Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 157.2

King Luo Rong took two carriages of things and Shao Yunan took four carriages. Before leaving, Shao Yunan handed a package to Guo Zimu, specifically telling him it was for him, and to open it when there were no outsiders around at night. Guo Zimu found him mysterious, making his heart beat a little faster.


The General’s Mansion had a large population. This time when they came to the capital, Jiang Kangning and Kang Rui were notified. Since the Empress was staying at the General’s Mansion, they were sure to visit. In addition to the 3,500 taels of gold, the Old General didn’t hide his intention to meet them. With such an important visit, the gift had to be substantial. As for the gifts for the Empress and the Emperor, Shao Yunan brought some, and most of them were sent to the palace by Eunuch An.


A carriage and two ox carts filled with items stopped at the entrance of the General’s residence. The main gate of the General’s Mansion opened and the steward of the mansion, accompanied by a dozen servants, hurriedly ran out. The steward bowed in front of the carriage… “Is it Lord An, Master Shao, and Lord Wang?”


Shao Yunan got goosebumps and Wang Shijing resisted the urge to roll up his sleeves. They exchanged glances, both with an expression of ‘Are we really this famous?’ and a bit of apprehension. The coachman said, “Indeed, it is Lord An and the two gentlemen. Please inform the Old General.”


“Yes!” The steward sent someone to report and the coachman lifted the carriage curtain. Without waiting for Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing to act, Eunuch An got off the carriage first. The two hurriedly followed.


“Lord An!” Eunuch An smiled and said, “The distinguished guests have arrived.” Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing got off the carriage and the steward immediately bowed. “Greetings to Master Shao and Lord Wang. The Old General, Old Lady, and the Old Gentleman have been eagerly waiting.”


Shao Yunan’s heart trembled. “The Old General and the others are here.” The steward of the General’s Mansion addressed him as ‘Master’… the ominous feeling was growing! The steward bowed his head and said, “Please follow me, gentlemen.” Eunuch An said, “Let’s go.”


Shao Yunan felt like he was about to face the executioner. Did the grandeur have to be this intense? Actually, he didn’t mind taking a side door! Wang Shijing knew that Shao Yunan avoided this the most. As a modern person, talking to the authorities here required either a bow or kneeling. Every word had to be carefully considered, which was the main reason he had been reluctant to come to the capital. Wang Shijing held Shao Yunan’s hand, comforting him.


Eunuch An, on the side, reassured, “Yunan, don’t be afraid. When you meet important people, just bow and salute. Pay a bit more attention than usual at home. You’ve always known how to handle yourself, so don’t worry about doing anything disrespectful to the important people. The important person has been wanting to meet you. It’s likely there will be rewards later, so just accept them.” Shao Yunan could only awkwardly ask, “Uh, how many bows do I have to make?”


“Hehe,” Eunuch An comforted. “Just kneel and bow once, tell the important person who you are and the important person won’t ask you to kneel for too long.”


“Oh.” But I don’t want to kneel. I’m a modern person; kneeling was not in his style. Once inside the General’s Mansion, Shao Yunan had no interest in looking at the surroundings. It was already dark and there were no lights, only some stone lanterns on the road and lanterns hanging from the eaves provided limited illumination. Combined with the General’s Mansion’s usual lack of extravagance and a limited number of lights, Shao Yunan had to focus on walking to avoid making a fool of himself.


They walked for quite a while. After all, it was the General’s Mansion, with small bridges, flowing water, artificial hills, and gardens of various kinds. Moreover, the area was very large. Shao Yunan felt like they had walked for more than ten minutes, twisting and turning, before the steward leading the way finally stopped in a courtyard.


The steward went in to report and Shao Yunan soon heard the voice of an elderly man from inside. “Quickly, let them in!” Hearing this voice, Shao Yunan suddenly felt less nervous. However, he was still sweating while holding Wang Shijing’s hand. Wang Shijing whispered, “Don’t worry.”


“Yeah, I’m not worried.” After all, after he had experienced life and death situations Wang Shijing was relatively calm. The steward came out and Eunuch An said, “Let’s go, don’t panic. I’ll lead you in.”


“Who is inside?” The Emperor and Empress’s voices shouldn’t sound that old? Eunuch An gave a meaningful look to the steward. The steward said, “The important person is inside. Please come with me, sirs.”


