Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 211

Shao Yunan invited Princess Wu Uzhen to have tea and had someone bring the bird’s nest he had prepared for her to taste. Dai Zhanxiao first asked what bird’s nest was, and when he learned it was the saliva of swallows, he found it hard to imagine how anyone could eat such a thing. He wanted to remind his brother, especially since he was pregnant, to be cautious. But seeing his brother and Princess Wu Uzhen enjoying it, he swallowed his advice. Perhaps his brother knew more about food than he did.

“Princess, this bird’s nest is a top-notch tonic. Eating two spoonfuls a day is not only good for the body but also has a beautifying effect, especially suitable for girls.”

“Really? Madam, how did you make it so clear?”

“I have some ready here. Princess, take them back to enjoy. Processing the collected swallow’s nests is cumbersome, and I’m afraid you wouldn’t have the patience. When you return, you can bring some finished products. Just soak them, remove the feathers, and stew them with longan, wolfberry, and red dates for half an hour, then they’re ready to eat.”

“Then madam, thank you very much.”

“I also thank the princess for bringing me these bird’s nests.”

Dai Zhanxiao listened to his brother and Princess Wu Uzhen talk about bird’s nests, holding the bowl of bird’s nest in his hand, unable to swallow it. Shao Yunan saw him only looking and not eating and said: “Brother, this is good stuff. The bowl you’re holding would sell for twenty taels of silver in Yunlong Pavilion. It’s a waste not to eat it.”

“Twenty taels?” Dai Zhanxiao’s heart trembled. Even Princess Wu Uzhen almost spewed out the bird’s nest in her mouth. He quickly swallowed it down.

Shao Yunan hadn’t mentioned that it would sell for even more in Qingyuan, but with the principle of not wasting food, Dai Zhanxiao took a sip of the bird’s nest. Fortunately, there was no strange taste. Also the thought of a small bowl of bird’s nest selling for twenty taels of silver made Dai Zhanxiao swallow it all down enthusiastically, which amused Princess Wu Uzhen.

After Princess Wu Uzhen finished a bowl of bird’s nest and drank several cups of tea, she left in a very good mood, leaving only the two brothers in the hall, making the atmosphere slightly awkward. Thankfully, both of them were not introverted. Shao Yunan took the initiative to speak: “Brother, how is Father?”

“He’s doing fine.” After a pause, Dai Zhanxiao asked: “You’re still young, why are you in such a hurry to have a child?”

Shao Yunan’s expression changed immediately, and Dai Zhanxiao asked coldly: “Is it because your husband forced you?”

“No.” Shao Yunan gritted his teeth. “I was tricked!”

Dai Zhanxiao didn’t know what to say about Shao Yunan’s pregnancy mishap. Shao Dahu death was not regrettable, and Wang Shijing was indeed unaware. In the end, he could only say: “This child is destined to be with you. Relax and take good care of yourself during pregnancy.”

Heh heh!

Shao Yunan rubbed his chest, which felt stuffy at the thought of it. “I can only console myself like this.” Not wanting to dwell on this troublesome matter, Shao Yunan changed the subject: “Brother, tell me about the situation on the border.”

Dai Zhanxiao naturally explained in detail.

The envoys of the four countries gathered in the capital, bringing many “foreigners” to the city. Especially the distinctively Huhar people would cause a stir wherever they went. The people of Great Yan had an inherent fear and hatred of the Huhar people.

“Qingyuan” business was booming. Whether it was the envoys of Dasi Kingdom or the Great Mountain tribe, taking advantage of this opportunity, they often came to Qingyuan to build relationships with the aristocratic families of the capital. Qingyuan’s food was delicious, the environment was good, and it offered great privacy. Coupled with Guo Zimu status as the King main wife to be and his relationship with the Brave and Loyal Marquis mansion, Qingyuan now required at least ten days’ advance booking to secure a room.

Su Jinyu had booked a room at Qingyuan eight days in advance because he had a gold card, which prioritized him. Since obtaining this card, more and more people were trying to get close to him. Tonight’s table was actually booked by Xie Bi, the son of the Minister of Rites. Xie Bi wanted to gather some friends at Qingyuan, sought out Su Jinyu, and naturally invited him to join.

