Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 57.2

Dean Cen immediately praised Zhao Congbo and Wang Yan for being hardworking and down-to-earth. Although they were not as smart as some of the children he taught before, as long as they could keep up their hard work, they would still have a good chance of studying at the Imperial College in the capital. Zhao Yuande and Wang Shiping, hearing Dean Cen praise their son in public, pulled their sons and kowtowed to Dean Cen, Zhao Lizheng and Wang Wenhe also expressed their gratitude. 


The two grandfathers could also almost not hold back the tears in their eyes. The Sun Patriarch was a bit anxious, but there was nothing he could do. At present there were no children in the Sun clan he could present. Sun Erjiang and Wang Shijing’s relationship was close, but Sun Erjiang only had one daughter, so it would be impossible to ask her to follow Madam Cen with Nizi to learn zither. 


Dean Cen did not mention Wang Qing, not because Wang Qing was not good, but because there was no need. With Shao Yunan as his Little Father, Wang Qing’s future development would definitely not be bad at all, which all of them know very well. 


After the children finished greeting Elder Cen, Shao Yunan let them go and play. Guo Ziyu brought over the snacks which were made by Guo Zimu, for the distinguished guests present to taste, since the banquet would not start until later. Dean Cen knew about the two Guo brothers, but didn’t ask any more questions about them in the presence of others. Elder Cen already wrote to one of his students who stayed in Jinzhou to help him with Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu’s household registration. He also felt that it was a pity that Guo Ziyu was unwilling to continue the examination, but Elder Cen did not force it. 


Guo Zimu’s snack was sesame walnut peanut crispy balls. It was a dough made from eggs and stuffed with walnuts, peanuts, and honey, then fried in a pan and covered with a layer of fried white sesame seeds. Naturally, Shao Yunan had taught Guo Zimu how to make these puffballs. Guo Zimu was in charge of seating the distinguished guests today, while outside seating would be in the hands of the village people Wang Shijing found. 


The crispy balls won unanimous praise from everyone as soon as they were brought up and Shao Yunan immediately said that everyone would receive a box of these crispy balls when they left. Shopkeeper Xu already formed a plan in his heart after taking the first bite, while Shao Yunan pretended to not see the business expression on his face. 


The entire Xiushui Village gathered at Wang Shijing’s new house today, making the other parts of the village very quiet. It was then that a carriage with four big black horses, followed by six riding guards, entered Xiushui village. When they entered the village, they couldn’t see anyone, but the carriage driver was not in a hurry, as if he knew by heart where the villagers had gone and drove down the village road toward the west. 


Zhao He came to the main hall in a hurry and said urgently to those who looked over: “Yunan, Shijing, someone is coming! It’s a big, four horse drawn carriage.” Shao Yunan first froze, then looked at Dean Cen. Could it be that his big brother had returned? Dean Cen said, “You two go and take a look.” Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan immediately got up and followed Zhao He out. Shao Yunan whispered to Wang Shijing, “Could it be that big brother has come back?”


“Most likely.” The two men came to the front yard, making all the villagers in the front yard look over as the carriage was almost there. But one person seeing Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan  rushed over with an outrageous cry.


“Wang Shijing! You unfilial sinful son!” Zhao He quickly stepped up to stop that person, as Wang Wang Shijing’s face instantly darkened. Pulling Shao Yunan back a step, he said in a cold voice, “Guests are here, don’t make a scene.”


“You unfilial sinful son! You married a star of misfortune and no longer recognize your own parents! You’ve built such a nice house, but won’t even let us in, you unfilial son of a bitch!”

Old Lady Wang sat down on the ground and began to curse. Shao Yunan squeezed Wang Shijing’s hand to make him keep quiet while Fourth Aunt Wang and the other aunts went to drag Old Lady Wang. Wang Zhisong also hurriedly went to pull his own mother, telling her to stop. 


But Old Lady Wang was determined to make a scene, regardless of Elder Cen and the others.  She heard that the county magistrate was away, so maybe Dean Cen who was in control of heaven and earth can help her control her unfilial son? In Old Lady Wang’s opinion, since her own son built a new house and had not asked her to warm it or let her inside, it was her responsibility to say that he should be punished. 


Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan spent a lot of money, which had made Old Lady Wang jealous and resentful for a long time. This house was  more beautiful and exquisite than the county town magistrate’s house, but she couldn’t share it. Old Lady Wang drowned in jealousy and hatred for a long time and at this moment could no longer care about her youngest son’s reputation and merit. She only wanted Wang Shijing to agree to her moving in. 


Wang Chunxiu did not say a word, since she also looked forward to seeing the inside of the house. Such a good house, her big brother was now rich so he would certainly buy someone to serve her. She would become a real lady and no longer have to do laundry, cook, or feed pigs and chickens all day long. Even the jewelry that Nizi wore now… if she could live together with them, she would certainly not have any less. 


