Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 153

Driving away the assistants, Shao Yunan pulled Guo Zimu to make pomelo-flavored cookies. Without an oven, they slowly baked them in a pot. Shao Yunan began the conversation in a casual tone. “Little Brother Guo, this time going to the capital, I plan to buy a house.” Guo Zimu immediately asked, “Aren’t you going back?”

“No. We might come to the capital frequently in the future. It’s inconvenient to stay at Uncle Murong’s or my elder brother’s place every time we come. Buying a house will provide accommodation for my parents and senior brother when they visit the capital. It’s more comfortable to stay in our own home.”

Guo Zimu nodded. “That makes sense. But houses in the capital are expensive.” He then chuckled, “I forgot, you’re not short of money, are you?”

Shao Yunan laughed. “This year’s tea and liquor business will earn a significant amount of silver. When you make money, you should spend it. Uncle Murong invited you to stay at his place and it’s not bad to accept. When I go to the capital, I’ll look for a house. If I’m busy, I’ll ask my elder brother or Uncle to help. If you don’t feel comfortable staying at Uncle Murong’s, you can go to Kangchen’s place. My elder brother will stay there during this visit to the capital.”

Guo Zimu lowered his head, seemingly intentionally avoiding Shao Yunan’s gaze and said, “It shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Uncle Murong said there are only him, the heir and the second young master in his mansion. The princess is not there.”

Shao Yunan observed Guo Zimu’s expression and sighed deliberately. Guo Zimu raised his head, asking, “Why are you sighing?”

Shao Yunan sighed again. “Uncle Murong is quite pitiful.”

“Why do you say that?” Guo Zimu didn’t notice that the dough in his hands was falling apart.

“I was worried about you going to Uncle Murong’s house. I thought the princess might have ideas since you look so enchanting.”

“Yunan!” Guo Zimu blushed, unsure if it was from anger or embarrassment. Shao Yunan teased, “I didn’t say anything wrong.”

Guo Zimu urged him. “Tell me what’s going on.”

Shao Yunan said, “I was just concerned about you so I asked Qin Niang about the princess. Qin Niang came out of the palace and she knows a lot. She told me that the princess does not seem to like Uncle Murong. On the second day of their marriage, the princess gave her maid as a concubine to Uncle Murong, who is the second young master’s mother. The princess and Uncle Murong don’t live together. They have separate yards, one to the east and one to the west. Later, when the princess gave birth to the heir, who had health issues, she said she wanted to pray for the heir, went to the temple and never came back. Uncle Murong, in name, has a wife, but in reality, it’s no different from being a widower.”

Guo Zimu frowned. If another man were present, he would definitely not resist the urge to comfort him gently. Unfortunately, there was only Shao Yunan, a person who was immune to his appearance. Besides, the two couldn’t spark any romantic feelings.

Guo Zimu lowered his head again and asked, “So why doesn’t Uncle Murong take more concubines or marry a side consort?”

Shao Yunan shrugged. “That’s not known. Qin Niang only knows these practical details and I didn’t feel comfortable asking about such matters.”

Guo Zimu picked up the fallen dough, but his attention was clearly elsewhere. Shao Yunan sighed again. “Uncle Murong is so cute, unexpectedly guarding an empty chamber. How pitiful.”

“What cuteness, it’s a pity. Uncle Murong is loyal.” Guo Zimu turned away. “Maybe Uncle Murong only likes the princess, so he doesn’t remarry.”

Shao Yunan said, “That’s something only Uncle Murong knows. Why don’t you go and ask him?”

Guo Zimu was shocked. “How can I ask? It’s such a private matter!”

Shao Yunan said matter-of-factly, “You play chess with Uncle Murong every day. Your relationship is definitely better than mine with Uncle Murong. Besides, I also want to know. Go and ask.”

“I won’t go.” Guo Zimu scolded Shao Yunan. “This is Uncle Murong’s private matter. It might even be a sad matter. How can I ask? And you’re not allowed to ask either.”

“Alright, I won’t ask.” Shao Yunan looked at Guo Zimu and deliberately sighed again. “Uncle Murong is such a good person. I hope a person who truly loves him appears, or else he’ll be a lonely man.” Guo Zimu’s head hung even lower.

In the room, Shao Yunan told Wang Shijing about his conversation with Guo Zimu in the kitchen. Wang Shijing remained silent but had a serious expression. “I think Little Brother Guo might have fallen for Uncle Murong.”

Wang Shijing asked, “Did he hear about the strained relationship between the princess and Uncle Murong and develop feelings?”

“No. He probably developed feelings earlier. Otherwise, you see, he initiated a hug with someone. He couldn’t escape it even if he tried. We have a good relationship, but when did he ever hug me and it was a ‘hug for nothing’ at that.”

