Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 102.1

As soon as Shao Yunan appeared, the atmosphere at the scene immediately surged. Wang Shuping showed a reassuring smile and said, “Yunan, you are finally back. Someone from the Song family came to see Shijing, saying they wanted to see Brother Qing and Nizi. You and Shijing were not at home, so Aunt Zhou didn’t dare to let them in.”

Wang Qing immediately said, “I don’t have a grandfather. My grandfather died a long time ago.” Song Bazi lowered his head, only he himself knew how he felt at this moment. But Song Jingshi said bravely, “Qing, your grandfather is still alive. How can you curse him by saying he is dead? It’s not that your grandfather didn’t want to see you, it’s just that due to the Wang family’s bullying, he didn’t dare to see you.”

“Why not? He is a big old man. Was he afraid that the Wang family would eat him up? The two children now have a good life, so now he dares to show up?” Shao Yunan cursed.

All the people on the scene had an excited expression on their face. Wang Qing held his Little Father’s hand tightly and a stream of warmth passed from his Little Father’s hand to his. This was his Little Father. His Little Father who would definitely protect him! Song Jingshi opened her mouth to refute, but how could Shao Yunan give her a chance?

“I have not yet gone to settle accounts with you yet, but you even dared to come to my door on your own. Before, when Wang Shijing served in the army, he left three stones for Qing and Song Yuhua took them when she left home. Everyone knows that we were able to settle with Wang Shijing after separation because I sold a stone.”

“The three stones that Song Yuhua took away were worth at least 300 taels of silver. Song Bazi, you were so poor before that you couldn’t even marry your daughter. Where did you get the money to buy land, marry a wife, and have a little one? Do you dare to say that you didn’t know about Song Yuhua planning to leave home?”

Wow— The scene exploded. Both Song Bazi and Song Jingshi were shocked. What? Song Yuhua took three stones worth 300 taels each? 3 stones… 900 taels? They were worth 900 taels!?

Song Jingshi exploded first. “She had 900 taels of silver, but she gave you just 20 teals?!” Song Jingshi screamed at the stunned Song Bazi.


“Song Yuhua really gave money to her maternal family!”

“Song Yuhua took all of Wang Shijing’s wealth and then ran away!”

Song Bazi panicked. “I, I, I don’t know! Yuhua didn’t tell me, She just said…”

But Shao Yunan didn’t listen to what Song Yuhua said when she left and just interrupted Song Bazi again. “Song Yuhua abandoned her husband and children, she even stole the stones that Wang Shijing left for Brother Qing. She even sold them. Forget about the money, she was so cruel that she didn’t even leave any money for Wang Qing and Nizi.” 

“She clearly knew how hard the lives of the two children would be after she left, but she still ran away. If Wang Shijing hadn’t come back early, Qing… no, we don’t know whether Wang Qing or Nizi would still be alive or not.” 

“Song Bazi, it was Old Wang Zhu who bullied your daughter, not Wang Shijing. If you want to seek justice for your daughter, go to that family. Wang Shijing doesn’t owe you anything, only Song Yuhua owes Wang Shijing. You should be burning incense and worshiping Buddha since Wang Shijing didn’t decide to go to the Yamen to sue your daughter. So how come you still dare to come here to recognize your relatives?”

“Brother Shuping, please go to the county magistrate’s office and tell my big brother. The Song family who stole and then escaped before are now here. Song Yuhua can only be found after they are caught. She still owes Wang Shijing 900 taels of silver. If Song Yuhua can’t be caught, her father and her stepmother can pay for her.”

“What?!” Song Jingshi was stunned, while Song Bazi was about to faint on the spot. Wang Shuping turned around and walked out. Song Jingshi was so scared that she rushed over and grabbed Wang Shuping, crying like a pig. “Big brother, you can’t go. We… we don’t know where Song Yuhua ran off to. She only gave my husband 20 taels of silver. You can’t arrest us.”

“The father’s debt is paid by the son and the son’s debt is paid by the father. You are Song Yuhua’s parents, but she ran away and we can’t find her. If I want to ask for money, who else should I ask? How can I not take it when you come to my door? Brother Ding you go.”

 “Yes!” Ding Lin wanted to leave, but Song Jingshi hurriedly grabbed him. “You can’t go, you can’t go!” Ding Lin broke away from Song Jingshi’s grip, while others stopped Song Jingshi, letting him get away. Now Song Jingshi was completely panicked and shouted at Shao Yunan, “I am just a stepmother, I didn’t know anything…”

Shao Yunan… “Didn’t you just say that you are Wang Qing and Wang Nizi’s grandma? I don’t care if it’s your own blood or step, the debt has to be paid.”

Shao Yunan claimed that Song Yuhua stole stones worth at least 900 taels of silver. Now that Song Yuhua couldn’t be found anywhere, debtors could be sent to the Song family to pay back the money or they would go to jail. This was also the first time that Shao Yunan used his big brother Jiang Kangning’s county magistrate status. 

How could someone like Song Jingshi repay this kind of money? Her limbs went limp from fright and she felt hopeless. Song Bazi was also dumbfounded. Xiao Dayu had never seen such a battle before. When he heard that he might go to jail, he and his mother burst into tears. At this time, there was big trouble in Wang Wenhe’s house again, but this time Wang Wenhe didn’t blame Shao Yunan at all. He also couldn’t help snickering a few times, because of how he was ‘disrespectful to the elders.’

When the drama was almost over, Wang Shuping spoke up. “Yunan, if they really knew where Song Yuhua had gone, they would not dare to come. Even if you let them go to jail, Song Yuhua might still not know about it.”

Song Jingshi listened and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, yes! We really don’t know where Song Yuhua ran to. We won’t see Wang Shijing anymore and we will just go home. From now on, we will never come to look for Wang Shijing again!”

Song Jingshi was really scared. She didn’t have the ‘perseverance and determination’ of Old Lady Wang, so she was completely defeated in just one round. But Shao Yunan coldly snorted, “Do you think my house is a ruined temple? If you want to come you can just make trouble and leave when you want? When did I, Shao Yunan become so nice?”

Song Jingshi repeatedly apologized. “Big brother, we won’t come here ever again. This time we were just confused. We thought that Wang Shijing had already divorced Yuhua…”


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