The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 22 – The Affairs of the Qiu Family

When Xiao Jingting and Xu Muan returned to their house, they found that several strings of grapes were missing again. Xu Muan thinking that his two sons have stolen them again was immediately filled with anger.

“It wasn’t my brother and me who stole the food, it was someone who broke in and picked the grapes. We even tried to stop him, my brother bit him and I hit him too.” Xiao Xiaodong said.

“Who was it?” Xiao Jingting asked.

“It was a ger, wearing a pink dress with flowers on it.” Xiao Xiaofan pursed his lips full of grievances.

As soon as Xiao Jingting heard it, he knew that it was Qiu Bai. “This person is so shameless!”

But it was also the original body owner fault, flies can’t eat the egg, what made the original body owner mess with such a person?

Xu Muan took a deep breath, they were outsiders and they were readily ostracized in the village. But now if they had to find someone to judge in the village for a few strings of grapes. The villagers would not help them so he had to calm down.

Xiao Jingting closed his eyes and breathed out a sigh of helplessness, saying: “It looks like it’s time to raise two spirit dogs.”

Xu Muan sighed lightly and said: “Spiritual dogs aren’t cheap!” Now even more money is needed and buying a spiritual dog will only slow them down.

Xiao Jingting thought about it for a moment and said: “This can’t be made too loud or too quiet. If people come to pick things up it will become a habit. You don’t know how much loss it will if we get used to it. Go and tell the village head that we had burglars in our house, but that there is not much missing. We will not investigate, however we should remind the villagers to be careful of the thieves.”

Xu Muan nodded and said: “I know.” In fact, Xu Muan was actually a little surprised, in Xu Muan opinion, Xiao Jingting and Qiu Bai had an affair. But unexpectedly, Xiao Jingting turned his back to him.

Xu Muan looked at the sparse grapes and felt a flash of pain, originally there were only a few strings of grapes left but Qiu Bai still came to steal them.

Qiu family.

“This grapes are actually sweet, and it contains a rich aura.” Qiu Li exclaimed, he originally thought that the people in the city had too much money to spend, and only after eating these grapes, he realizes that he was wrong. The grapes planted by Xiao Jingting were really different.

Qiu Bai said indifferently: “Xiao Jingting is a third-level Qi Practitioner after all, it is not surprising that the grapes grown by him are full of aura.” Thinking that Xiao Jingting become a Level 3 Qi Practitioner at a young age and might become a Level 4 Qi Practitioner soon, Qiu Bai suddenly felt that Xiao Jingting may not be not a good match.

Qiu Bai brought back six strings of grapes, and only half of string was given to him. When his parents found out that these grapes could improve strength, they gave Qiu Li all five clusters of grapes, hoping that Qiu Li could advance to level 3 Qi Practitioner after eating the grapes. Qiu Bai was a little angry in his heart but there was nothing he could do about it.

Qiu Li ate the grapes and thought about Qiu Bai’s words, his heart was jealous and he secretly thought: the young master of a big family is the young master of a big family, no matter how lazy, unmotivated he was a massive amount of resources was given to him. If he has a huge amount of resources he would be much stronger, whereas like yourself he diligently cultivated all day long and was only on the second level of Qi. This world is really unfair.

“Didn’t you say that there is still plenty of grapes there? Why don’t you go pick some more.” Qiu Li asked.

Qiu Bai face reddened, it was already eye-catching enough to pick such a few strings. How could he pick all the grapes from another person house, like he was moving his things? Besides, the two little kids kept yelling at him and yelling so loudly. Qiu Bai was annoyed that his elder brother would only eat and send him to do all the work.

Thinking of the taste of the grapes, Qiu Bai couldn’t help thinking about them. He wanted to go to Xiao house to pick a few more bunches, anyway, there were still many in Xiao family.

Qiu Bai fantasized on the side. When Qiu father returned and gave Qiu Bai a good scolding.

After listening to Qiu father’s words, Qiu Bai face suddenly turned white. Qiu Bai didn’t expect that Xu Muan would directly describe him as a thief. If he bears the name of a thief, how could he marry in a good family in the future!

“The good news is that this isn’t a big deal, so don’t go to Xiao family house in the future.” Qiu father said.

Qiu Bai felt wronged, it was his brother who asked him to steal the grapes,  but his father only scolded him when something went wrong.

“Did Xu Muan talk to the village head?” Qiu Bai asked.

Qiu father nodded and said: “Yes.”

“He was jealous of me and deliberately made a stumbling block for me. Xiao Jingting must have been kept in the dark by him.” Qiu Bai said.

Father Qiu said angrily: “Without Xiao Jingting permission, how would Xu Muan dare to do this? You also said that Xiao Jingting would not  escape the palm of your hand but now I don’t think people will take you seriously.”

Qiu Bai flushed with shame when he heard what Qiu father said.

Because of Qiu Bai, Xiao Jingting picked all the grapes of the yard and left only a few strings to eat. The rest was squeezed into grape juice and eaten together with Xu Muan. Then Xiao Jingting found that Xu Muan had a good appetite.

Maybe it was because he hasn’t had any juice before but Xu Muan’s eyes ware full of wonder.

“you have a good appetite!” Xiao Jingting joked.

When Xu Muan heard this, he blushed a little, and his face was almost buried in the bowl containing grape juice.

Xiao Jingting looked at Xu Muan embarrassing appearance and only felt that Xu Muan was lovely and cute.


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