The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 10 – Fighting Side By Side

Shortly after Xiao Jingting entered the jungle, a spider of the size of a millstone fell down.

Xu Muan quickly made a fire and burned the spider to ashes.

“This spider is poisonous. If you are bitten, you will be paralyzed. Be careful.” Xu Muan said.

Xiao Jingting nodded and said with lingering fear: “I know.” The jungle was really dangerous. No wonder, although there were many treasures hidden in the jungle, few people would come to the jungle.

Xiao Jingting followed Xu Muan in the jungle for a long time, and there was no harvest till: “Grapes.”

Xu Muan turned to look at Xiao Jingting and said: “What?”

Xiao Jingting pointed to the grapevines in the mountains and said: “I want to bring back some grapevines to transplant them.”

There were two strings of grapes hanging on a grapevine in front of Xu Muan. Xu Muan wanted to say that this wild grape ware very sour and even if he planted them, no one would eat them. However, looking at Xiao Jingting cheerful appearance, Xu Muan thought it was no good idea to pour cold water on him.

Xiao Jingting remembers that the status of fruit in this world was very special. If he can grow a lot of delicious grapes, he will earn a lot of silver.

Xiao Jingting put the grapevines into the basket and secretly transferred some of them into his space.

Xu Muan did not see Xiao Jingting movements and stood on guard on the side.

“Run quickly, the toot- piercing Pig is here.”

In an instant, a wild boar with a body length of nearly two meters ran to the two men. Xiao Jingting looked at the giant beast in front of him and swallowed his saliva secretly. Was it still a pig? It was two meters long with a pair of tusks shining with metallic luster and on the pigskin, there was turtle-shell-like Armour.

Xu Muan launched a fire attack on the tooth-piercing pig. The speed of the tooth-piercing pig movement was extremely fast, and Xu Muan attacks all missed.

The tooth-piercing pig shouted twice and rushed toward Xu Muan.

Xiao Jingting spawned a vine that hooked the trunk of the tree, hugged Xu Muan waist, and rose to the top of the tree, half holding Xu Muan.

Xu Muan brain went blank for a moment when he was hugged by Xiao Jingting.

“Boom boom” tooth-piercing pig crazy hit the trunk of the tree, recalled Xu Muan sanity.

“Does this pig know you?” Xiao Jingting thought it was a bit strengthen.

“I once hunted a rabbit, which seemed to be his favorite prey.” Xu Muan said. The tooth-piercing pig at the bottom of the tree was also 3 level Qi practitioner. It’s very difficult to deal with because of its armor, and its immunity to fire attack.

Xiao Jingting: “…” There are rabbits on this pig menu? This world! It was so hard to understand.

“Can it climb trees?” Xiao Jingting asked.

Xu Muan shook his head and said: “No.”

“That’s good.” Xiao Jingting breathed a sigh of relief.

“Boom.” Xiao Jingting felt the shudder of the big tree and big tree trembled again.

Xiao Jingting saw that tooth-piercing pig under the tree will soon break the tree so he controlled the vines and leaped to another tree with Xu Muan.

“If we can kill this big guy, we can improve our food.” Xiao Jingting said with bright eyes, the strength of the pig below was not low, and the spiritual power contained in the meat could not be low. Eating such a beast could improve their cultivation.

Xu Muan couldn’t feel feeling moved. He was not the opponent for this tooth-piercing pig alone, but now he was not alone.

“Roar…” tooth-piercing pig roared at Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan.

“I’ll trip it up and you will attack it in the eyes.” Xiao Jingting said

Xu Muan nodded and replied: “good.”

Xiao Jingting mobilized his spiritual power and spawned countless vines to wrap around the legs of the tooth-piercing pig. The tooth-piercing pig roared angrily and the vines that wrap around the tooth-piercing pig were almost broken.

Xiao Jingting constantly spawned vines and affected the movement of the tooth-piercing pig and Xu Muan took this opportunity to attack pig eyes, then when the angry pig roared Xu Muan took this opportunity to throw a fireball into the pig’s mouth.

The tooth-piercing pig rampaged and its body actually increasing in size out of thin air.

“It’s gone berserk.” Xu Muan was shocked.

The berserked tooth-piercing pig eyes were red like blood and its strength has doubled. It looked bloodthirsty. Xiao Jingting crazily mobilized his spiritual power, hindering the action of the toothed pig, and Xu Muan no longer retained it.

The tooth-piercing pig slammed into the big tree where Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan stood.

Although there are many trees in the jungle, there was only a few that could withstand the impact of tooth-piercing pig. The tooth-piercing pig screamed loudly when Xiao Jingting narrowly escaped with Xu Muan to another tree.

Xiao Jingting maneuvered a branch and ruthlessly pierced it in the back of tooth-piercing pig, the pig screamed o loudly that Xu Muan was startled by Xiao Jingting movement.

“Do it quickly.” Xiao Jingting urged.

Xu Muan threw a fireball toward tooth-piercing pig and the two of them worked together to kill tooth-piercing pig.

Seeing tooth-piercing pig fall to the ground, Xu Mian breathed a sigh of relief. this time he thought Xiao Jingting would drag him down and did not expect him to help. Xu Muan could not help but start treat Xiao Jingting a little differently.

“it’s getting smaller.” Xiao Jingting looked at the corpse of the tooth-piercing pig.

“It died and the berserking ended, so it naturally became smaller.” Xu Muan faintly said.


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