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709l: I’m not a crew member, but the day “Legend of Youth” started I happened to walk by the courtyard where the crew did the opening ceremony. At that time I saw two little brothers meeting at the patio behind where the crew was located. I thought that the scene was very lovely so I secretly took a picture. Later, the story of Yanhuang broke out and I found out the person in the photo was Qi Cong. I will post the photo below, so see it for yourself. Just…Shen Jia was busy with the opening ceremony at the front, but Qi Cong, who supposedly works as his assistant, was hiding at the back patio dating? It feels quite irresponsible. Also, it hadn’t been long since Qi Cong regained his memories, but he still got a new boyfriend so quickly and made out with him in public. I think that the private life of such a rich second generation is probably very messy.

A photo of Qi Cong and a man with his back facing the camera sitting on the edge of the patio was posted. Qi Cong was leaning over the man who was sitting. If you looked closely it almost looked like the two of them were kissing.

After the photo came out, the post exploded with a bang.




Information Handling Station V: Surprise! The pink forum exploded with big news: Qi Cong repeatedly used Gu Xun and also, after working as Shen Jia’s assistant for two days, he took vacation and got involved in another messy male-male relationship! Qi Cong also used Gu Xun’s fame to get close to the series investor, the drama director and the editor-in-chief of “Legend of Youth” as he always knocked on the Gu Xun door in the middle of night. The former rich second generation, who has just experienced unfortunate events, seems to be a very complicated person #Qi Cong private life chaos#

Gossiping About You at the End of the World V: The real hammer: Qi Cong was never dedicated to his work as an assistant to Shen Jia. Not only was he not dedicated, but he also let Shen Jia’s other assistants take care of him. Look at these photos, these are the photos taken by the press of Shen Jia’s assistant Xiao Han returning to the hotel from the filming location to deliver food to Qi Cong. The habits of the previous rich second generation Qi Cong aren’t simple!

New Entertainment Information V: # Qi Cong knocking at Gu Xun door at night# Dingli Hotel security footage comes out! Qi Cong repeatedly met Gu Xun in private, late at night. Are the two of them in a real relationship?

There were two hotel surveillance videos added to this post, one showing Qi Cong coming out of the corridor and going straight to Gu Xun’s room to knock on his door and Gu Xun opening the door and letting him in. The other was a video of Qi Cong and Gu Xun going together into Gu Xun’s room. The time stamp on the footage showed that it was already after 10 o’clock in the evening.




A Big Fan of Gu Xun: I’m sorry, sisters, but my mentality is broken. If Brother Gu is really in a serious relationship with someone, then I can still bear the pain and bless his relationship, but it’s obvious that Brother Gu has been used and deceived. I can’t stand it any longer. That man was still having a private meeting with other men on the day of the opening ceremony of “Legend of Youth”, but still had the guts to knock on Brother Gu’s door just a few days later. What was he trying to do? What was he doing? I really want to kill someone now!




A Popular Entertainment Information Blogger: I am really worried to death, sisters! Now the focus isn’t whether or not Qi Cong is in love with Gu Xun, okay?! The main focus is also not on whether Qi Cong’s private life is messy or if Qi Cong stole the role, added scenes and pushed the destruction button! The main point is # Qi Cong’s schizophrenic# okay? He could be a psychopath! He has a mental illness without a cure and doesn’t know when he will have an episode again!

Think about it: What if Qi Cong gets sick while working with or spending time with your idol? Now we know that Qi Cong has two personalities, a master personality with serious habits of a rich second generation, and a submissive sub personality who is obsequiously in love with a phoenix man, an unfilial white-eyed wolf. If he suddenly switches into the secondary personality, can we still be sure that he can act well? Wouldn’t he immediately try killing himself again? Or go back to that phoenix man again? What about delaying the progress of the crew? What if the work of your idols get affected? What if, I mean what if…. Generally, schizophrenic patients can split into even more personalities in the later stages. What if Qi Cong develops an aggressive personality and attacks your idol when he is working with them?

Then it was added: Now isn’t the time to debate whether Qi Cong is dating Gu Xun, whether Qi Cong is worthy to be with Gu Xun or whether Qi Cong has stolen his role. What you should think about is whether such a psychopath is really suitable to be a public figure and an actor! Qi Cong might threaten the lives of all his coworkers, okay!

One word awakened the dreamer, making all artists and fans panic as the public opinion completely exploded.




Qi Cong put down his phone and did not speak for a long time.

Zhao Zhenxun, who was sitting diagonally across from Qi Cong also put down his tablet and asked, “Finished reading it?”

Qi Cong nodded.

“What did you see?”

“The development of public opinion is so fast and chaotic that apart from the original whistleblowers, there should be other people taking advantage of the opportunity to stir up the water.”

“There are indeed. Such as Qin Zhengji and You Chengfeng’s group. The competition for “Legend of Youth” is definitely ongoing. There are also people who want to target Gu Xun and secretly add fire. Who else?”

