Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 78.2

Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua also felt very wronged, their own sister hid this matter even from them. Wang Zaizheng did not come to reading classes recently, but their sister only said it was because there were many things to do at home recently. She never told them that her son and daughter-in-law were arrested. When Old Lady Wang was just a maiden, she was known in the village as a vicious and spirited person, but who would have known she would have caused so many problems? 

She even provoked the county magistrate and the dean of the county school, almost causing the only pride of their family, Wang Zhisong, to get stripped of his status as a child student by the magistrate. The irritated Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua, took the Zhu clan with the unforgiving Guo clan and came to Xiushui Village together and asked Old Lady Wang for an explanation.

The Guo family was the most angry. Their own baby daughter was married to the Wang family, but she not only did not enjoy any glory and wealth, and was even arrested. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Zhu family was a prestigious family in the village and the Zhu family had produced some child-students, they wouldn’t have married their daughter to Old Lady Wang’s son. 

Now, not only did they not get any benefits, but even their daughter was mixed up into trouble, while their grandson suffered a lot. As soon as Mother Guo came, she grabbed Old Lady Wang and scratched her. Since Mother Guo’s body was similar to her daughter, Old Lady Wang was not her opponent.

Old Lady Wang howled on the ground. Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua’s persuasion failed, so they no longer cared. Others may not know, but how could they not know their own sister? Zhu Wenhua was also not as thick-skinned as Wang Zhisong. His own younger sister was sitting on the ground behaving badly, surrounded by the ridicules of the onlookers in Xiushui Village, he only felt ashamed!

Zhao Lizheng and Wang Shuping led the villagers to stop the Guo family, who wanted to beat them up. Zhao Lizheng was very annoyed. This old woman’s family invited people from outside the village to make trouble a few times. He will say it now: Wang Dali’s wife was the true star of misfortune!

Mother Guo pointed at Old Lady Wang and scolded, “You old bitch Zhu! You almost killed my daughter and my grandson! Why don’t you just die? You should have died long ago! If something happens to my daughter, I want you and your family to pay for it!”

Old Lady Wang howled and pounded the ground. “My life is so miserable… My son hurt me! He married the star of misfortune and harmed me! Anyone can come to bully me… no one is standing up for me… how bitter my life has become…”

When Mother Guo heard that Old Lady Wang dared to say that she was bullying her, she broke away from the people who were blocking her and tried to beat Old Lady Wang again, but she was hurriedly grabbed at the last moment. 

Zhao Lizheng, who was already furious, said, “Don’t be unreasonable, Guo family! You can ask me what kind of person Guo Zhaodi is in the village. Who doesn’t know that she knows how to provoke troubles all day long!? At home, she bullies her brother and sister-in-law, and oppresses her children. As a sister-in-law, she doesn’t act like a sister-in-law!”

“As a daughter-in-law, she only knows how to follow her mother-in-law and cause trouble! She even wanted to steal her brother-in-law’s belongings! Her new sister-in-law wanted to take away her dowry before she even entered the house. What kind of daughter you’ve brought up in the Guo family!? Why are you still making a scene?”

This scolding was like lightning striking at the hornet’s nest. Guo Zhaodi and her family were all rude and unreasonable. My daughter (my own sister) was put in jail by you, shouldn’t you pay for it? Was my daughter (my sister) not harmed by you?

The villagers of Xiushui Village knew what it meant to not let the family inside the house. In contrast, Old Lady Wang’s family was quite reasonable. At least when Old Lady Wang was making trouble, people did not follow her and back her up. Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua still looked ashamed of their sister.

“Shijing is here! Shijing is here!” The noise stopped abruptly when one of the Wang aunts yelled, making the commotion stop abruptly. Immediately afterwards, Guo Zhaodi’s relatives, cousins, ​​and several strong men from the Guo family rushed out fiercely, intending to beat Wang Shijing, while Zhu Wencai and Zhu Wenhua led several young descendants of the Zhu family to chase after them. Wang Shuping and Zhao Yuande also chased out with Wang Xing and others.

In the distance, Wang Shijing together with Ding Yilin and Ding Yisen came from the direction of the big house. Wang Shijing wore a black one-eye patch and green robe, walking steadily. He saw a group of people gathered outside the house and just a moment later, a group of seven or eight unknown men came running towards him with unfriendly faces. Wang Shijing’s one eye darkened as he clenched his fist.

As the group ran up to them, Guo Zhaodi’s own brother, Guo Dexiu, asked, “Which one of you is Wang Shijing?”

“I am.” Guo Dexiu waved his fist and shouted, “Fight me!” The Zhu family and Wang Shuping were anxious to stop them, but just a moment later they were shocked.