“Let’s go.” Eunuch An grabbed Shao Yunan’s other hand, dragging him along. Shao Yunan silently screamed in his heart, ‘Uncle An, be gentle! I won’t run away!’ The maids inside opened the door curtains and with lowered heads, Shao Yunan was brought (dragged) into the room by Wang Shijing and Eunuch An. Shao Yunan felt like his bones were about to be crushed; he never realized that Eunuch An had such strength.


As soon as Eunuch An entered, he shouted, “The servant kowtows to the Emperor, the Empress, and greets the Old General, Old Lady, and Old Sir.” After shouting, Eunuch An took two steps forward and knelt down.


Following Eunuch An’s lead (demonstration), Shao Yunan took a deep breath secretly, bent his knees, and naturally went down. Naturally, he did not want to kneel. However, Shao Yunan was secretly a bit excited; he was about to meet the real Emperor, not an actor playing the role on TV! He wondered if the Emperor was handsome and if he had a big belly.


“A commoner, Shao Yunan, pays respects to the Emperor, the Empress, and greets the Old General, Old Lady, and Old Sir.” Shao Yunan followed Eunuch An’s shout. He could feel that there were definitely more people in the room, but Eunuch An only shouted the titles of these few people, so he followed suit. Besides, he didn’t know anyone else. 


After Shao Yunan kowtowed, Wang Shijing also kowtowed. Their greetings were the same, except they changed their own names. As soon as the two finished kowtowing, Emperor Yongming spoke. “Both of you, please rise, An seat them.” Remembering Eunuch An’s instructions on the way, Shao Yunan didn’t get up, only saying, “This servant doesn’t dare.” Please let me get up! I’m just being humble!


Someone came over directly to help him up. Afterwards, Shao Yunan heard the man who granted the seat laugh and say, “I heard that the wife of the Wang family, Shao Yunan, has a bold temperament and is famous for being fierce in Yongxiu County. Why, when you’re in front of me, do you not dare?”


Just why don’t you just say I’m a violent husband! Even my ‘reputation’ has reached the Emperor’s ears. Shao Yunan was crying without tears; he was forced to be like this. Wang Shijing felt deep remorse; it was him who implicated his wife.


Shao Yunan had been keeping his head down since he came in. The Empress thought he was nervous and said, “Yunan, Shijing, sit and talk.” Eunuch An said, “Hurry up and thank the Empress.”


This voice was from the Empress; it sounded quite pleasant. Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing quickly expressed their gratitude. Someone brought chairs and placed them behind the two. Wang Shijing pulled Shao Yunan to sit down. Shao Yunan didn’t dare to raise his head. Not because he didn’t want to but because before he came, Jiang Kangning repeatedly warned him that without the Empress’ permission, he must not lift his head. He must appear humble and apprehensive. 


Jiang Kangning was afraid that Shao Yunan would offend the Empress. Along the way, he didn’t stop educating him. Shao Yunan was afraid that Jiang Kangning would nag at him again after knowing he didn’t listen and he would probably be nagged all the way back. Shao Yunan couldn’t help but think, ‘Uncle An, please be gentle! I won’t run away!’


At this moment, Eunuch An said, “Your Majesty, Empress, General, Yunan and Shijing have brought many gifts this time. The gifts for Your Majesty and the Empress have been sent to the palace by the servants and some have been brought here for the Empress. The gifts for the General’s Mansion have also been arranged by the servants.” The steward of the general’s mansion immediately said, “The old slave has already ordered people to bring them all over in a moment.”


Emperor Yongming spoke, “You two are thoughtful. Speaking of which, this is the first time I’ve met you both, but not the first time I’ve received your filial offerings. I, now, most look forward to receiving your filial offerings. What have you brought this time?” Hehe. The Emperor was very straightforward.


Wang Shijing answered for his wife, “To Your Majesty’s question, we’ve brought some tea personally made by Yunan, some vegetables grown at home, and some game meat. It’s a fresh taste for Your Majesty, the Empress, and the Old General. There are also some snacks made by Yunan but there are nothing fancy.”


Emperor Yongming shook his head. “You think it’s not fancy, but I find it very precious. Shao Yunan, lift your head and let me and the Empress see you. You are the lucky star for both of us.” Hehe. Why did he think of ‘Blessed Star Highly Blessed Piggy!’


Shao Yunan didn’t hesitate to lift his head and finally, his neck could relax. As he raised his head, the Empress’s smile froze and even the Old General and Old Lady were all stunned.


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