Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 72

Gu Xun was also watching Qi Cong. The relaxed smile between his eyebrows disappeared, but he still curled up the corners of his mouth and smiled at Qi Cong. While adding another piece of toasted meat to Qi Cong’s plate he asked in a low voice, “When we get back to the hotel after the midnight snacks, shall we go to the hotel tea bar? Huaxia hotel security is very good and I will be very careful not to let the paparazzi photograph you. “

Qi Cong couldn’t resist the pitiful and considerate appearance of Gu Xun, so he almost instinctively nodded. However, in the middle of nodding he looked at Zhao Zhenxun, who was sitting opposite, and asked, “Brother Zhao, can I–”

“Yes.” Zhao Zhenxun secretly stabbed the famous actor Gu Xun with his eyes and then withdrew his gaze to look at Qi Cong. “Don’t stay out too late. I’ll go check on you in your room around 11:20. You have another scene tomorrow morning, so don’t go to sleep too late.”

With permission, Qi Cong was no longer worried. He nodded in reply and then looked at Gu Xun beside him.

Gu Xun also heard Zhao Zhenxun’s words. Pretending not to hear the slight warning hint in Zhao Zhenxun’s words, he smiled at Qi Cong and motioned to the barbecue on Qi Cong plate as he spoke in a good mood. “Eat before it gets cold.”

Qi Cong looked at the smile on Gu Xun’s face that was much more real than before. His mood became a little better. He took up his chopsticks and picked up a piece of meat to eat.

“Is it good?”

Qi Cong looked at the expectation on the face of Gu Xun and tasted the tender beef on the tip of his tongue. He felt a  small flower bloom in his heart as he chewed the meat a few times and nodded. “Delicious.”

Gu Xun’s originally expectant expression tightened. His line of sight became a little deeper and fixed at the corners of Qi Cong’s mouth. Then it moved to Qi Cong’s eyes. The smile on Gu Xun’s face deepened while his voice became lower as he replied, “Delicious…is good.”




Their meal didn’t end until 10:30, then the group of four left the food street and drove back to the hotel.

The group came to the food street in the same car so they naturally went back together. When Shen Jia sat in the back seat, Zhao Zhenxun “invited” Gu Xun to also sit in the back seat next to him. Qi Cong sat in the passenger seat. Before getting into the car Shen Jia’s eyes were on Qi Cong and Gu Xun who walked side by side. Suddenly, with the smile of a thief, he stepped around to the passenger side and said to Zhao Zhenxun, “Brother Zhao, I’ll accompany you and sit in front.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at the “understanding” Shen Jia expression and replied, “I don’t need your company.”

“Yes, Brother Zhao, are you tired? Do you want me to drive?”

Zhao Zhenxun looked in the rear-view mirror and raised his eyebrows a little seeing Shen Jia sit in the passenger side. Then he immediately looked at the pure gentlemanly appearance of Gu Xun, who opened the car door for Qi Cong. When he started the car, he answered Shen Jia’s “sensible” inquiry.

The car doors closed and in the spacious back seats sat Qi Cong with Gu Xun. Qi Cong also noticed Shen Jia’s “help”after getting into the car. He leaned over the driver’s seat first and said to Zhao Zhenxun, “The vocal teacher said that my “Delusion” practice is almost done so I can try to record it formally.”

Zhao Zhenxun’s expression looked a little better at his words. He looked at Qi Cong in the rearview mirror, and said, “I will contact the audio crew and arrange a recording session as soon as possible.”

Qi Cong gave a positive reply, meeting Shen Jia’s line of sight through the rearview mirror. He reached out and patted Shen Jia on the arm and then sat back, then finally looked at Gu Xun beside him.

After getting into the car, Gu Xun sat honestly against the car door and didn’t do anything intimate that would make Qi Cong uncomfortable. He also didn’t say anything and only when he noticed Qi Cong looking at him did he ask, “Are you going to record a new song?”

