Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 148

Someone knocked on the door and Wang Shijing immediately woke up. Shao Yunan grumbled, pulled the blanket over his head, and continued sleeping. Wang Shijing put on his robe, got out of bed, went to the outer room, and opened the door. His initial reaction upon seeing the visitor was, ‘How long have you been standing there?’

“Uncle Yunan.”

“Uncle Yunan is still sleeping.” Wang Shijing pulled Jiang Moxi into the room, his hands were cold.

“It’s morning.”

Lifting Jiang Moxi, Wang Shijing carried him to the bed, removed his shoes, and tucked him into the warm covers. Shao Yunan struggled to pull down the blanket. After squinting to see who it was, he drowsily asked, “Moxi, what’s keeping you up now? Ha…” he stifled a big yawn.

“Uncle Yunan, I, Nizi, getting married.”

Shao Yunan’s mouth was still in the shape of a yawn when Jiang Moxi dropped this bombshell and Wang Shijing’s expression immediately darkened.

“You and Nizi are still young and can’t get married.” He outright refused Jiang Moxi’s ‘rude’ request. Shao Yunan who became more awake, sat up and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of getting married to Nizi? You’re both too young. Nobody gets married at that age.”

Jiang Moxi said, “Nizi wife, I kiss… the pigpen.” Shao Yunan felt a bit dizzy, but Wang Shijing instantly understood. He sat beside Jiang Moxi and took the opportunity to educate him, saying, “So you can’t just kiss Nizi casually, even though you’re still young. Nizi is a young lady and doing that will affect her reputation.”

“Nizi, wife.” As Wang Shijing put it, Shao Yunan understood Jiang Moxi’s meaning. He teased Jiang Moxi. “You’re afraid that by ‘kissing,’ Nizi might be put in a pigpen. Just bear it and don’t kiss her for now. Wait until you’re married to her in the future.”

“Yunan!” Wang Shijing was still unsure if he wanted to marry Nizi to Jiang Moxi. It’s not that he didn’t like Jiang Moxi, but as a prospective father-in-law, Wang Shijing was quite particular about his son-in-law.

Jiang Moxi objected, “Nizi, wife, want to kiss.” Wang Shijing’s expression turned even darker and Shao Yunan burst into laughter. Apparently, Jiang Moxi feared that casual kissing might tarnish Nizi’s virtue, so he wanted to marry her to openly kiss her. The child genius’ thoughts were always avant-garde.

Shao Yunan said, “Brother Moxi, marriage is not just about you and Nizi. It’s about both the Wang family and the Jiang family. Your father hasn’t returned from the border yet. If you rashly plan to marry Nizi, that would be just disrespectful to her. Moreover, you want to marry Nizi, but you need Nizi’s agreement. Though we might aim to be domineering CEOs, being domineering means expressing your possessiveness over Nizi, not disrespecting her feelings. Most importantly, you and Nizi are still too young. You’re not of the legal marriage age yet. For now, you can only get engaged, not married. At least wait until Nizi is 18 before marrying her.”

“14!” Jiang Moxi refused. He didn’t want to wait that long. Shao Yunan shook his head. “No, at least 18. Even 18 seems too soon.”






All right, indeed, child prodigies aren’t easy to trick. They’re clear about the legal marriage age here. Girls can marry as early as thirteen or fourteen, and once they reach 18, they might be seen as leftover women.

“Yunan.” Wang Shijing had to interject. He was, after all, the father here. Shao Yunan patted Wang Shijing to reassure him not to be impatient and continued bargaining with Jiang Moxi. “Okay, let’s agree on 16 then. But Nizi must agree to marry you. If she doesn’t want to, it’s all in vain.”

With a fierce stare, Jiang Moxi, after a few moments, jumped out of bed, put on his shoes, and rushed out, clearly off to find Nizi. Shao Yunan chuckled and collapsed back onto the bed. “It’s so fun. It’s my first time seeing a young genius so persistent in love.”

“Yunan, this is too childish.” Wang Shijing protested. Shao Yunan patted the space beside him, indicating Wang Shijing to come over. When he sat down, Shao Yunan stopped laughing and earnestly said, “Don’t you think Nizi marrying Moxi will bring happiness?”

“Nizi is still young.” Shao Yunan said, “Nizi is young, but Moxi is a genius. He’s precocious and now he’s already aware of this. With Moxi’s temperament, if he likes Nizi, he’ll continue liking her, and he won’t allow Nizi to like anyone else. He’s the kind of person who would fight for Nizi if she fell in love with someone else. Instead of that, why don’t we help and encourage them to be innocent friends, childhood sweethearts? When Nizi grows up, they’ll naturally get married and start a beautiful family. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

“I don’t dislike Moxi, but I worry that when he grows up, he’ll realize that he only sees Nizi as a sister, or perhaps Nizi sees him as a brother, which will lead to resentment between them.” Wang Shijing expressed his concerns.

