Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 146

Once, there was a legend that could not be termed a legend. The number of toenails on a foot’s little toe signified a member of the same kin, who emerged from under the Big Locust Tree in Shanxi. It can also be said that people with two toenails on their little toe must be northerners. In this place, without the province of Shanxi, Shao Yunan only accidentally discovered that Wang Shijing had two little toenails, which reminded him of this legend. Afterward, he observed Wang Qing and Nizi’s feet, both having two toenails. But Jiang Moxi had one. 

Shao Yunan recalled his father telling him about the historical background of the Three Dukes, Five Marquises, and One King, where the Dukedom of Wu family originated from the Qingping Prefecture, a part of the south. Jiang Kangning’s ancestors were also southerners. Therefore, Shao Yunan speculated that the people here definitely had some kind of similar kinship, just like those who came from under the Big Locust Tree. But he didn’t mention this to Wang Shijing, not intentionally avoiding it, but it slipped his mind at that time and wasn’t given much importance.

Now, he needed to explain. He naturally couldn’t refer to the Big Locust Tree. Instead, he asked, “Elder Wang, may I ask, were the ancestors of the Wang family originally villagers from Xiushui Village?”

Wang Zuchang immediately answered. “No. The ancestors of the Wang family were villagers from Wangjia Village in Jiayuan County, Luoyang Prefecture. At that time, due to war and natural disasters, our ancestors migrated south and settled in Yongxiu County, before finally arriving in Xiushui Village.”

Shao Yunan continued. “Have you, the members of the Wang family, noticed that all of you, those with the bloodline of the Wang family, have two toenails on your little toe?”

“I do.” He pulled over Wang Yan, who was barefoot. “And so is Yan.”

“I do too,” said Wang Xing.

“I do too,” said Fourth Uncle Wang.

The people from the Wang family all testified. Each of them had two toenails on their little toe. As each person stood up, a voice echoed in everyone’s hearts… “We truly belong to the same kin!”

Shao Yunan continued. “Then please, people from the Zhao and Sun families, examine your toenails to see if there are two.”

“No.” Grandpa Sun shook his head.

“No.” Uncle Zhao Lizheng also shook his head.

The members of the Sun and Zhao families all shook their heads, feeling a tinge of disappointment. One of them shouted, “I have! I have two, and so does my brother!” Everyone looked over, it was the two brothers Tang Genshu and Tang Gensheng.

Tang Genshu’s mother was from the Wang family. For some reason, Tang Genshu was now teary-eyed. Shao Yunan nodded at him, saying, “Because your mother’s surname is Wang, you resemble your mother, and you have two little toenails.”

“Yunan! Hurry up and tell us!” King Rong urged. Shao Yunan explained (which was bullsh*t). “There’s a saying about feet with two nails. Six hundred years ago, in the north, there was a large Big Locust Tree, enormous and old, which existed for several hundred or perhaps a thousand years. Twenty people holding hands couldn’t encircle it. That Big Locust Tree was known as the Tree God. It protected people for miles around and ensured peace and prosperity. But one day, a lightning bolt struck from the sky, splitting the tree in two, withering its branches and leaves in an instant. Some said it was the Tree God’s ascension to immortality. Others said the Tree God failed its tribulation.”

“While people debated, an omen occurred. People began to fall ill one after the other, followed by a plague. Crops withered, rivers dried up. Suddenly, a bountiful land turned into a hellish place. That night, the inhabitants all had the same dream. They saw the once flourishing Big Locust Tree. It told them to leave quickly as disaster was imminent.”

“Everyone awoke simultaneously. When they looked again, they found the great tree turned into ashes. Fearful, they quickly packed their bags and abandoned their homeland. The population in the fertile land near the Big Locust Tree numbered in the tens of thousands. Some went north, others sought refuge with relatives elsewhere, while some went south.” 

“Overnight, the once-prosperous area turned into a disaster zone that everyone dreaded. The people from that place scattered. On the third day after the departure, torrential rain fell. Rainwater poured for a month, turning the once-fruitful land into a vast expanse of water. However, strangely, every person who came from there had two little toenails.”