Wang Shijing frowned. “Didn’t you stop him?”

“He didn’t say he likes Uncle Murong. I can’t just directly say, ‘Don’t like him,’ right? Besides, I don’t think it’s necessary to stop him.”

Wang Shijing hugged his wife, saying, “Zimu is also our family. He can like whoever he wants. But Uncle Murong is a prince, there’s an age gap and there’s also a princess. Even if these aren’t issues, is the heir willing for Uncle Murong to remarry? Most importantly, Uncle Murong’s affection for Zimu might just be the affection of an elder for a junior. If Uncle Murong finds out that Zimu has feelings for him, how will they handle their relationship?”

Shao Yunan stroked his chin. “When did Little Brother Guo start liking him? Maybe I misunderstood.”

“You should ask him directly. We’re about to arrive in the capital and if he really has those thoughts, it’s better not to stay there.”

“I’ll think about how to say it. Maybe…” Shao Yunan was considering a certain possibility.

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe we should test it. Whether Uncle Murong likes Zimu or not and whether Zimu really likes Uncle Murong. If they both like each other, then all our worries are not problems.”

Covering Wang Shijing’s mouth, Shao Yunan said, “With Brother Tiger around, the age difference can be ignored. With brother Guo’s face, do you really think he can marry an ordinary person?”

Wang Shijing pulled down Shao Yunan’s hand and answered honestly. “No.”

“So…. Perhaps the time for Little Brother Guo’s marriage has really come.”

Wang Shijing asked, “How do you want to test it?”

Shao Yunan smirked. “After drinking, people speak the truth. Anyway, we’re idle, so let’s find something to pass the time.”

Wang Shijing kissed him. “Just don’t cause any trouble.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

The next evening, Shao Yunan cooked a table full of dishes and Wang Shijing brought out white wine. As soon as they saw the white wine, King Rong and Jiang Kangning were delighted. Jiang Kangning asked, “What’s making everyone so happy?”

Shao Yunan said, “It’s too boring on the ship, so we can only eat and drink. We’ve been busy for so long; it’s time to relax a bit. Tonight, we won’t return until we’re drunk.”

Jiang Kangning said, “If we’re not returning until we’re drunk, your amount of alcohol is not enough.”

Wang Shijing said, “If it’s not enough; I’ll go get more.” He happened to take out the good wines like Moutai, Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573 from the space and finished them!

The three children, regardless of whether they drank or not, as soon as King Rong picked up the chopsticks and ordered them to start, they all reached for the big pot of boiled fish. The fish was caught by Wang Shijing during the day. Brother Tiger, imitating Wang Shijing pouring wine, slapped a paw. Wang Shijing turned around. “Do you want to drink?”


Shao Yunan said, “Give some to Brother Tiger. Let him drink until he falls over.”

Wang Shijing handed a whole jar of white wine to Brother Tiger and Dai Xiaojin also came over, wanting to drink.

King Rong took a sip and let out a happy sigh. “Good wine, such good wine. After drinking this white wine, everything I drank before was like dishwater!”

“Haha…” Everyone was amused by King Rong’s analogy.

Shao Yunan first raised his glass to King Rong and Jiang Kangning, then lifted his glass to Guo Zimu. “Little Brother Guo, let’s have one together.”

Guo Zimu panicked. “I don’t know how to drink.”

“It’s okay, anyway, we’re on the ship, all friends here. If you get drunk, just go back and sleep.”

However, King Rong spoke up. “I’ll drink for Little Zimu.”

Guo Zimu’s face turned visibly red in front of everyone. Shao Yunan said, “Lord Murong, it’s okay. Little Brother Guo hasn’t drunk before, that’s why he doesn’t know how. How can a man not know how to drink? Drinking capacity is one thing; whether to drink or not is another.”

Shao Yunan brought it to the level of “man,” and since Guo Zimu was reluctant, he had to drink. Blushing, he picked up an empty cup. “Pour me one, I’ll risk my life to accompany you.” Wang Shijing poured and Shao Yunan chuckled to himself. ‘Lord Murong, do you have to worry so much? It’s just a cup of wine.’

The wine was poured and Shao Yunan said, “My alcohol tolerance isn’t great either. Let’s not sip it slowly, let’s finish it!” After saying that, he tilted his head and drank the entire contents of his glass, gasping for breath from the spiciness. Seeing him like this, King Rong said again, “What are you two drinking? Let me drink for Little Zimu.”

Guo Zimu, under the watchful eyes of everyone, took a deep breath and said, “It’s okay.” After that, he tilted his head and drank. King Rong was worried and his facial features wrinkled.

