Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 49.1

Wang Zhisong and Wang Chunxiu came over without bowls and just as the two of them appeared, the lively scene suddenly became a little cold, but Wang Zhisong was still unable to blush. Wang Chunxiu greeted everyone with a little formality and said toward Wang Shijing, who was standing with Zhao Yuande and the others delicately, “Big brother and sister-in-law, today, I and Wang Zhisong come over to congratulate you on your new house.”

Wang Shuping frowned. After they received the twenty taels of silver, they agreed to not be involved with Wang Shijing in the future, so why did they come again?

Wang Shijing said “hmm” expressionlessly and didn’t reply. The charming smile on Wang Chunxiu’s face couldn’t hold as everyone turned their gazes toward Wang Zhisong who already turned to leave.  Zhao Yuande, who had already been instructed by his wife, said, “Go get a bowl and fill it with some meat and go back. Today is a good day for Shijing’s family. You already know Yunan’s temper, so don’t let him see you again.”

Zhao Yuande didn’t address them as ‘brother and sister in law,’ so his meaning was already obvious. After old lady Wang received the 20 taels of silver, they had already become completely irrelevant to Wang Shijing. This matter was also ‘intentionally’ spread all over the village, so everyone was aware of it. Zhao Yuande wording it like this could be considered as a reminder, while Wang Shijing’s simple ‘hmm’ was to indicate his attitude.

How could Wang Zhisong not hear or see it?  He bowed his head and wanted to leave, but was pulled by the desperate Wang Chunxiu. Wang Chunxiu smiled like she didn’t understand and said, “Zhisong and I are the younger sister and brother of my eldest brother and sister-in-law. We used to be ignorant, but we still share the same blood with my eldest brother, so we came to make amends.”

Wang Chunxiu looked at Wang Zhisong bowing his head and forced him to apologize with her, while many of the surrounding people were frowning and someone even laughed out loud. But Wang Chunxiu pretended not to hear, straightened up and when she still didn’t hear a reply, tears appeared in her eyes. “Big brother, forgive me and Zhisong, we used to be ignorant.”

Wang Shijing opened his mouth, still expressionless. “Is it ignorant to try to sell Nizi as a concubine?”

“…” Wang Chunxiu’s face changed and she hurriedly said, “This was just nonsense. Nizi is my niece, how could I sell her.”

“Then having Qing kneel all night was also ignorance?” Wang Zhisong’s body shrank as he didn’t dare to look up. The eyes around him made him feel ashamed. Wang Chunxiu pinched her brother secretly, but still said, “That’s because Zhisong was impatient and didn’t have a sense of priorities. Big brother, you should ask Qing to come out and let Wang Zhisong make amends with him.”

“No need.” Wang Shijing’s tone was light. “You guys go back. Today is a good day for my family, but if Yunan sees you he will be unhappy. In our family, Yunan is the master and you guys should be clear about it already. If Yunan acknowledges you, then I’m still your big brother, until then, it’s better to not meet.”

Without looking at Wang Chunxiu’s white face, Wang Shijing spoke to Zhao Yuande and went back. Zhao Yuande spoke out, “You guys go get a bowl of meat and go back. Previously Wang Shijing sent twenty taels of silver over, and said that you would no longer be involved with them and you accepted the money. So many things have already happened, so no words or apology can erase it. There are some things Wang Shijing can’t say out loud, so don’t speak about sharing the same blood. What is right and what is wrong everyone understands. You live your own life and stop thinking about Shijing’s family.”

Zhao Yuande’s words were very unkind, making Wang Chunxiu cry even harder. “Brother Yuande, how can you say that? No matter what, that is my big brother.” Someone sneered at the side. “Yes. Your big brother is rich and has a backer, so he is your big brother. When your big brother had no money, why didn’t you say ‘that’s my big brother’? When your big brother got married, why didn’t I see you at his wedding?”

Immediately, there was a lot of laughter around. Wang Zhisong dragged Wang Chunxiu with him and left. He couldn’t stand being there any longer. But Wang Chunxiu refused to go, Wang Zhisong forcefully let go of her and walked away, wishing that he had never come in the first place. Then Wang Chunxiu looked back and saw that everyone’s eyes were full of contempt for them, so even though she was much more thick-skinned, she still couldn’t stay. Lifting her skirt, Wang Chunxiu ran away in tears.

Many of the old people present looked at the siblings running away and just shook their heads. Zhao Lizheng, who had not spoken until now, also shook his head. How could they not see what this pair of siblings were thinking? If Shao Yunan didn’t have an ‘ability’ to make money and become friends with the county magistrate, would these two come to apologize? They probably would have followed their mother’s lead and bullied Wang Shijing’s family.

In the past, if Wang Chunxiu behaved like this, the villagers would accuse Wang Shijing of being cruel and ignoring family affection. But now that more than half of the people in the village have benefited from Shao Yunan and the people in charge of the clan and village were also on Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s side, Wang Chunxiu’s behavior was just a joke.

Shao Yunan hid with Zhao He in one of the rooms. When Wang Shijing brought in two bowls of meat, Shao Yunan immediately asked, “Have they left?”

“I don’t know, but I made it clear.” Shao Yunan gritted his teeth. “They are just cockroaches that won’t die! Thick skin to this extent, even I lose!”

“Don’t be angry, today is a good day for our family. Eat more.” Putting down the bowl, Wang Shijing patted Shao Yunan on the back and then left. Zhao He advised Shao Yunan after Wang Shijing went out, “Don’t be angry because of this type of people. Yuande and the others will help you and Shijing to block them. You two now have money and the county magistrate as a backer, no fool will push his luck with you. They might be of Wang Shijing’s blood relatives, but as long as they grasp the ground, no matter how you scold or beat them, they will have a reason to come. If you go too far, others will only say it’s your own fault.”

“I really underestimated them.” Shao Yunan regretted letting Wang Shijing go to Jiang Kangning to plead for mercy. Wang Zhisong had no chance of taking the imperial examination, but none of them spoke of it in public. So he could only wait to see Wang Zhisong being made into a big joke.

Zhao He smiled, “You are the master of your family and you haven’t entered the genealogy yet. As long as they think that Shijing listens to you and you will not let them into your door in the future, they won’t dare to do anything. Their family is also originally like this. Back then, Shijing’s grandfather and grandma were left in the old house by old lady Wang and she didn’t do anything for them except to deliver two meals a day. These two people only had one thin quilt in the winter, that even my father and the patriarch of the Wang clan could not look at. At that time, the Wang clan patriarch wanted to open the ancestral hall, but Wang Shijing’s grandfather and grandmother said that their son and daughter-in-law were not unfilial and they were used to living in their old house.”

“Since they said so, it was difficult for others to meddle. Those two people were honest to the point of simplicity, just like old Uncle Wang. But their family was not separated while yours already is. The contract is clearly written, so how long will they come to you… you can shake them up. Both sides have already agreed and you have also already given them money. Wang Chunxiu may be shameless, but Wang Zhisong will never dare to mess with you again. Wang Chunxiu will turn eighteen after the New year, so she should get married soon and leave the house. Then even if she comes to you, you have something to say. A new wife looking for her big brother and his male wife would be quickly divorced by her husband.”


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