Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 82.1

When they returned home, as soon as they entered the room, Elder Cen asked, “Yunan why did you add those additional clauses? If Wang Zhu denies it again, as long as she has that deed, Kang Ning can sentence her to jail, so why did you need to act like such an evil person?”

Shao Yunan laughed. “I am already evil to that family anyway. It doesn’t matter if I am more evil. Of course I won’t really let them become my family’s slaves. They would just be too happy with it. I just wanted to scare them. Giving them money is also painful.” 

“You see, Wang Dali has the courage to hit that tiger, Old Lady Wang. I’m afraid that Wang Chunxiu is also cold-hearted towards her mother. Why did they dare to bully Wang Shijing before, and Qing and Nizi for so many years? If I didn’t add these conditions, would Old Lady Wang be sent to the ancestral hall? If she was given a chance, she would definitely not recognize that deed again.”

Elder Cen sighed and shook his head. “Why is this necessary? You were originally a family, but why did things come to such a point? If she had been a bit merciful to Shijing, her family would not have turned out like this. She doesn’t know that yet, but after the mess she made today, Wang Zhisong has no hope of continuing the examination.”

Wang Shijing said emotionlessly, “She has gone crazy.” Shao Yunan nodded approvingly. “Absolutely crazy. I think she must have a mental problem. It’s no longer a question of whether she has any face left or not.”

Elder Cen shook his head. “Forget it. Whether she becomes crazy or not has nothing to do with you anymore. Shijing, Yunan, today can be marked as the resolution of these troubles, so it’s time for you to consider the matter of recognizing your relatives?”

Shao Yunan let go of Wang Shijing’s hand and asked shamelessly, “Elder Cen, is that why you acted so awesome and were so eager to help us today?”


“Oh, it means very powerful.” Elder Cen smiled and patted Shao Yunan on the head. “Yes, I am worried about my position as your father. What if you recognize someone else? What would I do?”

“How can that be? This son is not so easy to get. I think it’s better to choose the day and admit it now.”

“Go, go, go.” Elder Cen pushed Shao Yunan away, crying and laughing. “Acknowledgement of kidship is a big deal. How can you be so hasty? I have to choose an auspicious day first and also invite guests. There are so many things to plan… Your Senior Brother and I will choose the date first. You go cook two bowls of noodles and add an extra marinated egg.”

“Okay, you choose carefully.” Shao Yunan smiled and pulled Wang Shijing away to the kitchen. When the two of them went out, Elder Cen stroked his beard. “If they don’t want such a good son, then I will not be polite.”

Kang Rui asked, “Teacher, have you told your younger brothers?” Elder Cen said, “I wrote a letter a few days ago. I also informed Teacher. There should be no objections.” Kang Rui nodded. “That’s right. With Yunan and Shijing by your side, Senior Brother will be more at ease.”

“Let’s go to the study.”


In the kitchen, the two who were supposed to be cooking noodles hugged each other tightly. To be precise, Wang Shijing hugged Shao Yunan tightly, while Shao Yunan patted his back. “Shijing, you are free.” Wang Shijing tightened his arms.

“Let’s celebrate.”

“Let’s go to the space.”

Suddenly there was no one in the kitchen. Since the kitchen door was locked, Shao Yunan was not afraid that anyone would find out that they were gone. As soon as he entered the space, Wang Shijing began to tear off Shao Yunan’s clothes, Shao Yunan hugged Wang Shijing, jumped on him, and wrapped his legs around his waist. Then he also began to tear off Wang Shijing’s clothes. The two were like hungry wolves who had been thirsty for too long, both impatiently wanting to be naked with each other.

The two men’s clothes were soon in disarray and Wang Shijing couldn’t wait to take off Shao Yunan’s clothes. So he directly ripped off his pants first and held his hot hardness, trying to pry open Shao Yunan’s tightly closed honey hole without any hint of gentleness. Shao Yunan’s love scream resounded over the entire space. In this absolutely private place, the two of them completely indulged themselves, only to pursue the most intense sensual stimulation.

Wang Shijing’s blindfold was thrown into the pool by Shao Yunan, as Wang Shijing pressed Shao Yunan to the ground and took him fiercely. Only in this way could he vent the most intense emotions inside him. He must have saved the country in his previous life to get this strange man from another world, a thousand years later.

Everyone thought he was not worthy of this man and he himself knew it. The only thing he could do to please this man was to use his five taels of flesh. Thinking like this, Wang Shijing sped up even more. Shao Yunan’s eye tore up as he was completely submerged in the whirlpool of love tides, created by Wang Shijing.

When Wang Shijing finally panted heavily on Shao Yunan’s body and stopped moving, Shao Yunan didn’t even have the strength to move his fingers. All his energy had been taken away by this almost too intense pleasure. The tops of the two were still hanging on their bodies, but their lower bodies were completely wet. Wang Shijing kissed Shao Yunan’s mouth, took off the rest of his clothes, then hugged him and turned over, letting him lie on his body.

Shao Yunan kept panting heavily, his body still trembling in the aftermath. Wang Shijing also continued to bury himself in Shao Yunan’s warm place, enjoying the happiness and security it gave him.



“Thank you.”

“You thanked the wrong person.”

Shao Yunan squeezed Wang Shijing’s chest in anger and said with half-closed eyes. “The one you should thank is the Guo family.” After taking a few breaths, he continued. “If they hadn’t come to make trouble, the old man and Senior Brother would not have intervened, and there would not have been that scene later.”

Wang Shijing’s chest rose and fell violently for a long time. Shao Yunan, who almost fell asleep, spoke out. “Do you really want to recognize Elder Cen as our father?” Shao Yunan opened his eyes and tilted his face. “You don’t want to?” Wang Shijing said, “I will listen to you, but I want to know what you really think.”


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