TOFUH – Chapter 176.2 – Extra About The Eldest Jiang

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana’s child suffered from autism, everyone around knew about it. 

However, whether it was because Zhao Yihui or Jiang Nana’s status was very high, although everyone knew about this, no one dared to say anything in front of them. Some could only secretly sympathize or gloat maliciously about it. 

Jiang Zhen waited until he was one and a half years old before he was finally ready to call out to his mom and dad.

He felt that it was normal for him to do so, and it would even be considered as speaking early. However, he kinda ignored the different living environment of himself and his younger siblings.

In Hexi Village, very few parents were patient enough to teach their children to speak; his parents wouldn’t, and so he didn’t learn early. It was not surprising that his younger brothers and sister couldn’t speak till they were almost two years old. 

But his situation was different now.

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana have been teaching him attentively. If the average child was taught in this way, it would be able to speak a few months earlier so he was considered to start speaking quite late. 

Fortunately, after he slowly started talking, he also started to walk. 

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana wept with joy.

Although their son developed quite late, he was bound to only get better and better in the future. 

Jiang Zhen really was getting better and better.

After he started speaking, he accepted his parents, and although he still seemed a little dull, he slowly returned to normal. 

By the time he was three years old, it was even difficult for others to see his abnormality. 

Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana finally put their minds at ease, and at the same time planning to let their child go out and meet other people. 

Over the years, they had taken their child to special schools. For a time, Zhao Yihui would even take him to the amusement park every day, but Jiang Zhen obviously didn’t like it there.  Sometimes other children would bully him and he didn’t seem to know how to resist. So they were reluctant to take him there. 

Now that their child has become much better, he should start meeting other people.

“Little baby, today is your grandfather’s birthday, let’s go to your grandfather’s birthday!” Zhao Yihui kissed his son.  

The grandfather he was talking about was his father, Zhao Bufan. Even though he married into the Jiang family, Jiang Zhen still should call his father his grandfather. 

This was a very common thing in the Republic of China, so Zhao Yihui had nothing to be embarrassed about. Jiang Zhen could not even marry a wife before, so he felt nothing about the situation. 

In a blink of an eye, it was Zhao Bufan’s birthday.

Zhao Bufan was already 60 years old this year. When he was young, he cared a lot about his figure and appearance. Later when he married a younger ger, he paid even more attention to his body’s maintenance so he looked to be forty not sixty years old. 

He was very loving to his youngest son’s child, so when he saw Jiang Zhen he give him a hug, and then went around to introduce him to people.

The people around him looked either rich or very wealthy, so Jiang Zhen felt himself stiffen. His grandfather would just hug him and pat him on the back to comfort him so he endured. Of course, he still wasn’t able to avoid looking stiff. 

Seeing this, Zhao Bufan sighed secretly, but showed nothing on his face. 

Other people sympathized with Jiang Nana and Zhao Yihui, who were good in all respects, but they unexpectedly had such a problematic child. 

Yet, sympathy was just sympathy. No one would target Jiang Zhen, who was a descendent of both the Zhao and the Jiang family. Even if he was sick, no one would let him get hurt. 

Over the past three years, Jiang Zhen’s days could be described as if he was soaking in a honeypot. 

It’s just that the marks on his soul from the previous twenty years of his life were too deep, so he couldn’t let go. This made him unable to make any changes. 

For example, if he was hungry and wanted to eat something, he never dared to ask or even look for something to eat himself. 

Of course, because Zhao Yihui and Jiang Nana loved him very much, he always had enough to eat. 

Zhao Bufan’s banquet was very grand, and it was only at this time that Jiang Zhen realized that his status seemed to be a bit unusual. 

However this made him even more frightened, since he didn’t know how to deal with it. 

Zhao Bufan looked at his uneasy grandson who wasn’t even in the mood to exchange pleasantries with the people around them. After thinking about it for a moment, he finally carried Jiang Zhen upstairs into his study. 

“Dad.” Zhao Yihui, who had been paying attention to his son, immediately followed after them. 

“You come too.” Zhao Bufan said.

Zhao Bufan carried Jiang Zhen into the study and sat down on his big chair. 

The study was decorated in dark colors with antiques all around. After Zhao Bufan sat down with the child in his arms, he took out a thick copy of the Biography of their Great Ancestor and said, “Little Zhen, Grandpa will tell you the story of our old ancestor, okay?” 

Jiang Zhen nodded. He never refused his elders’ requests and was always clever and overly well-behaved.

Zhao Bufan stroked his head as he began to speak. 

“One of our ancestors is Jiang Zhen, another one was called Zhao Jinge. Grandfather will tell you the story of Jiang Zhen who has the same name as you,” Zhao Bufan said slowly, hoping to inspire his grandson. “Our ancestor, like you, was born on the fifth day of May. It was a long, long time ago. At that time, everyone thought that this day was very bad and since Hexi village was a very small place, his own mother didn’t like him very much.”

The ancestors Jiang Zhen and Zhao Jinge both wrote some memoirs. Generals from their time also wrote a lot of things related to them, so many things about their life were well known facts to people today. 

In fact, Zhao Bufan has always worshipped his ancestors and read all documents about them, so at this time he could speak in great details. “In the memoirs written by their eldest daughter, there was a description of the life of her father at that time, mentioned by her grandparents. It was said that her father, known as Jiang Zhenwei at that time, had a lot of work to do every day but never enough to eat. One winter, he was driven out of the house and almost froze to death.”

Zhao Bufan slowly said, but Jiang Zhen was struck by lightning.

Over the past three years, he had also learned something about the Republic of China and more or less heard Jiang Zhen’s name but that person…was actually him?

He Cheng County, Hexi village, Jiang Zhenwei, Zhao Jinge. All of these names were familiar to him!

His grandfather was talking about his past! 


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