Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 223

The capital was in an uproar. In noble families, childbirth usually received some reward from the palace, the amount depending on the status of the family. Shao Yunan was the Empress’s nephew, the grandson of the old General Dai, the nephew of the Grand General, the son of General, the brother of General Dai Zhanxiao, and the legitimate main wife of Loyal and Brave Marquis. With so many titles, everyone expected significant rewards from the palace, but they were shocked at how grand the rewards were. Even Wang Shijing was stunned.

The rewards for Shao Yunan’s childbirth were usually issued by the Empress, but this time Emperor Yongming personally issued the decree. The emperor didn’t reward material goods but bestowed three titles:

—Wang Shijing was granted the title of Loyal and Brave Marquis, hereditary for generations.

—Shao Yunan was granted the title of First Rank Appointed Lord.

—Loyal and Brave Marquis’s second son was named Wang Xingyi and was granted the title of Ruian County Prince.

The emperor not only granted the newborn a county prince title but also personally named him. Ruian County Prince’s title was only one character different from the emperor’s eldest son’s title, Suian County Prince, but the status was obviously different. This was an incredible honor. When this decree was issued, the noble families in the capital, except for a few, were all green with envy. Even the old General Dai had not expected such a decree. With the downfall of Duke Anguo and the demotion of Marquis Hengyuan, Loyal and Brave Marquis’s sudden rise transformed the court into two dukes, five marquises, and one King general. Now, with this new decree, the three dukes’ positions were complete.

Wang Shijing, a commoner, had risen from a retired centurion to one of the three dukes in just two years. The status of his family—one duke, one heir, one county prince, one county princess, and one first-rank lord—made them the foremost among the three dukes. How could the old noble families accept this? Why should Wang Shijing become a duke? Was it just because of that immortal fruit and the good things produced by Loyal and Brave Marquis residents? For them, a marquis title and a county princess title were already great favors.

Receiving the imperial decree, Wang Shijing hurried into the palace to express his gratitude, feeling uneasy and hoping the emperor would retract the reward, which he felt was too much. As for his son being named, he didn’t know whether to be grateful or frustrated, as all the names he had thought of were now useless. The difference between a marquis and a duke was significant. Being a marquis drew envy, but becoming a duke disrupted the balance of power in the court. This honor didn’t bring him joy but anxiety.

The old General Dai also went into the palace, hoping to persuade the emperor to rescind the decree. Loyal and Brave Marquis residence had already become a new power in the court, and becoming a duke so soon worried the old general.

When they entered the palace, Emperor Yongming was still in the East Hall, while the Empress had returned to Jingyou Palace to rest. Emperor Yongming’s sleeping quarters had become a mere decoration since the Empress preferred to live in Jingyou Palace, which had now become the emperor’s sleeping quarters. Emperor Yongming was waiting for Wang Shijing to express his gratitude. Upon hearing their concerns, Emperor Yongming said: “Loyal and Brave Marquis, I am not rewarding you, I am rewarding Yunan and little Xingyi.”

Emperor Yongming stood up and walked slowly, saying: “I once said that whoever could cure the Empress would be made a duke. Yunan not only cured the Empress but also fulfilled our long-held wish, giving us a prince. Moreover, the immortal fruit you two provided granted us a new lease on life. As for your loyalty to us, I won’t enumerate them. Yunan is my lucky star. Granting him a different surname as a king wouldn’t be too much, but as an inner spouse, I can’t give him more riches and honor, so I’m giving them to you.”

Wang Shijing wasn’t angry, he knew he was basking in his wife’s glory.

Emperor Yongming walked up to Wang Shijing, who bowed. The emperor continued: “Yunan regards your two children as his own, and he was determined not to bear children himself. So, I made your eldest son the heir. But now, Yunan has a child. This child is the grandson of the Empress and me, your legitimate eldest son, and cannot be subordinate to anyone. Even if Yunan doesn’t care, the Empress and I cannot accept it.”

The old General Dai immediately understood the intention behind the decree.

Sure enough, Emperor Yongming’s following words explained the true purpose of the decree.

“Whether you are a marquis or a duke, what’s the difference now? I can’t retract your eldest son’s heir status, but Xingyi must have a status matching his bloodline. After much thought, only the title of county prince is suitable. But if I make him a county prince, your status would be awkward, as would Wang Qing’s as the eldest brother. Elevating you to duke allows me to make him a county prince. Moreover, Yunan, as a second-rank lord, having a higher rank over him isn’t appropriate either.”