Qi Cong was actually not very good at dealing with Gu Xun’s intimate behavior in front of people and was afraid that refusing it would cause Gu Xun sadness. Qi Cong felt that it wasn’t appropriate for the two of them to have a real relationship at present, and Gu Xun knew his limits so he let him relax a little and become more comfortable. Qi Cong nodded back, “It’s for an episode of ‘Legend of Youth’.”

Gu Xun suddenly took out his cell phone from his pocket and unlocked it, pressed buttons on the screen for a while before finally looking back at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong was puzzled by Gu Xun’s behavior and was about to ask about it when he felt the mobile phone in his pocket vibrate. Realizing something, he glanced at Gu Xun, then took out his phone and unlocked it.

A new Wechat message was on the prompt bar from Gu Xun.

Sure enough.

Qi Cong glanced at Gu Xun again, then looked at Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia sitting in front of him. Looking down, he clicked on the message.

Gu Xun: Will I still be the first listener to your second song?

Qi Cong froze and just looked at Gu Xun.

Gu Xun smiled at Qi Cong and typed again.

The phone vibrated again. A new message came in and Qi Cong looked at it.

Gu Xun: I’ll trade my vacation with you.


Qi Cong was about to look up again when another message from Gu Xun came in.

Gu Xun: During my vacation I want to go to see“Heaven Asked?”with you.

He wanted to watch “Heaven Asked?” together. The lake in his heart was gently stirred. Feeling a deep wave of unrest, Qi Cong fingers tightened.

He has never seen Gu Xun act so –

There was a sudden movement beside him, and the person who was sitting against the car door leaned over. Then the other person’s cell phone was placed under his eyes. A message that had been typed but hadn’t been sent yet was right in front of Qi Cong eyes.

[I’ll trade my vacation and a movie ticket for the right to listen to your new song for the first time. Exchange?]

The long and slender fingers clicked on the message to send, then suddenly turned and clicked on the expressions icon. Qi Cong watched as he clicked on a car emoji. “Do I have to beg you before you will love me more” was selected and sent out.

The mobile phone in his hand vibrated very softly, as if someone shook his hand while carefully looking for an excuse to make an appointment for a holiday.

Qi Cong’s heart, which was already stirred, trembled. Holding the vibrating phone in his hand he looked at Gu Xun who now sat very close to him. Then he nodded, and contrary to the ferocious inner turmoil, it was a very gentle nod.

“I’ll exchange.” His voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

Gu Xun immediately smiled brightly and sat a little farther away in a disciplined manner. He picked up the phone and nodded again.

Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s smile and couldn’t help but also curl up the corners of his mouth a little as he looked at his cell phone.

Two seconds later, he received a new message.

Gu Xun: Why hasn’t the holiday come yet? I’m in a hurry.




The food street was not far from the hotel. It took less than 10 minutes to drive from there to the hotel.  Zhao Zhenxun in the front seat watched Gu Xun tease Qi Cong with his phone. When he got out of the car, he was too lazy to say anything and just grabbed the inexplicably excited Shen Jia. As Shen Jia waved to Gu Xun and Qi Cong, Zhao Zhenxun left with him first.

Gu Xun walked around the back of the car to Qi Cong and stood there watching Zhao Zhenxun and Shen Jia leave first. Then he raised his watch and looked at the time. “It’s 10:45” 

He said with a shallow sigh, “We still have half an hour before I need to take you back to your room. It’s too short.”

Qi Cong looked back at Gu Xun’s expression and tightened his hand on the strap of his backpack as he spoke. “It’s not short. We will still have many half hours like this in the future.”

Gu Xun was obviously stunned for a moment. “You…”

“Let’s go.” Qi Cong grabbed Gu Xun’s arm and took him to the elevator and asked, “I’ve eaten too much barbecue so I want to drink some tea to relieve my tiredness. Do you have any recommendations?”

The warmth and strength on his arms were very clear so Gu Xun passively followed Qi Cong as his eyes dazedly moved up and down on Qi Cong’s hand holding him. The gentle mask on his face shattered a little, and only when Qi Cong let go of him did he return to his senses. Then he took a step to the side and looked at the expression on Qi Cong’s face.