The front yard was so disturbed by Old Lady Wang that it became quite chaotic. When the carriage stopped, Shao Yunan dragged Wang Shijing out to welcome the guests, ignoring Old Lady Wang’s unreasonable behavior. Wang Zhisong, seeing that someone important came, felt his face turn red with anxiety, hoping that it wasn’t the county magistrate who had come! “Mother, just get up and stop it! Someone is coming!”


“My own son is unfilial. He married a star of misfortune and disowned me, his own mother. He won’t even let me in such a nice house…” 


When the carriage stopped, the driver jumped out and put down a low stool beside the carriage, then lifted the curtain. The person who got off first immediately showed a gentle smile when he saw Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, then he frowned as he spoke, “Yunan, Shijing, come and greet your guest.” The two hurriedly stepped forward, ignoring the cursing behind them. 


“Isn’t this a housewarming party? Why is there so much crying?”


“… married a wife and forgot his own mother… star of misfortune…” A man with soft voice, fair red lips and white teeth stepped out of the carriage, while Jiang Kangning said, “This is Lord An.”


“We pay respects to Lord An.” Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan immediately saluted. This Lord An looked up and down at Shao Yunan in particular, then nodded at the two and asked, “What’s going on inside?” Shao Yunan smiled bitterly. “Answering Lord An, it’s hard to explain everything.” Another man came down from the carriage and Jiang Kangning said, “This is my brother, just call him Kangchen.” Shao Yunan hurriedly said, “Shao Yunan greets Elder Brother Kangchen.” Wang Shijing also followed, “Wang Shijing greets brother Kangchen.”


“This is my son’s residence, that is my… they are not letting me live… unfilial son… mourning star…”


Jiang Kangchen, Jiang Kangning’s older brother just smiled gently at the two men, “Kangning mentioned you a lot.” Then he asked curiously, “What’s going on here?” Jiang Kangning said, “I am afraid that it’s Old Lady Wang’s family.” Once he said that, Jiang Kangchen and Lord An surprisingly both looked like they understood, making everyone realize that they had already heard about Old Lady Wang’s family.  


Immediately after that, Jiang Kangning said to Shao Yunan, “Yunan, big brother is not late, right? Big brother is hungry, so cook a few dishes for big brother properly.” When he said this, not to mention Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing, even the gathered villagers caught breath due to their surprise. The county magistrate called himself Shao Yunan big brother? 

Shao Yunan, who quickly regained his senses, said with a smile, “It’s not too late. It’s just a perfect time to cook a few dishes for Lord An, big brother, and Elder Brother Kangchen.”


Wang Shijing stretched out his hand and guided the few people into the house, as Jiang Kangning said, “Master An and my brother are going to stay here for a few days. Can you arrange it?” He then glanced at the six guards and a coachman who followed after them. 

“Don’t worry, eldest brother, I’ll make arrangements now. Lord An, Elder Brother and Brother Kangchen just follow Shijing into the house first.”


Not long after Jiang Kangning called himself ‘big brother’, the crying in the front yard stopped. Wang Shijing took the three distinguished guests to the main hall first, while Shao Yunan called Zhao He to join him in arranging everyone else. Walking into the front yard, Jiang Kangning saw Old Lady Wang, who had been dragged up from the ground. He glanced at her lightly, sending chills through the bodies of Old Lady Wang, Wang Zhisong, and Wang Chunxiu, who even after dressing up well did not dare to come forward.


Jiang Kangning spoke out. ‘Wang Zhisong, if your mother is not feeling well, take her back and don’t let her disturb the honored guests here.” Wang Zhisong trembled all over, lowered his head and dragged his mother away. Old Lady Wang also no longer dared to resist. Seeing the county magistrate, she thought of the 30 big boards. Lord An also glanced at the family, but the contempt in his eyes was as  obvious as looking at a few grains of dust. Wang Shijing also did not spare even a single glance at his so-called mother. 


The three honored guests followed Wang Shijing inside, while Shao Yunan and Zhao He also took away the seven people who came with them. If Wang Yuande and Wang Shuping were present, Shao Yunan would definitely have left these people to them. 


When these two groups of people entered the main courtyard, Wang Zhisong pulled his mother away, who stumbled in her steps, but no longer dared to curse. Wang Dali silently pulled Wang Zaizheng to follow and when he was leaving, he also tried to pull Wang Chunxiu, but Wang Chunxiu broke away from her father and wanted to stay. Wang Dali just looked at her and decided to go first. No one drove Wang Chunxiu away, as everyone was still quiet. Still stuck on the unbelievable fact that the magistrate was Shao Yunan’s older brother.


Wang Chunxiu resumed her seat, but her eyes unconsciously glanced at the door to the main courtyard. Now, in her heart she was no longer concerned with her mother or her younger brother who lost face in front of the county magistrate, but how she could meet the county magistrate. Wang Chunxiu’s heart was pounding. The county magistrate called himself Shao Yunan’s older brother, so if she could get Shao Yunan to recognize her as his sister, maybe, maybe, she could become the  county magistrate’s wife! Wang Chunxiu automatically blocked out the injustice suffered by her eldest brother by her mother and brothers at home. Leaving in her head only the thought that if Shao Yunan could recognize her, she might become the county magistrate’s wife! 


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