Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 21.2

Since Shao Yunan didn’t go to sleep, Wang Shijing also did not sleep either. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi strongly requested to help, since father and little dad were tired. So, Shao Yunan arranged a job for the two children. They would take the dry goods that were drying in the yard inside the house and would take it out to continue to dry when they got up in the morning, until the sun set. 


Next, Shao Yunan concentrated on his wild chrysanthemum flowers. The wild chrysanthemum flowers needed their stems removed and cleaned. Flowers which had signs of decay would also be picked out. Shao Yunan did not let Wang Shijing help. While the villagers were still awake, he asked him to find someone to order the stone mill he had wanted before, as well as a person who would make them some steaming trays with bamboo strips. In addition, he wanted to know who was selling malt sugar and sesame, and buy some. He didn’t buy enough malt sugar, but since the goat milk fruits were already sweet, there was no need to use sugar extravagantly.


By the time Wang Shijing came back, Shao Yunan had already boiled a large pot of hot water and was ready to wash. Wang Shijing came back after the wild chrysanthemum was taken care of. He had bought some maltose sugar and black sesame seeds, but the steaming trays could only be picked up tomorrow morning, so he asked uncle Zhou to do it. The trays would be ready the next day at noon at the earliest, after all it was late now. The stone mill would also only be ready after several days.


After two days and nights without any sleep, Shao Yunan was a little tired. Wang Shijing helped him to change the water, before going into the house to get a change of clothes for him, so he could wash his clothes first. Shao Yunan poured a drop of spiritual milk into the bucket after Wang Shijing left, then he simply washed his body, making the redness and swelling on his body that was caused by Wang Shijing instantly relieved. The most troublesome thing was washing his hair, which made Shao Yunan really want to cut off all that long hair. He could wash his body three times with the effort it took to wash only his hair.


After he finally finished washing, Shao Yunan poured some more water and prepared the bath for Wang Shijing. He also added a drop of spiritual milk before entering the house. Wang Shijing was sitting on the kang in his underwear. With all the bedding laid out, there was only one quilt. Shao Yunan raised his eyebrows, but didn’t comment, only saying, “Go and wash up. Wipe your eyes first and then wash your body. Also soak your feet in a basin of hot water properly. Wake me up tomorrow when you wake up.”


“Get into the bed.” Wang Shijing got off the bed and went to take a bath, while Shao Yunan wiped his hair with a cloth towel, hoping that it would dry quickly. It was a pain in the ass not to have a hair dryer. He had one in his space, but he couldn’t take it out to use it. Hiding the existence of the space from Wang Shijing was really inconvenient. Shao Yunan wiped his hair, while seriously thinking about the feasibility of this matter.


By the time Wang Shijing came back, Shao Yunan had already laid down. Wang Shijing carried a charcoal brazier with hot charcoal inside. Going near the bed, he said, “Yunan, get up and dry your hair before going to sleep. It’s cold and you can get sick.”


“I don’t want to move.” Shao Yunan mumbled. Wang Shijing moved the charcoal brazier to the side of the bed and then helped dry Shao Yunan’s hair. “It’s inconvenient to take a bath, there is no bathroom, and the rooms are too small.” Someone complained while actually acting coquettish. Wang Shijing immediately said, “Tomorrow I will go to Zhao Lizheng’s to buy a house. Then I will go to the county town to order a bath for you.”


“Forget it. I’m going to see the county magistrate in a couple of days, so I’ll order it then. You said that the county magistrate is surnamed Jiang, right?” Shao Yunan couldn’t ask the county magistrate for his name directly, but the jade plate he received had Jiang engraved on it. He guessed that the other party might be surnamed Jiang.


Wang Shijing said, “The county magistrate is surnamed Jiang. I asked brother Yuande about him and he said that the county magistrate, who arrived in Yongxiu province just last year was called Jiang Kangning. I heard that he won the top position on the exam at the age of 18 and was a real child prodigy. Before he came to Yongxiu province, he had been a county magistrate in another province for several years. It is also said that he is from the capital and seems to have some kind of background. County magistrates from Yongxiu province are not simple, several of them went directly to the capital.”


