Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 2 (R)

Qi Cong’s Little Uncle was called Qi Hun. As his name implies, he was a very mischievous man. When he was young, he was idle and lived on his parents’ money. Later, when he didn’t have his parents to mooch off of, he used to find an excuse from time to time to go to relatives’ houses to cheat them out of their money.

Grandpa Qi Cong was the wealthiest member of the whole Qi family, and in the past he was bitten by Qi Hun. When he was a child, Qi Cong saw a lot of terrible sides of this Little Uncle, so he was disgusted with this family member of the elder generation.

In the past, Qi Cong had some scruples for his mother and grandfather’s affection towards the relatives in their hometown. So he kept his disgust hidden in his heart and tried to keep the courtesy of the younger generation when facing Qi Hun. Now the Qi family has greatly changed. He heard with his own ears that his Little Uncle came to cheat his parents when they were already in trouble, and the emotion in his heart could no longer be concealed.

Without waiting for Qi Hun to answer, he continued, “Not only the 500,00 for the repair of tombs, but also the 700,000 you cheated from grandfather when you prepared a fake medical record and lied that you had a serious illness, and other small bits of money. Looking at the appearance of Little Uncle now, you must be doing very well. Now that my parents are having a hard time, shouldn’t you to return all this money?” 

The living room was quiet. Everyone except Shen Jia had a dazed expression, including Qi Hun, who was targeted by Qi Cong.

Qi Cong frowned.

What was with this reaction?

Qi Yin suddenly stood straight. She changed from her previous attitude of indifference and she almost rushed to Qi Cong. Qi Yin raised her hands and held Qi Cong’s face, her tone urgent, “Cong, look at your mother.”

Qi Cong hurriedly held Qi Yin’s hands and looked into her eyes. When their eyes met, Qi Yin’s eyes, which were obviously not well rested and also very red, made his heart tremble and his body soften. He couldn’t help calling out, “Mom.”

Qi Yin stared at Qi Cong, her fingers trembling. Suddenly she lost all her strength and hugged Qi Cong, her shoulders moving as she cried silently.

“Mom?” Qi Cong panicked. He held Qi Yin back and wanted to see her face, but he didn’t dare to push her too hard. When he unexpectedly saw Qi Yin’s hair mixed with aging white, he suddenly wanted to cry and hugged Qi Yin back. “Mom, don’t cry, it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

When the others finally returned to their senses, Lin Hui came to Qi Cong and asked excitedly, “Cong, do you remember?”

Qi Cong blinked his eyes to suppress his tears and replied, “What? I had amnesia?”

At this critical moment, Shen Jia was still reliable. He leaned over to Qi Cong’s side and explained for him, “Uncle, Brother Cong remembers everything now. From childhood to adulthood, he remembers everything.”

Lin Hui became more and more excited: “Really?”

“Really, it’s absolutely true!”

Qi Cong became more and more confused by conversation between Shen Jia and Lin Hui. He was about to ask, when Qi Hun, who had remained sitting on the sofa, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Xiao Cong, it’s good that you can remember the past now, but as food cannot be eaten at random, words also cannot be said at random. What do you mean by cheating? Didn’t I repair the ancestral graves? Just because I’m well now, doesn’t mean I wasn’t ill in the past. It doesn’t make sense.” 

Qi Yin’s shrugging shoulders stopped.

Qi Cong regained his senses and his face turned cold again.

Qi Hun continued, saying, “Xiao Cong, I know you’re short of money, but you can’t have any ideas about your own cousin. You still use your parents as an excuse. It’s really unkind–” 

“Shut up.”

Qi Yin interrupted Qi Hun words.

Qi Hun choked and looked discontentedly at Qi Yin, who was withdrawing from Qi Cong arms. “Fourth Sister, how do you -“

“Didn’t you hear me when I told you to shut up?” Qi Yin turned to face Qi Hun. Her eyebrows were similar to Qi Cong, and her expression was almost the same. Her momentum however, was stronger and her tone was deeper than that of Qi Cong. ”Third brother, Qi Cong is back and it’s time for you to go. You don’t have to come back anymore. It should be more than enough to pay the debt my father owed to your mother with the money you cheated, borrowed and stole from my family over the years. Anyway, our two families are not from the same branch, so the kinship should be severed. ” 

Qi Hun couldn’t believe it. “Do you know what you are saying -“

“Lin Hui, show Third Brother out.” Qi Yin stopped paying attention to Qi Hun and grabbed Qi Cong’s arm to pull him into the master bedroom on the right side of the living room, slamming the door behind them.

