Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 71

This was the first time that the official Weibo account of the cast of “Legend of Youth ”released on-set photos, making fans from all around rush in and excitedly click on the photos one by one.

The first picture was set in the corner of the inner courtyard of the ancient building that was obviously a rest area. In a moon white robe, Lian Pengxing, with Wang Yue dressed in a light green dress, stood side by side facing the camera. Both held the script in their hands, and seemed to be studying their lines. Not far from them, Shen Jia, dressed in a dark blue robe, sat on a lounge chair. He was also holding a script in his hand, listening to a staff member who was talking with him.

Lian Pengxing, Wang Yue and Shen Jia fans’ eyes lit up with happiness and satisfaction – Ah, to see their own baby / child / brother! Look at their costumes, super beautiful / handsome! Their serious expressions as they worked were also charming!

The second picture was in a garden pavilion. Qin Zhengji, dressed in black, sat at a stone table with a water bottle and script right in front of him. Opposite Qin Zhengji was Shen Jia, who was now wearing silver robes and propped his head on the stone table, pressing the script under his chin. The two of them seemed to be talking, one looking down, the other looking up, and looking at each other across the stone table.

Seeing this photo, Qin Zhengji’s fans were both happy and excited – ow ow ow, Qin Qin / Brother Zheng / baby! He looked just too handsome in this outfit!

Shen Jia fans were also excited- Jia Jia is so cute like this! Jia Jia is so handsome in this costume! Jia Jia is the best!

In the third photo, in a beautifully decorated room, wearing a long pink and purple embroidered dress, Xiao Xiu was obediently sitting down as she let the makeup artist comb her hair. Holding the script in her hand, she frowned slightly with a distressed look. At her side, dressed in a white dress, Wang Yue was slightly bent over. She also held the script with one hand and pointed to Xiao Xiu’s script with the other. Her expression was serious, as if she was teaching Xiao Xiu something.

The not so large group of Xiao Xiu fans became excited after seeing this picture – ah ah ah, there was their baby, Xiao Xiu! Their baby Xiu Xiu was super good and cute!

Some understanding Xiao Xiu Xiu fans also immediately thanked Wang Yue in the comment section for taking care of their own little newcomer, praising Wang Yue for her beauty and kindness. Wang Yue’s fans were very satisfied with this and were polite enough to reply, making the atmosphere very harmonious for a while.

Then came the fourth, fifth, and sixth photos of several important supporting actors, several respected veteran actors, and several cute child actors. The crew became exposed to rain and dew, which could be said that all actors’ fans that could be taken care of were being taken care of.

The fans became more and more satisfied, even novel fans were very satisfied with the crew’s comprehensive display. Then with this kind of satisfaction, they clicked on the remaining seventh, eighth and ninth photos.

In the seventh photo, a figure in azure robe stood with its back to the camera at the center of the photo. In front of him, Shen Jia, Lian Pengxing and Wang Yue gathered together in a semicircle. Shen Jia’s eyes were bright and his expression was excited, with a piece of paper in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. He seemed to be saying something to the figure in the blue robe. Next to Shen Jia was Lian Pengxing, his head slightly bent down so they couldn’t make out his expression. He seemed to be looking at something he was holding in his hand. Next to Lian Pengxing, Wang Yue leaned over and looked at Shen Jia with a smile, as if she was amused by what Shen Jia said.

As soon as the photo opened, fans immediately noticed the thin but good-looking figure in the center of the picture, and couldn’t help but linger on the shoulder line exposed despite the long hair and the thin waist outlined by the belt. They lingered on it for a few seconds before paying attention to their own idols facing the camera.

After licking the screen and their idols, the fans couldn’t  help but turn their eyes back to the azure back, wondering.

Who was it? He is quite good looking. He also doesn’t seem to have appeared in the group photo before. He doesn’t look like Qin Zhengji’s body shape. Everyone roughly tried to distinguish the person without any success. With doubts and a little itch, they clicked the next photo slightly distracted.

