Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 168

Shao Yunan was dumbfounded. The very poor Emperor Yongming actually rewarded him with so many things. Among other things, three jade mines were enough for him. Shao Yunan really didn’t expect that Emperor Yongming would reward them with this. This was the first time that these two powerful figures from the Great State of Yan really moved him. 


The Empress smiled and said to Shao Yunan, “Get up quickly. Where would you like to choose the residence of the Loyal and Brave Marquis?” Shao Yunan shivered, collected the jade tokens, stood up, and said, “Emperor, Empress, this reward is too heavy, and commoners cannot accept it!” Wang Shijing quickly added, “Presenting the Immortal Fruit was not for the heavy rewards of the Emperor and the Empress. Please, retract the rewards.”


“Rise.” Emperor Yongming made Wang Shijing stand up again but said, “I think both of your rewards can be increased. You both have acquired status; there’s no need to refer to yourselves as ‘commoners’ anymore.” Shao Yunan shook his head vigorously. “Emperor, it’s truly too much.”


“The decree has been issued; no more words.” Emperor Yongming waved his hand. An official stepped forward and said, “Emperor, under heaven, there’s no land that is not the king’s soil. Their presentation of the Immortal Fruit was their duty. I also find the rewards to be overly generous.” The Empress smiled faintly. “If any of you officials can present such an Immortal Fruit, the Emperor will reward you similarly.”


“Empress…” Emperor Yongming interrupted. “I’ve said that if anyone can cure the Empress’ illness, I will reward them with the position of a Duke. I have already reduced the rewards. Do you think you can casually question my decisions?” Elder Weng said, “Emperor’s generous rewards are justifiable. Compared to the well-being of the Emperor and Empress, they are incomparable to mere titles and material possessions. I believe the Emperor’s rewards are just right.”


King Luo Rong added, “I also think the Emperor’s rewards are just right.” With their lead, many officials echoed that the rewards were just right. Those who still wanted to object were silenced by the looks from a few people. Elder Weng and King Luo Rong weren’t just saying it to appease; they genuinely felt that way. 


In the young nation of the Great State of Yan where the average age was less than 40, the transformation of Emperor Yongming and the Empress after consuming the Immortal Fruit guaranteed a long and healthy life, if not immortality. The decades of life gained were not something easily obtainable through external possessions, especially for the Empress, as it extended his life.


At this moment, Shao Yunan spoke. “Emperor and Empress’ rewards are beyond my deserving. What my husband and I did is something many people would do.” Shao Yunan knelt down. “The Empress established the ‘Aid Fund’ with the well-being of the world’s people in mind. I, Yunan, feel inferior. I cannot fight in battles, nor can I share the worries of governing the country for the Emperor. We, as a couple, accept these rewards, but please allow the Emperor and Empress to accept our sincere intentions for the country and the monarch.”


Wang Shijing knelt down again, smoothly continuing. “I am willing to donate ten thousand gold and silver to the Aid Fund.” Almost everyone made a hissing sound in their hearts and someone even hissed out loud. Great General Dai immediately asked, “Empress, may I inquire where this Aid Fund is located?”


The Empress explained what the Aid Fund was without mentioning that it was Shao Yunan’s suggestion. However, he did mention that Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing had previously donated 3,500 taels of gold to the Aid Fund, specifically allocated to purchase military supplies for the Vanguard Army under young General Dai. After the Empress finished speaking, Great General Dai immediately knelt down, shouting “Long live, Empress!” and said, “I bow to thank the Empress on behalf of a million soldiers in our dynasty and the people of the Great State of Yan! I am willing to donate a thousand taels of silver and a hundred stones of grain!”


Elder Weng and King Luo Rong also knelt down, with Elder Weng saying, “I will donate a thousand taels of silver and a hundred stones of grain!” King Luo Rong added, “I will also donate a thousand taels of silver and a hundred stones of grain!”


Shao Yunan added more fuel to the fire. “King, Elder Weng, and Old General, you have shown great righteousness! I am willing to donate another thousand taels of silver to build a monument of merit, so that future generations will know how the Emperor and Empress care for the people, and how King Luo Rong, Old Imperial Tutor Weng, and Old General Dai acted righteously!” 


Emperor Yongming happily slapped the table. “Excellent! Excellent! The monument of merit cannot be without your contributions!” The others looked at each other, and Lord Jingling knelt down. “I am willing to donate a thousand taels of silver, a thousand stones of grain, and a hundred pieces of coarse cloth!”


Immediately, whether willing or not, everyone knelt down, expressing their intention to donate silver and grain to the Aid Fund. Moreover, the donations were abundant and diverse. Emperor Yongming and the Empress were delighted. The Empress ordered Zhuo Jin to write down the list of ministers who contributed and the items they donated. 


