Fierce “Husband” – Chapter 55.2

Everyone in the village came out to see her jokes. Hasn’t this old lady Wang been beaten enough? The family received the money from Wang Shijing to no longer be considered relatives, but she approached them again and even cursed them. The shamelessness of this family was really too eye-opening. Wang Zhisong didn’t expect his mother to go to the village center to lose face, so he came out angrily and dragged her back home.

Zhao He ran to Wang Shijing’s house to tell them about this incident, but Shao Yunan just sneered, “Lets see how big of a scene she can make. The more shameless she is, the better. She can only regret now.”

Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan no longer took that family’s action to heart. If they dared to come shamelessly, Shao Yunan had his own way to make them go back. Since Nizi was soon going to pay formal respects to her teacher, Shao Yunan took her to the Butterfly Jewelry Pavilion and bought her two pairs of beautiful jade earrings, a pair of lanolin white jade bracelets, and a topaz pendant. He also bought her a simple and beautiful headdress, a hair rope, and a white jade pendant for Wang Qing.

Holding her new jewelry box, Nizi was nestled in her little father’s arms. She had never seen such beautiful jewelry before and her little father bought it for her. Nizi had no memory of her mother for a long time. She used to envy other children who had mothers and fathers, but she doesn’t envy them now, since her little father was the best.

Back home, Shao Yunan called Wang Qing over and gave him the jade pendant carved with golden crows. Wang Qing couldn’t help hugging his little father and Shao Yunan patted his head. After putting the bracelets and pendant on Nizi, Shao Yunan let the two children play by themselves. Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu walked in, and both bowed to Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing.

“Brother Wang, Brother Shao, thank you.” After they came back that day, Shao Yunan repeated Jiang Kangning’s words to them, so now Shao Yunan just asked, “Have you guys thought about it?” Guo Ziyu said, “Zimu and I have discussed it and we decided to move our household registration over. We will go back and move our mother’s grave when we really settle here.”

Shao Yunan asked again, “Are you still going to continue with the imperial examination? Your leg is not a big problem, make the sole of your right foot shoe a bit higher and no one would notice it.”

However, Guo Ziyu shook his head. “I used to have the ambition to become a government official, but now I just want to be a normal farmer. Brother Shao is such a capable person, but he also chooses to live here.”

Shao Yunan could understand Guo Ziyu and Guo Zimu’s choice. Even though the emperor was reorganizing the government, the officialdom was still dark, not to mention Guo Zimu with his bewitchingly beautiful face. He thought about it and said, “Then let’s sign the deed of sale and then we will see if someone can go to Qingzhou County to help you move your household registration over. As soon as you move your registration over, I will return your freedom.”

“Thank you, brother Shao.”

“If Second Brother Guo really feels that his face is inconvenient, why don’t you wear a mask to cover half of it?” Guo Zimu nodded his head vigorously. “I’ll trouble Brother Shao.”

“Just call me Yunan. We will be family before you decide to go on with your own business. Don’t be so polite.”

Guo Ziyu pursed his lips, “Yunan.” Only when Guo Zimu followed his call, did Shao Yunan smile.

In the past, whenever Guo Zimu went out, he would definitely attract a lot of attention and covetous glances. But in Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan’s house, they looked at him as if he was an ordinary person and although the two children would sometimes still look dumbfounded, they were just children. They wouldn’t talk about him outside. 

After seven years of displacement, Guo Zimu cherished the peace and normalcy here. As for setting up their own business in the future, neither Guo Ziyu nor Guo Zimu has this intention. The two were grateful for Shao Yunan’s help and even if they were free again they saw themselves as Shao Yunan and Wang Shijing’s household servants. As long as these two didn’t kick them out, they would work here for the rest of their lives.

On the day of Nizi’s Master’s worship, the family of four dressed neatly and sat in the carriage on the way to Elder Cen’s residence. Surprisingly, Jiang Kangning also came. Nizi worshiping a female teacher was definitely a strange thing for ordinary people. What girl would so formally honor the teacher? Shao Yunan prepared a fine topaz hairpin, a pair of turquoise jade bracelets, and a pearl chain taken from Wang Shijing’s booty.

