The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 11 – Eating Meat Together

Xiao Jingting took a bottle of water and drank it, Xiao Jingting bottle was filled with the spiritual spring water from his jade pendant

Last time, after planting five mu of land, Xiao Jingting was very thirsty so he casually scooped up a scoop of the spiritual spring water from his space and drink it. The fatigue in his body was swept away, and the depleted spiritual energy was quickly replenished.

As far as Xiao Jingting knew, there was a rejuvenation pill on the market that could replenish the depleted spiritual energy, but this kind of rejuvenation pill was expensive. Even the poor quality one needed two silver but the spiritual spring in his jade pendant was endless.

There were endless crises in the jungle, and it was dangerous to have a depleted spiritual power in here.

Xiao Jingting looked over towards Xu Muan face that was pale and his eyes were somewhat worried, Xiao Jingting was well aware that just now when fighting against tooth-piercing pig just now Xu Muan spiritual power was almost completely depleted.

I’ll clean up.” Xiao Jingting leaped down the tree and collected the pig.

“Let’s go back.” Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting lively appearance and was very surprised at the amount of the spiritual power in Xiao Jingting body. Xu Muan was also worried, such a big pig could be exchanged for a lot of silver. However, according to Xiao Jingting personality, he wouldn’t be able to get a single silver for himself.

Xu Muan purses his lips and suppressed his anxiety, now that his spiritual power was exhausted it was already good to be able to save his own life, the tooth-piercing pig belonged to Xiao Jingting, so let him have it.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan and said: “We have to leave as soon as possible. Can you still walk?”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes.” Although his spiritual power was almost exhausted, it was not a problem to walk back.

Afraid to expose his space, Xiao Jingting spawned some branches and made a rattan net to drag tooth-piercing pig back.

Fearing that the boar would attract unwanted attention, Xiao Jingting made a detour avoiding the crowd going back to his house.

“Daddy, what a big pig!” Seeing Xu Muan and Xiao Jingting coming back, Xiao Xiaofan, who was eating wild vegetables, shouted excitedly.

Xiao Jingting took a look at Xu Muan and said: “Half of the pigs will be cooked, let’s sell the other half of the pigs.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “All right.” Although the tooth-piercing pig was delicious and could replenish spiritual power, it also easily deteriorate. To eat half of it for the whole family, it was enough.

“I heard that you have some friendship with and the owner of the Yue restaurant. You can sell it to him tomorrow morning.” Xiao Jingting continued.

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting in sunrise and answered: “All right”

Xiao Jingting cooked a large pot of braised meat and invited Xu Muan and his two sons to eat together. The four of them eat till their mouth was full of oil.

When Xu Muan was eating meat he felt that his body was getting filled with spiritual power, and he become excited.

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting, who was burying his head in bowl with a satisfied expression

Xu Muan looked at this strange Xiao Jingting and feels a little warmer.

“Daddy, you eat a lot for dinner!” Xiao Xiaofan looked up at Xu Muan and mumbled.

Xu Muan could not help blushing for a moment. Xiao Jingting meat was very delicious so he unconsciously eat a lot. Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong didn’t eat much. The spirit power in the boar meat was very strong, and was not something that Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong could bear. After eating only a few pieces of meat, they eat Xiao Jingting porridge.

Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan eat porridge that was also cooked by Xiao Jingting, although the taste was not as good as braised meat, but for Xiao Xiaodong and Xiao Xiaofan, who usually eat dry noodles it was already a supreme delicacy. “Daddy worked so hard, it is alright to eat more.” Xiao Xiaodong said.

Xiao Xiaofan nodded, smacked his lips, and said: “Well, my daddy and father should eat more. The food cooked by my father is really delicious, and better than that what Daddy made.”

“He ate so many delicacies that why he can make them.” Xiao Xiaodong said in a dissatisfying way.

Xu Muan bowed his head, he tossed over and over but couldn’t cook well. No wonder his son dislikes him.

“Daddy, father asked you to sell pig! Half a pig, should be able to sell for more than ten silver. When it’s sold, you should hide some of the silver. ” Xiao Xiaodong suggested.

Xu Muan glances at Xiao Xiaodong and thought the same way. There was no money in his hand, which always made him feel uneasy. Although Xiao Jingting seemed to have changed a lot, who knows when this person would change back.

Early in the morning, Xu Muan woke up.

Xu Muan opened the door and found that Xiao Jingting was also up. He was in the yard, tossing the grape trellis.

“Going to sell pig?” Xiao Jingting asked.

Xu Muan nodded and said: “Yes, selling it as soon as possible can get a better price.”

Xiao Jingting nodded and said: “Go quickly.”

Xu Muan looked at Xiao Jingting and left with half of the pig.

“Wait a minute.” Xiao Jingting stopped Xu Muan.

Xu Muan turned his head, looked at Xiao Jingting, and asked: “what can I do for you?”

Xiao Jingting smiled and said: “There is no rice at home, eggs also, it is all gone, go and buy some. The two children are still young, and it’s not good for them to always eat dry noodles.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “All right.”


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