“Perhaps the Big Locust Tree still had concerns for those who once lived in the prosperous land, or maybe even those who left wanted to return home someday, to reconnect with their roots. These two toenails became their means of recognizing each other. This is why everyone coming from the Big Locust Tree will have two little toenails and will pass it onto the next generation. No matter how sparse the bloodline, as long as one had the bloodline from under the Big Locust Tree, they would definitely have two toenails. Elder Wang, wasn’t Wangjia Village in the north?”

Wang Zuchang wiped away tears and replied, “Yes! It was in the north! Ancestors of the Wang family wrote in their records that the Wang ancestors, due to disaster, were forced to migrate and settled in Xiushui Village, hoping that their descendants would return to their roots someday. Wangjia Village has long ceased to exist, and the genealogy of the Wang family was only written several generations later. They knew it was an inevitable departure from Wangjia Village, but didn’t know the real reason. It turns out, it turns out…”

Wang Wenhe knelt down, “We are the blessed ones of the Big Locust Tree!”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“We belong to the same kin!”

King Rong wiped his tears, “My ancestors actually faced such calamities, fortunately we were blessed by the Tree God. I… I have also found my roots…”

Shao Yunan, “…” Clearing his throat, Shao Yunan quickly said, “Let’s talk about finding your roots later. Let’s discuss Shijing’s matter first.”

Wang Wenhe said, “Shijing is one of our Wang family!”

“That’s right!”

“He belongs to our kin!”

King Rong, teary-eyed, said, “Wang Zhu, do you have anything else to say?”

Zhu Wencai spoke. “Sir Wang, honorable magistrate, I have never heard of this Big Locust Tree. Nor, I believe, has Sir Wang or the magistrate. How did Shao Yunan come to know of it?”

The whole room immediately fell silent, all eyes on Shao Yunan. Shao Yunan, who was helping Nizi put on her shoes, just replied without looking up. “I know a lot more than you don’t know.” After putting on the shoes, he stood up straight and said, “This is the difference between you and me!”

Zhu Wencai, “…”

Shao Yunan looked at Jiang Kangning. “Sir, this was from Brother Tiger in my dreams.” Jiang Kangning, “Brother Tiger in your dreams?”

Everyone, “The three big beasts?!” Shao Yunan began to fabricate again.: “Do you all remember when Shijing and I disappeared in the mountains, and there was an earthquake and floods in Xiushui Village, and the birds flew and beasts scattered?”

“We do!” No one could forget that incident.

Shao Yunan continued, “The disturbance happened at night. Shijing and I were trapped in the mountains, so we found a place to hide. I was too tired and dozed off. In my dream, Brother Tiger brought me to a big locust tree. The tree was very, very tall, reaching the sky. In my dream, I fell asleep leaning against the locust tree. When I woke up, this story was in my head. I was curious and checked Shijing, Nizi, and Brother Qing’s toenails, and indeed found two toenails. However, this matter was too shocking, so I didn’t say anything.”

Jiang Kangning’s expression changed dramatically. King Rong immediately asked, “Magistrate Jiang, do you also know something?”

Everyone noticed the magistrate’s obvious distraction. Jiang Kangning cleared his throat and quickly recovered, saying, “Could it be that the Tree God of the Big Locust Tree rooted itself in Xiushui Village? The disturbance was so huge, yet it didn’t cause any disasters. When the Big Locust Tree was split, there were many disturbances, but it was signaling an impending natural disaster. I thought that the Tree God failed its tribulation. The disturbance in Xiushui Village might be because the Big Locust Tree found a place where people it once sheltered resided, thus rooted itself again, causing such a disturbance.”

King Rong, timing it right, added, “The astronomer from the Imperial Astronomical Bureau observed an unusual star descending upon Yongxiu County, pointing directly at Xiushui Village. It all fits!”

The crowd instantly exploded, many clamoring to find the Tree God of the Big Locust Tree. Jiang Kangning struck the gavel three times, demanding silence. He looked sternly at the bewildered Old Lady Wang and said, “Wang Zhu! You repeatedly refuse to acknowledge the written evidence, disregarded the laws of our dynasty, and maligned Wang Shijing, who has already been recognized as separated from the family. This is unforgivable!”

Old Lady Wang looked up, gazed at Wang Shijing, then suddenly got up and lunged at him. Wang Shijing didn’t evade, so Old Lady Wang jumped on him, hitting and kicking him, cursing. “You abominable creature! If you had come sooner, I could’ve married him! It’s all your fault! I had to marry that wretch because of you!”

