Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 100.1

The Song family had come to look for Wang Shijing! The news immediately spread all around Xiushui Village. Everyone in the village who was at home came out. Even Wang Guo couldn’t help running out to watch the excitement. Except for a few people who had the mindset of watching Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan become a joke, everyone else was laughing at the Song family’s lack of self-esteem. They thought Shao Yunan was like Song Yuhua, a soft natured person like her father. They should just leave before Shao Yunan got back.

This was everyone’s thought as they spoke. Many ‘enthusiastic’ villagers went to the front of the Wang residence and told the Song family to go back. This Shao Yunan was able to suppress that shrew, Old Lady Wang, and make the patriarch open the ancestral hall. He was not someone ordinary people could handle. 

The Wang family wronged Song Yuhua, but it was also true that Song Yuhua left her husband and children and ran away. In fact, Wang Shijing not going to the Yamen to sue the Song family was already a mercy. Them wanting to take advantage of Wang Shijing was just a pipe dream.

Song Bazi didn’t make a sound and already felt guilty, but Song Jingshi was holding onto her  momentum, saying that it was the Wang family that wronged their Song family. How could Wang Shijing forget their Song family, when they came to see their grandson and granddaughter?

In the Wang residence, Aunt Zhou stopped making bags and Uncle Zhou stopped planting flowers, while Guo Zimu stopped studying how to make snacks. The three of them were standing anxiously in the main hall. Elder Cen and his wife were out, while Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were not at home. Wang Qing was at the academy, so there was no one at home who could make decisions.

Aunt Zhou said anxiously, “What can we do? If Yunan doesn’t let them in, it’s his fault.” Uncle Zhou sighed repeatedly, “How could Shijing come across this kind of person? The Wang family was at fault, not Shijing. Even if they were wrong so what? Why didn’t the Song family come when Shijing wasn’t at home? If the Song family had come, would Wang Qing and Nizi be bullied so much?”

Guo Zimu looked down and said, “They must have learned that Shijing became rich and came to ask for money!” Guo Zimu bowed his head, not because he was timid, but because he was used to bowing his head in front of people. Aunt Zhou also sighed. “Let’s see what Yunan will do. I think Shijing will definitely listen to him. If Shijing really takes the Song family to heart, he would have mentioned the Song family at least once to us. Wang Qing and Nizi also never mentioned their grandparents.”

Uncle Zhou nodded and said, “Until Yunan and Shijing come back, we can’t open the door. Once this person enters the door, it will be difficult to get them out.” Aunt Zhou stood up and said, “I’ll go first. In case Yunan comes back, it’s hard to say what will happen.”

“You go quickly.”

Shao Yunan was busy in the space, how could he know that there were troublesome (unknown) people coming to his door? He was now dealing with ordinary chrysanthemums and imperial chrysanthemums in the space, making them into chrysanthemum tea. He was so busy that he forgot the time, plus the time in the space was slower than that outside. Shao Yunan unknowingly felt that it was still early.

The temperature in ancient times was low and it was still February, so it was still cold. The gate of the Wang family mansion was never opened, but the Song family was still shivering from the cold outside. In ancient times, there were no warm clothes like in modern times. The Song family also had no money, so their cotton clothes were thin and patched. 

It shouldn’t be even mentioned that if an adult couldn’t stand it, could the children? Song Bazi and Song Jingshi’s sons were crying from the cold. They were also hungry, but Song Jingshi hardened her heart and refused to leave, asking Song Bazi to knock on the door. Were the people in this residence really cruel enough to watch a baby cry from the cold?

Song Bazi was driven by his wife to knock on the door. He was also cold, but even after knocking on the door for a long time, there was no movement at all. Behind the door, Aunt Zhou, Zheng Wei, Ding Yeshi, and Ding Jishi were all very angry. Ding Jishi had no children, but Ding Yeshi had a child who died young. Not to mention Aunt Zhou and Zheng Wei, what kind of mother for the sake of money would expose such a young child to the cold just for the sake of money?

Zheng Wei whispered angrily, “They want people to say that we are cruel. They want us to let them in because we can’t bear the children suffering.” Aunt Zhou hurriedly said, “No way! Shijing and Yunan are not here, so we can’t open the door even if we can’t stand it.”

The child outside the door cried loudly, as someone came. Song Bazi immediately stopped his hands and stepped aside. The visitors were Wang Wenhe, Wang Shuping, Zhao Lizheng, and his eldest son Zhao Yuande.

The Song family didn’t know Wang Wenhe, but they knew Zhao Lizheng. Song Jingshi immediately squeezed out a few tears and started to cry. “Head of the Zhao family, just take a look. We came to Shijing to see Qing and Nizi, but they wouldn’t let us in. My poor little son is only 8 months old and it’s so cold outside. He also hasn’t eaten for days. Zhao family, you have to be the judge of our case.”

Zhao Lizheng stared coldly at Song Bazi, making him flinch. Then he bowed his head and took a few steps aside, while Xiao Dayu didn’t dare to say anything and hid behind his mother.

“Knowing that the child can’t stand the cold, you still stand here for what? Why not hurry back? Shijing has already divorced your daughter and you all know why. If it weren’t for Shijing’s generosity, your daughter would have been abandoned! With a repudiated daughter in the family, how can your family look good? Your son would not even be able to marry!”

Song Jingshi immediately said, “My family’s Yuhua was bullied by the Wang family to the point she was not able to live. How can you blame our Song family for that? It was all the Wang family’s fault!” Wang Shiping said nonchalantly, “Aunt Song, if I remember correctly, it seems that Song Yuhua’s own mother passed away a long time ago, right?”

Song Jingshi was speechless and then slyly said, “I am Yuhua’s stepmother, so what? I treat Yuhua like my own daughter!” Immediately, jeers could be heard from the surroundings as one woman said, “Then why didn’t I hear Yuhua mention you as her ‘real mother’ before?”

“That’s right. I heard that she married into the family when Shijing was in service and just the next year, Yuhua ran away. So how can this be?”


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