Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 95.1

The children who come to study at the White Moon Academy are basically all from rich and renowned families. If they were children from poor families they would have particularly good qualifications. White Moon Academy would also not accept any money for their admission, but there were very few such children. It’s not that White Moon Academy discriminates against poor families, but that the education level received by children of poor families could never be comparable to that of rich and noble families. 

Naturally, their knowledge and grades would be much lower than those of rich and noble families. For Wang Qing, who used to not even dream about going to school, to be able to come to White Moon Academy to study, as becoming of the grandson of Elder Cen, the former dean of White Moon Academy, was still almost just a dream. In that dream his father found a very, very good Little Father for him and his sister. In that dream he also not only ate well and dressed warmly, but also could go to school.

Sitting in the elementary class classroom, Wang Qing had never been so nervous, even when he went to see his grandfather for the first time. The children in his class were basically the children who had already studied for one or two years, and only two children, like Wang Qing, were new to the school. But those two children had cousins who had already studied at the academy and they knew the other children in the classroom, so only Wang Qing knew no one.

Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo were in the same classroom. When the three arrived at the academy, someone took them to their respective classrooms, while another person brought Wang Qing in. That person was Kang Rui’s assistant, whom Wang Qing did not know, but the children in the classroom knew. The children were curious about Wang Qing’s identity. After all, with their family background, they would more or less know everyone, since most of the students in the academy come from the Huai family.

Wang Qing’s clothing was not luxurious, but definitely not cheap either. Especially that school bag of his, which gained attention as soon as he came in. Wang Qing’s seat was also in the first row. His seat was added just that morning. For that reason the child originally sitting in that position had to move back a row, sitting just right behind Wang Qing. 

The child’s face was tense and unhappy. Such a position arrangement was naturally proposed by Elder Cen and Kang Rui. Wang Qing was originally the smallest and the youngest in the classroom. He was the grandson of Elder Cen, so of course he had to sit in the front row.

All the children in the classroom had their own little groups and only Wang Qing was alone. Firmly remembering his little advice, Wang Qing read his book carefully to reduce his nervousness. At that moment, a hand slammed heavily on his desk, making Wang Qing’s body shudder subconsciously as he looked up.

In front of him stood an unpleasant-looking, chubby boy. Wang Qing took a deep breath and spoke. “Yes, what’s the matter?” The little chubby boy asked fiercely, “Where are you from?! How can you sit in front of Guo Yu!” Wang Qing subconsciously looked backward, turned around, and asked, “I shouldn’t sit in front of him?”

The little chubby boy slapped the table so hard this time, that Wang Qing felt his hand should hurt very much, as the chubby boy shouted. “Guo Yu is the best- student among us. His Elder Brother studies in the capital’s Imperial Academy! Where did you come from, that you are so ignorant of the rules and dare to sit in front of Guo Yu!”

“Zou Wenzhe.” A moderate voice came from behind. The little fatty grunted heavily at Wang Qing, who just blinked. “Ah, I didn’t know. Then I’ll just sit at the back. ” Saying that, he stood up and packed his school bag ready to move to the back table.

“No need!” Voice came from behind. Wang Qing turned around halfway and said apologetically, “Sorry, I didn’t know I couldn’t sit in front of you. I’ll switch places with you.” The child named Guo Yu said coldly, “Your position was arranged by the teacher. Do you want me to be scolded by the teacher?”

Wang Qing shut his mouth, he didn’t mean that and just wanted to change places with the other party, but obviously, he had already offended the other party.

The little fatty pushed Wang Qing down, making Wang Qing turn around. The little fatty asked in a stern voice, “Where are you from! How come I haven’t seen you before? I know all the people in Yongxiu County Town who come to study at the academy!”

Wang Qing helplessly replied, “My family is not from the County Town. My family is from Xiushui Village.” Xiushui Village? The children in the classroom all looked toward them.

When the little fatty heard that Wang Qing was from Xiushui Village, he immediately pointed at Wang Qing and shouted, “How can you, a farmer kid from Xiushui Village, come to study at the academy?”

Wang Qing was not happy when he heard it. “I am from Xiushui Village, so I can’t come to the academy to study? Could it be that your ancestors were born in Yongxiu County Town? Whose ancestors didn’t come from the village and farming?” In the past, Wang Qing would never have said such things. But now he was deeply nurtured and educated by his Little Father, so Wang Qing did not feel bad that he came from the village. Five hundred years ago, maybe every person sitting here was from one family. The little fatty got angry hearing it and pushed Wang Qing hard. “My family is not peasants!”

“Zou Wenzhe!” An angry rebuke came, the little fatty’s body shook as he lowered his head with a fearful look. Wang Qing looked toward the voice and also stopped speaking. The other children hurriedly stood up and called in unison. “ “Dean Kang, Teacher Sima!”

Kang Rui walked in with a serious expression and asked, “Brother Qing, what’s going on?” Hearing the new Dean Kang address Wang Qing, all the children looked at them in surprise. Guo Yu behind Wang Qing also tensed up, did that kid belong to Dean Kang’s family?

But Wang Qing just shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.” The young teacher called by the students as teacher Sima asked, “Zou Wenzhe, are you bullying the new classmate again?”

“He didn’t bully me, he just didn’t believe that I came from Xiushui Village.”

Zou Wenzhe raised his head in surprise and Guo Yu also showed a surprised expression. Kang Rui’s expression also softened slightly and he said, “You are all classmates, so you should treat each other kindly and don’t do evil things like bullying your classmates.”

“Student wouldn’t dare.”

Kang Rui nodded to teacher Sima and teacher Sima said, “I’m sorry for causing trouble, Dean. “Kang Rui didn’t say anything about his relationship with Wang Qing, but just touched Wang Qing’s head before leaving, and said kindly: “Concentrate on studying and don’t think about other things.”


Kang Rui left, leaving behind a group of curious children. Before Wang Qing went to school, Shao Yunan told him not to announce his identity at school. Grandpa and uncle master would also not specifically state it, to avoid his classmates either bending over backwards or guarding against him because they knew his identity.

Kang Rui’s actions caused the curiosity of the students, but because he did not specify, everyone was just curious. It seems that the new student’s family might have some relationship with Dean Kang. The children who could come here to study all had some kind of background. When Kang Rui left, Teacher Sima sternly said, “Zou Wenzhe, why weren’t you in your place during the morning reading? Recite yesterday’s chapter again!” Zou Wenzhe looked bitter, yesterday’s chapter was really very difficult!


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