Qi Cong seemed to have known that Gu Xun was going to do that. Acting as if he didn’t notice Gu Xun misbehavior, he looked back at Gu Xun. He carefully etched Gu Xun’s expression in his memory and asked, “Do you have any recommendations? I don’t know much about tea. “

Gu Xun almost fiercely grabbed Qi Cong’s arm.

Qi Cong paused for a while, but didn’t break free. He just took Gu Xun’s arm and gestured again in the direction of the elevator as he spoke again. “Let’s go have tea.”

Gu Xun directly looked at Qi Cong’s expression, then he loosened his grip a little.

Qi Cong looked gentle and relaxed, his gaze and words didn’t avoid anything. He took the initiative to start and continue the topic, but he wouldn’t force him to move along. This was the Qi Cong from three years ago, the one he missed. The one his heart was forced to hide due to all kinds of pressure and reality, gentle with his feelings but never timid. The Qi Cong who took the initiative to hold his hand and ask him if he wanted to spend the Qixi Festival together.

Gu Xun suddenly had a feeling that the hidden brave and powerful Qi Cong was trying to peel away the reality and the layers of shackles that had covered him in the past three years and now he was truly reaching out towards him and opening up his world for him again.

“Gu Xun.” The loose arm was suddenly caught back, and Gu Xun returned to his senses as he looked into Qi Cong’s serious eyes.

“I passed both of my scenes today in one go. Director Wang said I’m very talented.” Qi Cong looked at Gu Xun’s silly expression caused by him taking the initiative. His heart was a little sour, but he still showed a smile on the surface. He held Gu Xun’s hand with slightly more force. “He said I had a bright future. Gu Xun, wish us success. “

Obviously Qi Cong just repeated his words from yesterday, but….  Gu Xun suddenly twisted his head and took a deep breath, restraining the urge to squeeze Qi Cong to death in his arms right now. Instead he just looked at Qi Cong and replied, “Soon. It will be soon. “

Success or something, it should come as soon as possible to push the person in front of him right at him and then tie them together forever.




What was the taste of the tea that night, Qi Cong never found out. He only knew that Gu Xun was happy, very, very happy.

The two men talked about a lot of meaningful or meaningless topics for half an hour, but Gu Xun always had a gentle smile on his face.

The distance between time and reality became infinitely narrowed at this moment as the two of them went back to three years ago. Back then they could meet every day at the coffee shop and then drink coffee together as they talked about their daily life and future plans. They let these ambiguous emotions that they both had float in the air, then finally smiled at each other as they made their next appointment.

“Would you like to come to my house when you have a chance? I have a little surprise from the past to show you.”

Gu Xun looked across the tea table with a smile and naturally invited him. Qi Cong came back from a slight trance, remembering the tie pin Gu Xun wore on his chest during today’s live broadcast. Gently rubbing the teacup in his hand, he nodded. “Yes.” 

When the dust had settled, he would go.

After drinking tea, Qi Cong didn’t let Gu Xun send him back as the two of them stayed in different buildings. The tea bar of the Huaxia Hotel was located in the building where Gu Xun was staying, so if he let Gu Xun send him back, he would need to return here, which would take too much time.

The two men took the elevator down to the lobby of Building 1, then Qi Cong turned around and blocked Gu Xun steps saying, “You caught a flight today, you need to rest early.”

Gu Xun’s eyebrows knitted slightly. “I’m not tired, anyway, it’s only a few steps, I–“

Qi Cong decisively said, “Good night.”

Gu Xun shut up and looked at Qi Cong, then unsurprisingly he compromised.  His frowning eyebrows loosened. He wanted to raise his hand to hold him, but in the end he fisted his hands in his pockets, took a step back and said, “Good night.”

Qi Cong smiled at Gu Xun, said a good night again and turned to leave.

Gu Xun stood in the same place and watched Qi Cong walk away. He didn’t look away until he lost sight of Qi Cong. Then he turned and was about to take the elevator upstairs when he saw a very familiar figure walking into the hotel lobby. He paused and looked sideways.


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