Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 107.2

“Okay since it’s what you said, Brother will not be afraid of running out of wine. I will wait for you to finish brewing the wine. You also have to save this white wine for. One jar, no, two jars. Two jars of white wine!”

Shao Yunan raised his hands proudly. “Is five jars enough?” Jiang Kangning immediately laughed. “Enough!”

After dinner in his bedroom, Shao Yunan laid down on the bed and stretched out. “It turns out that Big Brother is also a drunkard. Shijing, do you think we should take the grain from the space to brew it or the grain from outside?”

Wang Shijing walked to the bed and began to undress, saying, “There is no hurry.” Shao Yunan propped up his upper body. “Why not? I think Big Brother is in a hurry.” Wang Shijing, half knelt down and stretched out his hand to untie Shao Yunan’s clothes. “We are about to make tea.” Shao Yunan raised his eyebrows and pressed Wang Shijing’s hand. “So?”

  “So…” Wang Shijing, like a hungry tiger rushed towards him. The clothes were thrown onto the bed blanket one by one, as Wang Shijing pounced on Shao Yunan’s body, touching and kissing him. Shao Yunan hummed and moaned with passion as Wang Shijing did everything he wanted. Both of them are very busy lately, so they spend much less time in bed together. The tea making was about to start, so the two of them probably won’t have time to make out for a long time.

“Hmm!” Shao Yunan tilted his neck higher as his hands gripped Wang Shijing’s solid shoulders, trying to relax and bear his iron-hard parts. The place that has not been relaxed for many days was very tight, but Wang Shijing’s foreplay was still coming in and out making Shao Yunan wet down there.

“Ah!” Shao Yunan cried out in pain, slapped Wang Shijing on the back and then moaned time after time. Wang Shijing sucked vigorously on Shao Yunan like he expected milk to come out, just that sucking sound was enough to make people blush. Not sure why, but Wang Shijing liked to suck his wife’s nipples. When he took off his wife’s clothes for the first time and saw the two red buds on his wife’s chest, he couldn’t help but want to suck them hard.

Shao Yunan’s two slender legs wrapped around Wang Shijing’s waist, asking for more. Wang Shijing’s left eye watched his wife closely, as the rhythm of his waist became faster and faster the more he watched. How could he marry such a good wife?


“Knock knock knock”

“Shijing, Yunan, get up! People came from the capital!”

Wang Shijing snapped open his eyes, instantly awake. Beside him, Shao Yunan pulled up the quilt to cover his head, obviously still very tired after last night. Wang Shijing didn’t say anything to him and just quickly got out of bed and got dressed. Outside the door, Guo Ziyu waited anxiously. After waiting for a while, the door opened and he hurriedly said, “Shijing, the people from the capital and the county magistrate are waiting. His Excellency rushed over first and told us to tell you to clean up and hurry over.” Wang Shijing nodded and said, “I’ll be ready in a minute, you can go first.”

“Alright.” Guo Ziyu left in a hurry as Wang Shijing returned to his room and patted Shao Yunan’s face lightly. He spoke quickly as Shao Yunan woke up in a daze. “Yunan, someone from the capital is here. It should be someone sent by the Empress. Brother Guo and I are going over now, you should get ready too.” Shao Yunan woke up.

“I’m leaving first, the eldest brother has already gone there. You should prepare some delicious food at home, we might be eating at home tonight.”

“Got it, go first. Take someone with you. If anything happens you will have someone to come back with a message.”

“Alright.” Wang Shijing hurriedly washed his face, brushed his teeth, and went out. Shao Yunan also did not go back to sleep. He drank a cup of spiritual spring water to ease his discomfort, since last night the two of them played like crazy. If it wasn’t for the spiritual spring water and spiritual milk, he would not have been able to get up today.

After Jiang Kangning received the news from the county magistrate’s workers, he left without even bothering to eat breakfast. It was Guo Zimu who stuffed him with a cup of goat milk and a loaf of bread for him to eat in the carriage. Jiang Kangning rushed to the Yamen, since the people from the capital had already waited for a while. 

Jiang Kangning knew one of them. It was Eunuch An’s man, An Yi. Then another person came forward and saluted Jiang Kangning and said, “Master Jiang, the deputy commander of the imperial guards, Dai Jiang, will be responsible for the protection of the residence and escorting goods this time.”

Jiang Kangning hurriedly saluted, “Commander Dai, please do not blame me for not welcoming you.” Dai Jiang said, “Lord Jiang doesn’t need to be polite. His majesty ordered me to not make any noise. I wonder when you and the others will start making the tea?”

