Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 147

During this era, attitudes towards a woman’s chastity were not so extreme. If it weren’t for Old Lady Wang repeatedly seeking trouble, Jiang Kangning wouldn’t have bothered with this matter. At most, it would have been a family affair dealt with by their own clan. The so-called ‘pig-dipping cage’ was merely a publicity stunt by some noble families to boast about their own family’s upright behavior. 

In reality, very few households actually punished their daughters by locking them in a pig cage. Not to mention the Zhu family, whose status was even lower than a servant in a noble household. The usual practice was to swiftly marry off women who had lost their chastity.

However, Wang Wenhe was fixated on this point. Zhu Wencai personally admitted that Old Lady Wang had been unchaste before marriage and even confessed to her act of swapping the pregnancy fruit, forcing someone else into bed with her, which was more repugnant than being unchaste. In the Great State of Yan, swapping pregnancy fruit or falsely claiming a pregnancy fruit was a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Wang Dali put his fingerprint on the divorce document. Jiang Kangning judged Old Lady Wang, or rather, she should be called Zhu, not acknowledging the written agreement and swapping the pregnancy fruit, sentencing her to five years in prison. Wang Dali, unaware of the truth and himself a victim, especially considering his attempts to stop Zhu’s actions, was not punished. 

At Wang Tianyan’s request, he and his direct family were separated from the main household, as they also attempted to stop Zhu’s actions. Wang Dali imprinted his fingerprint on both the divorce and separation documents, splitting all the family property like land, houses, etc., in half. Wang Tianyan, Guo Zha would live separately, while Wang Dali, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu would live together.

In this case, the biggest culprit was Zhu, with the second being Wang Zhisong. He was stripped of his future official career as a student and barred from taking the imperial examinations. As the family head, Wang Wenhe expelled Wang Zhisong from the clan, saying the Wang family would not accept such a morally flawed person. As Wang Zhisong appeared to be an instigator in this case, Jiang Kangning ordered him to stay away from the Wang family’s perimeter within a hundred meters, otherwise he would face charges of theft. Upon the ruling, Wang Zhisong again fainted.

Since the Zhu clan had deceived the Wang family, Jiang Kangning ordered Zhu’s family to compensate the Wang family with 500 taels of silver. On the surface, Zhu’s family appeared to have lost 500 taels of silver, but as Zhu was their married clan member, whether or not she went to prison had little to do with them. 

However, the present time was critical for the imperial examinations. If a family had such an incident and someone in the family went to jail, especially for such shameful reasons, would the esteemed faculty of the only educational institution, Kang Rui, give a recommendation letter to any member of the Zhu family? This time, there were two people from the Zhu family planning to take the examination.

Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua were clearly aware of this. After Jiang Kangning announced the ruling, Zhu Wenhua collapsed to the ground. It was already dark outside, but the entire village was illuminated with torches. Old Lady Wang perfectly embodied what it meant to bring trouble upon oneself. Her madness not only ruined herself, but also destroyed the heritage and pride she held most dear – her son.

After Jiang Kangning’s judgment, Wang Dali carried his unconscious son back home, while the wailing and struggling Old Lady Wang was taken back to the county prison by the yamen officers. Tearfully catching her breath, Wang Chunxiu was taken back home by aunt Wang and the other women. At this point, the Wang family’s relentless harassment of Wang Shijing had come to a complete end. 

Jiang Kangning sent people to escort Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua back to Dashan Village. They needed to pay the 500 taels of silver compensation to the Wang family and, as the defendants who lost, pay a 50-tael silver fee to the county prison. After completing these tasks, Jiang Kangning didn’t rest at the Wang residence, but instead went back to the county town. If he had returned to the Wang residence after passing the judgment, the fairness of the judgment would have been questioned.

