yunan and I won’t interfere in the future. But you must always remember that you’re not alone. You have parents, family, a wife, and even a brother. You can’t be wilful.”


In essence, these things were a windfall from heaven for Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan. They wouldn’t feel distressed no matter how they were distributed. However, the three children had indeed matured a lot, and the two of them felt both pleased and nostalgic, with a slightly complex mood. They didn’t delve deep into their thoughts. The poisoning of Wu Jian and Jiang Moxi’s crying had severely affected Wang Qing and Nizi. As for Jiang Moxi, he had grown up overnight.



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