The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 16 – Stealing grapes

When Xu Muan came home and heard Xiao Xiaodong talk about Wang Erhu, he immediately hardened his heart.

Xu Muan had also heard of the recruitment of young servants in the Zhou family. He heard that the young master of the Zhou family had a bad temper, and many of the children who entered the Zhou family disappeared without a trace, and even their bodies couldn’t be found.

The Zhou family was so powerful that most of the young servants recruited were from poor families with no power. When the children entered the door they signed a deed of sale and when these children disappeared, those adults did not dare go to their door to find trouble.

Thirty silver, a level three tooth-piercing pig was not worth this price. If the Zhou family spent such a large sum to recruit children servants, he was afraid that there was something fishy about it!

“Did your father promise anything to that man?” Xu Muan asked.

Wang Erhu and Xu Muan had also met each other. In Xu Muan’s eyes, this man was slippery, cunning, and hypocritical. He was really not a good person, but he was used to pleasing people and had a very good relationship with Xiao Jingting.

“No, but father said he would consider it,” answered Xiao Xiaodong.

“In the future take good care of your brother. Don’t let your brother alone with him and the same goes for you,” Xu Muan ordered.

Xiao Xiaodong nodded solemnly and said, “Daddy, I know.”

Xu Muan pursed his lips and thought of Xiao Jingting’s gambling debt. Even if Xiao Jingting didn’t want to sell his children now, it would be hard to say what would happen when the people from the gambling shop came to ask for the gambling debt.

When Xiao Jingting got up, he found that the door next door was locked. Xiao Jingting called the two imps to eat, but there was no response.

“Brother, he’s calling us for dinner.” Xiao Xiaofan licked his lips.

Xiao Xiaodong glared at Xiao Xiaofan and said, “Eat, eat, you only know how to eat, and you are not afraid that he will catch you and sell you.”

Xiao Xiaofan bulged his cheeks and said, “Father is not that kind of person. Father is very kind to me.”

Xiao Xiaodong said angrily, “A small favor can buy you off, you are really useless!”

Xiao Xiaofan climbed on the wooden table in front of the window and secretly peeped through the window to watch the movement outside.

“Ah!” Xiao Xiaofan exclaimed.

“What did you see?” asked Xiao Xiaodong.

“A lot of grapes.” The grapes had been bearing fruit before, but they were all green and small. Xiao Xiaofan had picked two of them and eaten them but they were very sour, so he stayed away from the grapes for several days.

“It’s just grapes. There were a lot of them before.” Xiao Xiaodong didn’t care.

Xiao Xiaofan blinked and said, “They used to be green before and now they are purple.”

Xiao Xiaodong rolled his eyes and said, “Even if they have become purple, they are still sour.”

Xiao Xiaofan blinked and said, “But they look delicious now.”

Xiao Jingting spawned the grapes and went out.

Xiao Xiaodong watched Xiao Jingting leave and was relieved.

Xiao Xiaodong was distracted and sat by the bedside. Xiao Xiaofan was scratching the window and stared at the grapes outside drooling.

Xiao Xiaofan slipped out to pick a bunch of grapes while Xiao Xiaodong wasn’t paying attention.

Xiao Xiaodong looked at the grapes Xiao Xiaofan picked, and his face became livid. “Why are you picking his grapes?”

“It doesn’t matter. Father is not here, and there are so many grapes. He won’t find out.” Xiao Xiaofan didn’t care.

Xiao Xiaodong said hopefully, “He may find out when he comes back.”

“Father loves me the most. He won’t hit me,” said Xiao Xiaofan.

Xiao Xiaodong said hatefully, “You only remember when he gives you stuff to eat, but not when he hits things, or how he beat you in the past, you forget it.” In the most serious beatings, Xiao Xiaofan was almost killed by Xiao Jingting.

Xiao Xiaofan pressed his lips together and burst into tears.

Xiao Xiaodong saw Xiao Xiaofan crying pitifully, and comforted Xiao Xiaofan in a soft voice.

When Xu Muan came back in the evening, he discovered that the food he left for Xiao Xiaofan and Xiao Xiaodong was untouched. There were grape skins on the floor of the room and two clusters of grapes on the table.


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