The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 9 – Encountering An Old Lover

Xu Muan walked in front and Xiao Jingting followed.

On the way, many people saw Xu Muan and Xiao Jingting walking together and they had strange looks on their faces.

“Brother Jingting, where are you going?” a delicate and soft voice sounded. 

Xiao Jingting followed the sound and saw the man who was speaking. Although Xiao Jingting had long known that gers in this world were raised as girls, he still felt his scalp going numb when he heard a man talking like this.

Seeing the appearance of the person, the memory in Xiao Jingting’s mind was awakened. When Xiao Jingting was in the Xiao family, in addition to Xu Muan, there were also several concubines. The moment he was sent here, these concubines were not happy to follow him and suffer with him, so they all left Xiao Jingting to find another way out.

Xiao Jingting was a man who was not willing to be lonely. After he came to Mound Village, he tried to hook up with a few nice young brothers from the village. Most of them ignored Xiao Jingting, but there were always some exceptions, Qiu Bai was one of them.

Xiao Jingting was flattered to receive compliments and Qiu Bai was good at taking what he liked. Xiao Jingting was coaxed and spent a lot of money on Qiu Bai. Qiu Bai was also a capable person and took Xiao Jingting money but did not allow him to take any advances. 

“I’m going to the jungle,” Xiao Jingting said faintly.

“Going to the jungle? Brother Xiao, ah, it’s so dangerous! How can you go to a place like this?” Qiu Bai was shocked. Qiu Bai looked at Xu Muan with reproachful eyes.

“I have no money. If I don’t go to the jungle, I will starve to death. It’s better to try my luck in the jungle,” Xiao Jingting said lighty.

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting strangely. Xiao Jingting was the most face loving person who liked showing off, but this time he actually directly said that he had no money.

Qiu Bai reluctantly smiled and said: “Brother Xiao, what are you joking about, didn’t you just sell your fields? That is a lot of money.”

“Lost all of it.” Xiao Jingting had the good sense to not say he bought Xiaoyao powder, so he directly claimed he lost it.

Qiu Bai covered his mouth and revealed a look of surprise. “Brother Jingting, ah, tough luck! Don’t worry, you’re born to be lucky! You can always win back a thousand gold.”

“No more, I’m quitting.” Xiao Jingting was indifferent.

Xiao Jingting was one of the top teenagers in his previous life! He refused to gamble, refused drugs, and refused pornography, but this body owner life was all about gambling, whoring and taking drugs. How could he transmigrate as such a scum?

“Let’s go! Let’s go early and come back early,” Xiao Jingting urged Xu Muan.

Xu Muan nodded and answered: “Alright.” 

Xu Muan had thought that if Qiu Bai showed up, Xiao Jingting would give up the idea of going to the jungle, but the other person mind was quite firm. Qiu Bai looked at Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan backs and his eyes flashed with contempt.

“How’d it go, brother?” Qiu Li came out.

Qiu Bai shook his head and said with some regret: “He already lost everything. He really is a black sheep. No wonder he was driven out of the Xiao family. When he came he had several hundred silver and so many fields. As a result… “ Originally, he wanted to take advantage of it. He didn’t want this guy to lose it so fast.

“This idiot is really wasteful, and so are you, brother. I asked you to go to him before, but you pushed him around. As a result, now he has spent all his money and we couldn’t get anything.” Qiu Li was dissatisfied.

Qiu Bai bowed his head and secretly thought that before he had a little conflict with Xiao Jingting, so he wanted to ignore Xiao Jingting for a few days, but as a result Xiao Jingting spent all his money in these few days.

“Brother, do you think he is lying? There was no reason to spend all this silver at once,” Qiu Bai said, thinking that Xiao Jingting was probably annoyed with him, so he said that on purpose.

“It should be true. A few of my friends said that Xiao Jingting was hanging out in the city in the brothel and in the gambling houses, and he also got involved with Xiaoyao powder. These things are very expensive. This loser should have burned up all his silver before going to the jungle,” Qiu Li said. 

Qiu Bai’s eyes flickered with disdain. When Xiao Jingting first arrived at Mound Village, his reputation was still extremely good. He was good looking and strong and owned 20 mu of farmland and had a good house. Unfortunately, before long, people found out that Xiao Jingting was lazy and unreliable.

Qiu Bai originally wanted to marry Xiao Jingting as his main wife, but after discovering Xiao Jingting’s true face, he immediately dispelled this idea.

Xiao Jingting followed behind Xu Muan and couldn’t help but feel a bit dejected. His relationship with Xu Muan had only eased up a bit with much difficulty. Just now that Qiu Bai made a scene and as a result, Xu Muan’s face seemed to get even worse.

“The jungle is very dangerous. We should only move on the outskirts,” Xu Muan warned.

Xiao Jingting nodded hurriedly, and agreed: “I know.”


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