After bidding farewell to his elder brother, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing took the children and returned home with King Rong and Kang Rui. Throughout the trial, Kang Rui remained silent and didn’t bring up the matter of a recommendation letter again. Upon their return, sitting in the main hall, Kang Rui finally spoke. “For one’s fate, forgiveness may be granted, but if one creates their own fate, there’s no salvation. Wang Qing, take Wang Zhisong as an example. Never do anything that dishonors the identity of a scholar. If you dare to do so, your master will definitely punish you!”

Wang Qing nodded vigorously, vowing, “I won’t!” King Rong said, “Wang Zhisong was ruined by his mother’s hand. Our Wang Qing won’t turn out like that in the future. Nizi, come to Great Uncle Murong.” King Rong used ‘our’ now, as he no longer was acting reserved.

Nizi had stopped crying. Her earlier tears were due to someone insulting her father. King Rong picked her up, sat her on his lap, and gently patted her. “Nizi, don’t be afraid. After today, that family won’t come to cause trouble for you anymore. They’ll have to steer clear of you from now on. Have a good night’s sleep tonight, forget everything by tomorrow, alright?” Nizi nodded, but she couldn’t recover that quickly. Today’s events were undoubtedly the biggest she had ever experienced.

Yan Fusheng came in. “Lord, Old Master, Sir, Young Master, dinner is served.” King Rong lifted Nizi and said, “Let’s go, time to eat. I’m starving. Come on, eat well and sleep tight.” The atmosphere remained somewhat somber. Shao Yunan took the initiative to hold Wang Shijing’s hand, while his other hand embraced Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi, heading to dinner together.

After Jiang Kangning announced the judgment, the masked Guo Zimù hurried home to cook. With many ingredients already prepared, the cooking was swift. Tomato egg soup, potato cakes, steamed buns, and a few stir-fried dishes were served, although it was already late and there wasn’t enough time to prepare congee.

Everyone ate quietly. No one spoke a word, including Shao Yunan. After dinner, Shao Yunan handed the three children over to Qin Niang to take them back to sleep, while he went to collect the tea set. King Rong, Wang Shijing, and Kang Rui went to a side hall, apparently having something to discuss.

The three of them had been waiting for Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan brewed some Longjing tea and after King Rong took a sip, he sighed deeply and asked, “Yunan, is that story about the big locust tree real?”

Shao Yunan nodded. “It’s true, but it wasn’t Brother Tiger who told me in a dream. I met a monk before, but lost many memories afterward. When I woke up after my suicide, those memories came back. The matter about the big locust tree was something I remembered from that time. But I only considered it a mythical story and didn’t take it seriously. Today’s situation made me think about Wang Qing, Nizi, and Shijing, all having two nails on their little toes. So I mentioned it. However, it’s not easy to explain, so I attributed it to Brother Tiger. Uncle Murong, Brother Tiger is actually a Tiger Immortal, but I can’t explain why he’s a Tiger Immortal now. I can only reveal the truth after my elder brother returns to the capital and meets the Emperor. I hope you can understand.”

“Whoa,” King Rong gasped, Kang Rui was also greatly surprised. “Brother Tiger is a Tiger Immortal?” Wang Shijing spoke up. “Yunan didn’t deceive you. Brother Tiger is indeed a Tiger Immortal. The unusual events in Xiushui Village were related to Brother Tiger. Uncle Murong, Senior Brother, please refrain from asking for now. This should be explained by our Elder Brother to the Emperor personally.”

King Rong immediately nodded. “I won’t ask.” Kang Rui added, “That works. Didn’t the Immortal Observatory say that the ominous star was in Xiushui Village? Kangning can use brother Tiger to counter this when he reports back to the capital.” Then he added, “Although today’s matter was regrettable, it at least resolved one of Shijing’s worries.” Wang Shijing nodded silently.

Shao Yunan chimed in maliciously, “Wang Dali believed that Shijing wasn’t his biological son, hence treating him poorly, which resulted in Wang Tianyan and Wang Zhisong not considering Shijing as their elder brother. That’s just what he deserves! The facts were so evident and he couldn’t see it. That’s just irredeemably foolish. But Senior Brother is right. There won’t be any gossip about Shijing’s parentage in the future.”