Not to mention Ding Yilin and Ding Yisen’s kung fu skills, even Wang Shijing alone… just who he was? He was a centurion under General Dai, a man who had killed enemy generals and won battles. A soldier who almost lost his life on the battlefield! Also who were the people from the Guo family? Just a bunch of brutal and unreasonable, unruly people.

Wang Shijing showed the ruthlessness he learned from the battlefield, beating the barbaric Guo family to the point of screaming ‘ahhh.’ With the addition of Ding Yilin and Ding Yisen, none of the seven or eight young and strong guys could get up. The most arrogant Guo Dexiu hugged his stomach, vomiting blood as his eyes rolled up, as he finally passed out.

The matter became even more serious. Father and Mother Guo, along with their group of people, became even more unforgiving. Mother Guo hugged her son, crying, while Father Guo led the others to fight with Wang Shijing. Wang Shijing didn’t care too much about it, as he beat them one by one. The other people beside Father and Mother Guo were beaten on their backs and fell to the ground.

The villagers of Xiushui village also saw the fighting prowess of Wang Shijing for the first time, making their hair stand up. Old Lady Wang also stopped crying. She had forgotten that her son had long been separated from her, so when she saw how brave Wang Shijing was, she immediately got angry and jumped three feet high, rushing out to scold Mother Guo. “Guo Chunhua, you bitch, my son has killed people, you…”

“Shut up!” Wang Shijing’s angry yell made Old Lady Wang close her mouth. But just a moment later, she pointed at Wang Shijing’s nose and started cursing. But Wang Shijing’s next sentence scared her again, no longer daring to act arrogant.

“If you haven’t suffered enough. I can let them continue to scold you.” Old Lady Wang looked behind Wang Shijing, but she didn’t see Shao Yunan, so she felt relieved. Thinking of Shao Yunan, Old Lady Wang didn’t dare to curse Wang Shijing anymore. Shao Yunan was the person she was most afraid to scold aloud.

Wang Shijing said to Father and Mother Guo, whose faces were white due to anger and fear. “I have separated from the family and severed my ties.”

“Who said…”

Wang Shijing’s one-eye was so cold that many onlookers took a few steps back due to sudden fear. Especially the Zhu family and the Guo family. Old Lady Wang, who tried to trick people, was also scared back by her own child’s fierce expression.

After being frightened, Old Lady Wang backed away and Wang Shijing continued to speak to the Guo couple. “I signed a deed of separation with my family and the deed stated that after pressing my fingerprints, I will have nothing to do with my family, and everything related to that family is no longer related to me. The copy of that deed is in the hands of the village head.”

Zhao Lizheng immediately backed him up, saying, “Indeed.” Wang Shuping, Zhao Yuande, and the other people who were present at the time also testified. Wang Wenhe said, “The deed of separation between Shijing and the family was written by my hand. Shijing returned all the gains from the separation of the family, so he no longer has anything to do with that family. This way, Wang Shijing will also no longer need to bear the burden of that family. It’s written clearly on the deed.”

Shijing then continued. “Guo Zhaodi and Wang Tianyan ignored the deed and tried to take my family’s money, so they were punished according to the law. If you don’t accept it, you can go to the county Yamen, beat the drum, and file a complaint!”

Father Guo became angry as he spoke. “Who doesn’t know that the county magistrate is your sworn brother!?”

“Then go to the capital and sue me in front of the Emperor! See if the Emperor will judge you or me!” Now no one from the Guo family dared to say anything.

Wang Shijing looked at the people around him and angrily said, “Guo Zhaodi deserves what she got!” After that, he looked at his two uncles who were like strangers to him in the crowd and said, “I, Wang Shijing, have long since severed my ties with that family and you also know what that family has done to my family.” 

“You can make trouble if you want, but don’t dare to come and trouble my family. If you want to say you owe me, it’s my family that owes me and I, Wang Shijing, have a clear conscience regarding it!” Turning around, he spoke to Ding Yilin, “Go to Yunan and get some money, also give them some medical attention.”

“Yes, Master.” Ding Yilin turned around and left. Just as he turned around, Ding Yilin froze and hurriedly saluted. “Elder Cen, Dean Kang.”

When he shouted this, everyone’s attention shifted. Returning to his senses Wang Shijing was also surprised. “Elder? Senior? ” His address caused another commotion. Zhu Wenhua’s complexion suddenly changed, as he hurriedly took a few quick steps forward to salute. “Student Zhu Wenhua pays his respects to Dean Cen.”

The crowd stirred. “It’s Dean Cen from the county school!”

“I heard that Dean Cen from the county school lives in Shijing’s house, but I didn’t expect it to be true!”

“Is it really Dean Cen from the county school?”

“Who is that man next to Dean Cen? Why is Shijing calling him senior?”

There was a lot of chatter around as Elder Cen came over, gently patted Wang Shijing’s shoulder, then walked in front of the Guo and Zhu family members.


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