Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 209

Yunan is pregnant, my daughter-in-law is pregnant! If Wang Shijing’s joy could be converted into firepower, it would definitely blow up the entire mansion. He had long resigned himself to the fact that he would never have offspring with Shao Yunan, and he never denied that he had fantasized about it. But his wife didn’t want to have children, so he could only endure it. But now, he had a child! He was going to have a child with his wife!

Wang Shijing didn’t care about brewing wine anymore. He handed the Emperor’s edict to Guo Ziyu, instructed Zhao Yuande and Zhao He, packed up everything to be taken away within two days, and left Loyal and Brave Village for the capital with the families of Wang Shuping, Wang Xing, Wang Zhuanghua, Sun Erjiang, Sun Xiaojiang, along with Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo two children, and Tang Genshu. Once Zhao He finished brewing the wine, he would go to the capital with Zhao Yuande and Zhao Yuanqing. With Shao Yunan pregnant, Wang Shijing needed some useful people around him more than ever. Those who were on good terms with him and willing to follow him to the capital for development were naturally all taken away.

No one had told Shao Yunan about his pregnancy. The Empress even deliberately took out a pregnant fruit and waved it in front of Shao Yunan, only to find that Shao Yunan really didn’t recognize it and even asked what kind of fruit it was. The Empress was sure that Shao Yunan had definitely eaten the pregnancy fruit without knowing it. It was very likely that Sha Dahu had fed it to him. Although it was a stroke of luck, the Empress still issued a secret decree that the Shao family should be executed immediately, instead of waiting until autumn.

Shao Yunan didn’t know that Wang Shijing was coming back. He was a bit puzzled as to why his little father seemed a bit nervous around him ever since the chief physician at the Imperial Hospital examined him after that night. He even thought it was just his imagination. The Empress also stooped asking to cook for him anymore, not to tire himself out. But how could he get tired just by doing a little cooking? The Empress’s concern for him was undeniable, but now he wanted to eat food he cooked. He wasn’t that weak, he just liked to sleep a little more recently. He could just sleep earlier at night, anyway there weren’t any entertainment activities.

Yunan continued to cook two meals a day for the Empress as usual. But there was one thing that troubled him a lot. It was that both the Empress and his little father insisted that he had to eat the pregnancy meals he made for them. While the dishes he liked, like heavily seasoned and spicy ones, were forbidden for him to eat, on the grounds that it might make the Empress crave them. There was no way around it, he could only sacrifice himself to accompany the nobles. A man’s pregnancy usually lasted eight months, and the Empress was almost three months pregnant now. He just had to persevere.

When summoned, Guo Zimu accompanied by King Luo Rong went to the palace. When the two returned from the palace, Guo Zimu seemed a bit dumbfounded, while King Luo Rong couldn’t stop laughing. Guo Zimu asked him: “Rong, what are you laughing at?”

King Luo Rong chuckled: “What do you think Yunan’s reaction will be when he finds out he’s carrying a child?”

Thinking about what Shao Yunan’s reaction would be, Guo Zimu couldn’t help but burst into laughter too. The Empress had summoned Guo Zimu to the palace today to inform him of this matter privately. Sometimes Shao Yunan would go to “Qingyuan” and tell Guo Zimu that he was pregnant so that he wouldn’t do anything dangerous or eat anything a pregnant man shouldn’t eat there.

Wang Shijing’s sudden return to the capital gave Shao Yunan a big surprise. Wang Shijing returned to the capital at noon. He went straight to the capital as soon as he got off the ship, and he didn’t feel any fatigue at all. After entering the capital, Wang Shijing first took his people back to the Loyal and Brave Marquis mansion. Although the mansion had not been fully repaired, it was already habitable. After arranging for the people to settle down with Qin Niang, Wang Shijing washed his face and changed into clean clothes before heading straight to the palace.

At this time, Shao Yunan was still taking a nap. When he was awakened by someone touching and caressing him again, he was so angry that he wished he could kill someone. Didn’t they know that disturbing someone’s sleep would incur heavenly punishment? Especially for someone who loves to sleep! When he finally struggled to open his eyes and saw who was disturbing him, he thought he was hallucinating. How could he see a certain man from Loyal and Brave Village here?

“Wife, I’m back.”

Shao Yunan was a bit confused: “How come you’re back?”

“Wife, I missed you!”

Wang Shijing hugged Shao Yunan tightly and suddenly remembered that his wife was pregnant, so he quickly restrained himself. Wang Shijing carefully looked at his wife, it wasn’t an illusion, his wife had lost weight and looked tired. It must be because of fatigue!

