Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 108.1

Not long after Wang Shijing left, Wang Qing also went to the Academy. There was no two-day long weekend rule here, so he only had one day off every six days. In modern times, almost everyone could study and wished there would be more school holidays. But in ancient times, studying was a difficult and sacred thing. No matter how hard or tired you are, you must study.

As soon as Wang Qing arrived at the academy, he received stares from everyone. Walking into his classroom, Wang Qing was about to say hello to Zou Xiaofang, but the other party turned his head away and ignored him. Wang Qing was baffled, but he just walked to his desk, put down his schoolbag, and asked Guo Yu.

“What’s wrong with him?” Then he noticed everyone was looking at him again. He blinked, what was going on? Guo Yu’s hand under the table clenched as he spoke out. “Wang Qing, how come you didn’t tell us you were the country magistrate’s nephew? I thought we were friends.”

Wang Qing blinked again, yesterday the eldest uncle came to pick him up. He subconsciously opened his mouth and said, “My Little Father did not let me say it. Little Father said that with time everyone will know anyway, but if I say it myself, it’s just showing off.”

Zou Xiaofang turned his head back and Guo Yu’s hand under the table also loosened. Then Zou Xiaofang came over, not the slightest bit angry as he was a moment ago and asked, “Wang Qing, are you really the nephew of the county magistrate?”

Guo Yu couldn’t take it anymore. “Can it be fake? You did not see it yesterday.” Zou Xiaofang scratched his head. “It’s just hard to believe.” Wang Qing said, “I wasn’t before, but I was later.”

“Huh?” All classmates froze and then came together. Wang Qing said, “My Little Father went to the county school to get a judgment from the dean and then met Uncle. Uncle made a judgment for my family and later he recognized my Little Father and Dad as his adopted brothers, so he became my uncle.”

Guo Yu let out a cry, pointing at Wang Qing and asked in surprise, “Your Little Father is the one who stood up for his husband and went to the county school to seek the dean’s opinion? Then the county magistrate and Old Dean Cen helped him and chastised his deceitful brother-in-law, right?”

Zou Xiaofang exclaimed, “No way! Wang Qing! That man is your Little Father?” Wang Qing froze. “Uh… you guys, all know ah.”

“Really, it’s your Little Father?” The class exclaimed. Wang Qing’s cold sweat dripped down. How could everyone know about it?!

Now Wang Qing became famous… completely famous. The story of Shao Yunan going to the county school to battle his brother-in-law had spread much more widely than he thought. So much so that several versions were circulated in Yongxiu County. Some people said that Shao Yunan was not filial and disrespectful to his parents-in-law, but the vast majority of people were very appreciative of his actions. Being oppressed by the family like this he still resisted. Daughter-in-laws, especially worshiped Shao Yunan very much.

Wang Qing didn’t even think he was so famous. He has not even spoken about his relationship with Elder Cen because after he said who his Little Father was, everyone immediately asked him if he is the grandson of Elder Cen. The teenager who made a scene at the county school and became Elder Cen’s adopted son was known to almost everyone in Yongxiu County.

“Wang Qing, you are too dishonest. We are all friends, how could you not tell us who your Little Father was.” During the meal, Zou Xiaofang still couldn’t help complaining.  Wang Qing was very helpless. “You didn’t ask. Wouldn’t it be strange if I told you who my Little Father was?”

Guo Yu opened his eyes wide. “Wang Qing, my mother really likes your Little Father!”

“Ah?!” Then Wang Qing hurriedly said, “My Little Father only likes my dad!”

Guo Yu suddenly realized that he had said something wrong and quickly shook his hands. “No, no, like this, I was wrong! My mother used to be bullied by my grandmother, then my elder brother was admitted to the Imperial College in the capital and my grandmother started to treat my mother better… but only a little. So after my mother heard about your Little Father, she especially admired your Little Father.”

“My mother too!” Zou Xiaofang ate the snacks from Wang Qing’s lunch box and said, “My mother always tells my father that if my father bullied her again, she would go to the county school to get a judgment from the scholar.”

Guo Yu pursed his lips and smiled, “My mother also said that to my father in private.” Wang Qing smiled, feeling especially proud of his Little Father. Zou Xiaofang asked gossipingly, “Wang Qing, do your grandmother and your Little Uncle still dare to bully you now?”

Wang Qing shook his head. “My family has separated from the clan. My Little Father spent money to make them sign a deed of separation. So we are strangers now.”

“Wow~”Zou Xiaofang grabbed Wang Qing and shook him. “Wang Qing, Wang Qing, can I go to your house to meet your Little Father?” Guo Yu also looked at Wang Qing expectantly, he also wanted to go. He really wanted to see Wang Qing’s awesome Little Father and see how Wang Qing’s home looked like.

When Wang Qing heard this, he felt a little distressed, so Zou Xiaofang deduced from looking at his face… “No?” Wang Qing shook his head. “No, it’s just that my Little Father has been very busy recently, so you might not see him even if you go to my house. When he’s done, you can go to my house and meet my Little Father.”

That’s it. Guo Yu nodded. “Okay. Then we will wait until your Little Father is done.” Zou Xiaopang asked curiously, “What is your Little Father busy with?” Wang Qing shook his head. “I don’t know either. He should be busy at home doing business. My Little Father and Dad didn’t tell me. My Dad has been busy for almost a month already.”

“How long will your Little Father be busy?”

“Well, my Little Father told me today that It will take more than a month.” Guo Yu kicked Zou Xiaofang. “Having so many questions. Even so many snacks can’t stop your mouth.” Zou Xiaofang smiled apologetically and stopped talking.

The carriage hurriedly drove into Xiushui Village straight to the village’s largest mansion, Wang Residence. The carriage stopped at the door of the Wang residence and a man jumped off the cart and knocked vigorously on the door.

“Who is it?” Ding Lin opened the door.

The person outside the door asked anxiously, “Is this Wang Qing’s house?” Upon hearing this, Ding Lin immediately said, “Exactly, may I ask who you are?” The man said, “I am from the White Moon Academy. Wang Qing is in trouble at the academy, so is your master here?”

Ding Lin got anxious, “What happened to the young master?!”

“Wang Qing got into a fight with someone, and the dean asked me to come and get your master.”

“A fight?” Ding Lin was bewildered, but still said, “Wait a moment. I will go and tell my young master.” Ding Lin closed the door, as a wicked smile appeared on the face of the man outside.

After getting the news, Shao Yunan changed his clothes and strode out, asking Ding Lin, “Did that person say why Brother Qing fought with others?”


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