Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 138.2

Jiang Moxi looked up at Lord Rong, then, with one hand holding Nizi and the other tugging Wang Qing, who remained in a ‘speechless’ state, he left. Lord Rong looked at the chessboard, then at the three missing children and his chest heaved.

“You brat!” Afterward, he chuckled, saying to himself, “Interesting, really interesting. It was worth coming on this trip.”

In the county yamen, Jiang Kangning, who had just returned from the tea factory, ate a bowl of noodles casually, then collapsed onto the bed. This time, they had underestimated the quantity of tea leaves they needed to process. The manpower sent by Emperor Jun to learn tea processing was insufficient. If Shao Yunan knew that Jiang Kangning had personally taken up the task, he would be astonished. After observing for many days, Jiang Kangning had picked up some techniques and could now barely process third-grade tea.

Jiang Kangning was exhausted and hadn’t returned home yet. As the representative sent by the Wang residence, he took full responsibility for processing the tea at the tea factory, a task that had been entirely placed on Jiang Kangning’s and Guo Ziyu’s shoulders. Jiang Kangning had rolled up his sleeves and joined in, but Guo Ziyu hadn’t been idle either. He had blisters all over his hands, but fortunately, applying ointment had alleviated the discomfort. Guo Ziyu had developed immense respect and admiration for Shao Yunan. How could one come up with such tea processing skills? No wonder the tea was so delicious.

At first, Guo Ziyu could still return to Xiushui Village at night, but now he regarded the county yamen as his home. Half a year ago, he and his younger brother Guo Zimu were begging in the county. Now he was helping the county magistrate with his work. It truly demonstrated how unpredictable life could be.

Someone knocked on the door and Guo Ziyu wearily got up to open it. Outside was Dai Jiang. Dai Jiang greeted him and said, “Brother Guo, I have a matter to discuss. I hope it’s convenient for you.”

Guo Ziyu stepped aside and said, “Please come in.”

“Don’t be polite.”

Dai Jiang entered the room briskly, and Guo Ziyu closed the door. He was about to pour some water, but Dai Jiang stopped him, saying, “No need to be polite. I’ll leave as soon as I finish.”

“Please go ahead then.”

Dai Jiang got straight to the point. “I heard that your younger brother knows how to make kimchi.”

Upon hearing the mention of his younger brother, Guo Ziyu immediately became cautious and nodded. “Yes, he learned from Yunan.”

Dai Jiang continued, “I have a request. I’ve had kimchi once in the capital, and it tasted amazing. The best part is they have a bit of spiciness, which is perfect for the cold and harsh border regions. However, they are not readily available in the capital, and the prices are high. I want to buy some to send to the border for our fellow soldiers. Yet, it’s a bit embarrassing for me to deal with it, and I’d like to ask if your brother could sell them to me at a lower price. I also know that these kimchi are sold at the general store under Yunlong House in the capital. I don’t want to trouble the County Magistrate much on this matter.”

Guo Ziyu was relieved to learn that it was about kimchi. The Yunlong House mentioned by Dai Jiang was essentially the Yunlong Corporation started by Shao Yunan. The Emperor followed Shao Yunan’s suggestion and all their business dealings were conducted under the name “Yunlong.” 

In this era, there were no terms like ‘corporation’ or ‘business conglomerate,’ so the Emperor used the name Yunlong House, which was essentially equivalent to a corporation. Dai Jiang was going to discuss it with the Emperor. The Emperor was sure to consider this matter and he wouldn’t need Dai Jiang to find a solution. However, Dai Jiang knew that the Emperor and Empress were currently short of money and as a loyal subject, he felt it was better to figure this out himself.

Guo Ziyu said, “Vice Commander Dai, there’s no need to worry. If I remember correctly, Yunan mentioned that the Emperor had sent a batch of kimchi and barbecue sauce to Tiger Pass. Wang Shijing and Yunan even donated 3,500 taels of gold to General Dai Zhanxiao. Yunan said the Emperor had already sent them and it seems that it was the County Magistrate’s brother, Official Jiang, who delivered them.”

Dai Jiang was greatly astonished. “Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan donated 3,500 taels of gold to General Zhanxiao?!” He immediately corrected himself. “To General Dai Zhanxiao?”

Guo Ziyu nodded. “Yes. During the autumn tea season last year, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan contributed 3,500 taels of gold from their profits to General Dai. Wang Shijing used to be a centurion under General Dai Zhanxiao. Moreover, Shao Yunan proposed to establish a ‘Relief Fund,’ and the Empress approved it. It seems to be in the planning stage and the specific details can only be provided by Yunan and Wang Shijing.”

Dai Jiang inquired, “What is the ‘Relief Fund’?” Guo Ziyu explained what the Relief Fund was to Dai Jiang, who became more excited as he listened. He got up to bow to Guo Ziyu. “I want to thank Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan on behalf of the soldiers at the border!”

Guo Ziyu stood up in a hurry and sighed. “Vice Commander Dai, you should express your gratitude to Yunan and Wang Shijing. I can’t take credit for their achievements. Before inquiring about kimchi, it would be best to consult with Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. There are numerous border soldiers and with your efforts alone, it may not be enough. However, Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing are currently occupied with the spring tea season and may not have the time for this matter. Vice Commander Dai, you might want to ask them after they finish their work.”

Dai Jiang still gave Guo Ziyu a bow. “Thank you for telling me this.” Guo Ziyu waved his hand. “Vice Commander, there’s no need for so much formality. Perhaps it won’t be long before His Majesty the Empress proclaims the ‘Relief Fund.’ Presently, the safety of Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan relies heavily on Vice Commander, and there’s only so much I can do for them.”

“You’re being too modest, Brother Guo. The fact that Wang Shijing entrusts you with the tea factory is not just about trust.” Dai Jiang offered another bow. “The hour is getting late. I’ll take my leave and I imagine you must be tired as well.”

“Very well, Vice Commander, take care.” Guo Ziyu accompanied Dai Jiang to the door, but due to his extreme exhaustion, his normally unsteady left leg gave way. Just as he was about to fall, a strong arm reached out to support him. His head inadvertently struck against the person’s chest, leaving Guo Ziyu feeling like he had collided with an immovable object, rendering his head temporarily dazed.

After ensuring Guo Ziyu was steady, the person guided him back to the room and seated him. Only at this moment did Guo Ziyu regain his composure. He instinctively rubbed the area that had been jarred, saying, “Thank you for your assistance just now, Vice Commander.”

Dai Jiang observed Guo Ziyu’s visibly fatigued expression and expressed his apologies. “I must have troubled you. Brother Guo, please get some rest now. There’s no need to accompany me.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just my leg. It’s always been unsteady.” Guo Ziyu explained, trying to stand again. However, Dai Jiang stopped him, saying, “I’ll leave by myself, Brother Guo. There’s no need to escort me.”

“Very well.” Guo Ziyu watched as Dai Jiang opened the door and left. He let out a heavy sigh and took a seat. His head was throbbing slightly and he mumbled to himself, “How is that man built? Why is his skin so tough? No wonder he became the Emperor’s head of the guards. He’s probably impervious to weapons, I bet.”

Dai Jiang, who was still standing at the door due to his sense of guilt, had exceptional hearing and overheard Guo Ziyu’s muttering. He found it somewhat amusing, but also took a bit of pride in it. He gently touched his own sturdy chest, suddenly worrying if he had accidentally hurt Guo Ziyu with his tough physique.



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