Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 53.2

Zhao Zhenxun’s movement of getting up stopped as he looked at Qi Cong.

The doctor also looked at Qi Cong. Putting down and organizing the various materials in his hand, he finally slowed down his tone and replied, “From the examination results, this possibility isn’t certain. However, if you want to attempt to awaken your memory, there are ways to try, but I can’t guarantee the result. “

Qi Cong nodded to show that he understood and offered his farewell.

After leaving the hospital, Zhao Zhenxun frowned and asked Qi Cong, “You want to retrieve the memories of the past three years?”

“I have thought about it, but not now.” Qi Cong said frankly, “After everything is settled, I can’t be a time bomb if I want to be together with Gu Xun.”

Zhao Zhenxun was silent until the two of them got into the car, then he said, “You’d better discuss this with Gu Xun before you do it.”

“I will.”




Qi Cong took pictures of the evaluation results and then sent them all to Gu Xun. After sending them, he also typed: It’s good news.

Gu Xun directly called him.

Qi Cong picked up.

“When will you return to Heicheng?” Gu Xun’s voice was low with a slight tick at the end of lingering joy. “I remember you still owe me a teaching fee. Well, how about midnight snacks? You will treat me with midnight snacks, and I’ll continue to teach you to act.”

Qi Cong’s voice unconsciously slowed down. “I’ll be back in two days.”

“Does these two days include today?”

“It should…not include.”

Gu Xun exaggeratedly sighed.

“Gu Xun.”


Qi Cong picked up the examination report on his leg, and still couldn’t suppress the happiness in his heart. He said, “It’s good news, the doctor said I’m healthy.”

Gu Xun was quiet for a long time.

Qi Cong was puzzled. “Gu Xun?”

“I know.” Gu Xun’s voice became a little lower, then with a sigh, “Cong… hurry back.”

Maybe it was stimulated by someone’s low sigh of suppressed thoughts, or it was the examination result that made Qi Cong put down worries in his heart. Maybe it was singing practice that afternoon that went surprisingly well. He could quickly correct and adjust every small problem and point that the vocal music teacher pointed out. By the time dinner arrived, he had been able to sing down the song from beginning to end without any problems.

Seeing that Qi Cong was in a good condition, the vocal music teacher simply asked him to enter the  recording studio to officially begin the trial recording. It was ten o’clock in the evening, and if it wasn’t for fear that Qi Cong’s voice wouldn’t be able to stand it, everyone would want to make a complete recording of ‘A New Life’.

When Qi Cong was recording the song, Zhao Zhenxun, who had something to do, went back to Manju Company. The two of them agreed to go home by themselves tonight and see each other the next day. When Qi Cong was about to leave the studio, Zhao Zhenxun suddenly appeared again.

Qi Cong was putting music sheets into his backpack and looked suspiciously at Zhao Zhenxun who came in with big strides and asked, “Why did you come over again?”

“This afternoon I asked the PR team to start bringing the rhythm of your unknown mental condition and suitability to be an actor or not on the internet since we are ready to publish your psychological assessment report and medical examination report. When the wind blows in our favor we will remove the patient label from you in one fell swoop.”

The two had communicated about this matter before so Qi Cong was aware of it. He looked at Zhao Zhenxun’s expression and asked, “Has the situation changed?”

“Someone wants to fish in troubled waters,” Zhao Zhenxun replied, while helping Qi Cong pack his things. “Two hours ago, someone broke the news online that you used Gu Xun to get your role so now the media are outside the recording studio. Put on your hat, we will talk as we walk.”

Taking advantage of Gu Xun to get a role?

Qi Cong frowned and put on his hat as he followed Zhao Zhenxun.

On the way out, Zhao Zhenxun explained the specific situation. In summary, someone took this opportunity to splash Qi Cong with dirty water by questioning whether his physical and mental state was suitable with the work of an actor. They said that the role of You Changqing was obtained by Qi Cong through selling his miserable experience to Gu Xun. Then Qi Cong also encouraged Gu Xun to use his contacts to pressure the cast of “Legend of Youth” to add more scenes to the You Changqing role.

The person who broke the news, in order to prove that what he said was true, also published a few photos of Gu Xun with Qi Cong in the crew, and also him talking with the drama director.

The more Qi Cong listened, the more he frowned. He lowered his head, took out his mobile phone and went to Weibo. He found the photos and looked at them.

There were three photos in total. A photo of him and Gu Xun sitting in the corner of the rest area of the crew talking, a picture of Gu Xun talking with the drama director and him, and finally Gu Xun and Zhao Zhenxun standing together.

The whistleblower probably didn’t dare to offend Gu Xun, so he only wrote that Gu Xun “couldn’t stand the pleas of his friend from the past so he wanted to help him” but he was extremely rude to him, implying that it wasn’t enough for him to just rub popularity from Shen Jia, now he also deliberately wanted to take advantage of Gu Xun.

The source finally threw out a photo of him and Gu Xun being photographed while having a midnight snack, pointing out that he was actually crying and begging Gu Xun to help him pave the way. In the photo, Gu Xun’s dark expression and his suspected act of bowing his head and wiping tears were magnified, making him really look a bit like he was begging.

Qi Cong fell silent.

That person’s ability to add story to photos was really too strong.

“This should be done by the same person.”

Qi Cong looked at Zhao Zhenxun. “What?”

“The one who broke the news that you were chasing after Gu Xun, and the one who broke the news today that you were selling misery to use Gu Xun is most likely the same person. ” Zhao Zhenxun gestured to Qi Cong to put away his phone. “In a moment, no matter what the media asks you, don’t say a word. This revelation came just in time, I will definitely let you take off your patient label.”

The elevator opened, and the bodyguards outside immediately came forward to surround Qi Cong and Zhao Zhenxun in the middle.

As they went out, the media gathered around them, the camera shutters sounded non-stop, and reporters’ voices were rising and falling.

“Qi Cong! Did Gu Xun ask for this role for you?”

“How do you and Gu Xun know each other!”

“What do you think about Gu Xun’s confession two days ago!”

Qi Cong didn’t even look at the reporters, but got into the car under the protection of the bodyguards and shut all the noises outside when the car door closed.


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