“Hold on a moment.” Shao Yunan rubbed his eyes hard and found that it was indeed Wang Shijing. His irritation turned into a surprise: “When did you come back? Wasn’t it said that you wouldn’t be back until September at the earliest?”

“I missed you, so I came back in a hurry!”

At this moment, a palace maid came in and said that the Empress was summoning them, so they couldn’t continue their intimate conversation. Wang Shijing took Shao Yunan outerwear and helped him get out of bed and get dressed. Wang Shijing had done this kind of “work” many times, and Shao Yunan just thought it was normal, without thinking too much. When Shao Yunan finished dressing and arrived at Empress Palace with Wang Shijing, he didn’t expect to see both King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu there, as well as the experimental base being in the harvest season, so the Crown Prince was still in the suburbs and had not returned yet.

As soon as the two appeared, King Luo Rong chuckled and said: “Shijing, congratulations!”

The Emperor added with a hint of malicious humor: “Loyal and Brave Marquis, congratulations too.”

The Empress smiled: “Indeed, congratulations are in order.”

Shao Yunan was completely puzzled. The Empress continued: “Don’t just stand there, come sit down.”

Su Chenyi stood up: “Yunan, come sit down.”

Shao Yunan was a bit bewildered. He found that Wang Shijing, who rarely smiled, actually looked like he was beaming with joy at the moment. He asked with his mouth open: “Your Majesty, King, where does the joy come from?”

Wang Shijing nervously held his hand, then felt it wasn’t safe enough, so he didn’t care about the Emperor and the Empress anymore, and directly hugged him around the waist. The Empress spoke: “It’s great joy. You’re pregnant, almost two months now.”


Shao Yunan pinched his ear, was he hearing things from outer space?

“Your Majesty, did I do something wrong? Why are you teasing me like this?”

The Empress chuckled softly, then her laughter grew louder, and Emperor Yongming and King Luo Rong also laughed, completely amused by Shao Yunan’s expression. Guo Zimu was also laughing, and with the same tone of watching a good show, he said: “Yunan, His Majesty didn’t lie, you indeed are pregnant.”

Su Chenyi chuckled with a mix of amusement and exasperation: “It’s not surprising that you don’t understand. How could Shijing not know about the pregnancy fruit? If His Majesty and me hadn’t discovered the pregnancy mark on your waist and had the Chief Physician Ning examine your pulse, we wouldn’t have known about your pregnancy. You’ve been so clueless, luckily you didn’t hurt yourself and the child.”

Shao Yunan’s eardrums were pounding. A child? He was pregnant?

“How is that possible?! I didn’t eat any pregnancy fruit! I don’t have that automatic function!”

Wang Shijing hugged his wife tightly, his voice gentle: “Little Father is right, it’s my carelessness. After Yunan was injured, I thought the marks on his waist were just bruises. Later, Yunan was busy returning to the capital, so I didn’t pay much attention. Thanks to His Majesty’s carefulness, I thank His Majesty for his grace.”

The Empress said: “Don’t get up, look at how dumbfounded Yunan is, you haven’t scared him, have you?”

Everyone looked at Shao Yunan, and indeed, he looked dumbfounded. Shao Yunan was truly dumbfounded, he lowered his head, dumbly staring at his own belly. He was pregnant? Pregnant?! How could he be pregnant! That was the first thought that came to Shao Yunan’s mind!

Raising his head, he delivered a fierce punch to Wang Shijing: “Did you secretly give me pregnancy fruit?”

Wang Shijing nervously grasped his fist: “How could I dare? If it weren’t for little father letter, I wouldn’t have known you were pregnant. It’s probably that Sha Dahu gave you the pregnancy fruit. You didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t think about it either.”

Shao Yunan was going crazy. He didn’t want a child! He couldn’t accept having a big belly like a man! Giving birth was very painful!

Except for Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, and Su Chenyi, everyone else in Empress Palace was laughing heartily. They would probably laugh about this matter for the rest of their lives. Su Chenyi was at a loss. Who would have thought that someone would react so poorly to finding out they were pregnant?

Shao Yunan really couldn’t accept it, he was at a loss. He was naturally gay, he was the one being suppressed, but he couldn’t accept himself being pregnant!

That day, Shao Yunan didn’t know how he got through it. He wished he could resurrect Sha Dahu and feed him ten or eight pregnancy fruits, and then find a bunch of men to have him impregnated properly!

Shao Yunan was so angry that he felt dizzy and his chest hurt. Wang Shijing was scared by his reaction, his mouth dry, and his limbs weak. The Empress and Su Chenyi also didn’t expect Shao Yunan to react so badly. They kept comforting him, and in the end, the Empress, as His Majesty, issued an edict, forcing Shao Yunan to give birth to this child. Otherwise, Wang Shijing would be held accountable. This barely suppressed his temper.