Wang Shijing, feeling dejected, took two sips of tea and then took a deep breath. Shao Yunan wrapped an arm around his neck, pulled him closer, and bit his cheek hard.

“Shijing, this calls for a celebration. Let’s go! Tomorrow, we’ll have a feast at Yunlong Square!”

“Oh my, look at you! No shame at all! Can the food at Yunlong Square be better than yours? Are you going or not?” Although King Rong joked that Shao Yunan had no shame, he chuckled.

Kang Rui strongly disapproved of his actions and reprimanded him. “Don’t behave so frivolously in front of children!”

“Alright, alright, I just got carried away.” Shao Yunan quickly started smiling. His senior brother sometimes remained very serious.

King Rong then told Kang Rui, “You should go to Kangning tomorrow. Ask him to arrange the matters at the yamen for reporting back to the capital soon. Although Shijing has been completely relieved this time, it’s not a good thing to come to such a situation with one’s biological parents. It’s better to go out and settle down for a while.”

Kang Rui nodded. “I also have this intention. After I go to the academy tomorrow, I’ll go find Kangning.”

Shao Yunan said, “If that’s the case, Shijing and I will start preparing here. It’s almost June or July when the red sour fruits start to ripen. I have to return by then. In total, it’s only two or three months’ time to go to the capital. It’s better to take the tea I’ve made. Shijing and I aren’t at home and it’s not safe to leave them in the house. We can hand over the teas to Uncle An to sell and you guys can keep the portion for Uncle Murong at home.”

King Rong agreed. “Great, that would be perfect.”

Kang Rui added, “It’s getting late. Let’s go back and rest. Lord, you’ve had a tiring day, rest early.”





Back in the room, as soon as they entered, Wang Shijing embraced Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan knew this was yet another moment of comforting. Holding Wang Shijing’s waist, he asked, “Are you feeling distressed?”

“Don’t know.” The reason for being ignored by his parents turned out to be so unbearable, yet so absurd. Wang Shijing didn’t know how to describe his current feelings.

“Shijing, come on. I’ve thought about it, I want you to take me, fiercely.” Wang Shijing’s breath instantly changed. He bent down, holding Shao Yunan’s hips, kissed him fiercely. Wang Shijing kissed Shao Yunan into the bedroom, then pressed him onto the soft big bed.

The sound of clothes being torn increased the pace of their breaths. Shao Yunan quickly ended up naked in Wang Shijing’s hands, while Wang Shijing remained clothed.

“Ah!” Shao Yunan’s head tilted backward as Wang Shijing held up his lower body. Their intimate, intense moment was unfolding. Wang Shijing greedily indulged in it, while his fingers explored the most comfortable and exquisite region.

Sadness, anger, grief, joy, happiness… Only this, this intimate caress, this profound intimacy, could bring him calm amidst these emotions.

Yunan… his Yunan.

“Shijing… Shijing…. I want you, come in, enter me!”

With one hand, Wang Shijing lifted Shao Yunan’s waist and continued embracing him. With his mouth still on Shao Yunan, he roughly pulled his trouser’s string. After kicking off his pants, he revealed his lively member from his underwear. Wang Shijing then positioned Shao Yunan and let him lie down, then supported his iron pillar to directly enter him.

“Ah! Uh…”

Yes, that’s it, just like that, he liked it. Shao Yunan’s cries stimulated Wang Shijing further, and the thrusts aroused an intense sensation. Wang Shijing lost his rationality entirely, wishing to be entwined with this person, wanting to die in the warmth of this person.

Shao Yunan comforted Wang Shijing with his body. In Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi’s room, the two children hadn’t fallen asleep. Jiang Moxi stared at the bed’s ceiling, while Wang Qing showed no sign of sleepiness. After a while, Wang Qing spoke, “Elder brother, have you fallen asleep?”


