Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 107.1

Chen Sanli also sought out Wang Shijing for the new tea and wine. As the richest man in Yongxiu County, Chen Sanli naturally also relied on business to make money. Chen Sanli didn’t dare to think of the production method, but hoped that Wang Shijing could leak some tea and wine for him to make.

“Brother Wang, I don’t want to make it difficult for you. I also know which nobleman’s business this tea and wine belong to. I don’t dare to compete with that person for  business, so I won’t hide it from Brother Wang. I know a merchant; that person has done business in the country of Das Kingdom and this brother wants to sell this tea to Das Kingdom through this person.”

Wang Shijing said in surprise, “To bandits?” Chen Sanli shook his head and laughed. “For the Xianlu kingdom they might be bandits, but for us, the Great State of Yan, although they are not good things either, as long as there is money to make, we don’t care what kind of bandits they are. As long as we can earn their money. You do not need to look at the Xianlu kingdom. They and the Das Kingdom were in numerous battles, but the two countries are still doing business as usual.”

Wang Shijing thought for a while and said, “I don’t dare to answer Brother Chen about this matter now. I have to ask first. As long as His Honor agrees. However, it also depends on the amount of new tea and wine this year. I will give the rest to Brother Chen.”

Chen Sanli immediately said excitedly, “Older Brother, you promised ah. This is something that your master will definitely agree to. The honorable man needs the money, so who cares where this money comes from?” Chen Sanli lowered his voice and said honestly, “Please put in a good word for me in front of that person. I am absolutely loyal to that person. This is not to compete with the nobleman for business, but to help that person expand their business network and earn some money along the way.”

Wang Shijing smiled slightly and said, “Elder brother Chen’s words are too much. I don’t have the face to say anything directly to that person, but I’ll try to have someone bring your words to him.” Chen Sanli immediately saluted and said, “Elder brother Wang is righteous! I’m not going to talk to you in vain. If this matter can be completed, you and I will share the proceeds 50-50. If you have any trouble in the future, as long as I can help, I will never refuse!”

Wang Shijing, who did not care about the money said, “Money is not important. Chen Xucai is friends with my son and often sends some books to my son Qing, so I want to give him some face.” Chen Sanli laughed and said, “Brother Wang, be quick! My friend, brother, I’m committed!”



“Das country? What country is it? Is it far from the Great State of Yan?” In the Wang residence, after Wang Shijing returned home and told Shao Yunan what happened today in detail, Shao Yunan immediately asked. Wang Shijing hadn’t opened his mouth when another person explained. “Das Kingdom is far away from the Great State of Yan and it is adjacent to Xianlu Kingdom, but separated from Xianlu Kingdom by sea.”

“I heard that Das Kingdom is not big and the people are greedy and lustful by nature, so they like to plunder other countries. But they like water and are especially fierce in water battles. The ships of the Das Kingdom are also several times stronger than those of the Great State of Yan. Xianlu Kingdom hates Das Kingdom the most. The people of Xianlu Kingdom also once asked our Great State of Yan to send troops to help them defend against Das.”

“The people from Xianlu Kingdom also like to call Das Kingdom people bandits. They have also harassed the border of the Great State of Yan, but most of the Great State of Yan’s land near the sea is inaccessible with many insects and snakes, which is not very beneficial to them. So the two sides do not have frequent conflicts.”

Shao Yunan, hearing this could not help but mutter, “Bandits… are they local Japanese pirates?” Jiang Kangning… “Yunan? What are Japanese pirates?” Shao Yunan immediately came back to his senses and said, “No, I just feel that the people in this Das Kingdom are not very easy to get along with.” Jiang Kangning said, “If we don’t get along well, then we don’t get along. We also don’t have many dealings with them.”

Shao Yunan said, “Chen Sanli having a channel to do business with Das Kingdom has its own strength. If he can sell the tea and wine to that country, it will be all due to his own ability. He is right. In business, it doesn’t matter who you make money from, regardless of whether the other party is Das or Xianlu.”