“Wife, I know you don’t want to have a baby, but now the child is already there, can’t we keep him? I promise you, we’ll only have this one child, whether it’s a son or a daughter, we’ll only have this one. In the future, I’ll use contraception!”

Shao Yunan sniffled, he didn’t cry, but he was close.

“What exactly is this pregnancy fruit, you’ve had a wife before, how come you don’t know what a pregnancy mark looks like?!”

“You’re not even two months pregnant yet, the pregnancy mark should still be there, His Majesty said it was on your waist, let me see?”

“It should be on the waist!”

Shao Yunan grumpily took off his clothes. Now everyone knew, he was the last one!

After taking off his clothes, Wang Shijing indeed saw the pregnancy mark on Shao Yunan’s left waist, and its color was already starting to fade. It really wasn’t Wang Shijing’s fault. At that time, Shao Yunan had so many bruises on his body, and Wang Shijing didn’t even think that Sha Dahu gave Shao Yunan pregnancy fruit, he was indeed careless. Later, they didn’t use the back position when they were intimate, so he didn’t find out. Moreover, after Song Shi ate the pregnancy fruit, he only glanced briefly to see if the pregnancy mark had appeared. They hadn’t been intimate many times, so how could he have meticulously examined the pregnancy mark on Song Shi’s body? But now that Shao Yunan was angry, Wang Shijing wouldn’t explain.

Unlike when Song Shi ate the pregnancy fruit, this time, Wang Shijing carefully and meticulously examined the pregnancy mark on Shao Yunan’s waist, then imprinted it with grateful kisses. He had long given up hope of having a child with Shao Yunan, but now, the heavens had given him such a great surprise, he was eagerly anticipating it.

These kisses from Wang Shijing surprisingly calmed Shao Yunan down a bit, and he asked unwillingly: “Was your former wife’s pregnancy mark also on her back?”

“Hers was on her stomach, I didn’t look closely.”

Shao Yunan’s agitation lessened a bit. Warm breath sprayed into his ear: “Wife, let me take a picture.”

“What’s there to take pictures of.”

“I want to keep a memento.”

Shao Yunan had Wang Shijing wrapped around his finger, and Wang Shijing, in turn, had Shao Yunan willingly complying. Before the pregnancy mark on Shao Yunan’s waist completely faded, each one was captured in the camera, including the big-belly photos of Shao Yunan in different periods afterward.

After a few days of being angry, and with Wang Shijing’s superb coaxing skills, Shao Yunan finally accepted the reality that he would be pregnant and have a big belly. Since Wang Shijing had returned, it was inconvenient for the two of them to stay in the palace, so they returned to the Loyal and Brave Marquis’s mansion. Su Chenyi still stayed in the palace to take care of the Empress. Shao Yunan also occasionally went to the palace, and Wang Shijing had already informed Emperor Yongming that he wanted to stay at home and take care of his wife. Emperor Yongming, for reasons unknown, insisted that Wang Shijing must attend court when required, but promised not to assign him any tasks before Shao Yunan gave birth. As for the previously arranged task for Wang Shijing to escort those goods to the border next year, it also had a variable due to General Dai imminent return to the capital.

Shao Yunan didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms, except for being a bit sleepy and having a good appetite. The Empress no longer required him to cook, but Shao Yunan still insisted. He would have someone deliver the meals to the palace every day or have someone from the palace pick them up. He really didn’t have any adverse reactions. The old lady and the old lord still didn’t know that Shao Yunan was pregnant, Wang Shijing didn’t tell them, and the news of Shao Yunan’s pregnancy wasn’t deliberately publicized. But now that Wang Shijing had returned to the capital, the old lady and the old lord wouldn’t stay in Loyal and Brave Village for too long. Once the matters on the Weng and Cen side were settled, they would return together.

Wang Qing, Nizi, and Jiang Moxi knew that Uncle Yunan was pregnant, and the three children were especially happy. But Wang Qing was the happiest. Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo were recommended by the Loyal and Brave Marquis to enter the National Academy, although they were not in the same class as Wang Qing, at least he had company. The only regret for Wang Qing was his two good friends from the White Moon Academy.

Shao Yunan was pregnant, and Guo Zimu also had thoughts. Seeing Wang Shijing so happy, he, who had already decided to have a child and became even more determined. Since the child would have the Crown Prince to take care of him after being born, he let King Luo Rong be happy. Guo Zimu decided to eat pregnancy fruit after marrying King Luo Rong, so that his child with Shao Yunan would not have too big an age gap, and the children would have playmates, which naturally made King Luo Rong happy.

