Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 87.1

Eunuch An sent someone to deliver an urgent letter to Shao Yunan. On the fourth night after that, someone sent from the capital knocked on the gate of the Wang family mansion and delivered Eunuch An’s secret letter to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing. After reading the letter, Shao Yunan’s head began to hurt.

“Lord An is giving me a problem. I’m not a Yixiu who can solve all kinds of intractable diseases. There is tea, wine, and goat’s milk fruit in the space that can indeed be given to him, but the main problem is can they really be taken out?”

Wang Shijing was also worried. Things that shouldn’t exist, shouldn’t be conjured out of thin air. All the tea and goat’s milk wine they made with their own hands were handed over to lord An, so how could they now give more? But Lord An’s letter also stated the reason for being so anxious and they were really in a dilemma.

Wang Shijing thought for a long time and said, “Wife, why don’t we write a letter and ask Lord An to appease those people first. It’s not long before tea picking season, so let’s just ask them to wait patiently.”

Shao Yunan shook his head. “No. Lord An said that the Hengyuan Mansion has already collected some tea and wine at a high price in order to snatch away this business opportunity. You see, when the new tea and wine come out this year, the Hengyuan Marquis will definitely try to steal some. Now it’s not just a matter of buying and selling, but a struggle for strength.”

Wang Shijing didn’t understand. “This Hengyuan Marquis Mansion is really not afraid of death?”

Shao Yunan… “I guess they are desperate to die. They must know that they are already a thorn in the Emperor’s side, so they might as well seize every opportunity to suppress the Emperor’s strength. That way, the Emperor can only turn to them if he wants to move.” 

“What the Emperor needs most now is money. They don’t want to allow him to have money so he can gain more strength. There might also be other families participating in this matter. It’s a political matter that ordinary people like us will have no say.”

Wang Shijing became a little anxious. “Then what should we do? We can’t take tea out of the space, right?” Shao Yunan rubbed his forehead as Wang Shijing wrapped his arms around him, blaming himself. “I am too stupid and can’t help you.”

“It has nothing to do with you. It was supposed to be difficult.” Shao Yunan thought about it and asked, “Shijing, how much do you know about the Dashan tribe and the Xianlu Kingdom?”

Wang Shijing had been a soldier, so he was naturally clear about the situation of the countries around the Great State of Yan. He told in detail everything he knew to his wife. Shao Yunan listened and gained some understanding of these two countries. 

The people of the Dashan Tribe were relatively tough, strong in fighting, and united, but their population was small. They were also backward overall and did not like change, which could also be seen from the fact they didn’t take the initiative to attack the Great State of Yan. They lived in a place with a good natural environment and no shortage of supplies. So as long as they were not attacked by others, they would live peacefully, similar to the minority groups that Shao Yunan knew.


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