Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 170

In King Luo Rong’s residence, the eldest son, Murong Yi, who had been saved by Guo Zimu, lay on his bed panting heavily. King Luo Rong massaged his chest and Guo Zimu, wearing a mask, held a cup of water in his hands. 


“Brother Yi, feeling better?” King Luo Rong was sweating profusely and Guo Zimu put down the water cup and wiped the sweat off his face with his sleeve. Murong Yi glanced at Guo Zimu, panting, and said, “This time, thanks a lot, Little Father.”


Guo Zimu’s wiping motion paused, but King Luo Rong said, “Indeed, it’s fortunate that your Little Father was here.” After wiping the corner of his eye, King Luo Rong said, “Quickly, drink the Immortal Water. You won’t suffer from heart disease anymore.” Guo Zimu bit his lip. 


Murong Yi smiled slightly and said, “This was a reward from the Emperor to father. How can I drink it?” King Luo Rong widened his eyes. “What if it happens again? If you do, what should we do?” Glancing at the silent Guo Zimu, King Luo Rong felt a bit uneasy and suggested, “How about you take a sip first and see if it helps? If it does, then I’ll drink the rest.”


Guo Zimu immediately interjected. “I’ll go check how much is left.” While father and son looked at Guo Zimu walking to the table, Murong Yi whispered, “Father, you can’t just think about me.” King Luo Rong nodded vigorously. “I was too anxious just now. Don’t be mad at Little Zimu.”


Guo Zimu, confidently took out the porcelain bottle, opened it and checked its contents. He had no particular feelings about the Immortal Water. Being young and well-cared for in the Wang family, he had experienced improved health after coming to the Wang residence. He believed that the effects of this Immortal Water was probably similar to the sweet water in the Wang residence.


Turning around, Guo Zimu said, “One sip should be enough for each person. Let Murong Yi drink half first.” King Luo Rong nodded. “Sure, he’ll drink half first.” 


Guo Zimu promptly poured half of the Immortal Water into the cup. Walking to the bed, he handed the cup to King Luo Rong, who hesitated to accept it. Murong Yi, weakened, watched as Guo Zimu hesitated for a moment, then grabbed King Luo Rong’s hand, placed the cup in it, and held King Luo Rong’s hand to feed Murong Yi. Murong Yi looked at Guo Zimu’s youthful fingers and opened his mouth.


Suddenly, a scream echoed from the room, startling the attendants waiting outside. King Luo Rong shouted while suppressing Murong Yi. “Yi, hold on!” Murong Yi, being rather plump, struggled in vain. Guo Zimu rushed back to the table to store the remaining Immortal Water, then hurried out to call for help. At this moment, Murong Yi, with blood oozing from his seven orifices, was causing great panic. King Luo Rong was terrified.


“Little Mu, get more Immortal Water!”


“If the Eldest Son has heart disease and drinks too much, what if he can’t bear it? The Emperor suffered pain after eating the Immortal Fruit; surely he will feel pain after drinking the Immortal Water.” Guo Zimu admitted his selfishness. There was only so much Immortal Water and he wanted to save it for King Luo Rong.


The chief physician from the Wang family arrived and a group of people held down Murong Yi. Guo Zimu, retreating to a corner, couldn’t help in such situations. Murong Yi’s cries were miserable, and after the blood, a dark liquid seeped from his skin. Before losing consciousness, Murong Yi thought it would be better to let himself die. When Murong Yi woke up again, he thought he had arrived in the underworld. However, why did this underworld seem a bit familiar?


“Yi?” Murong Yi turned his head blankly, only to see his father’s face.


“Yi, how do you feel? Is your chest still hurting?” Murong Yi blinked and all his memories rushed back. He instinctively raised his hand to touch his chest. What was this light, easy breathing? Murong Yi’s eyes turned and everything in the room was as it should be, except for the absence of Guo Zimu. Taking a few deep breaths, Murong Yi cleared his throat and cautiously said, “It seems like my chest isn’t so tight anymore?”


