Spare Tire is Gone – Chapter 27.2 – In The Year Wu Heng Sraped The Blood Of The Newcomer

In the third chapter of Chivalrous Bones, “What is justice?” was also the sentence that murmuring water posted before on Weibo, and emphasized that this novel will not be changed. He added that the purpose of not charging is to let more people see the real Fengyue and the real Chivalrous Bones.

Then at 0:05, Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones posted the second Weibo.

Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones: This will be the last time I mention Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi in public. Four points to clarify: I did not show off wealth, did not cheat money, did not worship Wu Heng as a teacher, and did not use marketing. I have three more questions, Wu Heng, if you can answer them, then I am willing to lay down my pen, bow to capital and public opinion, and hand over Chivalrous Bones to you. The first question: Did you decide to write Chivalrous Bones because you wanted to fulfill my “last wish” or because your father was seriously ill and you were in urgent need of money? The second question: Did you really try to find me and my family? The third question: My social account has been canceled a long time ago, and it’s impossible to cut out our chats temporarily. Those screenshots, exactly when and under what circumstances did you make them and sent them to Lin Xiaozhi in the past? Finally, Wu Heng, I have contacted the lawyer, if you dishonestly answer these three questions, in this life, one of us will die in court.

Weibo boiled instantly.


. . .


After Qi Cong posted Weibo, he moved his mouse to turn off the Weibo web page, opened’s old website and send Cold Wind like a Knife a message: “Signed a tentative contract.” Then closed his computer.

Sitting on one side, Shen Jia was unwilling to say, “Brother Qi, do you really want to lay down your pen?”

“Never.” Qi Cong turned around and looked at Zhao Zhenxun. “Brother Zhao, I want to check Wu Heng and Lin Xiaozhi. Do you have a way?”

After hearing this, Shen Jia was stunned, and then regained his spirit. “Check Wu Heng? What do you want to check? What are you looking for?”

“Check which water army Wu Heng hired, check whether Wu Heng’s father was really seriously ill, find out what public welfare Wu Heng has done, find out if Wu Heng really went to Haicheng to see me, check Wu Heng’s marketing situation over the years and how many newcomers he has picked up. Also how many votes and rankings the newcomers have smashed for him and whether Wu Heng has used the ideas and plot of other newcomers.”

Qi Cong’s voice was calm, but his words were startling. “I want to check all of him and see how blind I was.”

After that, he looked at Zhao Zhenxun and asked, “Brother Zhao, do you have any contacts who can check these things?”

When Qi Cong posted the Weibo, Zhao Zhenxun sat quietly and did not comment. At this point, when Qi Cong finally asked him, he finally opened his mouth and replied, “Yes, but the price is not low.”

Qi Cong was silent.

“I’ll pay!” Shen Jia hurriedly exclaimed. “I’ll pay for the investigation, and you can give it back to me later when you make money.” With that, he winked at Zhao Zhenxun like crazy.

Zhao Zhenxun still looked at Qi Cong.

Qi Cong understood what Zhao Zhenxun was waiting for. He looked up at Zhao Zhenxun and said, “Brother Zhao, debut, career planning, and contract signing, I can listen to Manju and your arrangement. I promise that I will not quit until I earn enough money for Manju, and I will never switch to another company. “

Zhao Zhenxun was satisfied and confirmed, “Even if Gu Xun’s personal studio wants to sign you, you will not go?”

Gu Xun.

Qi Cong tightened his hand and replied, “No . . . I won’t go.”

Zhao Zhenxun looked at Qi Cong’s expression and stood up. “I will help you find someone. It’s too late. Have a good rest. Tomorrow is the weekend. I’ll give you a day off so you can get a new number.”

With that, he called Shen Jia and took him out of Qi Cong room.


. . .. . .


A sleepless night.

The next day, Qi Cong got up early as usual to make breakfast for Shen Jia. After Shen Jia went out, he went back to his room, took out his computer, and prepared himself before he logged on to Weibo.

He wanted to see if Wu Heng had answered his three questions.

After the Weibo was opened, all kinds of news came out first. He ignored it and moved his mouse to the search box, planning to input Wu Heng’s ID to go to Wu Heng’s homepage to see if he had responded.