Jiang Kangning replied, “We will start picking the tea tomorrow. From picking the tea to making it ready to drink will take around a month. This time, tea from all over Cainan Province will be sent to Yongxiu County, so I am afraid the time will be longer. Please go and make yourself comfortable.”

“Please, Lord Jiang.”

In order to keep the tea making method a secret, the Empress also sent people from the Dai family to come to Yongxiu County to protect Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, as well as their family members to avoid suspicion. After the tea was made, Dai Jiang and the fifty guards he brought would escort the new tea to the capital. Then he would come again after the goat’s milk wine was made.

After showing Dai Jiang the reconstructed tea factory located behind the Yamen office, Dai Jiang arranged his people to guard it. Dai Jiang, just like everyone else hadn’t eaten yet so Jiang Kangning arranged for the Yamen officers to entertain them. Then Wang Shijing also arrived and Jiang Kangning immediately brought him in front of Dai Jiang. 

After the two sides saluted and exchanged greetings, Wang Shijing was not very happy when he heard that Dai Jiang was going to send ten people to guard his Wang residence. But he also knew that he came all the way from the capital to do just that, so his arrangements could not be refused. When Wang Shijing went home that night, the ten people would go with him.

After Wang Shijing finished speaking with Dai Jiang, An Yi stepped forward and motioned for him to speak with him on the side. “Eldest young master, Jiang, is out of the capital for business. The master is too busy with the affairs in the capital, so he could only send this youngster to listen to the orders of the two young masters.”

Wang Shijing was not used to being treated like this and said, “Just call me by my first name.” An Yi shook his head and said, “The master has already said that you and the young master are the master’s nephews, and the master has also stated it to the ministers in the court, so that some people who are short-sighted will not trouble the two young masters.” 

An Yi took out two deeds of sale from his arms and continued, “This is the housekeeper servant that the master found for the two young masters. Both of them are old people who have worked in the palace for more than 20 years. The Empress even personally intervened in this matter. These are the deeds of sale for these two people. Those two were married in the palace. The master said that if they try to bully their new master, you can just tell the master and he will deal with it. The master told me to tell the young master that from now on, these two people will be Wang family slaves and would no longer have ties to the palace and the capital. In the future, the life and death of these people will be up to the master to decide.”


Wang Shijing frowned in his heart. “We are ordinary farmers who just bought a few people to be domestic slaves. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for people from the palace to come to my house to be domestic slaves.”

An Yi said, “How can the two young masters be ordinary farmers? The Emperor and Empress have praised the two young masters. The master said that the two young masters should accept them with ease. Let them guard the house for the young master and manage the servants well. They can also teach the young master and the young lady some etiquette and rules, so that in the future when they go to the capital, they will not panic.”

It seems that he could only accept, so Wang Shijing took the deeds. “Then I’ll respectfully obey. Sorry for the trouble”

“Master, don’t talk to me about trouble. It’s my blessing to be able to help you with things.” An Yi turned his head and turned in one direction. Immediately, a man and a woman dressed in plain clothes came over. Both of them looked to be in their thirties. Perhaps because their duties in the palace were not heavy, there was a look of haggardness and vicissitudes on their faces.

After the two came over, An Yi said, “This is the young master.” The two saluted. “Yan Fusheng/Qin Yin greet the young master.” Their behavior was very respectful. Wang Shijing nodded slightly and said, “Yunan and I don’t know many rules, so we will have to bother you in future. After all, our family is not an official’s family, so I’m afraid the rules in the capital may differ from the ones here, so you have to be patient.”

Yan Fusheng said, “Young master can spare us. Both Fusheng and Qin Niang are the young master’s domestic slaves, so the two young masters are in charge of everything.”

Qin Yin followed. “Young master can call me nurse Qin, I and Fusheng are both fatherless and orphaned, so it’s thanks to the blessings of the two young masters that we were able to leave the palace. If you have anything to order us, please feel free to do so.” Wang Shijing could only say, “Then I will have to trouble you two with everything at home.”

“Young master has spoken highly of you.” Wang Shijing did not know what the purpose of these two people’s appearance was. Both Eunuch An and Jiang Kangchen had said that they would find them people from the palace to help them run the house, but he didn’t expect Eunuch An would really find him people from the palace. Although the deeds of these two people are now in his hands, can he just sell them? He will have to ask his Big Brother in private later.


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