When the fetus was almost two and a half months old, the pregnancy mark on Shao Yunan’s lower back completely faded away. He accepted his fate. Wang Shijing completely relieved Shao Yunan of any worries and took over all the family business. Shipments of sheep milk wine were sent to the capital one after another. Yunlong Pavilion and “Qingyuan Private Kitchen” began to introduce various dishes made with cucumbers and tomatoes. The first to enjoy these two rare vegetables were the two pregnant men. The Empress especially liked the stir-fried eggs with cucumber and tomatoes. Both of these vegetables were expensive at Yunlong Pavilion and “Qingyuan,” and the resulting sales boom caused by their introduction completely exceeded supply. After listening to Shao Yunan’s advice, the Empress decided to expand the planting scale and started to invite bids from major merchants. Bidding was also suggested by Shao Yunan.

Wang Shijing did not participate in this matter, and it was fully handled by the Crown Prince Murong. The long-ignored Crown Prince Murong entered the eyes of the political aristocracy due to the success of the experimental base.



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  1. SS

    I’m so disappointed with Shijing’s reaction. What the actual fuck is this? He is the only one that clearly understands why Yunan does not want children and the way Shijing’s reacted made it clear that he doesn’t care and his priority is to have a child, regardless of Yunan’s wishes. He just needs to “coax” him since the child is already here. Gross. And the Emperor and Empress issuing an edict to force him to give birth? I’m nauseated just thinking about all of this. It’s disgusting. Everything was just glossed over. There were so many ways for the plot to have Yunan have a child, why would the author choose this one? Thinking about it makes me sick

  2. Leigh

    I commented in the last chapter, but I absolutely hate how this pregnancy is being handled. It’s so rude to Yunan and if this happened to me and the below was the reactions of the people who are supposed to love me, I’d probably cut them off. What was done to Yunan was horrible but how everyone reacted is so much worse.

    “Guo Zimu was also laughing, and with the same tone of watching a good show”

    “Except for Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, and Su Chenyi, everyone else in Empress Palace was laughing heartily. They would probably laugh about this matter for the rest of their lives”

  3. Toni Lynn

    Well… the controversy in these 2 chapters is heated. I don’t know what to say.

    Being forced to have a child vs being forced to get an abortion because you didn’t want to be pregnant at all. That’s a complicated personal issue that rubs people the wrong way regardless of which stance you take.

    Me personally: since it’s by his husband… okay after some serious mental adjustments. If it was by the rapist… that would depend on how badly you want a child regardless of conception.

    A serious issue being glossed over in a novel is commonplace when it’s not an issue that the characters have a true reverse scale on.

    1. SS

      I personally don’t have much of an opinion on Yunan having the child, as I stated before, there are many ways for the plot to lead to his pregnancy and this is also one of them. Although I would have preferred that this wasn’t the way the author chose, it’s still valid. The issue is with the reaction of the people around Yunan when faced with the circumstances of the pregnancy in this case – do they have to be so joyful to the point of completely disregarding Yunan? It’s okay to feel happy for the existence of the child, but that wouldn’t stop them from also acknowledging the fact that the circumstances of the pregnancy are unfortunate and that this wasn’t Yunan’s wish. Instead of having empathy from him, we are only faced with a complete disregard and blatant disrespect for Yunan. Even Shijing, once he knew of the child, only felt that it would enough to “coax” Yunan. Truly loving another person, how is it possible for him to not even feel a bit of heartache for Yunan when he clearly understands and knows why Yunan did not want a child? It’s selfish of him. I’m not saying for them to not have the child, but not even feeling a bit of distress for Yunan? That’s a HUGE red flag!

  4. The Czech Warriormaiden

    Imagine being married to a man with two kids and making it very clear that you have body dismorphia and are terrified of pain so you refuse to her pregnant. He respects your decision. Then a guy who tormented you as a kid messes with your birth control, abducts you and tries to r*pe you to get you pregnant. You are rescued but get accidentaly pregnant with your husband. Your friends find this hillarious. The leader of your community legally FORBIDS you to have ani abortion. Your FATHER tells you: ‘You are going to have a child likes I wanted you to. Be happy.’ Your HUSBAND, the one that Is supposed to have your back and say ‘I am happy for this pregnancy but I will respect your decision.’ , instead days: ‘You are already pregnant. Can we keep it? It will be the only one, I promise. Pretty please?’ asi if he’s begging you to keep a stray dog that wandered into your house because you didn’t close your backdoor.
    Everyone’s reaction to what was done and has happend to Yunan is just so disgusting, dismisive and selfish. I don’t like this AT ALL.
    I’m dropping this novel. I just can’t continue reading. I’m really sad about that because this was one of my favorites.

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