Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 139.1

The next day, when Guo Ziyu went to the tea processing facility, Dai Jiang, who was responsible for the defense around the facility, particularly scrutinized his head, making Guo Ziyu feel uneasy. During lunch, Guo Ziyu and Jiang Kangning discussed the current progress of the tea processing facility. Dai Jiang came over, carrying his food tray, and sat down. He casually glanced at Guo Ziyu and Jiang Kangning, who both had blisters on their fingers from the hot water, and then said, “Mr. Jiang, do you know about the Relief Fund?”

Upon hearing this question, Guo Ziyu immediately stood up, holding his tray, and said, “I’m finished. Please carry on.” Jiang Kangning nodded at Guo Ziyu and Dai Jiang also gave a nod. Guo Ziyu left. However, Dai Jiang’s gaze followed him and he noticed that Guo Ziyu seemed to have a slight limp. Jiang Kangning remained silent, watching Dai Jiang, who continued to stare at Guo Ziyu. After Guo Ziyu had walked out of sight, Dai Jiang turned back and resumed the conversation, asking, “Mr. Jiang, do you know about the Relief Fund?”

Without inquiring how Dai Jiang learned about it, Jiang Kangning nodded and said, “I’m aware. The Relief Fund was proposed by Yunan. I heard the Emperor is very satisfied with it and is in the process of planning it. During my brother’s recent trip to Tiger Pass, the Emperor allocated funds from the fund to purchase some provisions and supplies.” Jiang Kangning then explained the details of the Relief Fund to Dai Jiang, providing even more information than Guo Ziyu did, except in more detail. 

Dai Jiang became very excited, saying, “With this Relief Fund, the border soldiers will have no worries and can focus entirely on the battle! Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan have done a tremendous good deed!” During his explanation, Jiang Kangning naturally mentioned the 3,500 taels of gold.

Jiang Kangning… “Although Shijing and Yunan are commoners, they are deeply concerned for the well-being of the people and are wholeheartedly loyal to the Emperor. They share a deep friendship, a strong sense of righteousness, and an expansive worldview. To be able to call them my brothers is a great privilege for me.”

Dai Jiang… “That is because of your insight, Mr. Jiang, and your fateful connection with them.” Jiang Kangning smiled. Dai Jiang casually asked, “Is Brother Guo’s leg injured?”

Jiang Kangning replied, “Brother Ziyu’s leg was once broken by a tyrant and wasn’t treated promptly, resulting in a disability. Although he seems to walk without any problem, his left shoe has a special elevated sole.” Dai Jiang immediately frowned. “Broken by a tyrant?”

Jiang Kangning explained Guo Ziyu and his younger brother Guo Zimu’s difficult experiences to Dai Jiang. During the explanation, Dai Jiang’s face remained dark and stern. After Jiang Kangning had finished, Dai Jiang said, “He originally had the potential to pass the imperial examination. Is it true that he has been leading such a sad life?”

Jiang Kangning replied, “Yunan and the others advised him, but he had already made up his mind not to take the examination again. He has essentially sold himself to Shijing’s family for three years, after which he will regain his freedom. If he wants to take the examination, he would have to wait another three years. But these seven years of hardship have certainly affected his state of mind. Now, he probably only seeks peace and stability.”

Dai Jiang still had a furrowed brow as Jiang Kangning ‘casually’ mentioned, “Both brothers also have a connection with Yunan; otherwise, they might still be begging in Yongxiu County. Ziyu has a leg injury and Zimuu has a face that cannot be shown in public. Even if they received some alms, it was often taken away by others. When Yunan brought them back, they happened to encounter refugees trying to steal their food, but it was thanks to Shijing that they were saved.”

Dai Jiang’s brow furrowed even further. He asked, “Where is that tyrant now?”

“It seems he has passed away. That magistrate was demoted, but as for where he went afterward, I don’t know.” Jiang Kangning replied.

“Hmph!” Dai Jiang’s ‘hmph’ was an enigmatic expression of some sort. Throughout the conversation, he had never shown any curiosity about Guo Zimu’s “extraordinary” appearance.

Dai Jiang wanted to buy some kimchi cheaply for the border troops, especially for the Dai family. However, living in Wang’s residence, King Rong was quite comfortable. Shao Yunan was too busy to prepare delicious food for King Rong, but there was Guo Zimu. Guo Zimu made desserts and snacks every day, sending some to the teahouse and saving the rest for the people in Wang’s residence. King Rong also had a sweet tooth, and perhaps it was because the variety of desserts here was limited, but he was truly enjoying himself. He didn’t seem to care when he would return to the capital.

Today, Guo Zimu made apple pie. Zhao He and Sun Dajiang each brought a basket of apples. The children found them too sour to eat, so Guo Zimu, looking through the dessert recipes Shao Yunan gave him, decided to try making apple pie, which received high praise.

As King Rong savored the apple pie and sipped chrysanthemum tea, he sighed deeply. Wang Qing and Nizi lifted their heads, but Jiang Moxi showed no reaction. Wang Qing couldn’t help but ask, “Grandfather Murong, are you not feeling well?”

King Rong had requested that the children address him as “Grandfather Murong.” King Rong smiled and said, “Grandfather Murong is not feeling unwell. He’s just thinking of his eldest son.”

Wang Qing asked, “What happened to him?”

King Rong just replied, “He… is in poor health.”

“Is he unable to speak?” Nizi asked. Jiang Moxi raised his head and patted Nizi’s head. Nizi turned her head and gave a sweet smile to her older brother. Seeing these two innocent children, there was a touch of melancholy in King Rong’s smile.

“He is not unwilling to speak, but there is something wrong here.” King Rong pointed to the location of his heart. “It’s a condition he had from birth and it couldn’t be treated. In ordinary times, he can’t cry loudly, can’t laugh loudly, can’t run, can’t jump, or even walk for too long, or his life will be at risk.”

Wang Qing asked, “Is it a heart condition?” King Rong was surprised. “Do you know about this condition?” Wang Qing said, “Once when I was coming home from school, I saw a person clutching his chest and collapsing on the road. When I got home, I told Father about it. Father said it might be a heart condition. Father said that people with heart conditions shouldn’t have overly fluctuating emotions and shouldn’t engage in physical activities.”

King Rong said, “The imperial physician called it a heart ailment. I wonder if it’s the same as what your father called a heart condition.” Wang Qing said, “The condition my father mentioned sounds similar to Grandfather Murong’s son.” King Rong immediately asked, “So, does your father know how to treat it?”

Wang Qing remained silent. King Rong leaned in closer and said, “Qing, do you know or not? Tell Grandfather Murong. Even if it’s useless, you can say it.” Wang Qing didn’t dare to speak, but someone else did. While Jiang Moxi was practicing calligraphy, he opened his mouth without looking up. “Heart transplant.”

King Rong said, “…” Then, he stared at him and scolded, “You brat! Just practice your calligraphy properly! Don’t interfere with this!” Wang Qing cleared his throat and said, “Big Brother is not making things up. Father once said that it’s about transplanting a healthy person’s heart into someone with a heart condition.” King Rong, “…” He didn’t know whether he should pull down these two troublesome children’s pants and give them a spanking.


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