Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 33.2

The best cup to brew Longjing would be clear glass, which would be a true feast for the eyes. But it was a pity that glass couldn’t be used here, because there was simply no glass in this era! The teacup taken out by Shao Yunan was a blue-and-white porcelain teacup, then he transferred all the prepared tea to the tea jar. He scooped out some of them with a teaspoon and put them in the tea lotus, ready for Wang Shijing to come back.


Wang Shuping getting back money was naturally not the intention of the Wang patriarch. But after Wang Shuping returned home and told his father what had happened, Wang Wenhe did not reprimand him, but only sighed and said, “Don’t delay the family’s farm work.” Wang Qian then scolded old lady Wang family again, but this time she was satisfied that the person in charge no longer defended old lady Wang’s family.


Wang Shijing would be back before lunch, since Shao Yunan wouldn’t let him leave early and return late like he did before to collect tea, exhausting himself. In addition, Wang Shijing’s intention of picking chrysanthemums was obviously impure, this man had become more and more sullen and coquettish.


“Is Uncle Shijing at home?” A hoarse male voice came from outside the house. It was obviously in the middle of a voice change. Shao Yunan, who was taking inventory of their family’s current finances, got off the bed and walked out, while Wang Qing and Nizi looked out. When he opened the door, he saw a young faced man with a slightly tanned skin and a very energetic look. Shao Yunan said gently, “He went to the mountain. He will be back at noon, what’s the matter?”


The teenager was a little shy and seemed a little afraid of Uncle Shijing’s wife, ‘who was very tough’ in the eyes of the villagers. He licked his mouth and said, “I told Uncle Shijing about one place that seems to have tea trees and Uncle Shijing asked me to bring it back so he could check it. I brought it back.”


“Tea tree? Come in.” The teenager looked at Shao Yunan for a while, hesitated for a moment, but then still went in. Shao Yunan just thought that the other person was afraid of him or nervous. But in fact, the teenager was about the same size as Shao Yunan and he was only three years younger than Shao Yunan. Since Wang Shijing was not at home, the teenager still had some scruples, since Shao Yunan was Wang Shijing’s ‘little’ male wife. Shao Yunan didn’t notice this, nor did he notice that Wang Qing got off the bed and left the room immediately after seeing the teenager’s face. The teenager smiled shyly at Wang Qing and took out two branches from his back basket. “This is it.” As soon as Shao Yunan looked at the branch, his heart began to beat faster. He almost reached out to grab it. but he first looked at it carefully, then smelled it, and finally put two of the tea leaves into his mouth, almost saying the tea name aloud.


Keemun Black Tea! Shao Yunan excitedly looked at the teenager. “Where did you find this? How much is there?” The teenager was embarrassed by Shao Yunan’s reaction, so he lowered his head and said, “On the top of the hill on the west. When Uncle Shijing took me to pick tea previously, I thought I saw a few trees that looked like tea trees on the top of the mountain, but they were a little different from the tea trees Uncle Shijing took me to pick, so I wasn’t sure. Today I told Uncle Shijing that I would go and break two branches and come back to show him.”


“It is! It’s a tea tree! How many are there?” Every pore of Shao Yunan’s body trembled.

The teenager was happy and a little regretful. “Not many, just a dozen, I didn’t count. I’ll go pick them later.”


“Don’t, don’t, don’t go!” Shao Yunan subconsciously grabbed the teenager’s arm, making Wang Qing purse his lips. The teenager also hurriedly pulled out his arm, like he felt an electric shock. Shao Yunan said, “This tea cannot be picked now. Keemun Black Tea can only be picked two months before the rainy period, otherwise it would be completely wasted. The place is not far away. Is it easy to get to?”


The young man scratched his head, “Not very easy. It’s on top of the mountain, but I can go up there since I used to go up this mountain to find herbs.” Shao Yunan hurriedly asked, “Does anyone else know about it?” The young man shook his head. Shao Yunan trembled even more as he took a deep breath to stabilize his mind and showed his kindest smile. “What’s your name?”


“My name is Tang Genshu.”


“Ah, little Tang, what do you think about this idea? You keep this place a secret for the time being and next year you can pick it, I will ask Uncle Shijing to go with you. But all picked fresh leaves will be yours and I will pay 800 copper coins for one kilo of fresh leaves.” Tang Genshu almost choked and was unable to respond. Shao Yunan became a little anxious. “This tea is different from the one your Uncle Shijing took you to pick before, so if it can be sold at a good price. Later I will give you even more money.”


“No, no, no.” Tang Genshu’s face immediately reddened. “It’s too much, too much. I will not talk to anyone about that place and will pick it next year. Uncle Shijing already helped me a lot, so there is no need for extra money.” How can there be such a simple and honest child! Shao Yunan completely forgot that he was now 16 years old and not 26. “This is what you deserve. Don’t reject it and just listen to me. But you must not tell anyone about this tea.”


Tang Genshu nodded vigorously. “I won’t tell anyone.” He also wanted to push back, but was blocked by Shao Yunan. “Don’t feel like you are taking advantage of me, in fact I am the one who is taking advantage of you. The tea you found is very rare.” Shao Yunan turned back. “Qing, pack some chrysanthemum tea and give it to brother Tang.”


“No, no.” Tang Genshu’s face was so red that it was almost dripping blood. Wang Qing quietly went back to the house to pack the tea, while Shao Yunan looked some more at the branch in his hand, liking it even more. This branch was still alive if he threw it into space later he would have a ready-made Keemun Black Tea cutting.