Many ministers who contributed money and goods were bitter in their hearts, but at such times, who dared not to donate, and who could afford not to donate? At the same time, they were shocked by the generosity of the newly appointed Loyal and Brave Marquis. How much money did they really have?


Once the ministers had finished donating, Emperor Yongming sternly said, “All you honored ministers are so enthusiastic, I am deeply gratified. But do not be greedy or break the law just for the sake of having your names on the merit monument. Otherwise, I will severely punish you!”


“I dare not. I will remember the Emperor’s teachings…” 


Emperor Yongming let everyone rise and asked, “Loyal and Brave Marquis, do you and your husband have a preferred location for your residence?” Wang Shijing made a bow. “I am already very fond of the place where I settled in the capital.”


Emperor Yongming shook his head. “That place is not currently suitable for your status.” The Empress suggested, “Emperor, I remember that the Wei family’s mansion has always been vacant. There is also an adjacent empty house. Why not grant them both to the Loyal and Brave Marquis as their residence?” Emperor Yongming, upon hearing this said, “Let’s go with the Empress’ suggestion. Guo Xun, take care of it.”




Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, unfamiliar with the capital, did not realize which “Wei family” this was. They just thought that the Wei family’s mansion might be a bit small, so they were given the adjacent one as well. However, the fact that the Emperor and Empress could think this way made them very moved. In fact, they both thought that their current residence was already very good.


However, others did not share the same sentiment. The Wei family was the former Hengyuan Marquisate residence. Wang Shijing, as the Loyal and Brave Marquis, originally had a residence that matched his status. Still, the Empress had now added another set of houses. It should be noted that the mansions of the three dukes, five marquises, one king, and the residence of Elder Weng were all on Cui Xuan Street. 


Each set of houses was equivalent to the level of the dukes and the Emperor and Empress had surprisingly bestowed two sets. The total area of their residences even surpassed that of the residence of Elder Weng, which had the largest area on Cui Xuan Street. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan knelt down again to express their gratitude. After Emperor Yongming allowed them to stand up, he looked at Jiang Kangning.


Jiang Kangning took a few steps forward and knelt down. Being the lowest-ranking official, he stood at the very end. Just now, Jiang Kangning had donated one hundred taels of silver and twenty stones of grain. Given his salary and position, these were already quite substantial.


“Jiang Kangning, regarding the earthquake in Xiushui Village, you failed to report it, but there were reasons behind it, so I won’t punish you. Your loyalty to me is evident and today I see your achievements as the magistrate of Yongxiu County. You have made a significant contribution in escorting the Immortal Fruit and your handling of the Spring Tea matter was also well done. I promote you to Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and appoint you to the position one month from now.”


No one came forward to object, although many people wanted to. But who knew that Jiang Kangning would kneel down and say, “Emperor, during my one-year tenure as the magistrate of Yongxiu County, I fell short in many ways. Regarding the Spring Tea matter, I also have many shortcomings. I kindly ask the Emperor to retract the appointment. I once vowed to turn Yongxiu County into the number one tea-producing region in our Great State of Yan and I want to let the tea culture of our Great State of Yan start from Yongxiu County, spread to every corner of the Great State of Yan, and even extend to every neighboring country.” These words were copied directly from Shao Yunan. 


Emperor Yongming was somewhat surprised, but then he laughed heartily. “Very well! I am truly pleased with your ambitions. Once Yongxiu County becomes the tea-producing region you aspire to, you can then take on the role of Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and share the burden with me. However, making Yongxiu County a tea-producing region is not enough. The entire Chandu should become a renowned tea region far and wide.”


“I will comply with the Emperor’s wishes!” Emperor Yongming continued. “In that case, I will promote Yang Yan, the Prefect of Chnanfu, to Minister of the Ministry of Revenue. Jiang Kangning, you will be appointed as the Prefect of Chnanfu. As for the position of Magistrate of Yongxiu County, it will be chosen from the top three candidates after the palace examination. You don’t need to recommend anyone. If you have a suitable candidate for the Magistrate of Yongxiu County, you can inform me.” Jiang Kangning suppressed his inner excitement and kowtowed saying, “Emperor, indeed, I have a suitable candidate.”


“Who is it?”


“This person is a scholar, a 30-year-old scholar from Yongxiu, and a family slave of the Loyal and Brave Marquis, Guo Ziyu.” After Jiang Kangning said this, it immediately caused an uproar. An official accused, “Lord Jiang! You recommend a family slave for an official position, do you not respect the Emperor? Do you not respect the laws of our Great State of Yan?”


Jiang Kangning calmly said, “Guo Ziyu is going to become a family slave of the Loyal and Brave Marquis and he will bow to some of the adults present as a bestowed favor.”


