The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 24 – Field Traps

“I heard something from the villagers.” Xu Muan said to Xiao Jingting uneasily.

“What?” Xiao Jingting asked.

“Those pieces of land we have, near the mountains, planting ordinary spirit plants is fine, but if we plant high-grade spirit plants it will easily attract the demonic beast from the mountain. It was said that demonic beast often come down the mountains in the past, and the original owners of the fields were so annoyed by them that they had no choice but to sell this fields.”

Xiao Jingting: “….” Whether the Xiao family who give this field to original body owner informed or uninformed about it or whether it was intentional. With the original body owner temperament, even if he got lucky and lost his way and started planting them, the crops he planed would be destroyed by demonic beast, he would then be angry heartbroken and would lose his way again.

“When I harvested before, there was no such situation as demon beasts wreaking havoc.” Xiao Jingting said.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes, but those five mu before were just inferior fields that were not very tempting to the demon beasts, so …”

“It seems that we have to take precautions early…” fields are hard to buy, those few mu are rare medium level fields so Xiao Jingting was really reluctant to give them up.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Well, but higher spirit plants are harder to grow, and this batch of spirit plants will take at least a month or so to grow up. Before spiritual plants mature, we don’t have to worry too much.”

“Before those spirit plants are mature, we should make some traps to avoid the time when the monsters really come and we won’t be caught unprepared.” Xiao Jingting thought for a moment.

Xu Muan nodded his head in approval.

In the following days, Xu Muan helped Xiao Jingting plant the seeds, and the two of them spent three or four days to finish planting the fields.

“Xiao Xu, are you busy?”

Xu Muan looked at the visitor: “Aunt Li!”

Aunt Li Cui smiled at Xu Muan and said: “Xiao Xu, I heard that your head of household has made a lot of progress lately and is busy planting everyday.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes!”

After planting the seeds, Xiao Jingting was so busy that his feet were not touching the ground. The level of spiritual plants planted in the past was lower and it was much easier to plant.

Right, the spiritual plants in the medium level fields ware different from the previous primary and secondary spirit plants. They needed to be looked after every day. There are also grapes in the yard that sell well. Xiao Jingting has planted more than one mu. There are more kinds of spiritual plants in front of and behind the houses in the courtyard.

The spiritual energy needed to generate a third-grade spiritual plant is much more than that of a second-grade spiritual plant, Xiao Jingting returned every day after consuming almost all the spiritual energy in his body.

Seeing that Xiao Jingting was busy and almost dizzy, Xu Muan can’t help but feel guilty.

Xiao Xiaodong was able to help with some small works, but Xiao Xiaodong strength was too low, and his help was limited.

Aunt Li said: “ Xiao Xu! I heard that your husband sold that land. But he’s planting crops in that field now, if someone comes to collect the land when it is due, you’ll be working in vain!”

Xiao Jingting was very popular when he first come here. Even the skinny camel was bigger than the horse, although Xiao Jingting was sent here, the Xiao family showed behind his back and it was enough for the village people to get hot-eyed.

After Xiao Jingting came over, he ate, drank, whored and gambled. Within a few days, he ruined his family and sold out all the fields. Those who liked to move their mouth in the village immediately publicized Xiao Jingting behavior of ruining his family.

Some people in the village even took Xiao Jingting as a warning to their children in their families that they should not learn from Xiao Jingting example.

“The fields have been bought back.” Xu Muan faintly said.

“Huh? Bought back?” Aunt Li was startled.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes!”

“It looks like you’re really experiencing the up and up.” Aunt Li said.

“Yeah!” Xu Muan laughed.

In the field. Xiao Jingting took a sip of spiritual spring water and took a short break, preparing to go home.

The middle-class field was different from the lower grade field before when he took care of lower-class field the spiritual energy in his body was enough. However, when he took care of medium-class field, after taking care of only two mu of land the spiritual energy in his body was almost consumed. Fortunately, he had spiritual spring water and he could replenish spiritual energy very quickly.

Xiao Jingting felt that after the Reiki had been completely consumed and he would replenish it with spiritual spring water the spiritual energy in his body would rise greatly. During this period, Xiao Jingting has been using this method to improve his strength.

“it’s time to eat.” Xu Muan saw Xiao Jingting come back and greeted him.

Now the cooking has been handed over to Xu Muan, but Xu Muan craftsmanship was not very good but it is not a problem to cook some home-cooked dishes.

“Are you hurt?” Xiao Jingting looked at the wound that had been bandaged on Xu Muan arm and frowned.

Xu Muan smiled and said: “it’s just a minor injury, it doesn’t matter.” There was no one who would not get hurt when he was hunting in the mountain. He has been hurt more seriously several times before.

“Did you go to the mountain jungle again? You’re not allowed to go, aren’t you? “ Xiao Jingting said with some dissatisfaction.

Xu Muan smiled faintly and said: “Don’t worry, it’s all right. I just turned around and did not go deep.”

Xiao Jingting shook his head and said: “You’d better be careful, you are already injured.”

“Understand, by the way I went to the city today to sell prey, and I negotiated a long-term contract for the supply of grapes with several big families. Here is the locations of several families and the quantity needed.” Xu Muan said.

Xiao Jingting nodded and said: “well, that’s good.”

“How long will it take for these grapes to ripen?” Xu Muan asked excitedly.

“It should be just another ten days or so.” Xiao Jingting said.

Xu Muan lowered his head, his heart filled with anticipation, when this batch of grapes was sold, the days would no longer have to be so tight.


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