Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 70.1

It was proven that people who could win the first prize on the imperial examination at the age of 18 might not be able to handle the Rubik’s cube. Jiang Kangning, who was once a talented child prodigy, only handled the second-order and third-order Rubik’s cube, not to mention the tenth-order Rubik’s cube, while still fighting the fourth-order Rubik’s cube till late at night. 

Elder Cen, once a renowned fourth-grade scholar, also stopped at the fourth-order Rubik’s cube. Wang Qing only barely played with the second order Rubik’s cube while Nizi had completely given up, not being able to handle the second-order Rubik’s cube.

Basically, all the adults stopped at the fourth-order Rubik’s Cube. Wang Shijing also surrendered. This thing looked simple, but was actually very difficult to play. Shao Yunan was very clear about his own ability, so he didn’t even try to challenge the most difficult levels. But the most shocking was still Jiang Moxi. When all adults gave up at the fourth-order Rubik’s Cube, he actually finished the fifth-order Rubik’s Cube and moved straight to the sixth-order.

It was time to go to bed, but Jiang Moxi was still fighting with the sixth-order Rubik’s cube. The tip of his nose was sweaty and his eyes were shining, as if he had finally found something that he found challenging.

The people playing with the Rubik’s cube did not feel like eating New Year’s dinner making Shao Yunan speak out. “This thing will still be here tomorrow, you can continue playing with it after a good night’s sleep. Elder Cen you should rest, staring at this thing for so long will only make you dizzy. Qing, Moxi, Nizi, go to bed.” He also signaled Wang Shijing to go.

Wang Shijing put down the third-order Rubik’s cube in his hand, which he had already played with a few times, but still didn’t quite get and spoke as the head of the family. “It’s getting late. It’s time to rest. Brother Qing, Nizi, you need to attend New Year’s Eve with Father and Little Father tomorrow, so you have to get up early.”

Wang Qing reluctantly put down the second-order Rubik’s cube, but Nizi did not take her eyes off the sixth-order Rubik’s cube in Jiang Moxi’s hands. Now Nizi’s eyes were filled with admiration when she looked at Jiang Moxi. Seeing this, Shao Yunan went forward and directly picked up Nizi. Jiang Kangchen, sweating, also put down the fifth-order Rubik’s cube, which he still had no clue about, to hug his son. Now that Jiang Kangchen had conquered the fourth-order Rubik’s cube, the fourth-order Rubik’s cube was in the hands of Elder Cen.

Jiang Kangchen picked up Jiang Moxi, who still didn’t let go, and went to wash and sleep. Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan took Qing and Nizi back to their respective rooms to sleep, while Elder Cen and Madam Cen managed by themselves. 

Anyway today was the first day of the New Year’s Eve. Originally, as the head of the family, he should have gone to several families to pay New Year’s respect, but instead, Wang Shijing, the head of the family, was playing and disregarded ‘business.’ Shao Yunan was not proud of that.

Back in their room Wang Shijing said, “This Rubik’s cube is quite interesting.” Shao Yunan smiled. “I did not know you would like it so much. This set is all four-sided, there are also other styles in the space.”

Wang Shijing, who was a little embarrassed, smiled, kissed his wife’s lips and asked, “There must be a lot of fun things at your home, right?”

“Yes, but I’m past the age of playing with toys. If I didn’t cooperate with you guys today, I would have preferred to play mahjong. I also really didn’t expect Elder Cen and the others to like it so much. Why don’t you take apart the Rubik’s Cube in the space to see how to make it? Then maybe we can make a few sets to give away?”

“Okay. This is a good gift idea. I can’t play with only one set, I think Moxi will probably solve the most difficult one in a few days.”

“Whether he’s autistic or not, at least in some ways he’s a genius. If the spiritual milk and the spiritual spring water are effective for him, then in the future Moxi will be great. Say, should I guide Moxi in a certain area in the future? Big brother Kangchen shed tears several times today, he must have felt bitter in his heart.”

“You make the decision on this matter, wife, I will listen to you.”

“Well, I’ll observe and think more about it.”

Back in the room, Wang Shijing stopped playing. No longer talking with his wife, he kissed him on the mouth and touched him. Although he was not planning to do anything, he was still satisfied with just holding his wife in his arms. After Wang Qing and Nizi returned to their rooms, tiredness took over and after washing up they went to bed to sleep.

In the guest room, Jiang Kangchen hugged his son, who was sleeping in his arms, while quietly crying, but on his face there was also a reassuring smile. Jiang Moxi was sleeping, but both hands were still firmly holding the sixth-order Rubik’s cube. Jiang Kangchen gently wiped away the tears that fell on his son’s face and only at this moment, did he himself know how much he missed that person. He wanted to tell him that their son was not stupid, but actually very smart.

Lying in bed, Elder Cen’s eyes were still open. Madam Cen closed her eyes and cooed, “Why aren’t you asleep? It’s so late. Even though it’s New Year’s Eve, you’re old after all, don’t stay up.”

Elder Cen stared at the top of the bed and said, “Moxi might be really cured by Yunan and Shijing. Yunan also made some kind of solid yuan paste for the Empress, saying that it is good for the body. If the Empress can give birth to a son after eating this paste, Yunan will definitely become the first wonder of our Great State of Yan. I have been looking forward to what he can bring to our Great State of Yan, but perhaps my expectations are still too small.”

Madam Cen opened her eyes and turned her head. “What exactly do you think Yunan’s origin is? How come he has so many wonderful ideas? Is he really a miracle? Then why didn’t he show it before? He was forced to marry by his family. If it wasn’t for the Wang family’s greed for money or marrying Shijing by mistake, he would be ruined by marrying Wang Zhisong.”

Elder Cen said, “Kangning said Yunan is the adopted son of his family and his adoptive parents didn’t adopt him the proper way. Yunan also doesn’t remember who his biological parents are and he doesn’t want to create any more problems by pursuing it. Kangning also agreed to it. He also died once, so the gap between him from before and now must have a lot to do with it. What the emperor means is that you shouldn’t investigate too much, to not be too confused. This strange thing is not something mortals like us can investigate. Besides, this kid Yunan is very much to my liking and I am willing to make friends with him, but I still can’t help but worry. If his limelight is too strong, it will only bring disaster.”

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