Embassies arrived in the capital, and the busiest ministries were the Ministry of Rites, the Ministry of Revenue, and the Ministry of War. The Ministry of Revenue was busy with issuing money, the Ministry of Rites was busy with various arrangements, and the Ministry of War was busy with maintaining order. Xie Bi invited mostly young nobles from the capital, and Chu Xiong, the legitimate second young master of the Duke Ning Mansion, was also among the invitees. Since Concubine Jing was demoted to a noble lady and sent to Changxi Palace, the Ning Duke’s Mansion had become much more low-key. Now there were only two dukes left among the three dukes, and it was still acceptable for the Duke Lu Mansion and the newly prominent Loyal and Brave Marquis Mansion to have some connections. However, the current situation of the Duke Ning Mansion was quite delicate. Although the Yongming Emperor’s surveillance did not suppress the Duke Ning Mansion, with Concubine Jing’s demotion and the Empress’s pregnancy with the Emperor heir, the status of the Duke Ning Mansion became somewhat ambiguous. Concubine Jing’s situation remained a sword hanging over the Duke Ning Mansion.

Su Jinyu arrived at the Qingyuan Inn around noon. The handsome attendant led him to the “Bamboo Silk Room.” Su Jinyu didn’t even bother acknowledging the person who had paid two thousand taels of silver for the golden card in his hand. Of the one hundred golden cards introduced by the Qingyuan Inn, Guo Zimu gave five to the Crown Prince, and the rest were all given away. It was undoubtedly not for people of high status to receive such a card, and Princess Wu Uzhen also received one. Owning a golden card from the Qingyuan Inn was definitely a symbol of status and position. It had to be said that Shao Yunan’s idea to Guo Zimu appealed to many people.

Su Jinyu sat down, and it didn’t take long for Xie Bi and the others to arrive. When booking at the Qingyuan Inn, the list for the day had to be set in advance, or there would be no time for the food to be prepared. Upon seeing Su Jinyu, everyone complimented him. Xie Bi sat down and said: “Brother Jinyu, let’s see what your golden card can offer us.”

Su Jinyu smiled and wordlessly took out the golden card. Xie Bi took it and exclaimed repeatedly: “Indeed, it’s the Qingyuan Inn. Quite extravagant.” His words were full of undisguised envy.

The card ended up in Chu Xiong’s hands, and he was also very envious. The Duke Ning Mansion also had a golden card, but it was in the hands of the Duke Ning eldest son. Chu Xiong had a bad relationship with his elder brother, the eldest son of the Duke Ning Mansion, who still had some abilities. Chu Xiong, on the other hand, was a complete playboy, but because of his status, the young nobles in the capital were willing to associate with him.

Xie Bi was very eager and begged: “Brother Jinyu, since you and the Loyal and Brave Marquis are cousins, could you help your brother get a card? We can pay for it. Your Duke Lu Mansion has three golden cards, or perhaps you could sell one to your brother?”

Xie Bi wasn’t the first to come up with such an idea, and Su Jinyu replied: “My two brothers treasure this golden card like their own eyes, so I can’t force them. However, I can ask Wang Shao Madam, but I can’t guarantee if we can get one.”

“As long as Brother Jinyu is willing to speak for me, that’s all that matters.”

Xie Bi was very happy, unaware that Su Jinyu had no intention of helping him ask.

The dishes soon started to arrive. Only Su Jinyu and Xie Bi had been here before, and this was their second time. After all, the dishes here were indeed too expensive. The various dishes that were brought to the table made everyone’s mouth water just by looking at them.

Xie Bi picked up his chopsticks and said: “Come on, today’s meal is on Master Zhuang. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

The nobleman in charge of paying smiled and raised his chopsticks.

The atmosphere at the dining table was very good. After eating for a while, there was suddenly a commotion outside, and everyone couldn’t help but stop eating. How could there be such a noisy sound in the Qingyuan Inn? Master Zhuang put down his chopsticks and said: “I’ll go and see.”

Su Jinyu also put down his chopsticks and stood up. Regardless, this place had some connection to Wang Shao, and he was concerned.