Tang Genshu stood restlessly rubbing his hands, still feeling that he had taken advantage of others. Then Wang Qing came out with a bag of chrysanthemum tea in his hand. Shao Yunan directly picked it up and put it in Tang Genshu’s back basket. “This is my own chrysanthemum tea. It has a cooling effect and helps clear the liver and eyes. Take it back for your family to try.”


“This is too expensive, I can’t take it.” Tang Genshu said as he stepped closer to the door. Shao Yunan pressed his hand. “If you are so polite, I will be embarrassed to accept tea from you. Just take it back and drink it.” He still didn’t realize how serious a matter it was for a male wife to have a skin-to-skin contact with a ‘man’ three years younger than him. Nor did he realize that a teenager about his age calling him ‘Uncle’ should also be awkward. Shao Yunan smilingly said, “Then I will not keep you here any longer since you are busy. When Uncle Shijing comes back, I will speak with him. Thank you very much little Tang.”


“No, no.” A red-faced Tang Genshu fled. Not only was Uncle Yunan not as scary as it was rumored, but he was too welcoming! As soon as Tang Genshu left, Shao Yunan said, “Qing, continue to study, later little father will cook. You and Nizi must keep what happened today a secret, understand?”


“Yes, don’t worry little father. I’ll help you cook.”


“No, no, little daddy will cook something delicious for you.” Shao Yunan, who was in a very good mood, floated all the way into the kitchen and closed the door before hurriedly putting away the two precious Keemun Black Tea branches into the space. “It can’t be called Keemun black tea here. It has to be called Xiushui black tea. Ho ho ho ho~” The excited Shao Yunan did not notice Wang Qing’s hesitation. There were only two branches, so Shao Yunan after quickly locking the door, flashed into the space and planted them before watering them with spiritual spring water. Touching the two twigs, Shao Yunan’s eyes glowed. “You have to grow quickly.”


Worried about Wang Qing and Wang Nizi looking for him, Shao Yunan quickly got out of the space. When he got out of the space, he went next door to see how the two children were studying and added hot water to their tea bowls before going back to the kitchen. What the two children were drinking was chrysanthemum sweetwater. The recent weather was very dry so it was very suitable to drink now.


The only dough Shao Yunan could make was for dim sum, so since Wang Shijing was not there he just steamed the rice and prepared some stir-fry. After flipping through the recipes in his head, Shao Yunan decided to make Taiwanese lo mein rice for lunch and cook a pot of mushroom and pork soup with mushrooms, and stir-fried shredded potato with vinegar. After thinking about the recipe, Shao Yunan put on his apron and rolled up his sleeves to get ready for work.


Wang Qing came out, “Little father, I’ll help you cook.” Shao Yunan looked at him and said, “Not now, but later help me with starting the fire. If you want to rest, go check the vegetable field and feed water and grass to the cow and sheep.”


“Okay.” Wang Qing carried a small bucket of water to the backyard, while Wang Nizi also came out to help her brother with work. The calf they bought would not be able to go to the field until the next year. Shao Yunan also planned to use the two sheep to give the two children milk to drink. In his space there were boxes of milk and also milk powder, but he couldn’t take it out. The water drunk by the calf and sheep also had some spiritual spring water added, because Shao Yunan wanted them to grow stronger and play their role early. But it was a pity that there were no cows, otherwise it would be better to raise a cow since sheep milk had a specific taste.


When Shao Yunan made the preparations, Wang Qing and Nizi also finished watering the field and feeding the livestock. Shao Yunan then let Wang Nizi play by herself, while he let Wang Qing help him start the fire. He usually couldn’t start the fire in this ancient rural stove, so he usually asked Wang Shijing or Wang Qing to start it for him. Wang Qing quietly lit the fire, while Nizi, who didn’t go out to play, just sat beside her brother and handed her brother a piece of firewood. In fact, she wanted to see what delicious food her little father would cook. Except for dough, all the meals at home are cooked by her little father and in fact Wang Nizi’s taste buds got a little spoiled.


Shao Yunan first cooked the soup, scooped it out, and heated it on the stove, followed by the stir-fried shredded potatoes. The two children kept sniffing and when the smell of stewed meat came out, the two children became hungry.”


“Daddy, what is this? It smells good.” Wang Nizi looked into the pot standing on her toes. Shao Yunan smiled and said, “We will have steamed rice with pork for lunch. This is the stewed meat that will be poured over the rice. Isn’t it fragrant?”


“Fragrant!” Wang Qing also couldn’t help but look into the pot and just felt his stomach growl. Looking up, Wang Qing couldn’t help but ask, “Little father, will you leave father?” Like mother left father… left them. Shao Yunan put down the meal and touched Wang Qing’s head. “Children don’t need to have such heavy thoughts. If I wanted to leave, your father must divorce me or I have to divorce him.”


Wang Qing and Wang Nizi immediately spoke in unison, “Father would not!” Shao Yunan smiled, “So yeah. That question you just asked is currently invalid.” Wang Qing bit his mouth, but it was hard to hide the joy in his eyes and even Wang Nizi’s smile became bigger. “Okay, you guys go set the table. We will eat in the other room. Dinner will be served when your father comes back. “


Wang Qing and Wang Nizi immediately went to get the bowls and chopsticks, looking forward to their father coming back soon. They were already hungry. Watching the two children enter the other room, Shao Yunan raised his eyebrow. Are they afraid that he would divorce Wang Shijing? He never thought they could still act so childlike. Turning around, Shao Yunan left Wang Qing’s question behind. He doesn’t know whether Wang Shijing would want to divorce him, but it was true that he was not in the mood to leave now. “It’s really strange. I don’t like that coquettish stuff.” Shao Yunan ignored the fact that he had let that person eat and touch him all over and was still self-conscious and arrogant.


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