“I thank Your Majesty for your grace!”

Wang Shijing knelt and kowtowed. The old General Dai also knelt. The honor given to Loyal and Brave Marquis residence, his grandson, and great-grandson was an honor for the general’s residence, and the old general was deeply moved.

Emperor Yongming personally helped the old general up and then Wang Shijing, saying: “You came from the Tiger army, and General Wuwei has been stationed at Tiger Pass for years. With the birth of your grandson, General couldn’t see him, so I took the liberty to name him Xingyi.”

“I thank Your Majesty for the name. Yunan and I both like it. We had also considered the character ‘Yi’.”

“Haha, it seems I thought along the same lines as you. Alright, go back. When Xingyi is out of his first month, have Yunan bring him into the palace often to accompany the prince. When Xingyi is old enough to study, he should be the prince’s study companion.”

“I thank Your Majesty for your grace!”

Wang Shijing knelt and kowtowed. General Dai also knelt. The glory granted to the Loyal and Brave Marquis family, to his grandson and great-grandson, was also a glory to his General’s household, making General Dai deeply moved.

The Emperor personally helped General Dai up and then asked Wang Shijing to rise, saying: “You come from the Tiger Army, and the General of Martial Prestige has long been stationed at Tiger Pass. Since the General of Martial Prestige couldn’t see his grandson’s birth, I took the liberty to name him Xingyi.”

“Your subject is grateful for the name. Both Yunan and I like it very much. Among the names we considered, there was also ‘Yi’.”

“Ha, it seems I thought the same as you two. Alright, go back now. Once Xingyi completes his first month, have Yunan bring him to the palace often to keep the Crown Prince company. When Xingyi is old enough to study, he can be the Crown Prince’s study companion.”

“Your subject thanks Your Majesty for your benevolence!”

Wang Shijing and General Dai left the palace, their moods entirely changed from before. The Duke title was solely to match his son’s status, so Wang Shijing was no longer worried, and neither was General Dai. Ancients valued bloodline, Xingyi, being Yunan’s biological son and the General’s grandson, couldn’t be just a secondary son of a marquis. Not only would the Empress be uncomfortable, but so would the General’s household.

Now, with Wang Qing inheriting the Duke’s title and Wang Xingyi being a Prince, the brothers were of equal status. When Wang Xingyi turned fifteen, he could establish his own household. With the wealth of the Loyal and Brave Marquis estate, there wouldn’t be disputes over family property. This arrangement was the best and most appropriate. It also showed the Emperor and Empress’s favor towards Yunan. The Empress wouldn’t let her grandnephew be wronged, and the Emperor found the best solution, which the Empress naturally accepted.

Wang Shijing suddenly became a Duke, but the Emperor wouldn’t grant him another residence. Initially, the Emperor granted them a large mansion, anticipating Wang Shijing’s future promotion. Whether he liked it or not, Wang Shijing was now at the center of power and wealth. As long as he remained loyal, his position would only become more secure.

Both Wang Shijing and Yunan had no ambition and were even somewhat indifferent to power. This was a primary reason for the Emperor and Empress’s generous favors. No matter how much they were given, they would never harbor disloyalty. Additionally, the Emperor and Empress had plans for Xingyi to grow up with the Crown Prince, studying together to foster loyalty and support in the future. The Empress only worried that if Xingyi turned out as lazy as his two fathers, it might be problematic.

When Wang Shijing returned, Yunan was still asleep. He informed the elders of the household that his Duke title was due to his wife and son, with General Dai corroborating, easing everyone’s concerns. Wang Shijing had rapidly transformed from a commoner to a Marquis and now a Duke, a startling pace.
Everyone left, including Brother Tiger, who didn’t return to the palace immediately. Wang Shijing instructed the Little Gold to guard the door and woke Yunan. When Yunan, sore all over, saw him, he wanted to bite him.

“Dear, let’s go soak in the space.”

The extremely sore Yunan grabbed Wang Shijing and, along with Brother Tiger, entered the space. Wang Shijing placed the child aside and quickly put Yunan into the spiritual spring water.

After soaking for over an hour, Yunan felt better, but he was still quite displeased. He had suffered greatly this time, not willingly.

“Dear, the Emperor issued a decree.”

“What decree?”

Wang Shijing recounted the content of the decree. Yunan exclaimed: “Isn’t that too generous!”