Qi Cong remembered what he has just saw in the comments and unconsciously pinched his finger. “I… was being watched.”

This time there are too many details in the exposé that only the crew, or people who are very familiar with him could know. Such as Gu Xun sending him food, or Xiao Han momentarily forgetting to control the volume of his voice and exposing Gu Xun’s presence. Him meeting the main investor together with Gu Xun, his costume being redone or him staying in the hotel room for a few days without going to set…. There were too many details. There were so many details, that there were obviously eyes all round him observing his life.

Zhao Zhenxun nodded and added, “Also, the person who is watching you doesn’t want you to debut, he doesn’t want Shen Jia helping you or you and Gu Xun getting together. Remember what I said before, the person who broke the news that you were chasing Gu Xun last time and the person who broke the news that you were using Gu Xun all this time… what’re the odds that it might be the same person?

“I remember. But when we discussed it last time you said that these revelations were made because someone was trying to get to Jia Jia through me. So it wasn’t aimed at me.”

“That was the most likely conclusion based on past experience and the circumstances at the time. But now that I think about it, the last revelation is exactly the same as this one in terms of manner, details, and purpose. “

Qi Cong frowned as he said, “Exactly the same?”

“Mm-hmm.” Zhao Zhenxun explained in detail. “First of all, in these two revelations, the whistleblowers started with the release of ‘you have caused trouble to Gu Xun,’ and then implicated other things, creating the illusion that because of your willfulness, the people around you were troubled. Plus the details of these revelations involved your private schedule and activities.”

In retrospect, Qi Cong found that what Zhao Zhenxun was saying was right .

“Finally,the purpose. With the last revelation,  assuming that Gu Xun did not help you clarify and speak in time, and Jia Jia could not come up with a strong statement to appease the fans, then you would fall into the situation of being resisted by both Jia Jia and Gu Xun fans. It could even lead to a strong dissatisfaction with Manju Entertainment Company. Under the circumstances at that time, whenever Mr. Shen had a little prejudice against you,  you ’caused Jia Jia to be questioned about the team’s management ability and even get Gu Xun fan dislike Jia Jia’ you would have been immediately transferred away from Jia Jia. If you ware transferred away from ……”

Zhao Zhenxun didn’t finish his sentence, but Qi Cong understood what he meant..Once he was transferred away, then he who lost Jia jIa would have been completely isolated and helpless.

“This time, the purpose of the exposé is the same as the last one – to make you disliked by Jia Jia and Gu Xun fans. They are establishing you as a person with problems and want to prevent you from making your debut. Judging from the present situation, the first point is half finished, the second point has been completed and the third point… depending on the direction of the wind, should be about to start. ” Zhao Zhenxun finished his explanation and looked carefully at Qi Cong: “I told you all of this because I wanted you to think about it. Do you have any enemies who could do these things?”

Qi Cong frowned hard, thought for a long time, but finally shook his head. “Right now my only enemies are the Jiang family and some of my distant uncles. But they aren’t around me and they aren’t people who can use such means.”

“A distant cousin or uncle, do you mean that Qi Hun?”

Qi Cong didn’t expect that Zhao Zhenxun would remember Qi Hun’s name and just nodded.

Zhao Zhenxun thought for a moment, after which he unlocked his tablet and said, “I understand, I’ll have the PR team keep an eye on the online trend, so you don’t have to worry too much. Rest well and finish recording the song tomorrow.”




Qi Cong frowned and thought for a long time after Zhao Zhenxun left, then took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Gu Xun asking him not to reply on Weibo to defend him.

Gu Xun replied in a second: Whatever you say. Are you done?

Qi Cong put his heart down and typed: Hmm.

Gu Xun directly called him.

Qi Cong picked up the call and a steady and reliable male voice came out of the receiver. “I asked my agent to contact Zhao Zhenxun. He’ll lend him a public relations team to help Zhao Zhenxun deal with things here. They’re all very experienced people, so don’t worry Cong.”

Qi Cong was stunned by Gu Xun’s low tone and sat up straight as he replied, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry.” Gu Xun paused, his voice mixed with the wind in the background making him sound a bit cold. “Obviously I used despicable means to trick you to get closer to me. I owe you. But because I let the public know earlier than you were ready, now everyone thinks that you are using me. They recklessly use me as a dummy to second-guess you and smear you. Everything I’ve done for you on my own has become a reason for them to attack and second-guess you and that makes me very angry. Cong, I never seem to do any good things for you and always end up hurting you.”

Qi Cong was quiet for a few seconds before he finally replied, “You have been there for me. This is the best thing you could’ve ever done for me.”

The opposite side abruptly become quiet, even the sound of wind disappeared.

After a while, the sound of the wind reappeared and Gu Xun’s voice, which was now a little lower, could be heard again. “Cong, your new song, there will be many people who will like it. I am sure.”


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