TOFUH – Chapter 79.1 – Jiang Zhen’s medical skill

When Jiang Zhen watched some ancient film and television works before, he saw the ancient water battles with all sorts of fighting methods. The list was endless.

Like what he did, sneaking into the enemy fleet by going into water, there should be such a move as sinking a ship as well. It seemed to be a pretty common occurrence.

Yet these pirates were all useless.

After all, they were nothing more than a mob, a gathering of refugees. Many of them had never been on a boat before they became pirates. It was already outstanding that they were able to take part in a battle without getting seasick at this point, but they absolutely had no other skills.

Moreover, they had come to rob a merchant ship for its goods. This time, they took a fancy to several ships of the Zheng family. Under such circumstances, how could they do such things as sinking a ship?

Because of this, not a single one of these bandits entered the water from the beginning to the end, so Jiang Zhen’s group was never discovered.

Then Jiang Zhen slowly approached the largest pirate ship within the group of pirate ships.

Judging from the conversation and attitude of these freebooters, this ship should be where their leader was staying. He still had some prestige among the freebooters.

Although this ship was not as big as the Zheng family ship, it was not small either. When Jiang Zhen approached it, he wanted to try sinking that ship, but soon found out that it was simply a whimsical idea.

He was underwater; he didn’t even have a place to use his strength, nor could he use his strength at all. Swinging a hammer in the water was extremely difficult, so how could he do it? Cut a hole at the bottom?

It was good that they could anchor themselves to the ship, but if they tried to sink the ship and then float on their own . . . Sure, he could make hole on the side of the ship, but wouldn’t that be just a death wish?

Jiang Zhen was a bit anxious and was wondering what to do, when he realized . . . the vigilance of these pirates was rather poor?

Maybe it was because this ship was located at the rear, and several merchant ships of the Zheng family had already been surrounded. Maybe because they thought they were safe right then, all the people on this ship had gone to the bow to watch the hustle and bustle, and the stern was empty.

What made him even more speechless was that someone on this ship had been shouting to let those small boats go to the front and attack the main Zheng ship, so there were no other boats behind the main pirate ship!

Jiang Zhen: “. . .”

Jiang Zhen, with his men, easily climbed onto the big ship, and then attacked several people. Then each of them changed their clothes.

When they were neatly cleaned up, they approached the head of the pirates, and no one found anything unusual at first. It was only later that someone recognized the clothes Jiang Zhen was wearing.

“Why, aren’t your clothes Xiao Liuzi’s?” the man asked suspiciously, and then Jiang Zhen started.

It ended faster than Jiang Zhen expected. It didn’t take him much time to catch the pirate leader while Wang Haisheng and two others ran to the kitchen and set a fire.

In this era, all ships were made of wood, so as long as there was oil, they all would burn quickly.

The pirates were in a state of chaos.

The battle was over just like that.

At night, many things could not be seen, but the fire was particularly conspicuous, plus Jiang Zhen had his men yell that the pirate leader had been captured. In panic, the rest of the freebooters immediately ran away.

They had gathered together for the sake of survival. They had attacked desperately because the pirate leader had made a big profit, and there were people in the rear who urged them all the time. But now . . .

There was obviously something wrong with the leader, and the people on the merchant ships in front them were quite fierce. They’ve already lost a lot of people . . .

Because of their different dialects, most of the pirates could not understand what Jiang Zhen’s men were shouting, but this frightened them even more. Some of the freebooters who were far from the Zheng family ships turned to run away.

These pirates had never received any formal training, and those who were driven to the front were basically the new cannon fodders.

Those people who saw their companions falling from the big boat were already very scared and didn’t want to climb farther up, but right then, they saw the people behind them scurrying away . . .

Rowing the boat, they also scampered after them.

The pirates who had climbed on board were still fighting with the people onboard, but those still about to climb had already run away for the most part. Seeing this, Zheng Yi finally relaxed.

He didn’t have to abandon his ship and run away!

“What’s going on here?” Lu Da, however, was confused.

Ever since Zheng Yi had appeared on deck, Zhao Jinge had been protecting him, and at that moment, he immediately said with pride, “It must be Jiang Zhen!”

It must be something Jiang Zhen has done! Jiang Zhen is that powerful!

Zhao Jinge looked at the direction of the fire with a pair of bright eyes and commanded the people under his hand: “Everyone stand in a circle, back to back. Try not to get hurt!”

When facing Jiang Zhen, Zhao Jinge would always have low self-esteem, but when facing these men under his command, he had no such emotions at all.

It was the first time for Jiang Zhen’s men to go through a battle, and without Jiang Zhen around, they lost their backbone. Jiang Zhen asked them to listen to Zhao Jinge, and they listened to Zhao Jinge subconsciously. Only when the battle was not so fierce as before that they realized a ger was commanding the battle.

“Fuck that! I can’t believe I’m being ordered by a ger!”

Liu Heitou couldn’t help but curse but obediently formed a circle with the people around him. He didn’t want to run out alone and be cut to death by the pirates.

But even so, his head was still hit by a bamboo pole. The one who hit him was He Chunsheng.

“Liu Heitiu, if you want to die, just say so. There is still a place for one more corpse in the river for you.”

Jiang Zhen had already approached He Chunsheng and He Xiaosheng and told them to protect Zhao Jinge no matter what. If Zhao Jinge was fine, they would naturally have a bright future, but if something happened to Zhao Jinge . . . they wouldn’t know how to live.

Because of this, He Chunsheng had been following Zhao Jinge along with his younger brother, and the moment he saw Liu Heitou cursing, he was even more sure to use his bamboo pole.

Zhao Jinge also looked over coldly.

The moonlight and the firelight from the ignited ship in the distance reflected on Zhao Jinge’s face, revealing his firm outline of his face and casting a shadow on the scar between his brow.

His frowning face was cold and stained with a lot of blood, but at the moment, he actually looked even a bit vicious.

This was a ger who had been out working since his teens and doing it very well. He could even ruthlessly dig out his own cinnabar mole.

Many men would find it hard to do something like that to themselves; digging out a piece of flesh on their own face was not a simple and easy thing!

Jiang Zhen had been letting Zhao Jinge train with these people, and Zhao Jinge had done very well and already made these people admire him. Before, they looked down on Zhao Jinge, but in fact, they were mainly unwilling to admit that they weren’t as good as a ger.

But now . . .

Looking at the bamboo pole that was still dripping blood in Zhao Jinge’s hand, they really admired Zhao Jinge.

“Zhao Jinge, you’re amazing!” Jiang Ming, who came from Hexi Village, couldn’t help saying.

“Stop shouting! Get rid of the bandits on the ship first!” Zhao Jinge said.

“Yes!” Jiang Ming responded loudly, and the others looked at Zhao Jinge with goodwill and admiration.

Fighting together was the best way to accumulate good feelings with each other, and right this moment, these people would no longer just treat Zhao Jingo as a ger or as someone who was attached to Jiang Zhen.


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