The door, just like their front door, was made of wood. The door panel was even thinner and not sound proof at all. Outside, Qi Hun started to make a scene, shouting and wanting to rush over to find Qi Yin to explain clearly, but was stopped by Lin Hui and Shen Jia.

Qi Hun’s words were terrible, making Qi Cong clench his fists.

He felt that his hand was suddenly warm. Qi Cong bowed his head and saw Qi Yin holding his hand and gently opening his clenched fist. He reflexively relaxed. 

Qi Yin didn’t look up and said softly, “You habit of clenching your fist when you are angry didn’t change.”

Qi Cong answered habitually, “If I change it now, mom will have no excuse to hold my hand.”

“…” Qi Yin tightened her grip on his hand and looked up at Qi Cong. “How much do you remember?” 

How much does he remember of what? 

Qi Cong didn’t quite understand.

Qi Hun outside the door was stopped from following them, but his voice suddenly grew louder and his words became more and more ugly. “No wonder Qi Cong became such a waste. It’s not surprising when he has such unkind and mean parents as you! It’s already good he turned out like this! Qi Yin, you say you wanted to sever our family relationship, then you must first pay off the debt your family owes my mother! If it hadn’t been for my mother, how could your father make Sanmu expand? The Sanmu trademark should be mine! “

“Qi Yin, come out! If you don’t sell me the trademark today, I’m not done with you. Do you think you are still the rich lady who used to be the boss? Don’t be shameless and force me to become serious! “

Qi Cong withdrew his hand from Qi Yin without clenching his fist, and restrained his temper as he said, “Mom, I’ll go out for a while. You just sit and have some rest. I’ll be back soon.” Qi Cong sat Qi Yin on the bed, opened the door and went out, closing the door with his back hand.

Seeing Qi Cong coming out, Qi Hun, who was held back by his arms by Lin Hui and Shen Jia, became more and more excited. Lin Hui and Shen Jia both had thin bodies and they couldn’t stop the tall and very fat Qi Hun, and he nearly broke away from them.


Qi Cong picked up the porcelain teapot from the table and smashed it.

Qi Hun stopped struggling, but his mouth didn’t stop. “What, do you want to scare me with this? I’ve been out for so many years, but it’s not — “

Qi Cong stooped to pick up the biggest fragment and in the middle of Qi Hun’s speech, he suddenly grabbed Qi Hun by the collar and raised the porcelain fragment to stab him in the eye.

Lin Hui was startled and he quickly let go of Qi Hun to stop him, “Cong, don’t!”

Qi Cong steadily stopped the porcelain fragment at a distance of only two centimeters from Qi Hun’s eyes. Then he stepped over to Lin Hui, looking at Qi Hun who turned white from fear, and threatened, “barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes. I have nothing, but my parents still have Sanmu. If you dare to touch them, I will dare you to fight with me. Do you want to be haunted by me for the rest of your life, or are you going to get out of my house? Get out of my house now! “

Without any restriction from Liu Hui, Qi Hun easily broke free from Shen Jia’s hold and stepped back two steps. He touched his eyes, his body in a cold sweat. He looked from Qi Cong, to the fragment Qi Cong still held in his hand and his expression twisted a few times. As he walked to the door he swore in a low voice.

When he got to the other side of the front door, his voice became louder again, “No wonder Jiang Zhaoyan doesn’t like you, you are a madman!  You want to be a star and make a lot of money? Just look at who you are! “

Shen Jia angrily rolled up his sleeves. “You say one more word!”

Qi Hun quickly ran away.

Lin Hui immediately closed the door.


Qi Cong threw away the fragments, looked around the room and found the dustpan and broom. He carefully swept the fragments of the teapot. Looking at Lin Hui who came over, he bowed his head and apologized. “Dad, I’m sorry, I broke the teapot.”