After the eighth photo was opened, the first thing that caught the eye was a touch of azure, this time facing the camera.

The fans and passers-by all came back to their senses and intently looked at it.

On the thick-colored wooden floor, a thin figure dressed in an azure bamboo-leaf robe sat with his legs covered with a piece of white cloth, his head slightly down, one hand raised and pressed to his eyes while the other was stretched out toward a staff member who drew something on his fingers.

Because of the movement, his sleeve slipped a little, revealing a white forearm and a thin and beautiful hand. His face was still covered by the falling sleeves and hands, making his eyebrow and the lower right face obscured.  Only the thick eyelashes and the soft outline of the left side of his face could be seen.

Next to him crouched Shen Jia looking anxious, one hand on his knee and another in front of him, as if he was trying to help him with his eyes. On the other side,  Lian Pengxing and Wang Yue also half squatted and looked at him. While Lian Pengxing’s expression could still not be seen clearly because he bowed his head, Wang Yue’s profile showed a little concern, as if she were asking something.

Everyone who saw the picture froze, their eyes fixed on the face of the person in azure robes.

This facial features and outline… Qi Cong?

It was Qi Cong?

This was Qi Cong?

Some people couldn’t help but return to the last photo, and fixedly look at the perfect figure of the person in the azure robes, from the shoulder line to waist line. Then they went back to look at the person sitting on the ground, carefully discerning his facial features, a little confused.

It really seemed to be Qi Cong. Some of them vaguely remember that Qi Congn had a costume printed with an azure bamboo leaf pattern.

Then Qi Cong’s back was so beautiful?  Shoulders are shoulders, a waist is a waist, but his proportions were really good!

Also, Qi Cong was really filming.

With a somewhat marvelous and complicated mood, various fans and passersby looked at the photo of Qi Cong for a while longer, then they clicked on the last single photo.

When the photo was opened, there was  a white pigeon flying towards the camera. In front of the white dove within a carved window stood a lonely gentleman in azure robes. As warm yellow candlelight illuminated the outline of his body, the cold moonlight gilded the black mask on his face with a layer of slightly cold light.

Warm and cold light become intertwined in his body, dark and light also dividing his body. He was tilting his head slightly toward the camera, showing soft but white cheeks that seemed to have no temperature. With a straight nose and soft lips, he looked just like a piece of art that came straight from a painter’s brush, exquisitely beautiful but lifeless. He seems to be looking to the side as though his mask he was looking at the boundless night.

This was a photo without any adjustment and filter. At the edge of the photo there was also figures of the staff walking around with props and instruments. Lighting could also be seen everywhere, making the scene appear a bit cluttered.

This didn’t stop people from noticing the man in azure robe standing in the window and the white pigeon that was flying toward him. It also didn’t stop people from being attracted to the figure of the man in azure robe. They couldn’t help staring at the black veil that covered the eyes on his mask, looking for the point where his eyes fell.




The comment section became very lively. The hot comments were covered with rainbow farts sent by the fans of each family to their idols and the crew in at top. Then, after an unknown amount of time, a comment slowly moved up and squeezed through the many rainbow farts, stopping at the third most popular position.

Ask for a Magic Change: I kind of know what God means to enjoy a meal. Qi Cong in this costume is really absolute…absolute absolute absolute, he really looks good. Although his face is not fully shown, it is still really good looking. Was Jiang Zhaoyan blind? How can he not be attracted to such a good-looking man? Also, he was abusive? Is he stupid?

Shortly after this comment appeared, the crew of  Legend of Youth suddenly re-edited the Weibo post, pairing the photos with a meaningful sentence, which reads: Friendly “Legend of Youth” family [love] [love] [love] [love]. Azure is a sign of sunrise, and a new beginning for everyone.