With the click of the mouse, the system automatically responded, and the latest hot search list automatically appears at the bottom of the input box. At the top of the list, a topic with “Wu Heng’s real face” hangs high, with a “hot” label.

Qi Cong, who was about to enter Wu Heng’s Weibo ID in the search box, was stunned as he hurriedly grasped the mouse and clicked into the topic.

Several popular Weibo posts have popped up with one of the top posts on Weibo posted by a blogger whose ID was “Well-intentioned whistleblower.” The title of Weibo was a row of very eye-catching words, “Those years when Wu Heng scraped newcomer blood on August 18.”

Qi Cong realized something and hurriedly opened a long Weibo to read it.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: I really can’t bear to see Wu Heng bully the newcomer, so this insider came to take a deeper look at Wu Heng. Wu Heng, does your father know that you curse him everywhere for his serious illness? In those years, did you not panic about the ticket money you received from the newcomers on the grounds of mentoring these newcomers? You are very familiar with stealing newcomers’ ideas. You are a good senior and teacher in front of the newcomer, but when it comes to your girlfriend, you will complain that the newcomers show off their wealth and then complain that these newcomers look down on the poor. How many faces do you have? Do you hate the rich that much?

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Who uses marketing? Who is hyping? Who deceives people too much? Why don’t you answer the questions of Murmuring Water? Because you don’t dare. Don’t worry, I’ll answer it for you.

Well-intentioned whistleblower”: Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones, little newcomer, I’ll tell you the answer to your question. First of all, Wu Heng wrote Chivalrous Bones for the sake of popularity and of course, to make money! His father’s serious illness was a fart. If the broken leg is a serious illness? If it counts, forget it. There were also “last wishes,” this almost makes me laugh to death. Wu Heng picked up on forums almost eighty newcomers these days, and most of them found him shameless! It is conservatively estimated that about fifty of them were so angry that he deleted him and about twenty of them disappeared. Did Wu Heng fulfill their “last wish”?

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Murmuring water, the wind and the moon bones, little newcomer, as for the second question, Of course, he hasn’t been looking for you. He preferred you dead. You have no idea how happy he was to find you. Look at you, you can write and you’re rich. If you become a god, he’ll be the one who instructed the god. How glamorous! If you don’t become a god, then he is still a teacher of a rich kid, and he’s counting on you to smash his votes!

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Murmuring water, the wind, and the moon bones as for the third question. What were the circumstances under which those screenshots were taken? Of course, Wu Heng did it when he was talking about you at his girlfriend’s place. You don’t have to feel bad. Wu Heng didn’t do it alone or directed it at you. He was just doing that to anyone who showed a superior living condition in front of him.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Of course, we need to speak with evidence. Unfortunately, I know the account number and password of the Penguin account of Lin Xiaozhi, Wu Heng’s girlfriend. So I went to Lin Xiaozhi’s account this morning and cut off some conversations between her and Wu Heng, screenshots of which I’ve attached below. I’m not going to analyze them all for you.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Finally, Lin Xiaozhi, I advise you not only invest in your appearance when you are rich but to learn more so that the next time someone spends a lot of money to bring you a big-name, limited edition skincare product from abroad, you will not treat it as fake again.

Well-intentioned whistleblower: Finally, to those who follow the wind to resist Murmuring Water’s Chivalrous Bones, you people . . . Forget it. You’d better continue to be stupid. I’m happy to see that.

There are many screenshots of chat posted under these contents and, as Qi Cong looked down, he frowned severely.

In the first screenshot.

Lady without a trace: You said you wanted to write a new novel but didn’t the newcomer say so?

The person who was marked as husband: No, he may not understand.

Lady without a trace: Oops, if you ask me, he must be a fool who pretends to be stupid to show off his wealth. Don’t take time to teach him, just delete him.

Husband: His ideas are very good.

Lady without a trace: Why are you always so wary!

In the second screenshot.

Lady without a trace: Honey, I hired a public relations company. They promised that they could force Murmuring Water to seal his pen, so that Murmuring Water will not dare to mention Chivalrous Bones again.

Husband: Do you really want to do this?

Lady without a trace: Do you want to lose money and die?

Husband: All right.


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