Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 95.2

After such an episode, the children’s impression of Wang Qing became a little better, because Wang Qing did not complain. Guo Yu’s impression of Wang Qing also became a little better. He was very nervous just now. If Wang Qing told the truth, Teacher Sima and Dean Kang would definitely have a bad impression of him. 

Guo Yu’s Elder Brother was now studying in the Imperial College in the capital, which was also his own goal. So his pride would never allow him to leave a bad impression on his teacher or the dean. At this moment, Guo Yu felt very thankful toward Wang Qing.

After Zou Wenzhe stumbled through reciting yesterday’s chapter, the children began to read in earnest in the morning. Reading the key essays that their teacher requested aloud, over and over again. Even though Wang Qing came late, he didn’t have any problem with keeping up. With his grandfather Cen, uncle Kang Rui and his powerful Little Father, Shao Yunan, Wang Qing knew more than the children present. 

Wang Qing also read aloud seriously. This experience of being in class with many boys his age was something he had never had before, so he cherished it very much. It was also something that was brought to him by his Little Father.

All the lessons in their class were taught by teacher Sima with three breaks in the morning, each a period of just one incense. During the first break in the early reading, Wang Qing ran to find Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo in the senior classroom and went to the toilet with them. Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo were also much more nervous than Wang Qing. 

The two children from Xiushui Village joined their class to study, which naturally attracted the attention and more or less disgust of the rest of students in their classroom. Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo’s clothes were also not as good as Wang Qing’s.

Teacher Sima was very satisfied with Wang Qing’s performance. He was aware of Wang Qing’s background, so he asked Wang Qing two special questions in class and received very good answers. Teacher Sima originally thought that Wang Qing was in his class because of his relationship with Elder Cen, but it seemed that Wang Qing was here not just because he was the grandson recognized by Elder Cen.

The morning’s lesson was over and after sending teacher Sima off, Wang Qing let out a heavy breath, still a little nervous. Having made an appointment to have lunch with Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo, Wang Qing quickly packed up his textbooks.

Shao Yunan packed two bento boxes for Wang Qing and put them into a specially made pocket-style storage bag, and then put them into his schoolbag. Two bento boxes, one with meals and one with various snacks. Shao Yunan was afraid that Wang Qing would be hungry, so he packed some snacks for him so he could pad his stomach when he was hungry between classes.

Wang Qing took out his water cup from the pocket of his school bag and a packet of golden chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea. Grandpa and uncle had told him that the kitchen would provide hot water for the students to drink.

“Hey!” Someone poked him in the back and Wang Qing turned his head. Behind him, Guo Yu lowered his head and muttered with a troubled face. “For before, I am sorry.”

Wang Qing immediately smiled generously. “It’s nothing. I took your seat, so I should say sorry to you.” Bearing in mind his Little Father’s advice, Wang Qing took the initiative to show his kindness. He took out the box containing the snacks from his backpack and opened it. In a low, surprised voice, he picked up a piece of walnut cake and handed it over. “This is made by my Little Father. Sorry for taking your place, please try it.”

Guo Yu could not help but swallow. The smell was so delicious that it made him look at the lunchbox. It was so colorful that even Guo Yu, who had seen the world, could not stop himself from looking at it. All the children in the classroom were staring at Wang Qing’s snack box. 

Seeing that Guo Yu did not move, Wang Qing handed the walnut pastry to Guo Yu. When Guo Yu looked up and saw Wang Qing’s sincere smile, he no longer held back and reached out to take it, saying, “You are shorter than me, so it’s just right that you are sitting in front of me. My name is Guo Yu.”

“I’m Wang Qing.” Guo Yu took his walnut pastry, making Wang Qing’s smile even more relaxed. He was starting to get accepted by his classmates, right? The influence of Shao Yunan’s speech made Wang Qing speak with a relatively ‘modern accent.’

“Brother Qing.” Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan came to look for Wang Qing, who quickly said to Guo Yu, “My Brothers from the same village are looking for me, so I am going.”

Guo Yu nodded. As Wang Qing took his things and walked away, everyone’s eyes followed after him. Zou Wenzhe moved to Guo Yu who was still staring at Wang Qing’s departing back, squirming. “Guo Yu, what is this ah? It smells so good. Can you give me a taste?” Just by looking at his body shape, you would know that he was someone who loved to eat.