Elder Cen did not expect Shao Yunan to prepare such a generous gift for the teacher worship. Madam Cen was also quite surprised, but this was the gift of worship that could not be rejected due to etiquette, so Madam Cen accepted it. Then she gave Wang Nizi some zither music scores, a zither, and a few books suitable for girls to read. Elder Cen himself gave Wang Nizi an adult name – Wang Jingyan, meaning as radiant and flawless as beautiful jade. When she got her new name, Wang Nizi tried to keep her tears from flowing. She now had a nice new name and would no longer be called a waste of money. Shao Yunan nodded in his heart. A name of this level was worthy of Dean Cen.

The teacher worship banquet took place in Elder Cen’s residence. In addition to the uninvited Jiang Kangning, Elder Cen only invited a few White Moon Academy teachers. After all, it was his wife who had accepted a student. Shao Yunan also met Kang Rui, the only other “School master”in the county town.

Kang Rui looked to be in his forties and had gray hair at his temples. He did not seem to understand why Elder Cen had such a high regard for the son of a peasant family. Not only did he accept his son as a student, he also accepted his daughter under his wife’s name. Kang Rui was relatively cold to Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan, and the two of them didn’t come close to him, just not to be rude.

After eating, they chatted with Elder Cen and Jiang Kangning for a while, then Wang Shijing and Shao Yunan took their children to say goodbye. Jiang Kangning also went with them. After they left, Kang Rui, who was left alone with elder Cen asked, “Teacher, did the county magistrate come here for this matter of accepting students?”

Since there were outsiders around, Shao Yunan did not call Jiang Kangning brother, so elder Cen just stroked his white beard and said, “You should not underestimate them. That Shao Yunan is a strange man. In terms of book knowledge, he may not be as good as you, but when it comes to talent, not to mention you, I’m afraid no one is as good as him. Jiang Kangning also recognized them as his righteous brothers.”

Kang Rui was shocked. Elder Cen cautiously said, “He can bring you and me, Yongxiu County, and even the Great State of Yan great changes. Just wait and see.”


“Just wait and see.” When they came out from Elder Cen’s residence, Jiang Kangning told Shao Yunan that he was going to the capital the next day. Shao Yunan immediately asked him if he should send more wine and tea, but Jiang Kangning told them that there was no need to hurry. If his trip to the capital went well, he was afraid that after he returned, Shao Yunan would have to take out all the wine and tea he had.

Shao Yunan said, “Then I wish you a successful trip to the capital. I’ll wait for the good news.”

Jiang Kangning confidently said, “I believe that this trip will be successful. You two should wait for good news from your big brother! However, Yunan, I will not hide it from you. I need to take credit for some of the things you said when I speak with the emperor.”

Without waiting for Jiang Kangning’s explanation, Shao Yunan understood what he meant and immediately said, “Big brother, I understand. I’m already sticking out enough. Big brother should just go ahead and do it. Little brother will support you unconditionally. Little brother’s original intention of just selling wine and tea will also not change. I will just wait for big brother to get me a big backer.”

“Hehe…” Jiang Kangning almost couldn’t resist touching Shao Yunan’s head. “You have so much confidence in big brother; big brother will not fail you either.” He looked at Wang Shijing. “During my absence, if anything happens at your home, you should go to Elder Cen.”

Wang Shijing immediately said: “Thank you for thinking about us, big brother. Big brother, have a safe trip.”

Jiang Kangning, “Then wait for good news from big brother.”

On the way back, Wang Shijing was still driving the cart, while Shao Yunan held Nizi, with Wang Qing next to him. Today was Wang Nizi’s happiest day, so her face was flushed even now. Shao Yunan gave Nizi a kiss on her little cheek and Nizi shyly buried herself in her little father’s arms.

“Is Nizi happy today?”


“Do you like your new name?”

“I like it!” Shao Yunan unfolded his palm and wrote down Nizi’s new name on it. “When Nizi grows up, you can’t just tell others, especially men your childhood name, remember it.”


“Tomorrow Nizi will learn how to write her new name and then tell your friends that you have changed your name and are no longer called Wang Nizi.”

“Hmm!” Nizi hugged her little father tightly, smiling openly. Wang Shijing gave the horse a whip to run faster. It was cold outside, but he felt very hot as the words coming from inside the carriage made him not feel the winter cold at all.


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