Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 56.2

Regardless of what others would say, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan personally invited Old Father Wang, and Old Father Wang agreed with a smile. Now, the more Old Father Wang saw Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, the more he liked them. Wang Shijing also privately approached Old Father Wang and told him that he supported Wang Shuping as the new Patriarch, making Old Father Wang think that Wang Shuping was very good. Since Wang Shijing and Wang Shuping were close to each other now, he was happy to do this favor.


Wang Shijing, looking for Old Father Wang to warm the new house, attracted some scolding from his family (Old Lady Wang). Old Lady Wang also went behind Wang Zhisong’s back  and ran to Aunt Wang’s house to find Old Father Wang. It was obviously her own son who built a new house, so why did he ask Old Father Wang to warm the house? Since Aunt Wang was not there, Old Father Wang directly invited the Patriarch and Zhao Lizheng over, who gave Old Lady Wang a lecture. Then Old Lady Wang was dragged back by Wang Zhisong, amid the ridicule of a group of people.


Shao Yunan was happy to see another joke made by that family. If he thought before that this old woman was psychotic, he now estimated that coupled with early menopause, she became completely crazy. Even at a time like this, she still couldn’t see her current situation clearly. She still thought that if she scolded people, they would become obedient to her. Not to mention Wang Qing, even in front of Wang Yan and Zhao Congbo, who were also going to White Moon Academy, Wang Zhisong’s status as a child student was nothing. Wasn’t the whole village now bending backwards for Zhao Lizheng and Wang Wenhe’s family? Of course some people also came to flatter Shao Yunan. But he was a master of oil and salt, while Wang Shijing followed his ‘wife,’ so those who wanted to curry favor could only cause Shao Yunan’s disgust.


Since they were going to move tomorrow, in the middle of night Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing led the carriage out. Guo Ziyu heard some movement outside, but instead of looking, he turned over and continued to sleep. The carriage was empty as Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing were just pretending to move things. When they arrived at their new house, Old Father Wang who was warming up the house was already asleep. Wang Xing and Wang Zhuanghua were on guard, since they could not leave Old Father Wang alone in such a big house. Old Father Wang also especially bought over four black dogs, two females and two males. Wang Xing and Wang Zhuanghua did not sleep in the house, but slept in a hut outside, guarding the door. 


Wang Shijing knocked on the door and Wang Xing opened it. Wang Shijing had told the two before that he would bring some valuable things over at night, to not displace them during the moving day. Since Shao Yunan was in the carriage, Wang Shijing led the carriage directly to a row of small rooms in the backyard, while Wang Xing and Wang Zhuanghua didn’t follow them. The wine cellar of the new house, which would be specially used to store wine, was located on the ground floor of this row of small rooms. The pair of large black dogs in the backyard seeing Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan barked twice, but upon recognizing their new master they laid still. 


Shao Yunan put all the goat’s milk wine he made into the wine cellar, while the tea was placed in the empty room above the wine cellar. Putting them into his space would be the safest, but Shao Yunan didn’t know when Jiang Kangning would be back. So in case he suddenly came back or sent someone over, it might be too late to take it out of the space. But their new house was empty except for the two dogs and the sleeping Old Father Wang, so moving them now would be the safest. 


Wang Shijing pretended to make run four, while urging Wang Xing and Wang Zhuanghua to watch over their mansion. Then the two of them went back to sleep, since they would move in tomorrow. 


The next day before dawn, Wang Shijing’s family was already up. Wang Qing and Wang Nizi were so excited last night that they went to bed late, but they still got up early in the morning. When they woke up, they went to wash up and then helped their Little Father and father to organize things. For breakfast, each person had a bowl of boiled water with boiled eggs, pancakes and pickles. Basically, everything in the kitchen was already packed up, so they just needed to eat something to temporarily fill their stomach. 


About an hour later, all the things in their old house were collected. Wang Shuping, Zhao Yuande, Wang Xing, Wang Zhuanghua, and others drove their own ox carts and donkey carts to help them transport things. When the time came, firecrackers exploded at the new residence and the ox carts, horse carts, and donkey carts pulled the household goods, heading for the new residence. Shao Yunan was in charge of the new house, while Wang Shijing was in charge of the moving. Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu went to the new house first. Guo Zimu wore a mask and helped to clean the house, while Guo Ziyu helped greet the guests outside. 


When you move to a new house, you naturally have to invite the villagers for dinner. Wang Shijing set up a table in the front yard, while the back yard and rooms were not open to the public. He only invited Zhao Lizheng’s family, the Patriarch, and other people who were familiar with him to visit. These people would also not eat in the front yard, but in the main hall. The walls of the new house were like those of a large family, with green bricks and thick tiles. 


The whole building was divided into five areas – the front yard, the residential area, the backyard, the farming area, and the production area. The residential area was then further divided into four separate courtyards, one in which Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan would live, the courtyard where Wang Qing and Wang Nizi would live, and two guest house courtyards. The servants’ rooms were set up in the front and back yards respectively, which also had separate courtyards.


Shao Yunan planned to make tea and wine at his house at first, which would also have the function of being a production area. The wine cellar was also located in the production area. While the farming area was located near the backyard, together with their special vegetable field where they would use spiritual water. In addition, Shao Yunan also planned to plant some wild chrysanthemums, roses, jasmine, and other flowers for flower scented tea. Since there were flowers like chrysanthemums, roses, and jasmine in the Great State of Yan, he was just waiting for the opportunity. 


The farming area was mostly for sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, chickens and ducks. All of them had their own houses, but since there were not many people in their family, there was no need to raise too many of them. If he wanted to increase the number of breeders in the future he could always use a piece of land in the mountains to raise livestock, but at present Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan had no such plans.


As for their previous residence, Shao Yunan was planning that if their future tea and wine business grew bigger, he might as well demolish the old house and build a small factory there. This new house was completely different from what villagers know of the residence of big families. Not many important people in the county town could have such a mansion. Even if many villagers could not go inside to see more, it was still enough for them to tsk-tsk while praising the mansion. 


The mansion was so beautiful, how much was spent on it? So far, Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s family definitely became the richest and largest family in Xiushui Village and even Zhao Lizheng’s family could not be compared to them. While those who could enter the interior were full of praise. If they didn’t know better, they would have thought that they went to an official mansion in the county town. 


Shao Yunan’s house was tall and big, but the furniture in the house was also not subtle. All the money Wang Shijing bought back was used. Wang Shijing was completely submissive to his wife. As long as his wife liked it.


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