King Luo Rong was so excited that he almost jumped up. He struggled to help Murong Yi up and urgently said, “Quick, let the doctor check on my eldest son.”


The mansion’s doctor immediately came to take Murong Yi’s pulse. After examining him, he knelt down and said, “Congratulations, Your Highness. Congratulations to your eldest son. Your son’s pulse is strong and steady, just like an ordinary person. No, even more stable by three points!”


“Oh!” Excited, King Luo Rong knelt down and kowtowed towards the direction of the imperial palace. “Long live His Majesty! Long live, long live!” Everyone quickly knelt down to express gratitude towards the imperial palace. However, everyone knew in their hearts that this Immortal Water was obtained by Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan through great risk.


Murong Yi, still panting heavily, was bewildered. The heart ailment that had troubled him for over twenty years was gone just like that? He even pounded his chest. It wasn’t hurting! Not at all! The suffocation and pain that used to accompany every breath were genuinely gone!


Murong Yi didn’t feel weak anymore either. He swiftly got out of bed with nimble movements. King Luo Rong, seeing this, first rushed to support him. However, Murong Yi suddenly clutched his chest, his expression initially stunned, then he tilted his head back and began laughing heartily. “Hahaha, hahaha, it doesn’t hurt anymore! It really doesn’t hurt anymore!”


After laughing, Murong Yi started crying, embracing his own father and wailing. “Dad, it doesn’t hurt! My chest doesn’t hurt anymore!” King Luo Rong, also with tears in his eyes, said “It’s good, it’s good. Yi is finally better. Thanks to the grace of His Majesty, my Yi is cured!”


Murong Yi cried like a child. He had never dared to cry so loudly in his entire life. But now, he laughed loudly and cried loudly. His heart, however, no longer hurt, and he wouldn’t lose his breath and faint in the next moment.


“Yi, quickly express your gratitude.” Sobbing, Murong Yi released his father, knelt down, and bowed, sobbing uncontrollably. King Luo Rong wiped his tears, gesturing for others to leave. Once everyone left, King Luo Rong helped Murong Yi up, saying, “If it weren’t for Shijing and Yunan risking their lives to plead with His Majesty, we wouldn’t have obtained this Immortal Water. They are the benefactors of the King Luo Rong Mansion and especially yours.”


“This child won’t forget.” Murong Yi hugged his father, still crying. King Luo Rong patted him and then said, “Tomorrow you must go quickly and inform your mother. Tomorrow, I’ll go with you to see her. Stop crying, tidy up; we need to go to the palace to express our gratitude.”


“Dad, thank you.” Thank you for taking care of me wholeheartedly. Thank you for not disliking me as useless. Thank you for being good to me all along. Thank you… What Murong Yi was most grateful for and respected the most in his life was his own father.


“There are no thanks between father and son.” Letting go of Murong Yi, King Luo Rong wiped his tears and said, “Choose a day to invite Shijing and others to the mansion. You must properly thank them.”


“I understand, father. You can rest assured.” King Luo Rong nodded, his smile undiminished. Murong Yi took two steps back, deeply bowing to his father and then said, “Father, you should quickly take the remaining Immortal Water.”


King Luo Rong nodded, suppressed his smile, and said, “Your little dad is introverted and doesn’t like meeting outsiders. You go and watch over me.”



King Luo Rong, who hadn’t known that his son had trained the servants in the mansion, left with his son in a hurry. Once they entered the room, however, they didn’t see Guo Zimu. King Luo Rong called out, “Zimu?”


“I’m in the inner room.” King Luo Rong asked his son to wait in the outer room and entered the inner room alone. Guo Zimu was putting on a mask, obviously noticing someone else coming in. King Luo Rong immediately reproached himself. “My son and I were too preoccupied with coming over and I forgot to send someone to inform you. You’ve been waiting inside the room all this time? Are you hungry?”