 Guo Yu was a bit reluctant, but Zou Wenzhe was his friend after all and today he almost got into trouble because of him. Guo Yu broke off a small piece of walnut cake, but before he could hand it over Zou Wenzhe already stuffed it into his mouth. “Oooooh!” So delicious!

“Guo Yu, give me a taste too!” The other children also gathered around. Guo Yu opened his mouth and bit off a large piece, his eyes immediately brightening. What was this? It was so delicious! “Guo Yu, give me a bite too!”

Wang Qing, who didn’t know how much trouble he had caused Guo Yu, followed Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan to the kitchen. Most of the children in White Moon Academy brought their own food, but occasionally some of them would buy their food from the academy. So this kitchen was actually the equivalent of a modern canteen. 

The children who bought meals at the academy would go to the place where the meals were served, as their meals expenses would be paid monthly with their school expenses. But Wang Qing and the other two followed other students to a dedicated cauldron where they could heat up their meals.

There were only 20 to 30 students in the school, so the kitchen had only three large cauldrons with hot water and many wooden compartments. Those who wanted to heat up their meals put their food boxes in these components, letting heated water warm up their meals. 

Since the water was almost boiling, the meals heated up very quickly. The three cauldrons could completely satisfy all the students who needed to heat up their meals. Wang Qing, Wang Yan, and Zhao Congbo put their lunch boxes in the same cauldron, but the unique bento boxes of the three attracted a lot of attention.

While the three of them were waiting for their lunch to be ready, Guo Yu, Zou Wenzhe, and other students from Wang Qing’s class came over. As soon as they came, they stared at Wang Qing and swallowed. But no one had the nerve to ask. 

After about one cup of tea’s time, Wang Qing touched his lunch box, his food should already be warm. Then he took it out as Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo also took out their lunch boxes, and the three of them found a round table where no one was around to sit down.

Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo both stared at Wang Qing’s lunch box. Although the three of them had the same style of lunch boxes, all made by Shao Yunan, the contents were definitely different. Although Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo’s mother and father learned cooking from Shao Yunan, Shao Yunan was still definitely more powerful in terms of deliciousness.

Under the watchful eyes of the two elder brothers, Wang Qing opened his lunch box, and there were exclamations from all over the place, including Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo. The contents of Wang Qing’s bento box was not very rich. One portion of shredded pork in fermented soy sauce, one fried egg, one portion of hot cabbage, one portion of shredded potatoes in vinegar, one portion of marinated pork liver, three small soup buns and one portion of homemade rice. No wonder Wang Qing’s bento box was so big.

Wang Yan opened his bento box and sighed. “I knew Brother Qing’s meal would definitely be most generous.” Inside his box were two steamed buns, a fried shredded radish, a boiled egg, and two stewed pork ribs.

Zhao Congbo opened his lunchbox, which contained a large portion of white rice, a steamed bun, a portion of fried chicken with scallions, a portion of shredded radish and a hard-boiled egg.

Among the three, Wang Yan’s family was considered the poorest, but Wang Shuping still tried to ensure his son’s meals. Wang Qing didn’t want to eat alone so he took out the layer of rice, fried eggs and soup dumplings in his bento box, and then pushed the other layer to the middle. “Let’s all eat together.” Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo become embarrassed, “You can eat by yourself, we have enough food.”

Uncle Yunan had already made snacks for them, so it would be too much for them to also eat from Wang Qing’s lunch box. Wang Qing stretched out his chopsticks and picked up a spare rib and a large piece of chicken from Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo’s bento boxes. When he did this, Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo laughed and stopped being polite to Wang Qing. 

The two first picked up a bun first. Zhao Congbo took a bite and skillfully sucked the soup inside first, while Wang Qing bit off half of the fried egg in one bite. Both Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan knew that Wang Qing liked shredded potatoes in vinegar the most, so they didn’t even try it. Zhao Congbo also gave Wang Yan and Wang Qing chicken, making the three people’s lunch boxes completely mixed together.

The sound of swallowing saliva came from several people. Someone moved to the table. “Wang Qing, your meal is from home right? It looks delicious.” Wang Qing raised his head and saw a little Zou Wenzhe and Guo Yu behind him staring at his bento box.

“Zhao Congbo, Wang Yan, this is…” The senior students also gathered around. Even if there were many students from rich families in the academy, the dishes cooked by the cook at their houses could not be compared with Shao Yunan’s. The types of dishes might be more varied, but I am afraid no one could compare to Wang Qing’s in taste. Looking at the people surrounding him, Wang Qing suddenly had an ominous premonition.


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