Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 110.1

The Wang Residence.

All three children cried together, while Guo Ziyu, Guo Zimu, Uncle Zhou, and Aunt Zhou were anxious and afraid. Ding Lin and the others were not allowed to come to the backside of the main hall, so they waited anxiously in the front yard for news. Yan Fusheng and Qin Niang, who had just arrived, also did not go to the backyard after knowing that the master had such a request, but calmed everyone down while asking them to tell them the rules and habits of the master’s family first.

“Nizi, don’t cry, don’t cry, your Father will definitely find your Little Father.” Guo Ziyu hugged and comforted the crying and out of breath Nizi, but he himself was also so anxious that his hair almost turned gray. Aunt Zhou was also crying beside him. They have always been honest and they have never encountered such a thing.

Wang Qing cried the most, because the bad guys cheated his Little Father with his name. Jiang Moxi, who had never cried before, actually cried after knowing that Uncle Yunan was kidnapped by the bad guys, and cried very sadly.

“Uncle Guo, Uncle, I’m afraid.”

“Nizi don’t be afraid. Your Little Father will be fine.” Jiang Moxi tugged Guo Ziyu’s sleeve, crying as he said, “Looking, Uncle Yunan.” Guo Ziyu wiped Jiang Moxi’s tears and said, “Your Uncle Yunan will come back. We will wait for news at home, since we don’t know who kidnapped your Uncle. We also don’t know how safe it is outside, so by going out, we might only add to the chaos. Moxi don’t be afraid, don’t cry.”

Guo Zimu was still hugging Wang Qing. Guo Zimu was not very good at comforting people, so all he could do was pat Wang Qing’s back and wipe his tears. “He is back, he is back, Little Master is back!”

Su Lu and Miao Yuan ran in from outside and shouted happily. The three children’s crying immediately stopped. Nizi got off Guo Ziyu’s lap and ran outside while crying, with Wang Qing and Jiang Moxi behind her. “Little Father, Little Father–” Wang Qing also cried, “Little Father–!” Jiang Moxi did not shout, but ran the fastest.

Hearing the children’s voices, Shao Yunan, who was carried in by Wang Shijing, asked Wang Shijing to put him down and walked quickly towards the backyard. He then saw the three children. As a result, as soon as the three children who finally stopped crying saw him, they started crying again. Nizi directly jumped into his arms as Wang Qing cried, “Little Father! Who hit you!”

Jiang Moxi also rushed over and grabbed Shao Yunan, staring at Shao Yunan’s purple-black cheek with tearful eyes. Shao Yunan had never seen him express any emotion like crying before, but at this moment, he was crying. He really wasn’t hurt in vain!

Kneeling down and hugging Nizi and Jiang Moxi, he also stretched out his hand towards Wang Qing. Wang Qing rushed over and Shao Yunan hugged the three children. Shao Yunan said, “Little Father is fine, so don’t cry. It just looks scary, but after applying some medicine it will be fine tomorrow. I frightened you this time… it’s all because Little Father was too careless, but I promise that nothing like this will happen again in the future. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Wang Shijing stepped forward to pick up Wang Nizi. “Everyone, go back to the house.”

Shao Yunan stood up still hugging Jiang Moxi and Wang Qing as they went inside the house. Jiang Kangning who stood behind him, looked at the crying Jiang Moxi… looked at Jiang Moxi clutching at Shao Yunan’s clothes and felt that his previous heavy and angry mood had become a little more joyful.

Shao Yunan’s accident this time really frightened everyone. Wang Shijing’s hands were still shaking slightly, not to mention the three children who saw their Little Father’s face was beaten. Guo Zimu almost shed tears when he saw Shao Yunan, so Guo Ziyu asked him to cook something quickly.

When the three children were finally coaxed to stop crying and when the people who cared about him were also pacified, Shao Yunan took a long breath and said, “In the future when I go out, I will be sure to be careful and definitely not make the same mistakes again.”

“Little Father…” Shao Yunan wiped away Wang Qing’s tears that came out again. “This matter has nothing to do with you. It was the bad guy who lied using your name. If Wang Nizi was not at home while learning the zither, they might have used Nizi’s name. The villains were here for our tea and wine. Even if they didn’t use your name, they would use someone else’s name. You are the only one in the family who goes to school outside, so you will need to be careful in the future. Your father will also send someone to protect you.”

“Little Father… you frightened me…”

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Shao Yunan touched Wang Qing’s head and then touched Jiang Moxi’s head, before hugging Nixi, who grabbed him tightly and refused to let go. Wang Nizi didn’t have any memories of her mother, so to her, her Little Father was like her father.

Jiang Moxi went to his uncle and grabbed his hand… his little face was stern. “Who?!” Jiang Kangning picked up Jiang Moxi, sat down, and did not shy away from saying, “This matter was done by people from the Hengyuan Marquis Mansion in the capital. They wanted the tea and wine production method. If he is caught, uncle promises you that he will never let him go!”

Jiang Moxi clenched his fists, “Hit him!”

“Uncle will beat him.”

At this time, Yan Fusheng sat beside Shao Yunan, after bowing to Wang Shijing, who was sitting next to Shao Yunan and had been hugging him since they entered the house. Wang Shijing tightened his arms around Shao Yunan’s waist and said, “Yunan, the people Uncle found for us arrived today. In the future the two of them will help you.”

Shao Yunan then finally looked up and saw two unfamiliar faces. The most important thing was that Wang Shijing asked these two people to come to the main hall, so he was very curious. But comforting the children was the most important thing at that moment, so he didn’t have the time to ask.

Yan Fusheng bowed to Shao Yunan. “Yan Fusheng has met the Young Master, the Eldest Young Master, the Second Young Master, and the Eldest Lady.”

“Qin Yin has met Little Master, Eldest Young Master, Second Young Master, and Eldest Miss. Little Master, you can call me Nurse Qin.”

Wang Shijing explained, “They are the ones Uncle bought for us from the palace to help you run the house.”

Shao Yunan’s first reaction was, ‘how could their small house fit these people who come from the palace?’ But Jiang Kangning said, “Yunan, you asked Ziyu to help you with the tea, so there would be no one at home who could help you share the burden. From now on, let Fusheng be your housekeeper while Nurse Qin will be responsible for managing the women and serving the miss. This way Ziyu can also help you and Shijing to do things without having to be distracted by work in the mansion.”

Jiang Kangning must have had his intentions when he said that, so Shao Yunan simply said, “Then I will listen to Elder Brother.” He looked at Yan Fusheng and Nurse Qin. “Our family doesn’t have many rules, but since Uncle said that my family needs it, he found you guys to come. Don’t let the children feel restrained. You can also ask Uncle Zhou and Aunt Zhou about small things. They are almost like my own family. If you are not sure about something you can ask me or Shijing. Little Brother Guo doesn’t like to meet outsiders, so most of his activities are in the backyard, while male servants like Brother Ding are not allowed to come to the backyard. Miao Yuan and Su Ce are young, so they don’t count.”


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