Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 169

Wang Shijing, a commoner from Xiushui Village, was bestowed the title of “Loyal and Brave Marquis” just because he presented an Immortal Fruit to the Emperor and Empress. This elevated him to one of the Five Marquises, filling the vacuum left by the demotion of the Hengyuan Marquisate. The Emperor’s lavish rewards left many envious, but people couldn’t help but sigh at Wang Shijing’s seemingly boundless wealth.

The formal imperial decree from Emperor Yongming, announcing Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s new titles, arrived simultaneously as they reached their new residence. Personally delivered by Guo Xun, this decree solidified Wang Shijing’s position as Loyal and Brave Marquis and Shao Yunan’s status as the legitimate consort of Loyal and Brave Marquis.

Wang Qing and Wang Nizi, who a year ago were mistreated by their relatives, now changed into the Marquis’ heir and a county princess, respectively. Not to mention, the entire Xiushui Village, now renamed “Loyal and Brave (Zhongyong) Village,” became the private property of Wang Shijing’s family.

Emperor Yongming also issued a decree to officially recognize Jiang Moxi as the adopted grandson of King Luo Rong, aiming to match his status with Nizi. In ancient times, social status and marriage were highly regarded, and now Guo Zimu had become the sworn brother of Loyal and Brave Marquis, barely meeting the qualifications to match King Luo Rong. One could say that Emperor Yongming’s decree raised the social status of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family and resolved certain identity-related challenges for them.

Emperor Yongming had not directly addressed the matter of the Immortal Fruit. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan could not bring it up again, but Shao Yunan found it somewhat incomprehensible. They had consumed the Immortal Fruit and granting the spiritual milk to ministers was not a big deal. He couldn’t fathom Emperor Yongming’s intentions, but there was a slight disappointment. To address the age difference between King Luo Rong and Guo Zimu, he had to find another solution.

After receiving the imperial decree at their new residence, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were welcomed into the residence of the Grand General. While the Grand General was pleased with Emperor Yongming’s decree, there was also a dilemma. Shao Yunan was a commoner and recognizing him in the Grand General’s residence was one thing; however, now that Shao Yunan had become the legitimate consort of Loyal and Brave Marquis, reasserting his recognition in the Grand General’s residence might raise eyebrows.

The Grand General hoped to officially recognize Shao Yunan soon, but everything depended on the results of the investigation carried out by Dai Jiang in Yongxiu County. But unexpectedly, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would bring such a monumental “surprise.”

The three children did not have a clear understanding of the changes in their status. Wang Qing was delighted at the prospect of studying at the National Academy but also a bit disappointed. Before leaving, he assured Guo Yu and Zou Wenzhe that he would return, but now things seemed uncertain. Nizi and Jiang Moxi were the most delighted, as they could finally get engaged.

However, now that Jiang Moxi became the “grandson” of King Luo Rong, it was a sharp rebuke to the Duke An residence. During the imperial decree, the expressions of Duke An and his eldest son present were notably unpleasant. However, since Jiang Kangchen and Wu Jian had already divorced, and Jiang Moxi had been given to Jiang Kangchen, with a changed surname, everyone knew that, legally speaking, Jiang Moxi had no connection to the Duke An residence. Wang Shijing, now Loyal and Brave Marquis, could no longer keep Shao Yunan hidden.

The main entrance of the Grand General’s residence was wide open and the entire household welcomed the new Loyal and Brave Marquis and his consort. When Shao Yunan stepped onto the steps of the Grand General’s residence with Wang Shijing, the appearance of Dai Ming Rong’s male spouse, Su Chenyi, stunned everyone. Dai Mingjun’s wife, Sister Dai, who had been informed beforehand, pulled Su Chenyi aside, and Su Chenyi snapped back to reality. The Old General spoke first. “The Grand General’s residence warmly welcomes Loyal and Brave Marquis and his consort.”

Shao Yunan almost knelt, but Wang Shijing hastily said, “Old General, you’re too kind. Yunan and I, along with the children, will be troubling you for these two months.” The Old General looked at Shao Yunan, joy and sadness evident in his eyes. Shao Yunan stepped forward to personally assist the Old General and said, “Old General, Shijing and I will have to return to Xiushui Village in two months. We may need to stay here for these two months. I hope you won’t mind.”

Shao Yunan’s affectionate words made the Old General overjoyed. The Old Madam and Old General’s eldest son were also pleased. Old General Dai patted Shao Yunan’s hand and said, “Why would we mind? We’re delighted to have you stay more often. I’ve assigned someone to oversee the renovation of the new residence. Feel free to make any requests.”

Shao Yunan replied, “That’s wonderful. I don’t have suitable personnel at hand.” As they spoke, a squad of Imperial Guards arrived outside the General’s residence. All eyes turned to the leader on horseback, who was carrying a box. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan exchanged surprised glances. Could it be?! Old General Dai couldn’t help but hold his breath.

“The Emperor’s decree—” Everyone knelt.

“Grant a bottle of immoral fruit to the Old General.” Old General Dai’s eyes widened instantly and the others gasped in surprise. Shao Yunan, kneeling beside the Old General, hurriedly supported him, saying, “Old General, quickly accept it!” Old General Dai shuddered, his eyes instantly turning red. He heavily knocked his head three times, his voice trembling. “This old minister, thanks the Emperor for his grace!”

Zhuo Jin walked over, hands extending a bottle, and Old General Dai, hands trembling, lifted it up. Shao Yunan reached out. “Lord Zhuo, let me take it on behalf of the Old General.” Zhuo Jin handed the box to Shao Yunan and patted his chest. “This servant has been nervous the whole way, fearing any mishap. Loyal and Brave Marquis, please take it well.”