Jiang Kangning nodded. “I also think so. In this way, Yunan, you immediately write to Lord An so that he can reply as soon as possible. This matter still needs to be approved by the Emperor and Empress before we can do anything.”

“Well Brother, write it. I am too busy to learn how to. There are still some characters I can’t write.” Jiang Kangning was so angry that he tapped Shao Yunan’s head. “How long has it been? Not knowing how to write? You are not as good as Brother Qing.”

“I’m busy.”

Jiang Kangning, “…”

Wang Shijing hurriedly said, “I’ll write it.” Shao Yunan said, “Don’t be in a hurry. In fact, I want to meet the merchant that Chen Sanli mentioned first. I am very interested in things from Das Kingdom and I want to ask him what is in Das Kingdom. Maybe we can find something profitable.”

Jiang Kangning and Wang Shijing nodded immediately when they heard this. When it comes to making money, they absolutely must listen to Shao Yunan. Wang Shijing immediately said, “I’ll go to Chen Sanli tomorrow.”

“Well, you just say that I’m interested in the Das Kingdom and it’s best to meet that person face to face.”


“Since the Das Kingdom is of interest to me, if the Empress agrees to Chen Sanli’s request, then we will barter… Trade our tea and wine for something of theirs. A small amount of tea and wine for a large amount of their specialties. And if they have nothing special, then we’ll just trade in cash. They give the money and we will give the tea and wine.”

Jiang Kangning didn’t understand. “Why?” Shao Yunan said, “This Das Kingdom is not something good. If they also have good things, then we barter and move to have the exchange of products and money. For example, if we can exchange a catty of tea leaves for a lot of valuable specialties from them. Why not do it? If we convert it into gold and silver, not to mention having losses we will also create a foreign exchange profit for them. Moreover, the quantity of tea and wine we sell to them must be limited, and we cannot allow them to resell to make money.”

“We can’t do business and still grow them. So, the high price of tea and wine is good for us now. We can trade a small amount of tea for a large amount of their stuff. Then we can turn that stuff around or do secondary processing and turn it into something more valuable. If they don’t have something good or better, we take a little bit of tea and wine for a lot of their real money. They can’t develop without money in their hands and that’s only good for us.”

Jiang Kangning and Wang Shijing, “…” Admiration was visible in their eyes.

Jiang Kangning… “Then what is secondary processing?”

“It’s like making fruit into jam. Processing one more time can make products sell at a higher price. In short, trading with the Das Kingdom can only make them have less money, instead of making them richer. Once such a bandit-like country becomes rich, even if they don’t invade us now, they will definitely trouble us in the future.”

Jiang Kangning nodded. “What you say makes sense. I will also send a letter to the Emperor.” Then Jiang Kangning said, “Speaking of which, that ‘white wine…’ even me, your big brother didn’t even know about it.”

Was this blaming him? Shao Yunan immediately smiled and said, “Brother, you can’t blame me for this. I wanted to give it to you, but before I even finished brewing it, Lord An presented me with a problematic situation. The empress is very interested in the auction house and wants us to prepare more good stuff for it. This white wine will also be put up for auction, so I have to make some noise first so I can raise the price. If it weren’t for the law that you can’t make wine from grain, why would I be so careful?”

Jiang Kang Ning laughed angrily. “Speaking of which, has Big Brother wronged you?” Shao Yunan nodded immediately. Jiang Kangning shook his head. “Okay, it’s Big Brother’s fault. The law strictly forbids making wine from grain. Not to mention Big Brother, even the Emperor can’t change it without authorization. However, besides money, Big Brother’s annual salary also includes food, cloth, etc. Big brother and his family will not go hungry and since you often send me food, big brother will give you surplus grain to brew wine.”

Shao Yunan said, “Before It could still be said in public that our family is still short of grain and now we really don’t have any more. I might brew some more when I am done with the new tea. If Chen Sanli wants to do the new tea and wine business, then he has to help me collect tea and goat’s milk fruit. By the way, let him collect some grapes as well for me, preferably with good grape seeds. I will make wine. Why is Big Brother afraid of not having good wine to drink anyway? You just have to be a little more patient.”


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