After Winning This Battle, I Will Go Home And Get Married – Chapter 51.1

Arthur laughed when he heard it.

Yan Xueshan didn’t understand what he was laughing at, and looked at him questioningly.

Yan Xueshan’s dazed look made Arthur think he was so cute that he couldn’t help kissing him.

Yan Xueshan became even more confused. “Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?”

 Arthur hugged him. “I just feel lucky, much luckier than Zhi Shu. To me, you are the best partner in the world and the person in love the most.”

Yan Xueshan sat on his lap, frowned and thought for a while before saying, “I don’t understand.”

Arthur smiled brightly. “It’s okay, if you don’t understand. Just focus on doing what you like, piloting a mecha, or learning to farm. Whatever you want to do, I will help you deal with the intrigues and twists and turns that give you headaches.”

Yan Xueshan nodded. “Thank you.”

He thought from the bottom of his heart, his marriage with Arthur was really the best fit, for either of them.

He was also a bit dizzy from Arthur’ kiss so he accidentally forgot about Klitsch and Zhi Shu.

Never mind. Anyway, he didn’t care about other people’s personal matters.

The next game was another semi-final.

Arthur vs Ulysses. 

They played normally, and Arthur won amicably.

Ulysses thanked him and then said, “The dish you taught Gan Hui last time, he made it for me when I was home. It was delicious.”

Arthur laughed and said, “I also cooked the dish that Gan Hui  taught me. Actually we exchanged some recipes in private. You have a husband who loves you very much.”

Ulysses smiled lightly, shook hands with him, and asked, “When will you and Yan Xueshan have a wedding? Remember to invite us.”

Arthur agreed. “Sure.”

The final match was the same as most mecha nerd forums had predicted before the tournament, a showdown between the Federation’s strongest melee warrior and sniper warrior.

However, they didn’t expect that at the time, the two would get a marriage certificate halfway through the tournament.

So now an extra buff has been added.

A husband and wife showdown!

Who would win?

With the enthusiastic launch of the Galactic Federation’s settlement operation, the first Mecha Charity Competition has also entered its climax.

At the same time, Vega University also started its school season. Students have returned to school.

As Polly walked along the road, from what she heard, people were talking about Yan Xueshan, discussing whether he would still come to school.

Some of her classmates came to her to ask for information, but how could she know? She didn’t even dare ask Yan Xueshan.

During the whole summer vacation, except for mustering up the courage to ask Yan Xueshan if he was married, she never dared to contact Yan Xueshan again.

Although, she knew that if she asked, Yan Xueshan would definitely reply to her cordially. It was her own desire not to disturb her idol’s peaceful life.

During the holidays, Yan Xueshan had transformed from a withdrawn and weird older male classmate to the Federation Sniper God worshiped by everyone.

Everyone thought that he came to the school to relax after the war, just to have fun. No matter how you looked at it, he was going back to the army.

They all guessed that he wouldn’t come back this semester.

Therefore, when Yan Xueshan appeared at the door of the classroom, the whole class fell silent.

It was quieter than when the Headmaster came.

Yan Xueshan seemed to act like he did last semester. He wore nothing special just half-new overalls with some stains on one leg that apparently couldn’t be cleaned.

It so happened that the light source was right behind him, so he was outlined by light rays, making him look so handsome he was almost glowing.

The light gave him a god-like appearance.

The classroom fell silent.

Everyone was secretly excited.

The class president stood up and saluted. “Salute to the heroes of the Federation.”

The students stood up one by one as if they had just woken up from a dream, not saluting him in a standard way, but just holding their heads up as high as possible.

Everyone couldn’t think of any other way to express their surging excitement.

Yan Xueshan wasn’t in a hurry as he accepted this calmly. He was standing very straight, so he just raised his hand, and returned a salute casually, gracefully and calmly, saying, “Thank you. You can sit down.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the children dropped their hands one after another like a bunch of obedient and well-behaved little pups.

Yan Xueshan basked in their adoring gaze as he walked calmly into the classroom and settled in the seat he was used to sitting in last semester, still next to Polly and Nana. Their little three person group.

This time it was Nana’s turn to be at a loss for words, not daring to speak up. She was embarrassed for the whole holiday, and she still hadn’t recovered.

Polly held back as long as she could, but couldn’t help her curiosity. She asked, “I thought you wouldn’t continue to come to school.”

“Huh?” Confused for a moment, Yan Xueshan organized his notes as he said rightfully, “I haven’t graduated yet, so of course I’m coming to school. My tuition has been paid.”

All the children around were eavesdropping with their ears up. Hearing this, they couldn’t help clenching their fists with excitement.

Polly said, “But…but now everyone knows your identity.”

Yan Xueshan said, “If you know, you know. I think that all of you are very polite and well-mannered students that won’t spread it around.”

Everyone in the class knew that Yan Xueshan was an indifferent person. He was silent, so whenever he opened his mouth, the words he uttered were extraordinarily convincing.

All of a sudden he made most of the class blush, while the remaining half were already blushing.

Being praised like this, who wouldn’t be ashamed not to do it!

Nothing seemed to change much for Yan Xueshan.

After rejecting the school’s invitation to be an honorary professor for the Mecha Department, he still lived in seclusion, no different from any other student. For this semester he also applied for courses in botany and mineralogy. Every day he was exercising, studying, and playing with mecha. During his school rest day, he would go to  the military base to lead a team.

 He seemed to be a normal person, as if he had forgotten about the upcoming finals.

 So much so that the day before the finals, Polly, who was anxious to see Yan Xueshan working hard like an old farmer in the test field, asked, “Don’t you need to retreat to train or something?”

Yan Xueshan squatted on the ground. The shovel in his hands didn’t stop as he said, “No ah. It’s nothing special, I often practice with Arthur.”

He thought, maybe not a thousand times, but maybe eight hundred times.

Piloting his own mecha, piloting his opponent’s mecha, and fighting in various simulated environments. He’d done it all.

Otherwise, how could their cohesion rate be so high? Wasn’t it built bit by bit?

Looking at Polly’s hesitant appearance, he slowly realized what she was worried about, and asked, “Are you afraid that I would lose?”

Nodding he said, “Indeed, there is a possibility of losing. The two of us will fight against each other in a 3 – 7 split, he three, I seven. Let’s see what happens then.”

Once Polly heard Yan Xueshan say this she instantly became relieved.

Yan Xueshan patted the dust from his hands. “Don’t just stand still, go back to work.”

Polly looked at him blankly. Watching Yan Xueshan concentrate on farming, she asked, “Could it be that compared to mecha, you like farming more?”

Yan Xueshan said seriously and calmly, “I like both.”

That evening, Polly returned to the dormitory, finished her homework and then found out that her support group chat had blown up.

【Ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! I’m going crazy !!!!!!]

A group of people were screaming.

The text alone felt noisy to her.


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