At this moment, the hall of the Qingyuan Inn was crowded with Huhar people. Zhao, the steward, stood pale in front of a group of fierce-looking Huhar people. Behind him were the guards of the Qingyuan Inn, and some of the guests from the rooms had also come out.

The leader, a Huhar man with a full beard and a cross-shaped scar on his face, looked around fiercely and said to Zhao: “We are the embassy from the Huhar Kingdom. We came to your Great Yan Inn to eat, and we still need to make a reservation? What a joke!”

Steward Zhao tried hard not to faint from fear and said firmly: “Qinghao is a private restaurant. Reservations are necessary for dining, and all the rooms are full now. The Qingyuan Inn was established by our lords, the Loyal and Brave Marquis and the King Mansion. No matter who comes, the rules must be followed!”

The Huhar man with the cross-shaped scar pushed Steward Zhao aside, and the guards of the Qingyuan Inn stepped forward to stop him. Su Jinyu pulled over a male waiter who was trembling in the corner, whispered a few words in his ear, and the man nodded and ran off. At this point, all the guests in the rooms had come out. These guests were all people of status. Su Jinyu stepped forward and said firmly: “The embassies of Xianlu, Great Mountain Tribe, and Dasi always make reservations when they come here to eat. The embassy from the Huhar Kingdom, are you causing trouble here without reservation? Is this your sincerity in negotiating?”

The bearded Huhar man looked disdainfully at Su Jinyu and asked: “What’s your name?”

“Shouldn’t you give your name before asking others?”

The Huhar man laughed loudly: “I am Su Charshan, a brave warrior of the Huhar Kingdom!”

Su Jinyu replied: “Su Jinyu, from the Duke Lu Mansion in Great State of Yan!”

The leader, Khan Keqin, glanced at Su Jinyu and signaled to Su Charshan with his eyes. Without warning, Su Charshan suddenly attacked Su Jinyu. Su Jinyu, who had been on guard the whole time, hurriedly defended himself, but being just a young nobleman with limited martial arts skills, he was no match for Su Charshan. After just a few moves, Su Jinyu’s body crashed hard into the wall, blood gushing from his mouth.

The situation inside Qingyuan suddenly turned chaotic. Xie Bi and the others were pale with fright. Steward Zhao, hurried over to help Su Jinyu, followed by another person who quickly came to support Su Jinyu. He pulled out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket, bit open the lid with his teeth, and poured its contents into Su Jinyu’s mouth. All the people from the Huhar nation and the agitated and angry guests in Qingyuan also suddenly quieted down, looking at each other.

Su Jinyu felt as if his internal organs had been displaced. He didn’t faint, but his mouth was full of blood, and a cool sensation flowed into his stomach along with the blood, easing the burning sensation in his internal organs. In a daze, he saw a mask, from which emanated not only a bloody smell but also a faint fragrance.

“Steward Zhao, go quickly and find a doctor.”


“Go quickly!”

Terrified, Zhao lost his wits but as Su Jinyu was the eldest son of the Lu family, Zhao was terrified of making any mistakes. He ran out to call for a doctor, but the people from the Huhar kingdom blocked his way.

Khan Keqin took a few steps forward. “Is this person Guo?”

Underneath the mask, Guo Zimu gritted his teeth tightly. His hands were icy cold, and his body was trembling slightly. He didn’t understand how the other party knew who he was. He gently laid down Su Jinyu, put the empty porcelain bottle into his clothes, and stood up. The guards of Qingyuan immediately blocked Guo Zimu, but Su Charshan struck again. These guards were no match and were quickly overpowered. One after another, guests began to stand up. Some had some martial arts skills, hailing from Dasi, Great Mountain Tribe, and Xianlu, and they all stood up.

“Huhar thieves! How dare you cause trouble here in my Yan State capital!”

“Enough of your insolence!”

“Huhar country’s envoy, since you’ve come for negotiations, what’s the meaning of this behavior?”

Guo Zimu told himself not to be afraid. This was the capital. He had already sent people to find

king Rong and Yunan. The past would not repeat itself!