“The dean of the county school is called Cen Yuebai. Brother Yuande said that he had been an official in the capital before and came back as the dean of the county school. He also has a private school called ‘White Moon Academy’, which is the best school in the county town. All the students from our province who could go to the capital were enrolled in White Moon Academy. Even if they cannot go to the Imperial College, students from White Moon Academy can still enter the county school after they have passed the examination as a child student, so they can continue to study in the academy and take the exams.” As soon as he heard that, Shao Yunan said, “Then let’s send Wang Qing to White Moon Academy.”


Wang Shijing said, “It’s not that easy to get in. Even Wang Zhisong couldn’t get in.” Wang Shijing has completely separated himself from his family. “To get into White Moon Academy, first of all, you have to be talented. Second, the monthly tuition is very expensive, so ordinary families can’t afford it. You have to take an exam if you want to enter the school, but if you don’t do well on the exam, you won’t be accepted in the academy. If you don’t study hard, you will also be expelled from the academy.” 


“Even if an especially talented child from a farming family can enter, it’s very rare. How can the children of poor families compare with those of rich families? They can start studying from early childhood and rich families\ would hire a tutor for their children, so even before going to school they can already write poetry. While children who come from a farming family may not even hold a brush if they have not attended lessons. Even if someone got tutored before, at most they will only know a few words and can recite a few poems in advance.”


Wasn’t this just an elite school from ancient times? It seems that we can’t win even at the starting line. No matter the era, it was still pretty much the same. “I don’t think Wang Zhisong is that much smarter, at most he is just a little smarter. A person’s wisdom depends on his upbringing and his family environment. So how much more wisdom can he really have? It’s you, who out of bad bamboo came out as a good bamboo mutation.” Wang Shijing’s eyes immediately fleshed with a reserved smile.


“Wang Qing is not stupid and its not too late for enlightenment… it’s just in time. As long as he is not afraid of hardship and is more diligent than others, he can catch up with those who are rich. I’ll teach him when we’re done with the family business. If he can’t go to the White Moon Academy this year, he will definitely go the year after.” With spiritual water, even a complete fool could get enlightened. “I’m sure you can teach him.” Wang Shijing could not help bowing his head to kiss Shao Yunan’s hair.


Everyone feels different once he becomes enlightened. Shao Yunan said, “My hair is almost dry, quickly dry your own. Then take out the charcoal pot, it is dangerous to sleep with it. It’s easy to get poisoned.” Touching Shao Yunan’s almost dry hair, Wang Shijing dealt with his own still wet hair. He took off his shirt, loosened his wooden hairpin that tied up his hair, and started tidying up. Shao Yunan looked at Wang Shijing’s hot pecs and abs and scolded, [Damn, seducing me again.]


Fearing that he might be pounced on like a wolf, he could only hope that his thirst was quenched last night. Since Shao Yunan had nothing else to say, he spoke. “Zhao Yuande’s wife, Zhao He, gave his son’s books and the things he learned from to Wang Qing, saying that he could learn from them first. I just learned that Zhao Yuande married a man. It seems it might be quite good to get along.”


Wang Shijing said, “Big brother Yuande and brother He grew up together. It’s just that Uncle and Aunt Zhao didn’t want it much since brother Yuande is the eldest son. Uncle Zhao wanted him to marry a woman and have more children. However, Brother Yuande is a good person and doesn’t mind that Brother He only had one child so far and treats him well. Brother He is also an easy person to get along with.”


Shao Yunan wiped off the goose bumps on his body, still not quite accepting the fact that a man could have children. Then he heard Wang Shijing say, “Brother Yuande and Brother He are sensible people. Since Brother He gave Qing learning materials, he also wants to make friends with us. I’m afraid it is also Brother Yuande’s intention. We should find a chance in the future to return their goodwill.”


Shao Yunan said, “I will naturally repay their friendship to us. I also think those two people are good. In fact, the whole Zhao Lizheng family is not bad. At least Zhao Lizheng is much more sensible than that patriarch of yours.” Wang Shijing did not say anything, since he had long since lost hope for the patriarch.


“Who else in the village married a male wife?” Shao Yunan began to gossip, while Wang Shijing accompanied him. He had been worried that Shao Yunan did not like his status as a male wife. But now hearing him mention other male wives, while looking normal, Wang Shijing was relieved. Especially after last night’s passion. Shao Yunan’s voice dropped so low at one point that Wang Shijing also stopped talking. Taking the charcoal pot outside, Wang Shijing closed the door, blew out the oil lamp, and took off his pants, wearing only underwear before getting into the bed.


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