“Not hungry; there are some snacks in the room. Is Murong Yi better now?”


“He’s all better.” Upon mentioning this, King Luo Rong couldn’t help but laugh. Guo Zimu approached, grabbed King Luo Rong’s hand, pulled him to a small table, and looked at the porcelain bottle on it, saying, “Quickly drink the remaining Immortal Water.”


King Luo Rong reciprocated by holding Guo Zimù’s hand. “You and I will drink it together.” Guo Zimu shook his head. “I won’t drink. My body is fine. Why would I drink this when I have no illness or pain?” Pulling away, Guo Zimu hugged King Luo Rong. “By drinking this, you can always be with me.”


King Luo Rong’s heart was melting. He hugged Guo Zimu tightly. “How can I enjoy this Immortal Water alone? You take a sip and I’ll drink the rest. If you don’t drink, I won’t drink either.”


There wasn’t much left to begin with, but King Luo Rong was determined. Even if there was only a drop, he wanted to share it with Guo Zimu. Guo Zimu tilted his head up, kissed King Luo Rong’s lips, and King Luo Rong responded, deepening the kiss. After the kiss ended, King Luo Rong coaxed, “Zimu, be a good boy and have a sip.”


“You go first. I’m afraid it will hurt. I don’t want others to take care of me.”


“Alright, I’ll go first. You and Murong Yi can take care of me together. I’ve already instructed not to let anyone else in.”




Timely, Murong Yi spoke from outside. “Dad, you and Little Dad come outside. I won’t go in.”


“Ah, good.” King Luo Rong adjusted Guo Zimu’s mask, held him with one hand and carried the porcelain bottle with the other as they went outside. The situation was different now. It wasn’t convenient for Murong Yi to enter the inner room.


Upon seeing the Murong Yi, Guo Zimu merely nodded slightly, keeping his distance. Murong Yi also gave a slight bow without deliberately saying much. King Luo Rong sat in a chair, removed the bottle cap, checked how much was left inside, and then drank half of it. After finishing, he quickly sealed the bottle and handed it to Guo Zimu. Murong Yi immediately said, “Little dad, I’ll watch over dad first. If I’m not strong enough, you can come later.” Guo Zimu nodded, tucking the porcelain bottle into his belt.


Holding his breath, King Luo Rong waited. But within just two breaths, he bit down on his teeth; it was starting. Although King Luo Rong drank less than Murong Yi, the pain of the onset was definitely no less. Guo Zimu watched as King Luo Rong’s face turned pale in an instant, nervously clenching his fists.


“Ugh!” King Luo Rong curled up in pain and Murong Yi immediately embraced him. Guo Zimu rushed back to the inner room, grabbed a blanket and laid it on the ground. Murong Yi moved the already groaning King Luo Rong onto the blanket, then firmly pressed down on his body.


“I’ll go fetch water!” Seeing Murong Yi’s state during the onset, Guo Zimu repeatedly told himself to stay calm, rushing outside to scoop water. Guo Zimu didn’t like meeting outsiders and the small kitchen in King Luo Rong’s courtyard had been tidied up early. After Guo Zimu returned, he heated the water, waiting for this moment. 


Soon, he brought in a basin of hot water. By now, King Luo Rong was already groaning in pain. Guo Zimu placed the basin down, took the porcelain bottle from his belt, unplugged the bottle cap in Murong Yi’s puzzled expression, drank it, and then leaned over King Luo Rong and kissed him. Murong Yi looked on in shock and King Luo Rong, already unable to react due to the pain, only felt a sweet sensation entering his mouth. Then his body hurt even more.


“Little Dad! Father!” Murong Yi was shocked, almost forgetting to press down on King Luo Rong. Wiping the corners of King Luo Rong’s mouth, Guo Zimu just said, “You hold him, I’ll wipe his body.” Murong Yi took a deep breath and finally said, “Okay.”


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