“That’s why I mentioned nurturing. Actually, the most reassuring part about Nizi and Moxi being together is…”

“What is it?”

“He definitely doesn’t like Nizi because our family is wealthy or powerful.” That was a point Wang Shijing hadn’t considered.

“If they truly love each other, their affection will be pure… I like you, you like me, without any self-interest or material wealth. Isn’t that a good thing? We can enhance Nizi’s emotional intelligence to make her understand that Moxi genuinely likes her, not because she’s the daughter of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, not because she’s Cen Yuebai’s granddaughter, and certainly not because her family has connections with the royal family. It’s simply because she’s his Wang Jingyan.”

Shao Yunan’s words convinced Wang Shijing. From a forced situation between them, it’s transformed into pure love. He understood how valuable and sweet that could be. His daughter would eventually marry someone who truly loves and cares for her.

Seeing that Wang Shijing also agreed with him, Shao Yunan proposed, “Let’s inform the eldest brother first, then discuss it with Kangchen when he returns. If Kangchen agrees and Nizi is willing, let’s have the engagement for the two children. Then, when Nizi turns 16, they can marry. We can make a promise too. If either of the two realizes they only feel sibling-like affection, we’ll halt the marriage.”

“That would make it a farce.”

“If marriage occurs without mutual consent and one isn’t willing, what’s the point? It will turn into resentment. But this is just a precaution. I don’t think there’s a high possibility of that. With Moxi’s temperament, if he can let Nizi escape from him, then he wouldn’t be Jiang Moxi.”

Wang Shijing was puzzled. “Why would Nizi escape? Perhaps Moxi might escape first.” Confidently, Shao Yunan said, “You can’t judge a genius child’s thoughts with ordinary logic. He definitely won’t change his mind.”

Meanwhile, Nizi had just gotten up and Jiang Moxi rushed in, startling Xia Chun and Xia Qiu. Once he entered, Jiang Moxi said to Xia Chun and Xia Qiu, “Leave!”

Xia Chun and Xia Qiu didn’t dare to delay and quickly went out. Nizi hadn’t put on her shoes yet and Jiang Moxi knelt in front of her to help her with the shoes. Rubbing her eyes, Nizi said, “Moxi, good morning.”


“Where’s Brother? Has he already gone to the academy?”

“Yeah.” After helping Nizi with her shoes, Jiang Moxi stood up and hugged Nizi. Nizi snuggled in his arms and hugged him back, smiling sweetly.

“Nizi, let’s get married.”

Nizi raised her head, puzzled. “Get married?” Jiang Moxi lowered his head and kissed Nizi on her cheek. “Nizi, Moxi wants to marry you.” Nizi blinked and her cheeks turned red instantly.

“Nizi, marry me, please.” Nizi smiled and nodded. “Okay.” Jiang Moxi’s eyes sparkled and he kissed Nizi’s cheek again, feeling extremely happy.

“Let’s go.” Carrying Nizi, Jiang Moxi took her hand to find Uncle Yunan and Shijing. They were going to get married!

“Wow, wow, wow, Moxi and Nizi are getting engaged!”

“It’s a betrothal.”

“Wow, wow, wow, even betrothal is great!”

Hearing Jiang Moxi loudly announce his intention to get engaged to Nizi as soon as they got up in the morning, King Rong was delighted. This was a clear and precious childhood love, so valuable. Regardless of Nizi’s biological father’s approval, King Rong shared the same attitude as Shao Yunan—full support!

Wang Shijing’s feelings were incredibly complicated. The discomfort from last night had been entirely eradicated by Jiang Moxi’s ‘willfulness’ and turned into nothing but helplessness. Jiang Moxi had made up his mind, something his biological father might not even be able to change, surpassing a level of stubbornness that was a hundred times higher. Only Shao Yunan might be able to persuade him slightly.

Shao Yunan leaned on his chin and provocatively said, “Nizi, did you just agree because your brother said so? Don’t you want to think about it? What if you meet someone even more handsome than your brother in the future?”

Before Nizi could answer, King Rong expressed dissatisfaction. “Stop this nonsense! Who talks to their daughter like that? I think Moxi is… handsome. What do you mean by ‘handsome’?”


“Good-looking is fine, but ‘handsome’? That sounds bad!” Rebuking Shao Yunan aside, King Rong continued. “Nizi, Grandpa Murong thinks your brother is good-looking and other men out there are bad. It’s better to be close and in love with your brother.”

