The Spiritual Plant Master Transmigration – Chapter 15 – Villains come to the door

Xiao Jingting was trimming the grape trestle, when an  uninvited guest come to his door.

“Brother Xiao, long time no see.” A somewhat slick-looking man walked through the door and glanced at the green tile house of Xiao Jingting.

Xiao Jingting looked at the visitor, and his heart flashed with vigilance

This person name was Wang Erhu he was the “best friend” of the original body owner. The original body owner gambling and addiction to Xiaoyan power ware all thank this Wang Erhu contribution. Fortunately, he come early, otherwise, the original body owner after fooling around in gambling house for few more days would made his wife and children lose their house.

Xiao Jingting always felt that Wang Erhu getting close to the original owner may have been premeditated. After all, the original body owner as done a lot of harmful things. Now that the tiger was down it was impossible for Xiao Jingting original enemies to let him go.

Wang Erhu looked at Xiao Jingting and said: “Brother Xiao, you have a nice house.”

Xiao Jingting smiled and said: “No matter how good the house in the country is, how good can it be? Such a big house isn’t even worth a dilapidated house in the city.”

Xiao Xiaofan stood beside Xiao Jingting and looked at Wang Erhu curiously.

“Brother Xiao, this is Xiaofan, isn’t it? He’s so cute! Unfortunately, he is a fool. ” Wang Erhu sighed.

Xiao Xiaofan looked eagerly towards Xiao Jingting. Xiao Jingting held out his hand and rubbed Xiao Xiaofan head, the original body owner scolded Xiao Xiaofan for being a wild seed in front of Wang Erhu, making him so unscrupulous now.

“Brother Wang, if you are doing well staying in the city, why did you come to the countryside? Xiao Jingting asked

“I haven’t seen Brother Xiao for several days and was worried and came over to take a look, I heard that your wife is fierce, I thought you may be detained by your wife.” Wang Erhu said half-jokingly.

There was a sneer in Xiao Jingting heart, was Wang Erhu sowing discord?

“Brother Wang worries too much. I’m really short of money these days when I stay in the countryside so I am ashamed to go to the city.” Xiao Jingting shook his head.

“No way. Brother Xiao is the young master of the Xiao family, he might not be out of money so soon.”Wang Erhu tone was full of surprise.

“Hateful, those people in the Xiao family are all praising the high and trampling on the low. When my parents were around, they took care of me in every way. Now that my parents are gone, they have all revealed their true face. They have assigned me to this place where birds do not lay eggs, and they have only given me so little silver that there is not enough money to eat.” Xiao Jingting was full of anger.

Wang Erhu looked at Xiao Jingting and said: “I heard that Brother Xiao, you are farming these days? How can you do that job? When I came here, I calculated a fortune for you, Brother Xiao, you are very lucky today, if you go to the gambling house and gamble, you will definitely get rich. “

Xiao Jingting waved his hand and said: “To tell you the truth, brother Wang, I can’t afford to win or lose now so I won’t take the risk.”

When Wang Erhu looked at Xiao Jingting, he only felt that he had not seen him for a few days but. Xiao Jingting seemed to become a different person. Before that, Xiao Jingting was an idiot who after his encouragement would probably have gone with him, but now he has such an unyielding attitude.

Wang Erhu looked at Xiao Xiaofan and said: “Brother Xiao, although your son is silly, he looks good!”

Xiao Xiaofan recently ate much better than before and put on some weight so he looked very lovely.

Xiao Jingting smiled but didn’t speak.

“Brother Xiao, do you know? The Zhou family is recruit the child servant for the young master of their family, each of whom will get 30 silver. If your son tries it, he will probably win the selection. ” Wang Erhu said.

Xiao Jingting smiled coldly and said: “I’m not at the point of selling my son yet.” The head of the Zhou family was an expert at the seventh level of qi practice, the Zhou family was nothing compared to the Xiao family, but to the current Xiao Jingting it was still a giant.

Thirty silver for a child was really a lot of money, so much silver means that child must sign a deed of sale when he came into the Zhou family. The way it was said from Wang Erhu mouth, it reeked of conspiracy.

“Xiaofan, is a little foolish, if it is discovered by Zhou family they would this that I was deceiving them. I won’t be able to find a way out from it.” Xiao Jingting shook his head.

“If Xiaofan can’t do it, isn’t there still a Xiaodong? It’s not a bad thing, if he’s chosen by the Zhou family and get the appreciation of little young master, then he’ll be eating and drinking well with Young Master Zhou.” Wang Erhu voice was full of envy.

Xiao Jingting laughed coldly in his heart, Wang Erhu this guy really tried to look like he was thinking about him, this matter mostly had an inside story.

“Xiaodong can’t do it. I’m counting on Xiaodong to support the family in the future, the work in this field will be counted on him in the future.” Xiao Jingting shook his head.

“Counting on him to support family, didn’t you say that this kid will not grow to anything good?” Wang Erhu said.

Xiao Jingting said disapprovingly: “He is a child, I just need to take good care of him.”

Wang Erhu rambled to  Xiao Jingting for a long time but did not gain any advantage so he left gloomily.

As soon as Wang Erhu left, Xiao Jingting found that the relaxed atmosphere at home became tense again. Xiao Xiaodong hid Xiao Xiaofan in his room and guarded him all day long.


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