Clash, clash, clash—

If Shao Yunan’s analysis made the villagers believe that Wang Shijing was indeed Wang Dali’s biological son, then Old Lady Wang words just solidified Wang Shijing’s identity as the biological son of Old Lady Wang and Wang Dali.

Wang Dali, in disbelief, stared at Wang Shijing. Wang Tianyan, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu were also completely stunned. This sudden turn of events left them defenseless. The yamen officers dragged the frenzied Old Lady Wang away, while Wang Shijing picked up Wang Qing, carried Nizi, and then stood next to Shao Yunan in silence. This time, Shao Yunan didn’t need to intervene, because there was no need.

On one side, Old Lady Wang was going mad, while on the other side, Wang Dali tremblingly got up, walked unsteadily to Old Lady Wang raised his hand and slapped her hard, then grabbed her hair and started hitting her. Wang Dali hated Old Lady Wang, but he also hated himself. Old Lady Wang’s deception made him believe that Wang Shijing wasn’t his biological son, leading to their estrangement over the past twenty years, worsening the situation to what it was today.

Wang Tianyan watched his father venting his anger and began to wail, while Wang Chunxiu also cried out, “Mother! How could you do this? He is our elder brother! He should have been our elder brother! How could you do this! How could you!”

Wang Zhisong looked at his elder brother with indifferent eyes, feeling lost and unsure whether to hate his parents or himself. Everything was gone. His ideals, his ambitions, his future, all disappeared.

“Clap, clap, clap!” Once again, the sound of the gavel echoed through the room. The bailiffs pulled away Wang Dali, his eyes red from rage. Wang Dali yelled in extreme anger, “Divorce… divorce… I want a divorce… I want a divorce!”

Wang Tianyan said, “Father! You divorce her! She is no longer my mother!”

Wang Chunxiu exclaimed, “I don’t have a mother that is so shameless!”

Wang Zhisong just cried, hopelessly wishing for death.

“Clap, clap, clap!” Silence followed.

Jiang Kangning said, “Wang Dali, I ask you, do you want a divorce?”

Wang Dali raised his head. “Yes! Yes!” Tears surged from his eyes.

“Good. I hereby decree, Wang Dali is divorced from Wang Zhu. As per the written agreement, Wang Dali, Wang Zhu, and their children are henceforth slaves to Shao Yunan’s family.”

“You’re wrong, sir! You’re wrong!”

“It was Zhu who insisted on coming to see my elder brother. We all tried to stop her!”

“Sir, it’s a mistake!” The Wang family wept and lamented.

Wang Shijing put down the two children and stepped forward. Wang Tianyan shouted, “Elder brother, elder brother! I was wrong, it was all because of her,” pointing at Old Lady Wang. “She said you were a bastard, that’s why I treated you like that! Elder brother! We will never come to see you again, please spare our family of three!”

Wang Guo knelt, crying and knocking her head. “Elder brother! No, no, no, Lord Wang! Tianyan, Zaizheng, and I will return to our mother’s family. Please spare us…” Wang Chunxiu was wailing, but Wang Zhisong was silent the entire time.

Wang Shijing knelt down and kowtowed three times to Jiang Kangning. If not for their positions, Jiang Kangning would have made him get up immediately.

“Sir…” Wang Shijing said expressionlessly, “Without today’s events, I would have suffered unjustly all my life. From now on, I can tell my son and daughter that their father is not a bastard, but a legitimate child. My family and theirs have nothing to do with each other. I don’t need them as slaves. In the future, I’ll buy the land within a hundred meters of my house. If they enter, I’ll treat them as thieves.”

Wang Dali sobbed, but Wang Shijing remained unmoved. Jiang Kangning said, “The contract says they would become your wife Shao Yunan’s family slaves. Can you decide?”

Shao Yunan said: “My family is going to the capital in a few days. What’s the difference between leaving them as slaves or treating them like thieves? No, we don’t want it.”


Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family are going to the capital?!

“Wuu wuu wuu…” Wang Chunxiu cried louder, Wang Zhisong remained in a daze, looking at Wang Shijing, Shao Yunan, Jiang Kangning, and King Rong. He shuddered, then crawled in a sorry state toward Wang Shijing, and started to kowtow. “Elder brother, please, please! It’s my fault, all my fault! She….” pointing at Old Lady Wang, “said you were naturally lowly, that’s why I treated you like that! Elder brother! Please, let me join the scholarly ranks! Please! Please!” He hadn’t given up.