Jiang Moxi was also dissatisfied and glared at Yunan. Shao Yunan quickly raised his hands in surrender. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Moxi and Nizi are the most compatible. Is that okay?”

Jiang Moxi stopped glaring and Nizi’s face turned even redder. Wang Shijing pulled his daughter away from Jiang Moxi and picked her up. “Nizi, you’re still young. You shouldn’t take this matter too seriously. Your brother will always be your brother. When you grow up, then you can decide whether you want to be your brother’s wife.”

“Uncle Shijing!”

Wang Shijing said seriously, “If you don’t have confidence in this matter, then don’t betroth Nizi.” Jiang Moxi clenched his fists.

Wang Shijing continued, “Both you and Nizi are still young. Your words can’t be taken as certain. If you’re an adult and you say you want to marry Nizi, and Nizi is willing, then Uncle Shijing won’t stop you. He will proudly marry Nizi to you. But now, whether it’s you or Nizi, you’re still children. The days ahead are long. No one can guarantee that you won’t meet someone else you like in the future.”

“I won’t!”

“Whether you will or not will have to be seen over time. Because you are Jiang Moxi, the Moxi that Uncle Shijing knows, and Nizi also likes her brother. So, Uncle Shijing agrees to betrothe you after your biological father returns. As long as your biological father doesn’t object, you will be engaged. But later, when you grow up, whether it’s you or Nizi, if either of you doesn’t want it, then this marriage cannot be forced. If you can’t do that, then the matter is finished. A real man needs to have this breadth of mind. Without it, how can you achieve anything?”

Jiang Moxi’s fist tightened, as neither King Rong nor Shao Yunan spoke. This was a competition between men and they couldn’t interfere. Oh, that was a mistake in expression. It was a contest between father-in-law and son-in-law. They couldn’t meddle.

Nizi was a little frightened. Was Dad scolding her brother? She came down from her father’s arms and hugged Jiang Moxi. Jiang Moxi immediately hugged her back. Nizi turned back and said, “Dad, don’t scold Brother.” Her eyes turned red.

Wang Shijing held back his emotions. Shao Yunan quickly lowered his head, holding back a laugh that was about to come out. King Rong also clenched his teeth. This wasn’t the time to smile.

Wang Shijing’s head was aching. “Dad isn’t scolding Brother, just teaching him a lesson. Nizi, do you know what betrothal means?”

Nizi nodded. “Betrothal means betrothal.” Well, that interpretation wasn’t incorrect.

“You’re still young and people as young as you don’t get betrothed. Nizi wore an expression that said, ‘Dad, you’re outdated,’ but just said, “How can it not happen? Yang Er’s little Hua betrothed himself to her cousin. Also, Wang Rong’s sister also betrothed herself, and…”

“Okay, let’s not talk about others. Just about our family. Are you willing to betrothe yourself to your brother? When you grow up you would marry your brother.” Wang Shijing was thoroughly defeated.

Nizi blushed, her tears gone. She tiptoed and kissed Jiang Moxi on the cheek, proudly saying, “When I grow up, I will marry Brother.” Jiang Moxi’s eyes lit up and he bent down to give Nizi a peck on her cheek.

“No kissing!”

“Pfft!” Shao Yunan couldn’t help it.

“Hahaha…” King Rong burst into laughter.

The atmosphere was joyous until Qin Niang entered the room. Shao Yunan stopped laughing as Qin Niang greeted King Rong and then said, “Sir, young master, Zhao He has arrived.”

“Oh, take him to the reception hall. I’ll come over.”


Shao Yunan stood up to make a final statement. “Discuss this matter with Big Brother beforehand and then wait for Big Brother Kangchen’s return. Before you two get engaged, no more kissing, especially you, Moxi. You don’t want others to speak ill of Nizi, so be careful. Alright, Nizi, go practice the zither. Moxi, go study, and Shijing, go over to the Wang Clan head’s place. Yesterday there was a big incident. It’s not good if you don’t show up today.”

King Rong quickly said, “I’ll entertain myself, you don’t need to worry about me.”


With the instructions given, Shao Yunan left. Wang Shijing also got up, saying to Qin Niang, “Get five packets of new tea and see if Zimu has any snacks left. Pack a box.” It wasn’t just for Wang Wenhe’s place. Gifts of the new tea were to be sent to Zhao Lizheng’s family, Master Sun, and Fourth Aunt Wang’s family too.

For the first batch of Longjing green tea, Shao Yunan took out a jar, but it was of third-rate quality, and the taste was a bit inferior. However, for those who had never tasted new tea, it was still considered a top-quality tea. With the time not being enough, this jar was only to ease their anticipation. Shao Yunan went to meet Zhao He, while Wang Shijing took the five packets of green tea and a box of snacks, and left.


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