Shao Yunan asked, “Who else did the Emperor grant the Immortal Water to?” Lord Zhuo smiled and said, “Loyal and Brave Marquis is virtuous and filial. The Emperor has bestowed Immortal Water to the Old General, the Old Imperial Tutor, King Luo Rong, and your adoptive father.”

“Thank you for letting us know.”

“Oh, Loyal and Brave Marquis madam, you’ve troubled this servant. This servant needs to return to the palace to report back.”

“Lord Zhuo, please take your time.” After bowing to Shao Yunan, Lord Zhuo wiped the sweat from his forehead and left. Shao Yunan raised an eyebrow, looking at someone who was smirking. Hmph… he hadn’t even been entered into the Wang family genealogy yet, why was he now labeled with the “Wang” surname? How irritating!

Amused in his heart, Wang Shijing supported Old General Dai. “Old General, please rise.” A lifetime of decisiveness in battles, but in front of the Immortal Water, Old General Dai said, “My legs are a bit weak.”

Meanwhile, Forbidden Guard troops arrived outside the residences of Elder Weng, King Luo Rong, and the Cen family. The performances of the Old Tutor, King Luo Rong, and Old Cen were definitely not better than that of the Old General. Jiang Kangning, tears in his eyes, supported his adoptive father, overjoyed. On the other hand, there was chaos in King Luo Rong’s residence.

King Luo Rong’s legs gave way and his son was directly struck with a heart attack. If it weren’t for Guo Zimu, who had learned cardiopulmonary resuscitation with Shao Yunan, the young master might not have survived until he was able to drink the Immortal Water.

But the most chaotic was the Cen family. Having just received the news from Jiang Kangning about what happened in the palace, Old Cen hadn’t fully recovered before being granted the Immortal Water by the Emperor. Overwhelmed with excitement, Old Cen directly fainted. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were not present, but the Cen family was scared to death by this.

To be honest, both Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were surprised. Shao Yunan couldn’t help but speculate if the Emperor’s actions were some kind of perverse pleasure. Thinking that things might get chaotic on his adoptive father’s side, Shao Yunan let Wang Shijing go, and he stayed behind. Surprisingly, it was fortunate that Wang Shijing went. Elder Cen, who knew the least about the Immortal Water, needed him at this moment.

Supporting the Old General whose legs were weak into the house, Shao Yunan kept massaging the Old General’s chest. His daughter-in-law and daughter were by his side, fanning him and offering water. The Old Marquis and the Old Lady wiped tears from the corners of their eyes. When the Old General finally recovered, he looked at the box on the table, unsure how to react.

In a room full of gasps, Shao Yunan opened the lid of the box and took out a small porcelain bottle from inside, saying directly, “Old General, you, the old Lady, and the old Marquis should drink it now.” Old General Dai breathed a sigh of relief and his first reaction was, “Wait for Mingjun, Ming Rong, and the others to come back.”

Shao Yunan then shook the bottle in a room full of shocked voices, saying, “There wasn’t much Immortal Water to begin with and now it’s divided into four portions. There might not be enough for each of you, the Old Lady, and the Old Marquis to have one. Grand General doesn’t know when they’ll be back. If they don’t return, the Immortal Water might expire. You better drink it now.”

His legs feeling weak, the Old General responded, “Wait for Mingjun and Ming Rong to come back.” Old General Dai’s son added, “Father, drink it. This is bestowed by the Emperor. If you give it to Mingjun and Ming Rong, people might criticize you. If Ming Rong and Mingjun find out, they won’t drink it either.”

Su Chenyi remained silent, gazing at Shao Yunan’s face with a somewhat absent-minded expression. Pretending not to notice Su Chenyi’s unusual behavior, Shao Yunan continued persuading. “I’ll make some Gu Yuan Gao (a traditional Chinese medicinal supplement) for the Grand General and others to improve their health. You can rest assured. Now, with the assistance fund in place, the court will gradually have more resources, and as the conditions at the border improve, the health of the Grand General and the others will also get better. Please drink it.”

“Dad, you, Mom, and Uncle, please drink it.” Dai Yingxiang also urged. The three children kept their mouths tightly shut. They would never say that this Immortal Water was nothing since their family still had Spirit Milk.

Under Shao Yunan and the younger generation’s urging, Old General Dai finally nodded. Shao Yunan suggested that the three elderly people go back to their rooms to drink it and not in the main hall. Shen Bing, Dai Yingxiang, and Shao Yunan together helped the three elderly people back to their rooms. Su Chenyi mechanically followed behind, his gaze never leaving Shao Yunan. The others were left in the main hall awaiting news.

Back in the rooms, the three elderly people sat down. Dai Yingxiang took out three small jade cups. The only one brave enough to touch the bottle, Shao Yunan, opened the bottle cap and poured the emerald-green Immortal Water into the three jade cups. Everyone assumed the Immortal Fruit soaked with water was green. Little did they know, Shao Yunan had secretly added spiritual milk to the so-called Immortal Water earlier. He believed his plan had failed, but it turned out Emperor Yongming played a big prank.

Not a drop of the “Immortal Water” remained in the bottle, precisely filling the three small cups—one for each person. Shao Yunan picked up one cup, brought it to the Old General’s face, and the Old General’s eyes widened.

“Old General, please drink.” Shao Yunan clearly saw the Old General’s hands trembling, so he directly fed the jade cup to Old General Dai’s mouth. Old General Dai swallowed hard, opening his mouth after a moment. Shortly after, chaos erupted in the General’s residence. Just having consumed the Immortal Water, the Old General was not exempt from the intense pain running throughout his body.


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