Not long after that, Lian Pengxing, Qin Zhengji, Wang Yue, Xiao Xiu and other stars bubbled, liked and forwarded the Weibo message. Even Lian Pengxing and Qin Zhengji praised Qi Cong.




In the second floor box of a lively barbecue restaurant, in a food street outside the Film and Television City, Shen Jia frowned. 

He looked at the forwarded caption of “Congratulations to Brother Cong for his first successful filming” by Lian Pengxing and comments made by Qin Zhengji and Wang Yue under the Weibo of the crew, showing their good relationship with Qi Cong in a roundabout way. Then he finally looked at the text of the crew under the highlighted photos. His five senses crinkled together. He was very puzzled.

“What are these people doing? Brother Cong is obviously not familiar with them, so why do they try to look as if they have a good relationship with him? Also what is with that crew caption?”

Zhao Zhenxun took away Shen Jia’s cell phone, scanning the content on the home page. While helping Shen Jia retweet and praise the crew Weibo he spoke. “The crew is still clearing up the relationship between them and the ‘Qi Cong who was discredited and framed.’ They are telling everyone who was concerned about Qi Cong’s matter that Qi Cong and the crew members’ relationship is very good. Also that it is impossible that the one who tried to hurt Qi Cong was someone from the crew.”

Shen Jia said gloomily, “Is that necessary? Obviously, everyone’s attention has been focused on Jiang Zhaoyan.”

“They think it’s necessary.” Zhao Zhenxun handed his phone back to Shen Jia after posting the Weibo. He continued, explaining and reassuring, “Lian Pengxing and his fans need the idea that ‘my idol takes care of Qi Cong and has a good relationship with Qi Cong’ to refute those sporadic remarks. The crew also needs to do something to reassure the actors. There’s no need to get angry. It’s also good for Qi Cong. He is getting a wave of free publicity and not being picked on by fans of other actors in the cast in the future.”

Sitting across from Zhao Zhenxun, Qi Cong listened to the conversation while looking down at his phone and flipping through the retweets of Lian Pengxing and others on Weibo.

“You don’t like these?” Sitting at Qi Cong’s side, Gu Xun leaned closer as he put the roasted meat into Qi Cong’s plate and said with care, “Try it.”

Qi Cong returned to his senses as Gu Xun breath sprayed on his ear when he spoke and his neck flinched. His first reaction was to look at Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia, who were sitting on the other side of him.

Shen Jia and Zhao Zhenxun stopped talking at some point, and looked over in unison. One with gossipy and flirtatious eyes, one with a slight frown.

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Gu Xun’s position that was too close to Qi Cong and felt a headache coming. He said to Gu Xun, “We are indoors now so I don’t care, but you should pay more attention outside in the future. Qi Cong needs a quiet period before he debuts.”

Shen Jia was stunned when he heard these words. He looked back at Zhao Zhenxun and asked excitedly, “Debut? Is the time set for the release of Brother Cong’s new song?”

Qi Cong and Gu Xun also became distracted by this question. They looked at Zhao Zhenxun together, one with a little nervousness and anticipation, the other with a gentle kindness in the face of Qi Cong.

“The day isn’t set yet, but it will be decided within a week.” Zhao Zhenxun first glanced at Gu Xun, and then looked at Qi Cong and said, “You have about ten scenes left. Except for a conspiracy scene filmed in the enemy lair, the other scenes will be filmed in two places: the royal residence and the imperial garden. It’s estimated that in the next few days you will finish all of them. Get ready when you finish filming scenes in the imperial garden because you will also end your job as Jia Jia’s assistant and follow me back to Beishi to start your real artist journey.”

A real artist.

Qi Cong chewed on these words, but before his emotions could create any ups and down over this news he suddenly realized something.

According to Zhao Zhenxun, he will leave Hengcheng and return to Beishi in a week at most. Then Gu Xun… 

He squeezed his chopsticks tightly and looked towards Gu Xun.


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