Wang Shijing explained the reasons behind it, and Yunan rolled his eyes: “This little one really has a lot of face, and you, the father, still benefit from him.” Pointing a finger at Wang Shijing, Yunan sternly said: “Let’s be clear, our son has only one identity in this family: yours and mine! When he needs discipline, he will be disciplined. No spoiling a brat!”

“Everything will be as you say.”

The more Yunan thought about it, the less assured he felt. “No, I must inform Father, Grandpa, and Grandma. Let Brother Qing and Brother Moxi manage him well. Brother Qing won’t have any issues, right?”

“No, and if he does, I believe you can resolve it.”

Shao Yunan thought for a moment and said: “When he gets a bit older, we’ll send him to Tiger Pass so his grandfather and uncle can teach him personally. If he turns into a spoiled brat, I’ll kick him out of the house!”

Wang Shijing suddenly felt sorry for his son. He was just born, and his other father was already thinking about how to discipline him. Wang Shijing silently thought to himself: “Son, don’t worry, your dad will love you.”

Unexpectedly, after planning how to educate his son, Shao Yunan felt a bit more at ease and got out of the water. Brother Tiger was nowhere to be seen, and Shao Yunan didn’t go looking for him. Brother Tiger had been working hard lately. Because of his pregnancy, Wang Shijing hadn’t had time to tend to the space, so the fruit trees, grains, tea trees, and grapes were all overdue for harvesting.

Little Xingyi was still asleep. Wang Shijing wiped him down with spring water and carried him into the small wooden house to sleep. Shao Yunan, dressed in his robe, went to check on the growth of the immortal fruit.

The spirit milk jar was empty, it must have been drunk by Brother Tiger Shao Yunan set the fallen bottle upright and went to look at the fairy fruit. What he saw shocked him.

“Brother Shijing, brother Shijing, come quickly!”

Wang Shijing ran out of the wooden house and towards the spirit milk cave. He heard Shao Yunan urgently shouting: “Brother Shijing, the immortal fruit is gone!”


Wang Shijing ran over and saw that indeed, the previously grown fruit was gone, and the leaves had curled up again. Brother Tiger and the Gold brothers didn’t eat the immortal fruit, so it couldn’t have been one of the tigers., There was no reason for Brother Tiger to leave the biggest one and eat the newly grown small ones.
Looking closer, Shao Yunan was even more startled: “The relic is also gone!”

The two relics, one given to the Empress and the other left beside the immortal fruit by Shao Yunan, were missing. Although the relic was small, its glow was unmistakable. Shao Yunan searched the water for a long time but couldn’t find it. He was shaken: “What’s going on? The immortal fruit is gone, and the relic is gone too!”

Wang Shijing held his wet hand: “You just gave birth, don’t touch cold water. If they’re gone, they’re gone. The immortal fruit and the relic were things we obtained by chance. When we go to the palace, you can ask if the Empress still has hers.”
Shao Yunan nodded dazedly, still in disbelief.

The space’s size hadn’t changed, but the fairy fruit and the relic were gone. Remembering the first day after giving birth, afraid that his father and family would come to visit, he and Wang Shijing took the baby out. They let Brother Tiger stay in the space a bit longer and sent the tired Gold brothers into the space as well.

The baby slept the entire time, his diaper was dry, and the exhausted Wang Shijing drank a cup of spring water to rejuvenate himself. After washing up, he undressed and got into bed, holding Shao Yunan.

“Brother Shijing, I’m not having any more children. Once is enough.”

“Enough, enough, this time was an accident. If conditions allowed, I would get a vasectomy.”

“Do I need to eat a pregnancy fruit every time before getting pregnant?”


Shao Yunan sighed in relief. If he ended up permanently turned into a woman after giving birth, he would definitely hit his head against a wall. Now that he knew what the pregnancy fruit looked like, he would be careful not to let another accident happen, so he wouldn’t suffer like this again.

“Xingyi… Xingyi… Brother Shijing, why not let our son study medicine? He can perform your vasectomy in the future.”

“Let’s see what he wants to do when he grows up. I think the Emperor intends for him to support the Crown Prince. Born in this era, there are some things we can’t decide.”

“Alright, every child has their own fortune. We’ll see how he grows up. Ugh, today was really painful!”

“Let me massage you.”

While comforting his spouse, Wang Shijing didn’t notice that his son seemed to be sleeping too much and too deeply. Except for crying twice after birth, he had been sleeping constantly.


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