“Elder brother…”


Wang Qing didn’t continue and Jiang Moxi didn’t push. After some time, Wang Qing spoke again. “Grandpa and Grandma don’t like dad and they didn’t like me and Nizi, because of that.” Jiang Moxi turned to look at Wang Qing, correcting him. “No, they are just in the capital.”

Wang Qing snapped out of it and turned as well, “I misspoke. Grandpa and Grandma are in the capital. But they… they are not my grandparents. I just never expected that they disliked dad, me, and Nizi because of that.”

“Silly.” Wang Qing chuckled. “Yes, they are all silly. The smartest one is our little dad. If not for little dad, my dad would be misunderstood for a lifetime.”


“Mm?” Wang Qing looked towards the door. Nizi hadn’t come. Jiang Moxi’s expression became serious, “Nizi, getting married.”


Jiang Moxi became even more serious, “I, Nizi, will get married!”


Two people who were completely unaware of how significant a decision Jiang Moxi had just made, after a deeply passionate, nearly soul-detaching lovemaking session, lay entwined together, savoring the afterglow of their climax. Wang Shijing’s breathing had also visibly calmed down.


“Mm?” Shao Yunan was dozing off, his legs felt weak.



“…About that big locust tree…”

Shao Yunan murmured sleepily, “In my world, there’s a legend about it.” He shared the true story of the big locust tree with Wang Shijing and said, “I didn’t expect this world to have similar cases. Maybe this world has some commonalities with my world. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the result of that old lady’s shamelessness. The timelines don’t match. If Wang Dali can get himself together, stop slouching, and smooth out his skin a bit more, he’ll see the resemblance between you and him. Your height and physique should be a generational trait. You, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu all inherited the good features of Wang Dali and that old lady’s features, but Wang Tianyan got the shorter end of the stick, inheriting all the downsides. Actually, Wang Zhisong isn’t short either. Even without the big locust tree, the fact that nearly every member of the Wang family has two thumbnails on their little toes is enough to prove that you have the Wang lineage. So, you’re undoubtedly Wang Dali’s true eldest son.”

Wang Shijing tightened his arm around Shao Yunan’s waist. Shao Yunan patted his hand, “Whatever you decide, I support you.”

Wang Shijing immediately said, “I haven’t thought of anything. Things have come to this stage and it’s not my fault. How those family members act afterward has nothing to do with you and me.”

Shao Yunan didn’t respond. Wang Shijing extinguished the candle, pulled up the blanket, and prepared to sleep, embracing his wife. After a good while had passed, Shao Yunan, in the darkness, muttered sleepily. “If Wang Dali can’t cope in the future, you can manage it as you wish. I don’t mind. He’s quite unfortunate.”

With that, he yawned and was about to sleep. “Mm…”


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  1. Drielly Cristhine Freitas de Sena

    I feel sorry for Wang Dali, he was blinded by Zhu’s lies. He believed she was pregnant with a Illegitimate son, precisely, because of how she treated Shijing so bad after birth. He didn’t imagine that she treated Shijing like this because he really wasn’t an illegitimate child. Well, it was the first time I saw a mother treat her legitimate son so badly in a novel in the ancient era. Usually it’s the opposite. They spoil their first child to heaven. I think for the peace of mind of Shijing who wanted to be recognized by the family, he should take care of Wang Dali in his old age. Send money and someone to watch.

  2. Symone

    I don’t feel bad for Wang Dali. Regardless of if he had been lied to, he was still the one that raised Shijing. I can’t imagine being that cold to any child I had raised. Furthermore, even if we can say it’s because the child represents a betrayal, it is never the child’s fault when they have bad parentage. Children do not choose their parents. Finally, what Wang Dali has done could be considered child abuse (even back then) there is no reason that could justify child abuse. Wang Dali doesn’t deserve anything, a person that could abandon a child because of something their wife did, but still accept their wife is not a good person.

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