Jiang Kangning commanded, “Pull him away!” The bailiffs dragged Wang Zhisong away, who struggled and kept shouting. “Elder brother! Please! Please! I was wrong, I really was! I’ll be a cow or a horse to repay you! Please save me! Please save me!”

King Rong spoke, “Magistrate Jiang, today’s events were all provoked by Wang Zhu and Wang Zhisong. Wang Zhu repeatedly refuses to acknowledge the written agreement, as per the laws of our dynasty. This situation arose from Wang Zhu’s family concealing her unchastity, so they should be punished. As for Wang Dali’s family, let the Wang family leader handle it. Since Shao Yunan and Shijing are going to the capital, keeping them as slaves will only bring trouble.”

Jiang Kangning said, “What Lord Rong said is quite correct.” Once again, the sound of the gavel resonated as Jiang Kangning delivered his verdict.


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  1. Drielly Cristhine Freitas de Sena

    A pity that Wang Shijing did not have an extraordinary birth!I feel sorry for Wang Dali. The old lady hates Wang Shijing because he is not her uncle’s illegitimate son… How disgusting!You made Wang Shijing’s life hell because of this, she really deserves to die!

  2. SS

    I have to say, although I enjoy the story, I am always a little put-off by Yunan’s attitude of basically not truly caring about the consequences of sharing his knowledge and making things up, it’s as if the ancient people are inferior just because they don’t have modern knowledge and thinking when, in many ways, they where truly ingenious, in many aspects more so than we are today. He doesn’t reflect on how his actions affect the environment around him and just wants to stuff and show off as much as possible, for example, the education of his children – how are they supposed to fit in in the future if they have all these “strange” ideas that are nowhere near the thinking of their peers? If not for the support he found himself based on benefits, him and his children would be shunned by everyone (because let’s be real, he is in such a dangerous situation, the moment the emperor feels threatened or that he no longer holds value, it is so easy for his whole family to be put to death – yes, the author made it so that the emperor’s personality wouldn’t do that, but still, he is an emperor and their thoughts can change easily). If he truly cared and feared for his family why would be doing this in such a high profile manner? He is obviously intelligent, he must know that the way to survival is to be low-key (and no, delaying his trip to the capital is not being low-key). It’s not as if he doesn’t have many money making ideas and can’t find support, he really doesn’t need to be showing off so carelessly like that. This tells me that at the end of the day, he naively feels that he is superior and that he can change history himself without actually taking into account his new environment. He never truly integrated and tried to understand this new place. I just feel that every civilization and culture should be respect and just because they are less technologically or scientifically advanced than ours that does not mean you are entitled to feel superior to them…

  3. kayden's wifey

    yeah i agree with you upstair.. in some of transmigration novel i read the MC is so low key to his modern knowledge as to not interfere the flaw of time and not change the flaw of events and focus only on how to develop some certain things such as foods and small things for example some modern furniture and style/design one at a time, and keep it a secret so deeply wish they could bury that they were from modern times.. while this Yunnan flaunt his modern knowledge and at the same time feared that it may harm his family when in the first place its his fault for sharing it..

  4. Remo

    Hello! New to the chat! I don’t agree with the comments above. Is it superiority to have more knowledge? Yes. And this is something Yunan can’t help. He knows how genetics work, but how can you explain it to a premodern era? I believe he was doing his best in the situation. He couldn’t avoid bringing it up because of the potential stigma Shijing would have suffered otherwise.
    Also, you have to think about what kind of perspective Yunan has. He could have easily hidden himself and all his knowledge, but he choose to share it with as many people as possible to benefit not only himself, but the whole village, the county and the country (potentially even outside of the country). He is trying to jumpstart the development of many things and that will save many lives.
    In contrast to your pet peeves, I hate it when a MC has the potential to help others but don’t because it’s inconvenient. Yunan has gone beyond that. If I were in the same situation I would hope to follow in his footsteps.
    Also, Yunan is not dumb, if the emperor starts disliking him, he has other influential people to warn and protect him. They even have a escape plan just in case (a.k.a. Building a boat!)
    So no, I do not think Yunan is looking down on people. He is just trying to help. But that’s just my opinion…

  5. Drielly Cristhine Freitas de Sena

    I disagree with both of you. What I hate most is a low profile and keeping secrets about how brilliant someone is. It makes me angry! Furthermore, Shao Yunan does nothing without being prepared, so much so that he has already ordered land outside the empire to be purchased, so that they can flee if something goes wrong.With Shijing helping him keep his feet on the ground, he won’t be so exposed and won’t be in danger.Everything was calculated. Shao Yunan is lazy, otherwise he would have gone to other lands and built a place of his own.