With a “puff,” something hit the strap of Guo Zimu’s mask, causing it to fall off, and cries of surprise immediately erupted. Khan Keqin froze, Su Charshan froze, and all the Huhar people froze. The hall fell silent, with everyone looking at the revealed face of Guo Zimu.

When the mask fell off, Guo Zimu was dumbfounded. At this moment, he was so afraid, so terrified. This version of him looked even more pitiful. His exquisite face, coupled with his fear, made people stare blankly. In Khan Keqin’s eyes, there was an unabashed predatory gaze, while Su Charshan’s breathing became heavy.

“Daring Huhar thief!”

Khan Keqin and Su Charshan quickly regained their senses, and a long spear shot out from the crowd of Huhar people behind. Someone saw the newcomer and exclaimed in surprise: “It’s General Dai!”

Dai Zhanxiao appeared, accompanied by a small guard of only twenty to thirty people. Su Charshan was the first to confront him, and Dai Zhanxiao led the battle outside Qingyuan, while the guards also fought against the other Huhar people. Khan Keqin’s entourage consisted of brave Huhar warriors, and the guards couldn’t match them. Only Dai Zhanxiao could barely hold his own against Su Charshan.

At this point, a private soldier from the Dai family was hurrying to Qingyuan. Before they arrived, a formidable force joined Dai Zhanxiao’s side. Surprisingly, it was led by Princess Wu Uzhen of Great Mountain Tribe.

Outside Qingyuan, several groups of people were engaged in a difficult and indecisive battle. Khan Keqin, who had not joined the fight, walked towards Guo Zimu, seemingly unconcerned about his side’s disadvantage. Several people stood in front of him.

“Khan Keqin, proceed with caution.” someone warned.

Khan Keqin stopped, disdainfully glanced at the people blocking him, and then looked directly at the trembling Guo Zimu.

“I have heard that the King Luo Rong has a man as beautiful as a celestial being by his side. Today, seeing him, is indeed an experience far beyond what I’ve heard. Even the most beautiful flower in our Huhar country would pale in comparison before you.”

“Khan Keqin, this is the capital of Great State of Yan. Your disrespectful words are directed at the rightful spouse of King Luo Rong, the King of Great State of Yan! I will faithfully report to our Emperor. Khan Keqin came with an envoy for peace, but what I see is your arrogance and disrespect!”

The person stepped aside, blocking Guo Zimu. Khan Keqin lowered his eyes slightly and sneered: “And who might you be?”

“He is Cen Jueyuan, the chief instructor of the National Academy in the capital of Great State of Yan.”

Standing up with Cen Jueyuan were the scholars from the National Academy who had come with him. Cen Xueshi pressed her daughter tightly in the corner, covering her daughter’s mouth with one hand, her face filled with deep fear. With Cen Jueyuan taking the lead like this, all the Yan people present, whether sincerely or not, came over to stand with him. The Cen family was the paternal family of the loyal and brave marquis!

Upon hearing the other person’s name, Guo Zimu became even more afraid. This Khan Keqin didn’t look like a good person at all. If he were to harm the Cen family, they wouldn’t be able to withstand it at all. Guo Zimu wanted to step forward, but Cen Jueyuan firmly blocked him, saying: “Madam, you don’t need to be afraid. This is the capital of Great State of Yan! Even if these Huhar people are arrogant, can they really kill all of us?”

As he said this, Cen Jueyuan stared directly into Khan Keqin’s eyes.

Khan Keqin, avoiding Guo Zimu’s gaze, rudely said: “You Han people have an ancient saying, heroes have always loved beauty. Such a beauty, I naturally have a desire for her. You say he is the rightful spouse of King Luo Rong, but how come I’ve heard that he hasn’t married King Luo Rong yet? Since they haven’t married, naturally, I can vie for him.”

Many Yan people present were furious. The Emperor had long decreed that everyone knew the owner of Qingyuan was the rightful spouse of King Luo Rong. Khan Keqin’s words were not only arrogant and rude but also showed a complete disregard for the Emperor and a humiliation to King Luo Rong.

Guo Zimu lifted his head, but the fearful tears in his eyes never fell. When he raised his head, the desire in Khan Keqin’s eyes became even more intense.



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