Lin Hui sighed and gently touched Qi Cong’s long hair. “It’s all right, but don’t do it again. When you use force, whether you hurt others or others hurt you, you will suffer in the end. Solve the problem rationally, understand? “


The door of the master bedroom opened and Qi Yin came out. 

Qi Cong froze and instinctively hid the dustpan containing the fragments of the teapot. Before Qi Yin opened her mouth, he said, “Dad, Mom, you can’t live here anymore. Little Uncle will not give up easily. He lost his face today, but he will definitely come back. There is no access control or security in this neighborhood and the front door can be opened with a little push, which is too unsafe.” 

Qi Yin glanced at the dustpan behind Qi Cong, and then looked away as Qi Cong stiffened and changed the topic. Her gaze softened as she asked, “Move to where?”

Move to where? 

Qi Cong was stunned for a moment. After “sleeping” for three years, he didn’t know where he lived or where he could move his parents. Even so, he quickly thought of a way and replied, “First we need to find a nearby hotel for you to stay in. Mom, Dad, you should pack up the things you want to take away. Jia Jia and I will go to the hotel and pick you up when we book a room. “

What Lin Hui wanted to say was stopped by Qi Yin. She nodded and said, “All right, we will be waiting for you at home.”

After Qi Cong and Shen Jia left, Lin Hui looked at Qi Yin and said, “Do you really want to move?”

“Didn’t you see? He started a fight with Qi Hun on purpose.”

Lin Hui froze. “Intentionally?”

“Mm-hmm.” Qi Yin smiled and her beautiful apricot eyes were slightly curved. You could vaguely see her charming and moving appearance from when she was young. “He loves us and was looking for an excuse for us to move. Lin, it seems that he really is better this time.”



In the orange sport car, Qi Cong asked Shen Jia, “Where did I live before I was hospitalized?”

“You rented a small apartment in the Tianhua district.”

“How big?”

“One bedroom with living room”

Qi Cong was silent and frowned slighty.

Shen Jia looked at Qi Cong and tentatively said, “I have a small villa in the Jinxiu District. It was a birthday present given to me by my father last year. Anyway, it’s empty, why not…”

Qi Cong shook his head. “It’s not suitable. You can lend your house to me, but you can’t lend it to my parents. My parents won’t live in the house of someone from the younger generation. It would be hard on them. Jia Jia, do I really owe the bank 800,000?”

Shen Jia choked and replied implicitly, “With my understanding, maybe…it’s more than that.”

More than that?

Qi Cong frowned even more.

More than 800,000. How much was it? One Million? Two million?

Shen Jia tried again: ” Brother Cong, don’t worry, I can help you return -” 


Qi Cong snapped his fingers expressionlessly. 

Shen Jia changed his tune in time, “– I can lend you a sum of money in case of emergency! You’ll pay me back when you earn money. Of course, I’ll charge interest. As the old saying goes, even blood brothers should settle accounts clearly. ” 

Qi Cong loosened his fingers and stopped scaring Shen Jia. He gently patted him on the shoulder. “Thank you, Jia Jia. If it wasn’t for you….  Thank you. “

“You don’t have to be polite with me.” Shen Jia quickly turned his head and grinned at Qi Cong. Then he turned his eyes away and continued to look at the road, sniffing secretly. “I only wanted to say that without you, there would be no me now. As long as you are good, other things are just small things.”



After booking the hotel, Qi Cong and Shen Jia went back to the neighborhood to pick up Qi Yin and Lin Hui. Qi Yin was already in poor health and this afternoon, thanks to Qi Hun, she was involved in an argument and now she is moving. Her mood also rose and fell, so she went to sleep as soon as they arrived at the hotel.

Qi Cong didn’t stay long. After talking with Lin Hui, he got in the car with Shen Jia and set off for his rented apartment.

On the way to the apartment, Qi Cong asked Shen Jia about some things he didn’t understand. For example, the words that Shen Jia said to Lin Hui, “remembers all”, the Jiang Zhaoyan that Qi Hun mentioned and Shen Jia’s job that could easily earn seven figures a year. 

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