As expected, after Guo Zimu finished drinking, he began to cough violently. King Rong, sitting next to him, hurriedly patted his back and in his anxiety, he directly took his own teacup and gave it to Guo Zimu to drink. Guo Zimu, perhaps unaware, drank up the tea in King Rong’s cup while still relying on him.

Meanwhile, Shao Yunan watched the affectionate scene and asked: “How about it, Little Brother Guo? Was that sip powerful enough?”

Guo Zimu, choking, couldn’t answer and King Rong glared at Shao Yunan. “You, what were you thinking, letting him drink this wine? This white wine is strong; he hasn’t drunk it before, how can he endure it?”

Shao Yunan said, untroubled, “Drinking is about training. Little Brother Guo must learn to drink. In the future, when others offer him a toast, he can’t keep substituting tea for wine, right, Little Brother Guo?” Guo Zimu subconsciously nodded.

King Rong said, “Who would offer him a toast for no reason? He rarely goes out.” Jiang Kangning, looking at King Rong who was holding Guo Zimu, patting his back, feeding him tea, wiping his mouth and eyes and scolding Shao Yunan for this, glanced at the playful Shao Yunan. He seemed to have discovered something.

Wang Shijing’s jar of wine had over 50% alcohol content and after Guo Zimu had eaten very little, Shao Yunan forced him to drink a cup. Immediately, he felt a bit dizzy. However, since Shao Yunan said so and given Guo Zimu’s already low self-esteem about his appearance, he told King Rong, “It’s okay, Lord Murong. What Yunan said is right. How can I, as a man, not know how to drink?”

Shao Yunan said, “Exactly.”

“Stop talking.” King Rong was getting impatient. But Shao Yunan ignored whether King Rong was anxious or not and lifted his glass. “Come, Little Brother Guo, let’s have another one.”

King Rong said, “Oh, don’t drink anymore.”

At this point, Jiang Kangning interjected. “My Lord, let Zimu drink. He has never drunk before, so indulging occasionally is also good. Here, my Lord, I toast to you.”

King Rong helplessly said, “Stop causing trouble.”

Jiang Kangning innocently replied, “My Lord, don’t worry. Yunan just said, ‘Not drunk, no return.’ Zimu can’t escape. Come, Zimu, since the Lord won’t drink, you drink on his behalf.”

Upon hearing this, Guo Zimu, without a second word, went to get King Rong’s wine cup. In a fluster, King Rong put down his teacup to grab his own wine cup. “Don’t drink, don’t drink. Kangning, I’ll drink with you.”

“Lord Murong, let me drink for you,” Guo Zimu pleaded. Looking at his beautiful eyes, which were already starting to blur, King Rong was momentarily stunned. By the time he regained his senses, Guo Zimu had boldly gulped down the wine.

“Oh, don’t drink anymore! At least eat something first,” King Rong hastily picked up a dish and fed Guo Zimu, who leaned softly against him, opening his mouth to eat.

Jiang Kangning raised an eyebrow, Shao Yunan stifled a laugh and the three children at the table continued to eat without any disturbance. Jiang Moxi was considerate, even picking up food for Nizi. To be honest, he wished the adults would forget about them, so he could have Nizi all to himself.

Whether others were drunk or not after this dinner was uncertain, but Guo Zimu was definitely drunk and quite heavily. King Rong himself hadn’t had many drinks or eaten much; he was focused on taking care of Guo Zimu.

The intoxicated Guo Zimu had a face that was even more bewitching and King Rong didn’t bother helping him up. Instead, he let Guo Zimu lean on him, intentionally blocking his face. Wang Shijing, who received his wife’s suggestion, spoke up. “It seems Zimu is really drunk. I’ll take him back.”

King Rong immediately said, “No need. I’ll take him back. You all continue eating.” Wang Shijing didn’t even stand, he simply said, “Then, Lord Murong, it’s up to you.” King Rong helped Guo Zimu stand up and Guo Zimu murmured as he hugged King Rong’s waist, burying his face deeply. King Rong didn’t push him away, just saying, “Zimu, Lord Murong will take you back. Don’t fall asleep, alright?”

“Mmm… Drink…”

“Alright, go back and drink more.”

Jiang Kangning, acting mischievous again, stood up to help Guo Zimu. “I’ll accompany you to send him off.” King Rong waved Jiang Kangning away, almost touching Guo Zimu’s hand. “No need, no need. I can handle it alone. You all continue eating. No need to wait for me.”

With that, King Rong practically half-carried Guo Zimu and walked away, soothing him with words like ‘I will drink more when I get back.’ Once they were gone, Jiang Kangning glanced at Shao Yunan, who was smiling mischievously, as if he had discovered something.


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