  6. SS

    I never said that sharing knowledge is not good, of course helping the society progress is a good thing. My problem is with Yunan’s attitude and the way he shares his knowledge. There are many way to deal with the Wang family, especially with his new support network, does he really need to always be so confrontational to “defeat” a crazy old lady? He has the highest backing in the county and the backing of the emperor, don’t tell me there is no other way. And the way he educates his children, it’s okay to slowly introduce some concepts, but they are so young and he not only lets them into the space since “it was bound to happen sooner or later” but allows them to roam free in there and read whatever they want. When they are so young. What, just because Moxi is a genius? It’s because he is so that he should be even more careful and plan things. And the sharing of knowledge. There are many ways to go about it, but he often chooses the most high-key one (I mean, he often takes objects from the space and only really bothered to explain the source the first time with the flesh stones, the rest he just relies on the fact that he is surrounded my smart people that won’t pry). The fact is that he never truly considered what to share or not or when. Take this instance of the genetics – he just shared because it was convenient at the time to help Shijing, and on the spot decided some mumbo jumbo of world tree to justify himself. He is someone in a more closed society that possesses knowledge far beyond what these people know. He has never considered if having too much knowledge might be hurtful, or really how to plan things to slowly introduce the knowledge (it has not been long since he crossed, why is he in a such a hurry). Has he considered if the people will accept things? How they will use that knowledge? For example, the genetics. He basically disproved the blood test. I understand it’s not reliable, but he never thought about the impact saying this will have on their society? It just feels irresponsible of him. I understand he means well, but the issue is precisely that, his subconscious attitude of being “superior” since he never truly tried to integrate himself or understand them, always being a “modern man” that is “so kind” to “help them”. He never bothered to understand them first, so how could he know what is truly helpful? And the way to do things to be helpful? It’s a going with the flow attitude that rubs me the wrong way…

  7. Drielly Cristhine Freitas de Sena

    SS , I think all of his allies know that Yunan is some kind of almost divine entity, except Yunan himself. As a modern person he is afraid of being seen as a divine entity.There are no problems with the children, they are his children and they inherited his knowledge. Exposing knowledge that will help his life is wise and it would be stupid not to use it.
    But I understand your feeling that people just accept it and go with the flow, but the one who questions it is the villain.
    It’s not that they believe or let the flow pass, but the emperor believes that Yunan is the lucky star that will pull the empire out of the hole.Remember he told all his allies not to ask and scare Yunan about where he got his knowledge.
    The other people either have little education, or believe that Yunan in his near-death experience obtained some divine knowledge, or are people who obtained favors from Yunan.
    The villains who have studies distrust Yunan, but are unable to accuse him of anything without proof.
    Anyway, Yunan feels that because his allies don’t scold him and don’t question his knowledge, he can speak with confidence.So much so that when Yunan speaks in a modern way about the emperor, the examinations of civil servants or even other nobles their friends and allies and even Shijing scold him.

  8. Blissful_solitude

    You people…he is so carefree because he has a secret space to back him up….. isn’t it said he prepared for an apocalypse?….he can leisurely live there his whole life wid his family if or when the situation rises…..and not to mention advance fire arms😈…if emperor does some iffy…boom boom….as it is not a full on cultivation world but low leve martial arts(if it can be even called that)….and yeah he have the capacity to be feeling superior to them..c’mon he came from future…with crazy knowledge to an ancient one….hav some mercy…though I also don’t like his way of doing things (I am a bit? selfish and don’t like seeing him be so generous when it’s not me🫣)… people hav their own personality…not all can be steady,calm or cold calculative….so him being reckless don’t bother me much…but I certainly wish he was more extreme salted fish not caring abt anything and just living his life enjoy inuxury.

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