“What do you mean by this, Lord Jiang!” Jiang Kangning explained the reasons why the Guo brothers had become family slaves. Those officials who were cursing immediately took a step back, especially a certain duke who had once sought refuge with Rong Yue. After Jiang Kangning finished speaking, Wang Shijing spoke up. “Emperor, the Guo brothers became family slaves to my family out of necessity. Moreover, I planned to restore their status three years later.”


King Luo Rong knelt down. “Emperor, I have a deep affection for Guo Zimu. We are already married and I am considering obtaining an imperial decree to officially marry Guo Zimu as my legal wife. I earnestly request the Emperor to issue a decree, raising Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu to commoner status.”


Wow! Today was destined to be a chaotic day. The identity of Guo Ziyu was revealed and Emperor Yongming immediately took advantage of the situation saying, “Indeed, the Guo brothers becoming family slaves is understandable and it is indeed your fault. The Loyal and Brave Marquis couple truly lives up to the ‘Loyal and Brave’ reputation, extending a helping hand in times of danger. You all should feel guilty.”


“We are humble…” A large group of people knelt down.


“The Ministry of Personnel, investigate where Rong Yue is currently serving. Pardon him, and if he has committed any crimes, deal with them accordingly.” The Minister of Personnel said, “Yes, I will immediately instruct someone to investigate.”


Emperor Yongming continued. “Grant Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu the titles of Honorary Siblings of the Loyal and Brave Marquis. The Astronomical Bureau will choose an auspicious day for the King to marry his legal wife. Appoint Guo Ziyu temporarily as the Magistrate of Yongxiu County. In this year’s imperial examination, he must pass as a Jinshi. Officials of the county must not have only one scholar’s achievement.”


King Luo Rong laughed uncontrollably. “On behalf of my Legal Wife, I thank the Emperor for his grace!” Emperor Yongming teased, “The King hasn’t even brought the person into the household yet.” King Luo Rong chuckled. “It will happen soon.”


Having them stand up again, Emperor Yongming said, “The repairs for the Loyal and Brave Marquis’ residence should be completed by the Ministry of Rites within the month.” Shao Yunan gave Wang Shijing a look and Wang Shijing said, “Your Majesty, I will personally fund the repairs to the house. I dare not use tax money from the common people to renovate a private residence.”


Emperor Yongming raised an eyebrow. “Tax money from the common people?” This term was new. Wang Shijing explained. “The silver in the imperial treasury comes from the taxes paid by the people of our country. The government needs money for various expenses and I cannot use tax money to renovate my private residence, which is solely for my own enjoyment. I am willing to use my own money for the repairs and I hope Your Majesty will not blame me.”


Emperor Yongming smiled, appreciating his consideration. “Wang Shijing, Wang Shijing, you truly live up to the title ‘Loyal and Brave,’ always thinking for the good of the court. Very well, I will go along with your suggestion.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


Elder Weng commented. “The Loyal and Brave Marquis is absolutely right. The money in our treasury is indeed obtained from the taxes paid by the people. It should not be used for the private matters of courtiers.” King Luo Rong chimed in… “Your Majesty, I will cover the expenses for the marriage ceremony of my legal wife. You don’t need to worry about the costs.”


Emperor Yongming replied, “That won’t do. The King’s marriage to his legal wife is a major event for the royal family. Although I may be a bit tight on funds, I can still afford this amount of money.” King Luo Rong said with a smile, “I don’t spend much money on ordinary days. I just ask the emperor to choose a good and auspicious day as soon as possible so that I can marry as soon as possible.”


Emperor Yongming joked, “Uncle is so impatient, are you afraid that your wife will be robbed?”


“Yeah yeah.”


“Hahaha…” King Luo Rong’s honesty made people laugh. Emperor Yongming waved his hand. “I have my own plans for my uncle to marry, so there is no need for you to talk about it. The royal family still needs this face. However, in the future, the cost of repairing the residences given by important ministers in the dynasty should not be paid.” All will come out of the treasury and after the Minister of the Ministry of Revenue takes office, the Ministry of Revenue will prepare a plan for me as soon as possible.”


“Yes.” The Minister of Household Affairs responded. Emperor Yongming then said, “I and the Empress have taken the Immortal Fruit and need a few days to recuperate. The cabinet and all our beloved ministers will take care of state affairs for the time being.” After that, Emperor Yongming and the Empress stood up.


Elder Weng, Old General Dai, and King Luo Rong were the first to speak out. “Best farewell to our Emperor and a thousand years of your life.”


The others hurriedly said, “Blessings to our Emperor and a thousand years of health.” Emperor Yongming and the Empress left hand in hand, and Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan were immediately surrounded.


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